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So you can see right here i’ve been Getting these checks from clickbank Every single week getting free money on Autopilot being sent to my bank account Directly you can see 71 dollars 100 500 600 800 in a single week and in today’s Video guys i’m going to show you a brand New completely free method that you can Use to make over 180 per day on Clickbank as a beginner without having a Website without showing your face Completely for free with free traffic Strategy that is pretty much guaranteed To work what’s happening guys it’s eric Here and in today’s video i’m super Excited as you can tell about the brand New setup but also about the brand new Method i’m going to show you in today’s Video that’s going to be making you Around 180 Per day if you’re going to set it up Just the way i’m going to show you now In today’s video i’m going to show you Everything the entire setup step by step How to do this but please stay until the End of the video because i’m going to Show you a guaranteed way for you that This method is going to work there are Specific tricks and tips that you need To do in order for this method to work But not just to work but to work Guaranteed because if you’re going to do Just the basic setup which is completely

Free it’s like 50 50 if it’s going to Work or if it’s not going to work if You’re going to do advanced setup which Is also completely free and super easy To do it’s pretty much 99 of chance that This is going to work for you and you Can start generating sales in the next 24 hours now just before we get started With the method don’t forget to please Smash the like and also please comment Down below and vote on this quick poll I’m just curious if you like the new Setup that we have created right here With the camera or you don’t like it Like if you love it if you if you think The old one was better you don’t mind it As long as the videos are good or you Prefer no camera videos so i know what Kind of videos to create for you guys Because my goal is to help you make as Much money as possible i want to make Sure i’m doing a great job with it so Just please comment down below or just Vote on this quick poll that i just Created if you love it if the old one Was better if you don’t mind it or you Prefer no camera videos with that being Said let’s get started step by step Tutorials so what i want to show you is The exact method you can use to be Getting these kind of paychecks on Clickbank now if you know about Clickbank or any other affiliate network They are going to be paying your weekly

Or monthly basis now this is my own Clickbank account where i’ve been Getting paid every single week pretty Much directly into my bank account and You can see i’ve been getting these 900 Payments 600 payments 800 600 500 payments 800 And then it just a little bit went down But i was still getting paid every Single week on complete autopilot 71.89 80 75 54. and in today’s video i Want to show you how you can do the same Completely for free so step number one What we need to do is we need to go to The clickbank marketplace now if you Don’t know how to find it just go right Here where it’s going to say marketplace And we want to pick up an affiliate Offer that we are going to be promoting Now for this category or this method you Can use any category that you want but For an example of this method i’m going To go with the health and fitness but Please feel free to think outside the Box Find your own category find your own Product that you are going to be Promoting because if everyone is going To do all the things that i’m just going To show you in today’s video and they Are going to just completely replicate It then you are going to be making money But you are going to have very high Competition so if you want to have no

Competition at all then just use Different categories use different niche And you are pretty much going to be Having like no competition in making Money with this method so i’m going to Go with the health and fitness okay now What i’m really looking for is a product I’ll just sort them by gravity i’m Looking for a product that’s going to Help people lose weight okay like this One right here the excipier if i’m going To check out the sales page of the Product the tropical secret for healthy Weight loss super hate healthy weight Loss yeah this product pretty much helps People to lose weight this is something We can be using to pretty much help People lose weight in the health and Fitness category so i’m going to click On promote right here and create my hop Link right here and click on copy and Now what i want to do is i want to Shorten this link okay because i don’t Want to be promoting that long link Because nobody will be clicking on it And it could also get flagged as a spam So i’m just going to go to cutley and I’m going to shorten it okay and you can See the comparison right here this is The short link right here and then this Is the long affiliate link from Clickbank you want to be using the short Link all the time if people can actually See the link if they are just clicking

On a button or somewhere where they are Not presented with the link feel free to Use this link right here because it Doesn’t really make a lot of sense a lot Of the difference but if you are pretty Much showing the link you want to be Using this link right here okay now the Next thing what you need to do is you Want to go to google and you want to Search for tricks to lose the weight Fast or you want to search for tricks to Lose weight easily or tricks to gain Muscle easily or tricks to do something And without any effort for free easily Something like this okay so you’re going To be doing like the weight loss the Pretty much thing you can search for is Trick to lose weight and add there fast And what you want to do is want to go to Canva and you just want to use this Vertical video type okay and please Don’t skip ahead because right now i’m Going to be sharing you a lot of tips And tricks on how to actually get Guaranteed results and not just get like 50 50 results so this is very important Part so what you want to do is search For like a diet and then you just want To grab any of these videos and put it Right here now make sure you’re going to Place it right here so it’s going to Resize it completely then what you want To do is go to the element and you just Want to pretty much grab any of these

Elements that are right here and put it Across the entire page so you’re going To hide the entire page then change the Color to something like orange not Orange but this bluish color or greenish Color and you just want to change the Opacity or the transparency i cannot see It right here yeah okay it’s easier so It’s right here you want to go to these Dots and then these little transparency Dots right here you just want to lower It down okay just like this so it’s Going to be more colorful colorful and The video is going to have like a Character to it so something along these Lines okay something like this you want To add a text three secret hacks to lose Weight fast now even if you’re going to Find like 15 20 or even like a million Different weight loss tips and tricks on Google you just want to stick to three Or five in the video and you will see Exactly why so this is going to be the First part then you want to make sure That the first part of the video is Going to be like three to five seconds Because that’s how long it’s going to Take you to read through the first Headline so three secret hacks to lose Weight fast that’s pretty much more than Enough then you want to pretty much Click on these dots that are right here And you want to go right here it’s going To say duplicate page so we’re going to

Duplicate page now we’re going to have The same exact page right here now the Reason for it is because we don’t have To create a brand new page and we can Pretty much just edit this one we want To add the number one and pretty much Add the hack number one so keep fresh Fruits and veggies on hand and pretty Much animate the number one so click on Effects and you are going to add a Background and then also animate it Right here using this function right Here and then let’s say add a fade and Then also animate the second part so Let’s add a pen and now this is how it’s Going to look like so if i played three Secret hacks to lose weight fast and Then it’s going to transition number one Keep fresh fruits and veggies on hand And you can see this is how it’s going To look like now this is the reason why We added the green color the reason for It is now we’re just going to click Right here duplicate the page once again And we can pretty much just change the Color of the background to for example Like a blueish kind of like and it’s Like a brand new image and then pretty Much the second one can be green as well And the first uh the first part of the Video should be like two and a half Seconds long actually so it’s not too Long and then the second part should be Like five seconds long okay especially

If it’s like a short hack and then for The number one number two you’re going To change it to number two for example Also change the color so let’s go with Like a black color and let’s change it To Let’s change the effect to for example Like white so it’s going to look like This and then also change the fade to Like rice and then let’s change the heck To like eat mindfully And add it right here Okay so it’s going to look like this and Then this is the video so far so three Hacks to lose weight fast and then Number one keep fresh fruits and veggies On hand and then it’s going to switch to Number two so it’s going to say eat Mindfully okay and this is what we need To create now then you’re going to add Like two or three or five more so you’re Going to have anywhere from three to Five of these hacks now the most Important part is going to be the last Slide which is going to say check out The link in description for more Information and tricks and then pretty Much what you want to do is click right Here on share and you just want to Download the entire thing now make sure You’re going to select the mp4 video and You’re going to say all the pages okay Make sure to save all the pages so You’re going to get the entire little

Video right here and click on download Once the video is downloaded you want to Go to youtube and you just want to Upload it then for the title you want to Put here three tricks to lose weight Fast now this is going to be the main Headline okay this is the important part These are the hacks that people are Going to be skipping ahead and not Getting any results so the first thing Right here is you want to then add to This one is this little arrow or you can Also add like brackets and you want to Put here pt which stands for part and You want to add part one okay so we are Going to pretty much like part one of This one now it can look like that or it Can also look like this or it can also Look like part one or something like Part one then for the description you Want to add discover how to lose 10 Pounds fast using this tropical secret Then copy and paste your shortened Affiliate link and put it directly right Here so this is going to be our Description right here then you want to Scroll down for thumbnail you don’t Really need to do anything but right now You want to click on show more and these Are the keywords okay these are the tags And i have a very specific way of Getting them to actually get results Very very fast now the way to do that You want to go to this website which is

Called answer the public and you just Want to put it here lose weight okay Click on search and now it’s going to Show you all the different questions People are asking right now and you Pretty much just want to use any of These like how to lose weight type of Questions so for example how to lose Weight without exercise just copy this Part then you want to put it into this Website which is called the rapid tags Io you want to go to the tools and you Want to go to the tag generator and Paste it right here and it’s going to Give you all the different keywords now Please stay until the end because I’m going to be sharing all the secrets Right now to really guarantee your Results then paste your results right Here that you’re going to get from the Rapid tags then scroll down you can add These little details like uh english Language and stuff like that so add English you can just fill this in this Doesn’t really matter just fill it in According to whatever it’s going to ask You then click on next and then you just Want to click on public okay and click On publish the video Now i want to show you how it’s going to Look like so this is the video and when I’m going to click on it this is how It’s going to look like so three tricks To lose weight fast discover how to lose

10 pounds fast using this tropical Secret now this is going to be a youtube Short okay now youtube shorts are Getting a lot of views organically even If you have a completely brand new Channel now the thing to actually Guarantee your results with this method Is to create just multiple of these Shorts okay because you don’t know which One is going to pop off you don’t know Which one is going to get that massive Surge of targeted traffic and the way to Do that is now we have created one short That’s like 90 of the hard work already Done because now all you really need to Do is go back to canva and for example Right here three secret hacks to lose Weight fast all you really need to do is For example change the color to for Example like yellow color and you have Completely brand new short then in the Number one instead of this hack you just Change it to like avoid liquid calories Just like this and put it right here and Bam you have a completely brand new Short right here and then change the Color to for example like bluish and bam Then you change the number two and Pretty much the last slide stays the Same and then you just download it and You have two shorts then you do the Three shorts four shorts and you want to Do it for like five very short videos do You want to upload them to youtube and

Use the same exact description the title Same exact title just change it to part One part two part three part four Because any of these that are going to Go viral if for example part one is Going to go to viral then the part two Is going to be suggested to these people Part three is going to be suggested to These people and then for the keywords You want to use some keywords at a time So keywords from this question for part One then keywords from this question on Part two keywords from this question on Part three and so on and so on but you Want to just make one of these shorts Because that’s like 90 of the hard work And then just change little details so Instead of part one you’re going to put In your part two part three part four Part five then instead of creating the Short all over again you just change the Hex and change the colors and pretty Much then change the tags and just Upload them to youtube and once you’re Going to do that one of these shorts is Going to go viral and then all of the Other shorts are going to get traffic as Well and then people are going to click On your affiliate link which is going to Be right here in the video description And that’s how you’re going to get sales Guys and that’s it that’s how simple it Is to make over 180 dollars per day on Clickbank with these youtube shorts just

Change up the category change up the Product you are promoting change up the Facts you are putting there and i Guarantee you if you’re going to put Like five or 10 videos on youtube one of Them is going to get over 500 views on a Completely brand new channel and from 500 views even if you’re going to get Like three sales that can be over well Over 300 dollars because executive is Paying you 150 on average so you can Literally make like 450 per day anyways Thanks for watching let me know what you Think about this video in the comment Section below don’t forget to like Subscribe comment tell me what you think About it so i can always improve and for More videos about making money online Scout any of them they’re gonna trouble On the screen right now and i’m gonna See you inside bye for now

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