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And this is one of my accounts and so Far the current balance is 1.3 thousand Dollars but I have like 500 dollars Pending which are going to be available In like few days which comes to be like 1.8 000 that can we draw just by what's Going on guys in today's video I'm super Excited because what I'm going to show You is exactly what's in the headline of The video as always I'm going to show You a method that has 99 success ratio Meaning that if you're going to set this Up you would have to be very very Unlucky not to make money so pretty much 99 of the people that are watching this Video are going to make money if they Are going to send this app and in Today's video I'm going to show you Exactly what to do what to set up and How to make money with almost no chance Of losing but with zero risk because you Don't have to invest anything other than Like 10 minutes of your time and you can Easily make over 110 dollars in a single Day now 110 is definitely realistic for A lot of people because I just got this Email from one of my viewers actually Not even students but one of my viewers Who told me hi sir I got three sales From your method thank you for sharing This method I had to blur out couple of The things here that he was saying Because I don't want to reveal it before I tell you the method and he pretty much

Sent me this proof right here and you Can see that he was able to make hundred And eleven dollars in a single day and Then on another day he was able to make 17 so all together this is like like 130 Dollars in affiliate commissions Completely for free without creating any Websites at all without creating any Videos without setting up any AD Campaigns without even having a credit Card you don't even have to create any Accounts that require a credit card he Was able to do this completely for free And I'm going to show you how to do this Yourself and only thing that I'm asking In exchange is if you could please smash Like on this video I would really Appreciate it and let's try and get to 1 000 likes on this video that'll be Really awesome and also don't forget to Subscribe and hit the notification Bell So I can notify whenever I upload a Brain by making video it's gonna be the First one to watch it the first one to Use the method and the first one to made The most amount of money okay guys so I'm going to show you exactly what this Student actually this viewer sent me and Exactly how you can use this to make This amount of money maybe even more Maybe even less but I'm going to show The exact method but before that I want To explain you how he was able to make This amount of money now for that I'm

Going to use this very simple drawing Board so for example we want to actually Make money okay so this is our end goal How do we make money first you need to Understand how money is actually Generated so I'm going to give you a Very simple presentation how money is Generated with McDonald's so you can Actually fully understand it now to Actually make money in real life and Also online you need to do things you Need traffic or visitors or eyeballs or People and the second thing is you need An offer just imagine what if there was A McDonald's that was serving the best Food ever it was the best food ever they Would have the best store ever but there Will be no people visiting this McDonald's they would be not making any Sales therefore they will be not making Any money the McDonald's is the offer But if they don't have any people they Cannot make money and vice versa or if There was like a place where people go Let's say 10 or million people actually Go but they have nothing to buy okay Then those people would not make money Either from the place that they own Because they have nothing to sell even Though they have like let's say 10 Million people every single second going There they cannot make any money so There's nothing to sell so you need Visitors and then you need to send them

To some kind of offer so you need to Send those million people to McDonald's For example and that's how they are Going to make money so you need actually Two things and those things are pretty Much first one you need traffic let's Call it traffic as T and then you need Plus and you need an offer okay Something that's going to pretty much uh Give you money okay so you need traffic And offer and then that's how you're Going to make money and today I'm going To show you exactly which traffic source To go for which offer to go for so you Can actually make money just like the Viewer did so first of all what you want To do you want to go to warriorpass.com Then go go to the affiliate and go to The offers and you just want to search Right here for Doc okay search for Doc And you're going to find this offer Right here it's going to be called DAC Dollars okay duck dollars and currently It has 1 000 sales 11 conversion rate uh 2.56 earnings per visitor and average Sale is going to be like 31 dollars so You need like four four sales and that's Going to bring you to like 120 dollars Per day now pretty much the reason why I Recommended this product right here it's Called DAC dollars against you can just Search for that dollars you can go for Other products as well but I want you to Go for this one right here and the

Reason for this one is because you're Going to see it has 100 commissions and If you're going to go to products right Here on Warrior plus you're going to see That the main product that dollars Actually is going to pay you 100 of the Commissions instead of 50 now most Products are going to be paying you 50 Of the commissions some of them are Going to be paying you 75 but I know for A fact this one for every single person Who is going to request their link you Are going to receive 100 of the Commissions meaning you will make more Money without generating any more sales Or sending any more traffic so this is The reason why I want you to be using This product and there's also a duck Dollars automated Edition which is also Going to pay you 100 of the commissions So you'll generate a 21.95 sale and you Get to keep all of it as well okay on All the other upsells it's 50 but on These main two products you will get Paid 100 I really don't want to be using Warrior plus you can be also using ClickBank but I want you to be using Audio pause because you will just make More money there but for ClickBank I Also have recommendations for this Method specifically just go to the Affiliate Marketplace go to the E-Business and e-marketing category the Layout is a little bit different so

Don't get confused okay when you go to The marketplace you're going to see that The layout is not on the left hand side It's on the top side okay so yeah I just Go to E-Business and e-marketing and for This method that I'm going to show you Today you can actually use any of these That are sorted sort results ranked high To low any of the top performing offers Which are currently at the top so if You're going to be watching this video For example six months from now you Don't have to use any of the specific Ones that I'm showing you right here Just go to the marketplace check out What's hot right now and you can use any Of the ones that are at the top okay so Any of these offers are going to work Very well as long as they are like General make money online offers because For example like this one right here Turn text to speech with human-like Voices that's like a very good software But it's not going to appeal to mass Audience okay just make sure you're Going to go for something that's going To be very broad okay so sometimes make Money online or like these products Right here click wealth system or paid Online writing jobs or any offers just Like here okay like live chat jobs which Is going to be paying like 61.29.44 111 dollars and think this was The product that the person was

Promoting this is like 15 but even Though like you're going to make some Money it's out of like thin air and I Think that's pretty good now that we Have this offer created not created but Like already like sorted I told you what Kind of offers to go for now if you are A beginner you really just need to send Some traffic here without any advanced Ways okay because if you are an advanced Marketer what you can do is when you are Sending the traffic for example I don't Know traffic right here you can also Capture it using autoresponders but That's something a little bit more Advanced if you are looking just for Something that's going to make you money Right away you can actually get high Quality traffic from couple of websites And just send it to the offer and just Make money okay if you're about that Then watch this video if you are not About that then still watch this video Because the traffic sources are going to Be good and then you want to use like a Landing page or an opt-in page to Collect this traffic and then send them To the offer right away but I'm creating This video as you if I was creating for The complete beginner and my only goal With this video is to help you just make Some money without any long-term like Business building so if that's okay with You then also comment down below if you

Are okay with just some fast many Strategies or you would be just like to Watch like videos where I show you Advanced business strategy as well I Would really really appreciate it okay So now we have the offer just pick up Any of the offer that I showed you now Let's go with the traffic now one of the Fastest ways to actually get traffic is Just go to udemy.com now pretty much With udemy.com you can just go to this Website click on find sellers right here And you can just sort them by got sales And also set the price you are willing To pay for click and then just order the Traffic so these are the promoted Sellers and for example this person Right here Leah malasa she's selling Traffic for 59 cents per click so you Are paying fixed amount per click and a 70 72 percent of the orders from the Last 100 reported that they have Received sales so if you're going to Order traffic from her and sending to Your affiliate link you are going to Make money okay it's pretty high chance You are going to make money and if You're going to buy a lot of traffic There's very small chance of you not Making any money at all but the problem Is which I think you actually understand Right now is okay everybody if I pay Like let's say 500 for traffic you need To make 500 back at least right other

Than that you are just wasting money if You spend five hundred dollars you make Bag like 300 now you lost two hundred Dollars right like yeah it makes sense But this is for the people who want to Get instant traffic and they also are Going to capture it this is like one of My highest recommendations because you Can just go here for example click on Her profile literally just click on her Profile scroll down select the amount of Traffic you want to get for example like 1 000 visitors these are all unique Visitors then put your link right here You're going to see you're going to pay 593 dollars and just check out and you Will get traffic that's the fastest way To get traffic but this is not the way That the viewer actually made the money What he did he was using free traffic Source meaning that he didn't have to Spend any money for the traffic and Whatever he made was pure profit even if He made like one dollar it could be Profit because he didn't spend any money His only investment was his time so yeah But he could spend the time watching Like Netflix which has no return on your Time investment or he could spend the Time on using the method which has Potential of making some money now I Purposely heightened the traffic source That he used for the end of the video Because I wanted to First you to

Understand how the method works okay Because other than that you'll be like Okay I have seen that before it's not About like the secret traffic source Which it is kind of about but it's also About understanding the method because Then you can use the traffic Source in Another way and pretty much use the Method like never before and make even More money because it's going to be Completely unsaturated so this is his Email but this is his original email and Pretty much goes like this hi sir I got Three sales from your method I use Hercules but I'm not getting sales from One day I use this for 15 days okay he Was using it for 15 days every day I Create new accounts and send emails and I got the results and that's exactly What he did thank you for sharing this Method and that's exactly how he was Able to make 130 dollars so what he's Pretty much made what he pretty much did Was he went to Hercules plus creating an Account and in Hercules this is a free Traffic website you can actually send an Email to over 317 000 members who are all interested in Making money online so this is exactly What he did now this is a free website But I want to give you a bonus for all The people that are watching till the End and that's this website which pretty Much nobody is going to be using because

Most people are skipping through a video So this website is called Theworldprofit.com and it works even Better than Hercules just go to Wordprofit.com then just sign up for an Account right here and you're going to See it's free and it includes traffic so You can also get free traffic from this Website which is definitely going to Convert into sales because less amount Of people are going to be using it Because I didn't even mention it at the Beginning of the video and and that's it Guys I hope you enjoyed this method now Go ahead take action you can have this Amount of money as well yourself all I Did was just send some traffic during Affiliate offers on Warrior plus I Currently have like 1.8 thousand dollars Just sitting there but I'm withdrawing The money on daily basis because every Single time that I get a commission it's Spending for a while then I can withdraw It and I do that and pretty much just Repeat it every single day hope you Enjoyed this video and for more videos Check out this one right here which is Highly highly recommended for you to Make some very easy money online click Here and I will see you there bye for Now

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