A Powerful Way to Presell a ClickBank Product

Not many affiliate marketers really know how to sell a ClickBank product. To me ClickBank is like the beginners network to making money in affiliate marketing.

You sell info based products which are considered to be the fastest and easiest to make money with. This is where you can get a little creative when promoting such products.

Sure you can start out by setting up your own blog with a nice review of the product. But I think that is a very basic way of preselling to your visitors of that site.

You can take it up a notch and actually make them an offer rather than just a review. You see with just a review on your site the visitors don’t feel the need to buy the product through your link.

But if you add value to it and give away a bonus then they will have a good reason to buy through your link. Not only that but when throwing in your own incentive for those who want to buy the affiliate product you can hard sell your product.

Where as with just the review you really should only soft sell the product or just recommend it. But since you took the time to make a good bonus you can sell to them a little bit.

Explain to them why your bonus is well worth buying your affiliate product through you. So you might be asking how can you create a valuable bonus that people will actually want.

It is simple really. Your bonus should compliment the ClickBank product you are promoting. It should make up for the bad parts of the affiliate product.

When you make a review of a ClickBank product you should always get a copy of it yourself whether you contact the vendor and ask for a review copy or you just buy it yourself.

Go through it and then ask yourself what it is missing. Then make a bonus that fills in the gap. For example maybe you are promoting an online piano lessons course but they don’t really have any song lessons.

So you can make your bonus be a few song lessons of you playing the piano. Or you can even give away sheet music for like ten songs.

Adding a bonus really makes the review more natural. When making an honest review of a ClickBank product you want to always be honest. Respect the visitors of your site.

Let them know what you liked about the product and what could use more improvement. Then after going through the bad parts you can get into your bonus and how it makes up for the bad parts.

Chances are since it is rare for an affiliate marketer to add a bonus of their own you will have a step ahead of them and kind of stand out in your niche.

Source by Peter Jayson

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