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In today’s video guys I’m going to share With you exactly how to make over 300 Per day using a very smart method now The reason why this method is so smart Is because you don’t have to actually Generate any sales at all and you are Still going to be making money online Just imagine this you’re going to set This up just like I’m going to show you In today’s video generate absolutely no Sales at all and you are still going to Get paid over 300 just for doing what I’m going to show you but only that at The end of the video I’m also going to Share with you a completely free traffic Method that can not only just generate You free traffic but also get you to Over 300 at the same time realistically Speaking you can just watch this video Do this what I’m going to show you and Make money in the next 60 minutes but Also at the same time make over 300 per Day if you’re going to dedicate just 30 Minutes per day to this method now I’m Going to show you everything in today’s Video step by step so you can set this Up without any problems even if you Never made any money online and you have No previous experience but before that If you could please smash the like on This video I would really really Appreciate it it helps me with the YouTube algorithm and let’s try and get To 1000 likes and also if you like

Videos about making money online don’t Forget to subscribe because I post these Videos every other day with a brand new Fresh method so you can make some very Easy money online and pretty much quit Your day job make your first thousand Five or even ten thousand dollars online And also guys please comment down below And tell me your favorite dessert I Would like to know what is your favorite Dessert because the channel has been Growing tremendously for the past couple Of weeks so yeah what is your favorite Dessert and also never reply to any of Those telegram or Whatsapp scammers Always make sure that you are replying To me only I will be never commenting in The comment section below so yeah any Comments from the comment section below If it’s not my account it’s going to be A scammer okay guys so let’s get started With the method now I want to keep this Very short in Sweden straight to the Point so you can set this up even if you Are just going to bed in the next like One hour so what you want to do right Now is you want to go to clickbank.com Just sign up for a free account I have Going all these steps multiple multiple Times and then you just want to go to The marketplace section right here now As I told you this is going to be a Smart method okay and I will show you Why because we are going to be actually

Making money and even if we are not Going to be generating any like paid Sales at the same time but for this one We really need to do like a clever setup So first of all what you want to do Just click on the little magnifying Glass so it’s going to show up all the Offers then what you want to do is you Want to actually go to the left hand Section and right here right it says Initial Dollar conversion just put there Five okay just go with five it’s going To show up all these offers and then Right here you want to search for free So search for free and then put five Dollars right here okay and what you’re Going to pretty much uncover are all These free offers that are going to be Paying you for these free sales now the One that I want you to use there’s Plenty of them I will be making a lot More tutorials about this in the future Because this is a very low hanging fruit Type of offers that beginners can make a Lot of money with because you are not Even selling them you are releasing just Giving them away the one that I want you To be using is this one right here Got free credit card knife offer Converts at 13 now if you’re going to Check this one out you’re going to see Exactly what is this offered about you Can see it’s a free uh free product These little survival type of knife and

Pretty much for every single purchase You are going to get paid because what They have is more products in the funnel And you can make even more than pretty Much like seven dollars right here so The average is like seven dollars but You can actually get paid twelve dollars Per month on this product so this is why I think it’s very powerful why it’s very Clever because you are also literally Giving away just something for free but This is just the step number one you Want to head over to Google sites and Just create like a brand new site now For this one just select any of these Templates and we can actually go with Like this one the team template okay It’s going to work very well and you can Just use that one and it’s going to work Pretty well just make sure to change the Header type to title only and then Pretty much want to write a title from The page and make it very similar to the Sales page so pretty much a limited time Offer that’s what I’m going to write There because I cannot add the timer Most likely to this Google site page so I’m just going to call it limited time Offer and then I’m just going to copy And paste this and you can see they are Actually giving two of these cards or Knives for free I’m just going to add it Right here so make sure also to change The font size a little bit and I’m going

To add in yours free I’m going to Underline this part so it’s going to Pretty much scream limited time offer Get something for free so people are Going to take action on this now what I Want to do right now next is pretty much Just copy the URL so right click on this Image and copy the image address then Come back to the page you want to go to These images right here and you want to Click on it and click on select and it’s Going to give you multiple options the One you want to select to make this Really fast and easy just click on the Link this way you can just paste the URL Of the link and it’s going to fetch the Image now in some cases it might not Work but in this one it’s working so Just try it out before you download the Image because it’s much faster way of Doing this you can see it just fetched The image now I’m just going to click on Insert the image and it’s going to be on The page now it’s right here I’m obviously going to resize it and put It not into the center directly but in Like left part but not on the left Directly so imagine there’s like two Lines then just like this and on this Part okay I hope I pretty much made my Point so you can see there’s a little Space on the left and then you pretty Much want to delete all of these parts That are right here we don’t really need

Them then on this red stripe I just put Three for the limited time okay so just Like this now the next thing what you Want to do is you want to go to a Website which is called OG ads.com and You simply just want to log into this Website or sign up for an account really Depends on pretty much if you already Have an account or not this is going to Be the website that is going to be Paying us when we are not going to be Making any sales whatsoever so what you Want to do is just sign up for an Account go to the payments add your Payment withdrawal account then go to The tools right here and go to the Capture lockers right here and by the Way guys if I’m making this method like Very easy it’s because I want to make Sure you can actually get the mid of the Of the method because I don’t want to be Showing you like how to set up a payment Processor or payment withdrawal account When that’s like a very basic thing so Also please comment down below and tell Me actually if I should be showing you All these details like how to add a Payment withdrawal account how to sign Up for all these websites or I should Just stick to the mid of the method the Secret part and you can actually figure Everything out yourself because the part That I’m showing you in these videos are The parts you can add Google like you

Cannot Google this money making method But you can Google for example how to Add a payment account to OG ads or how To create an OG ads account or how to Create a Google site but the meat of the Method is going to be my video so please Comment down below about that as well Thank you now what you want to do is Just create a very simple captcha Locker Just call it for example free knives and That’s pretty much it now the unlock Action this is the important part unlock Action right here click on redirect to Another URL then right here is exactly Where you want to put your affiliate Link for the ClickBank free offer not This one I would need the affiliate link So copy my affiliate link and paste it Right here And click on create the locker now we Have it right here it’s called the free Knives now you want to click on the Actions you want to pretty much click on The View details and this is what’s Going to pretty much give you all the Information on how to install it so now Install it it’s not installed it’s Literally copy paste so go to back to Your website add an embed click on embed Code right here and add the URL not the URL the code the red code code okay red Code just add it right there and go next It’s going to show up the locker Just like this we’re going to insert and

Now you just want to drag this part Right here okay that’s why we have added It not directly to the to the center but To the side okay so just like this okay So just like this but also this is not Going to make any sense so what you need To do you need to edit text you want to Write here please complete the capture Verification below to check for Availability one free order per Household and it’s going to be making Sense like okay why is there captcha Well because we are giving them away for Free and we want to make sure only one Person per household is going to get Them then go right here right it’s going To say publish and it’s going to pretty Much give you the name of the name of The website I’m just going to put some Random things there you want to put There something like free knives or free Survival credit card knife or something Along those lines and check this out When I actually visit the website is how It’s going to look like now this is an Error on the left hand side the menu Should not show up so go to the pages And just delete all of these okay delete It delete this part and also delete this Part I I made a mistake or I kind of Like forgot I’m going to publish once Again and you can see that not all of These methods like I don’t make them Like complete the first time I pretty

Much do it until it’s perfect you can See limited time offer through sharp Card create knives are now yours free You can see the image and then please Complete the capture notification below To check for availability and ban free For a limited time and then when people Click right here they are going to be Presented with this content locker and It’s like a c captcha not CPA locker but Captcha and for every single one of These completions you are going to get Paid and then they are redirected to the Free Knife and for that you are going to Get paid either way and then when they Make a purchase actual purchase you can Get paid every single month now right Now I want to show you this website Which is actually going to be sending You the free traffic which we are going To be using to actually get free traffic Now pretty much it’s called Me.com.me.com and you just want to come To the website site and just sign up for A completely free account so you want to Enter your first name you want to enter Your last name email address and Re-enter your email address and add your Password and also you need to agree that You are a 16 or older to actually sign Up to this website but I guess most of The people watching are 16 or older so That should be okay and click on sign up Right here now pretty much the site is

Very simple you can also download it on Google Play you can also download it on App store but I personally like to do These methods on my laptop because I Feel that I have the most power when I’m Actually working on my laptop so I guess That’s the same for you now once you’re Going to sign up for an account they are Going to ask you To pretty much uh verify your email Address so please do that as well and Then you just want to log in by the way The name of the website is called me.com And this is actually pretty simple what You do right now you just go to the home Section click on the home section then Go right here to browse groups click on Browse groups and then on the left hand Side you want to go through all these Categories that are right here and Pretty much just find the one that is Going to be fitting your Niche so like Camps or also like survival or anything Like that or hiking or where it’s not Hiking asset cooking but I was thinking About hiking so you want to find like Extreme sports for example But also like the green or hiking like Here because I guess the knife is very Very useful for hiking for example for Like travel okay so just select any of These I’m going to go for like hiking in This case just go to the hiking category For example click on hiking and you’re

Going to see there all these different Groups 12 000 members 300 members 2.7 000 members 5.6 000 members 1000 1.4 000 All these groups right here where you Can join you can share these links share This page with other people who are Interested in survival in hiking in Traveling because this little knife is Very useful tool it’s very useful tool And every single one of these people can Actually use it so all you need to do is Just going to apply or click on join and You’re going to get upload you can see This is the hiking and Outdoors group Then you just go right here and post to This group and this is exactly where you Can share this link with other people And and there’s so much traffic right Here nobody is pretty much using this Website currently because it’s a brand New social media platform it’s Completely untapped and as long as You’re going to be honest like this is a Free credit card knife and they just Need to create a complete like the Captcha then you are going to be getting A lot of sales but also for every single Sale the person needs to complete the Captcha which is going to be paying you On OG ad and that’s it guys I really Hope you enjoyed this method let me know What you think about it in the comment Section below and for more videos check Out any of them that are going to show

Up on the screen and I will see you Instead of them bye for now

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