Beginners Earn $100+ By DOING THIS STUPID-SIMPLE Method! (Make Money Online EASY In 2023)

What's going on guys in today's video I Want to show you this brand new website Which is going to be sending you traffic And how to use it to make over 100 from Complete Zero from scratch without any Skills or without any experience Now Using a very similar method I was able To make already 2.4 thousand dollars on Tap map which is an application where You can get paid more about it a little Bit later but in today's video I want to Show you a step-by-step method on how You can make over 100 from complete zero Just by using this one simple website And a super simple method that I'm going To reveal to you in the next few minutes Now listen you don't have to pay me you Don't have to buy anything from me all I'm asking for is just to please drop The like before we get started subscribe To the channel hit notification Bell and Let's get started with the step-by-step Tutorial now the website we are going to Be using right now is actually getting Over 27 million visitors per month and You can see from the last month it got Over 7.5 percent change and people are Asking like three minutes on this Website now the best part about this Website is not it only just gets traffic Itself when you're going to sign up it's Going to completely send you traffic for Free and also pay you for that now I Know this sounds actually crazy but this

Is this is true and I will show you that In just a few seconds but before that When we are starting to make money with This website we need to First do a Couple of things now the step number one For this method is you want to go to and sign up for an account By the way guys I'm showing you CPA Group all the time just please comment Down below if you if I should still go Over the sign up process or not I have Gone through the multiple multiple times Pretty much all you got to do is just Fill in the details and the right here Is this publisher type select website Slash instant or GPT this is not chat GPT this means get paid too so you are Pretty much locking some files or stuff Like that okay and then right here tell Them that you are coming from incline Into my YouTube channel then click check Check check check like always and click On the register now to sign up for an Account I'm just going to log in and by The way on my other account I just Received a payment of 3 100 by using one Of the methods that I posted on my Channel I think it was actually just a Few days ago depending on when you are Watching this video it might be like a Week ago or a month ago but I believe it Just few days ago again if you'd like me To re-record the method with updated Stuff and updated new techniques because

It got paid me 3 100 when I was using it Then please just comment down below that You would like to get the 3K method Comment down below 3K method please so I Know you are a real person because Bots Usually don't say please or thank you Just please comment down below 3K method Please and I'm going to record a Tutorial it's been on CPA grip pretty Much the payout was on a wire because I Use a as a withdrawal method Right here and I got paid 3120 so if you Are interested in learning exactly how I Was able to do this then comment down Below but I just don't want to be Sharing the stats right now because Again it's something that I'm still Using might be making me a lot more Profits so again just if there's going To be enough comments then I will Re-record it other than that let's Continue this is my dummy account that I Use for the videos because again I don't Want to be showing the stats of the Other methods because they are still Working but what do you want to do 40s Method is just just go to after tools And go to my offers okay and for this One we are going to pick up a CPA offer That we usually never pick up and this Is going to make it kind of like Unsaturated because most people are not Using these CPA offers because they Don't know how to get the traffic to

Them but this website that I will show You in a second is actually going to Send you the traffic itself now the webs The the offer name right here actually a Roblox game card okay Roblox game card Also what is called Wii box okay it's Called vbox and yeah this one right here Get 13 000 Wii box now these two offers are Going to work crazy okay so whether it's Fortnite v-bucks right here or Roblox Game card or any Roblox offer or Fortnite offer whether it's like a merch Whether it's like a course anything with That is going to work for the sake of The video I'm going to use the Roblox Not the Roblox the fortnite Wii box okay If I can find it again I have just gone Through that I believe uh hold on a Second okay it's right here 13 000 Fortnite uh we box this is pretty much Like a digital currency in a fortnight Game now if you don't know anything About this game don't worry you don't Have to know anything at all okay all You got to know is just it's going to be Paying you two dollars and 43 cents it's An email submit for United States Traffic and pretty much the website we Are going to be using gets 27 million Visitors every single month now what you Want to do right now is you want to go To Google and just search for Google Sites we need to create a very simple

Landing page but in a special way Because you can't be just promoting the Offer itself it's not going to work I Tested it out before it doesn't work you Need to do it just the way I'm going to Show you so first of all you want to add A text box and then you want to go to YouTube and you want to search because We are using this game you want to Search for some kind of highlight okay Some kind of highlight of the game this Game is called fortnite the other game Is called Roblox okay and you want to Find some highlights and then go to Filter and you want to go pretty much Sort by by view count and then you want To go for the last like a week okay so It's going to be recent because the Games update all the time and also like The videos that they are resend in this Case are going to work super super well And again if you're going to see like Some of these thumbnails are alright but This thumbnail right here is actually Catching my attention Okay because it is Like a hacker and it has like this I Don't know amazing looking thumbnail I Don't really know much about fortnite But if anybody is playing fortnite yeah You can just use this method very very Well now all you got to do just right Click on it and click on the copy link Address then go back to Google sites and Click on embed and you want to embed by

URL okay just embed by URL and this is Like a genius feature because it's going To embed whatever URL you're going to Put there onto the website and we're Gonna insert and just make sure you're Going to center it okay and then pretty Much I'm just going to copy and paste Headline right here copy that and put it Right here in the text uh file icon Thingy and I'm going to just make it big Like this and also make it just like This so I will make it black and also Change the font to I like to use the Montserrat if it's right here Monterey Let's go with like a bold one and make It a little bit bigger so so let's go Like 30 actually but also let's make the Lines a little bit smaller if I can do That right here and let's go with like Single okay so this is actually the page You want to create okay super simple but Right now you want to again get this Text and move it below the video and you Want to put there pretty much whatever Is the offer so get thirteen thousand Fortnight V bucks now so just like this Click here to And make it just a little bit smaller so Like for 24 make it like this and you Want to copy and paste your affiliate Link and add it right here okay just Like this bam and apply cool now we have The affiliate link but also one more Thing that I like to do is you want to

Screenshot this part right here so just Zoom it in and then use the screenshot Tool and screenshot it just like this Okay and you want to upload it to the Website and also click on it and add Your link there as well okay so it's Going to be pretty much more uh Congruent when people see this uh thingy Right here this image they click on it They see the same exact on the CPR and They are more likely completed Okay now Click on publish and just call it Whatever you want I'm going to call it Fortnite box some numbers and click on Publish right here and you're going to Have your landing page ready to go ready To rock and roll and to make you money And this is how it's going to look like So fortnite fails and epic wins 318 Fortnite chapter 4 funny moments video Then right here is the click here to get 13 000 for diary box and the v-bucks are Right here so this is the landing page Super simple but it needs to be like This because when you are going to be Using this method you always want to Pick up a different video because that's Going to be the attraction for the Traffic that's how the website is going To send you traffic you need to attract Them somehow and the way to attract them Is to always pick up a different video Because like if like thousand people are Going to use the same exact method with

Just like the link to the offer it's not Going to work okay but if you're going To use a different video some people get More traffic some people get less Traffic depending on how quality video You're going to pick up so this is how It actually works if you're going to go With the Roblox again just pick a video Put a headline video then put the link To the Roblox and then pick a image from The Philadelphia right here and then put It on the page as well now what you want To do is you want to go to this website And just click on create a link and now This is actually going to send you Traffic so what you want to do again Just copy the link of your landing page Which is going to be right here and you Want to paste it right here set your Target URL right here and it's going to Get your landing page okay so wait for It to load up and then click on this Button and now pretty much for the title You want to write here copy and paste The headline but you can see it's too Long so I'm just going to call it Fortnite fail fails and wins number 3838 318 actually just like oh that's Too much so 318 so it's going to Actually make sense so so fortnite fails And wins because I cannot use any Special characters so just like this Then click on check then for the title Again you want to just copy and paste

The stuff from the headline because Right here you can actually put more Characters and you can just put it just Like it is then click on the check then Link description I'm just going to put Their checkout check out these and I'm Just going to copy and paste it there Again but I guess we need a little bit More so at least 100 characters is Necessary to continue so I'm just going To put here also check out the giveaway To receive over 13 000 V bucks just Right here something related to the CPA Offer because this needs a little bit More text but don't overthink it the Most important part is to submit the Link okay then click on check again and Then frequently asked questions just Pretty much put there whatever it's Going to suggest and click on yes and Picture in a video you don't have to put Any and just click right here or next And Bam this is it this is actually how Your submission is going to look like You can see 38 seconds ago and fortnite Fails and wins 318 fortnite chapter 4 How many people are going to visit this From this search engine we are going to Pretty much get a commission from them Completing the CPA offer but also this Website linkware ties it's going to just Send you traffic and pay you for that For every submission so what you want to Do is you want to create multiple

Landing pages like this with multiple Videos and just submit them here so when People are going to be browsing these Fortnite fails and epic wins you are Pretty much you have more chance of like Actually getting the traffic because you Are spreading your net like wide and Wide and the reason why we are using This is because if you actually go to a Link vertized search engine which I Personally don't use but it's getting Over 27 million visitors every single Month you're going to see that the top Categories right here are all Minecraft Roblox gt8 fortnite or Among Us so like Two of these games Roblox and fortnite Actually have CPA offers on the CPA grip So I highly highly recommend that you're Going to submit as many of these landing Page videos as possible add your CPA Link and this website is going to send You the traffic just like it's sending To these people right here like this Person submitted it two weeks ago and Received 1.7 million abuse okay in two Weeks this person 745 000 views this Person right here 176 abuse in a year Now this one 135 000 in a month and so On and so on so all these are going to Work and you can see all of those are The games that are highly recommended Right here so not only you're getting Paid when you submit it there you are Also getting paid from the CPA

Conversions that you're going to receive From the offer that you're going to put On the landing page and that's it guys I Hope you enjoyed this method now let me Know if you like this or not and also Comment down below the 3K method please If you'd like me to record a video about This method again I recorded again but Maybe there's some new people who Haven't seen it so comment down below That and also if you'd like to see how I'm making over thirty thousand dollars Per month without shooting my face Online then check out this video right Here which is going to show you exactly How I'm doing that so click here and I Will see you there bye for now

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