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Step one you want to click on copy link Step do you want to go to this website And then paste your link right here Right click and click on paste and click On download step 3 go to account Management and then click on this button Right here that's very important and Step four get paid just like this 3.64 cents three dollars and 44 cents Over and over again and earn over 210 Dollars in a single day with absolutely No effort in today's video I'm going to Show you how complete beginners are Making over 210 dollars per day without Selling anything at all and using this Completely free viral traffic Loop Program that can actually make you money In 24 hours from right now listen if I Actually tell you that it can make you Money in 24 hours from right now I Actually mean it it doesn't mean it's Going to happen but the potential is There and some of you guys who are going To implement these method right after Watching this video you can actually go Ahead and make their first two hundred Dollars in less than 24 hours from right Now all you got to do is just set it Down just where I'm going to show you And then use the secret recipe at the End of the video for the viral traffic Boost because otherwise you might be Waiting like a couple of weeks to get Any traction from this but if you're

Going to use the wireless traffic boost That I'm going to share with you at the End of the video you can actually get Results in terms of money in your Account in less than 24 hours but before That don't forget to please smash the Like on this video subscribe to the Channel hit notification Bell and Comment down below something random for The YouTube algorithm and let's get Started with a step-by-step tutorial Okay as I'm the step number one for this Method is actually going to be quite Easy you just want to pick up a CPA Network now because I'm going to be Recording this on my desktop I'm going To be using if you want to Make money on CPA grip then just do what I'm going to show you but if you want to Make the most amount of money and I know Plenty of you guys actually have access To tap mop IO which is my number one Recommendation for a CPA Network I Highly highly recommend that you're Going to use it just they are currently Invite only and it's only a mobile Application which is going to be kind of Like pain to record so I want to show You two on my laptop but I highly Recommend you're going to go with that Mob and when you're going to do just use This code 8964 when you are signing up They are private only invitation only This is my invitation so you can

Actually get approved and actually make Money with this method now what I'm Going to do is just show you how to do It on CPA grid because that's a little Bit easier to create for me so this is a Reputable CP Network now they have Pretty much plenty of tools they can Lock content I'm going to be recording Videos about this one as well they can Lock URLs and Files video lockers this Is a very very powerful powerful feature That I'm going to share with you later On how to make plenty of money with they Also have offer walls which are crazy Good if you want to make like 50 to 100 Per day with minimal effort I will also Record a video about that and also they Have this virtual currency which is cool If you own like a website for beginners It's not really that powerful because You are a beginner and it requires a lot Of experience and pretty much this is Some some proof of the website but I Just want to go to register right here Or the top right and then then just sign Up for an account now it's pretty Self-explanatory I'm always going Through this registration process Because I want to make sure that Everybody even if you're watching this Video for the first time ever you are Able to make money just by watching this Super single video so you want to go Through all these things just enter them

Like they are like first and last name All that good stuff but make sure for The publisher type right here you're Going to select website slash incense or GPT GPT is not the chat GPT it stands For get paid too so you are going to be Like locking files locking pages and That's what you are getting or website Slash instant and then tell them you are Coming from Inca into Money YouTube Channel it's going to increase your Chances of getting approved but I Believe everybody is getting a program CPA grip but I believe everybody is Getting approved on CPA without any Problems lightly then check all of these Check check check and then click on Register round right here and then sign Up to your account okay now this is one Of my accounts that I pretty much use Because I have multiple accounts and Around recording like videos I don't Want to be sharing some of the methods That I'm still right now using to make Plenty of money because yeah it would be Like very easy to trace them and then They would get saturated I don't want That to happen but pretty much this is The CPA account that you're going to be Using and this chat Ike chat window Right here is very powerful because you Can actually get other people to chat With you and help each other but also More importantly you can actually get

Motivated by the earnings I'm just going Through this and I'm trying to find like A whale who's made a lot of money but Currently this person right here made Thirty thousand dollars then is there Anything good seven thousand dollars 120 Per day okay this one right here 188 thousand dollars made on this Network so it makes money okay you can Make hundreds of thousands of dollars on This network now what you want to do for This method though is you want to go to The uh offer tools and just go to the my Offers for this method we are not going To be using any of the monetization Tools that they offer right there then What you want to do is scroll all the Way up nothing can stop me I'm all the Way up so just go to United States yeah That was kind of cringe but you go to United States and you want to select the Payouts by the most pay it out okay Because recently it was TPA grip because There's huge competition from tap map What they added is couple of more CPA Offers that we can be promoting and they Have not been there before so you can Get paid like three dollars and 44 cents Pretty much for the same offer that Usually was paying you like two dollars Or something and these are like brand New offers for example like this fashion Gift cards for Sheen or Shane I don't Know how to pronounce it or this one

Right here that's the same one and also This one right here that's the same one But also these cash app offers they have Not been here for a long time so these Cash app offers or also this one right Here pretty much McDonald's and like This one right here for the Shane again I don't know what chain is happening What is happening with chain but it's Getting very very popular now what you Want to do is once you find these offers You want to pick up a couple of them Okay I recommend like four offers so What we are going to use I'm going to Show you how to do this for the cash app For the Shane and all these offers uh There as well now then you want to go to A website that's called and you just want to start For free now make sure you're going to Use hey link because there's like link Tree bio link there's other these Popular services but they will actually Shut down your account if you put these CPA links there for some reason because These are like offers where people when They click they are redirected based on Their country and also like their past Cookie history so these websites Actually think there's something like Malicious going happy going on with your Links but it's just like tracking with CPA offers you want to use make sure You're going to use this is

My recommendation or if you could always Also use your own website but just go to Star for free it's pretty Much completely free you don't need to Pay for it at all until you're going to Make some money you can just pay them For like a good thing and then you just Want to sign up with Google if you're Going to sign up with Google it's super Fast super efficient and it pretty much Just make sure you don't have to like Write a password or anything like that Now this is one of the links that I'm Currently still using myself pretty much On a different platform I don't want to Be sharing the exact stats and the Layout but you want to grab a couple of Links so for example we are going to go With the cash update gift card now you Can see that this one is for desktop and It is email submit now just grab any Link for the offer and based on where The person is if they are like in a Different country is going to redirect Them and also if they are on their phone Or laptop it's going to redirect them as Well now you want to copy the link then You want to go back to hailing paste the Link right here click on add new link Right here and then you want to pretty Much copy and paste the headline edit it Right here so it's not going to show This ugly little thing so it's going to Say enter for a 500 cash up gift card

And then instead of having this little Ugly no link image right here you can See all these actually have the icons You want to go to website which I like To use called Flat where you Can download high quality icons for free And you can download limited Mountain Day like 50 icons completely for free And you just want to search for like Cash app now in this case there is no Cash up icon but it works super well for The popular brands like PayPal this is Where you can download a high quality PayPal icon or I don't know Gmail or you Can also go with like Netflix I believe Yeah Netflix as well so for the other CPA offers from tap map if you're not Going to find it just go to Google and Search for ketchup icon and we are Looking for this icon right here and Then you just want to go to hey link Click on ADD image or icon and you want To click on upload your own image and Bam this is what's going to show it to You and this is how it's going to look Like now you can zoom in or unzoom it Just make sure it's going to be there Nice and nicely looking it's not going To be cropped out and now this is how It's actually going to look okay so There's the specific icon for the Specific CPA offer and you pretty much Want to do it for all of them as well so This was just for the cash app I'm going

To do one more so I'm not going to bore You with the setup I just want to show You how it's going to be done because I Know when I was getting started one of The most important things that I wanted To always see is how the people who are Actually making money how they operate So if this is you as well please comment Down below that you like this and and Make sure to mention it boring Step-by-step tutorials because then I Know you actually like this process Because it's one thing to actually know The method and the second thing is to See someone else actually set it up and I don't know for me personally it helped Me big time so this is fashion gift card And this is 700 750 for Sheen so I'm Going to copy that put it right here the Link and I'm going to copy the headline Again and put it right here and I'm Going to put their claim your and 750 Fashion gift card now and I'm going to Go to the flat icon search for like not Netflix fashion just fashion and yeah This one looks good but also I will try Sheen uh logo PNG and we're going to Find something hopefully pretty good and I don't know which one is actually Sheen And I don't even know what it means I Know it's just like some fashion brand But I'm gonna go with I guess this one Is pretty cool I guess I just make sure It's going to be a square okay then go

Back to hailing add the image and upload It okay now that you have the links There make sure you're going to add like Four to five links because you want to Make sure you're going to make the most Amount of money this is a cool hack that I came up with and it pretty much makes Huge difference when you are promoting CPA offers is you want to make sure You're going to change this text and Just go to the appearance right here and It's right here okay so Avatar and title Make sure to add an icon and then add Right here pretty much the best way or Whatever are your CPA offers just come Up with something but the important line The money making line is try them all Okay this is so underrated because when People actually go to your hailing and Let me just refresh it okay this is not The link that I was actually using let Me use my own link right here so this is The link when people actually come to This link and they see all these Different offers they're like okay which One I can actually like do maybe I can Do the 500 cash out they click on it They just completely or not and they Leave but if you put there try them all Now they're like okay like maybe they Don't just all work so I will just try Them all but you as the CPA Advertiser You are going to get paid for every Single conversion instead of just one

Conversion so this is how you can easily Pretty much multiply yours not sales but Your commissions that you're going to be Making from these CPA offers without any More traffic just by using this single Line try them all that's very important It's very subtle but I know everybody Who pretty much uses it is going to make More money it's not like purchase them All because it's like yeah I mean that's All but try them all it's free they can Do that and most of the people are going To do that and I want to show you the Fastest way to actually get traffic to This using this vital hack that I told You about at the beginning you just want To go to and just search for Like daily inspiration or daily Motivation motivation quote or any of These three tags and then just find any Of the pages right here okay there's Plenty of them and just make sure you're Going to use these accounts okay this This is what we are looking for these Types of videos when there's like a Background and there's a uh title or Like text there okay so that's what we Are looking for like these videos not The person videos because they don't Really get that much traffic but we are Looking for these videos right here okay So this is the page for example wealth Block I don't really know the page but Pretty much 64 following 1.8 followers

Okay so this is what we are looking for These are the pages you want to find now You just want to find like a video that Has decent amount of views from the last Like one two three four five six seven From the for the first row so from the First row there's like 41 000 views Right here then nothing nothing nothing Nothing nothing at 36 okay so I'm going To go with this one right here 41 000 Views click on it and then you'll want To copy the link right here and they Want to go to a synaptic app it's called Uh like this it's called like this Synaptic dot app and just paste it right Here paste it right here not this one I Actually want the link for the tick tock Please can you do that copy that and put It right here it's not doing that and Then just click on the download right Here and it's going to download the Video right here we're gonna download Make sure not click on these download Buttons right here those are Advertisements just click on the Download right here and it's going to Download you the video and also with Couple of ads as usual that's okay but Then we have the video download now what You want to do is you want to go to and I want to show you how To actually do this because most people Just don't show you that you want to go To your profile just click on your icon

Then go to edit profile right here and Then go account management this is very Important if you're not going to do this This method is not going to work for you And you can imagine how many people are Going to skip this so I'm not going to Be mentioning a lot a lot of times then Go to account changes and click on Convert to a business account okay and This is going to make sure you can Actually post videos on Pinterest Because if you don't have that you Cannot do that you cannot upload a video To Pinterest just make sure to do it one More time account management and click On convert account and you can see right Here it's not going to show you that no But you can actually do that okay and Then click on right here upgrade and Congratulations your business account Has been created now pretty much what You want to do is click on create right Here and we're going to create a pin and You're going to see right here if you Have the business account it's going to Tell you you can actually upload MP4 Files with less than two gigabytes okay So that's what we are looking for then Just drag the video right here put it Right there and now you can actually Upload it okay and then add your title Then make sure you're going to call it Like seven rules of life it's pretty Much the title of the video at the

Beginning so seven rules of life then The description free fashion gift card In BIO see if you qualify no credit card Needed make sure you're going to tell it Like this because it's not guaranteed Everybody is going to get a card like The fashion gift card and also they can They don't need to pay for anything if You're going to put this it's going to Actually lower the expectations all the People completing the CPA offers making It more realistic and also it's going to Get rid of any like thought holds the Hair like uh do I need to submit a card I need to submit number or anything like That they don't need to do that so this Is very important and then pretty much Click on create a new board and create Like a board related to this so I'm Going to call it a daily motivation Videos just like this click on Create And make sure to submit all of them There add your link there as well and Click on publish and now that you have This video all you have to do is just Boost it using the viral post so you Want to copy the URL of the post so just Go to the URL and make sure we're going To copy now very important part make Sure in the URL there is no country okay So it only says Pin slash some random numbers it has to Be like that there cannot be any country Because then you are boosting it just

For the country and you are limiting Your research okay so limiting your Track copy the link now the first thing That I want to show you go to search for Pinterest and You want to buy these permanent social Signals that there's a lot of packages This one is going to get you 100 000 of these and it pretty much means It's going to get you a lot of signals To your post which is first of all going To get you a lot of traffic in and of Itself which is kind of like low quality But it's going to actually boost this Post and it's going to show it to all People on Pinterest who pretty much Watch these videos so that's the first Thing it costs like five dollars you can Think is just index it using index Kings You just put it right here make sure This is the link just https pin they are no like that I don't know uh Slovakia or I don't know Uh United States just make sure it's Like a rolling like this then make sure To check complex URLs because now it's Actually going to index the entire link If you don't check this it will just Index this first part and we don't want To index Pinterest you want to index our Post and then it's going to Rapid index And Bam now it's going to create you all These backlinks right in front of your Eyes it's going to boost the post boost

The video and get you more traffic to Your hailing with your CPA offers and That's it I hope you enjoyed this video Let me know what you think about it in The comment section below and for more Videos check out this one right here Which is going to show you another cool Money making where you can do right now

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