4 Industries On The Rise


Let’s, talk about the best industries to start preparing for over the next few years, or even the next few months, a number of industries are going to hit their stride that we never had much real momentum with before a few decades ago there Were laughable visions of a space man future, but it’s, getting clearer and clearer that emerging markets are going to use tech in entirely new ways.

Even if you’re, not working on the tech side of things, these industries and the individuals in them will need knowledgeable marketing professionals and you, shouldn’t, pass up an opportunity to be there waiting when that time comes number one is Esports i mean: does the idea of a bunch of people at their computers right clicking on each other furiously only to be spurred on by the cheers of a packed 30 000 person arena make you laugh? Does it sound ridiculous? Well, too, bad because it’s already happening.

Even big guns like mark cuban, have taken note of this industry that’s been steadily building over the last few years. Players and teams need agents and marketing teams and sponsors and merchandisers and more, and you can be there to fill just about any role you choose and they’ll, probably be an eager market for it.

Soon number two is bots facebook and a number of other companies have already let us know they’re, going to be rolling out, chat bots on their platforms this year. Primarily, these bots are so that companies can program automatic replies and help field.

Their support queries it’ll, probably be more and more common for apps to use this technology to help them with their customer relationship management and support, and getting into this sector has huge potential at the enterprise level over the next few years.

Number three is virtual reality, while the days of being completely immersed in technology and turning you know so many of the tasks and experiences that we have now into virtual reality might be a decade or two away.

There are many real innovations that are happening right now that are going to create a market sooner than you might think millions of virtual reality. Headsets are expected to sell this year with the gaming industry leading the charge amongst customers.

Again many up-and-coming vr companies will have to have uh. You know a lot of help with their sales and marketing directions. Number four corporate wellness call it spillover from scandinavia, but it’s becoming more and more common for companies to want to provide cushy perks for their employees, including facilities for exercising on-site chefs, entertainment bars and more.

These industries will likely continue to grow as the lush culture previously only associated with madison avenue, ad agencies trickles into just about everywhere else, including the ever blossoming startup sector.

So those are four industries on the rise and learning how you & # 39. Ll apply your skills to these industries is going to be incredibly valuable for your career over the next decade, so be looking for opportunities starting this year.


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