BEST $400/Day Method To Make Money Online For Beginners Without Working In 2023

You can make like 50 per day using this Or you can even make like one thousand Dollars per day using the same exact Method I was just testing it out and I Was able to make 158 dollars in a single Day just testing it out to what's going On guys in today's video I want to show You one of the best methods for Beginners to make money online and make Anywhere from 50 up to like one thousand Dollars per day using this method Literally anyone can make anywhere from Fifty dollars per day to 100 200 300 400 Or even one thousand dollars per day and The best part about is you don't even Have to have a website you don't have to Have any skills or any experience and You can literally get started from Complete zero and get like a couple Hundred dollars just by doing the method I'm about to show you but please pay Very close attention to this video Because first of all I'm going to show You the method explain you how it works And at the end of the video I'm gonna Show you the exact trick you can Actually use to make over one thousand Dollars per day so first I want to Explain the method to you and then at The end of the video I will show you the Exact trick and the exact category to go For to instead of making like 50 or 100 Per day you can actually make like one Thousand dollars per day in affiliate

Commissions even if you never made any Money online yourself okay guys so this Is actually what I was able to make on This testing account because I was just Testing it out and luckily I was able to Make a sale actually today and I was Able to make 158 dollars now this is Actually on ClickBank and you can make This money on digistore Warrior Plus or Any literally any affiliate Network Because the strategy behind it is so Genius that most people are not even Using it because they don't know they Can use it this way but if you're going To put two and two together you can Actually make a lot more money because The potential of this method is Literally unlimited okay Limitless Potential of traffic with this method Which is going to translate into Limitless potential or for money you can Make from this method now what I want to Show you first of all is actually how This method works so for example you go To YouTube and you are going to search For for example how to get white teeth Okay that's just an example I'm going to Use for this video and you you're going To search for this keyword now there are All these videos that are going to teach You like how to get white teeth for Example this one right here 10 natural Ways to whiten teeth at home and that it Has like a very good thumbnail then

Again this one right here using like Baking soda or whatever and this one Using like whatever and again and again And again and pretty much all these Tutorials for people telling you like How to actually get a white teeth now Pretty much when somebody is actually Searching for how to get white teeth They are currently interested in Learning how to do this right like they Are interested in learning on how to do This now if you wear an owner of a Channel like this for example what you Could do is you could set up a Remarketing campaign that's going to Target the viewers of the video and sell Them a product that's going to teach Them how to get better teeth the white Teeth and all that good stuff but listen I know you are you are not the owner of The channel but there is a special hack On how you can also like get access to The people that are watching these Videos and it works for for example like How to get six-pack fast you're going to Search for that and then you can Actually reach out to people Automatically who are searching for These videos because anything that People are searching for on YouTube you Can actually sell them a product that's Going to show them how to do that we can Only do that if you are the channel open Up but in today's video I will show you

The exact trick that I used myself and You can use as well yourself without Having the YouTube channel and I was Able to make 158 dollars by doing this It's simply by remarketing people who Are currently looking for a solution to Their problem it can be like how to get A six-pack fast it can be like how to Get white teeth it can be like how to Learn any language how to build a shed How to I don't know something and etc Etc you can actually reach out to these People give them the product and that's One of the easiest ways you can make Money video for the marketing so first Of all we need to have an affiliate Product so step one just go to ClickBank And I'm going to search for a dental Offer that's called the dentiteox or Dented talk box something like this Unique Dental drops offer now also again This method is going to work for any Products that you're going to find on The ClickBank Digi store over your past The key of this method is to show you How to actually reach out to these People and then at the end of the video I will give you the exact one to go for That can make you thousand dollars per Day because I want to save it for people Who are watching this video till the end So pretty much all the people are going To watch till the end are going to get Access to that one so I'm going to use

This one it's dentite talks Unique Dental drops offer this pretty much how It looks like super simple sales page About some dental drops that are going To help you with teeth whiten them and Pretty much make them strong something Like that but that's what I actually got When I was going through the sales page Now pretty much if we were to actually Offer this offer to any people that are Watching these videos chances are you're Going to make sales very fast but for That you need to have the YouTube Channel but also you can do it without a YouTube channel and I will show you Exactly how to do that now first of all We need to create like two images okay We need to create two images now one of The best ways on actually doing this is Just by using the thumbnails of these Images because they are already the best Converting okay so please pretty much Something we can actually use so just Right click on a video that you're going To like click on copy the link address And then just Google thumbnail Grabber And go to like first first result put The video right there and it's going to Give it a thumbnail for you to use now Just click on copy the image and then The next part how to create these images We need to create like two simple images Very simple images just go to canva and Click on create a design now the first

One is going to be 500 times 500 so That's the resolution one to one Essentially like 600 600 782 to 782 etc Etc so pretty much like the same exact Resolution the square resolution and Then just put the image right there now What I'm going to do is I'm going to Like completely make it bigger just like This and just like this it's going to be Actually cool because this is not a Square image but I just want to get rid Of the logo and just make it like this Just like this and just like this okay The the white doesn't really matter Because it's like a nice border and then You want to add a little square here and Then you just want to add a text that's Going to say just do this and this is Very important that you're not going to Put anything more there just put there Just do this something like along these Lines like a little square and right There just do this and then we just want To search for elements and search for Red arrow and then point it somewhere on This image that's going to actually make A sense of Graphics see you all and just Make sure you're going to pick one of The free ones so for example one that I Like is actually this one and make sure To turn it around just like this that's Going to point to the white part of the Teeth and also just put it a little bit Up just like this as an example okay so

This can be actually the image super Simple super basic and then click on Share and you just want to download it If you want to create another design and This one is going to be 1200 times 300 So four to one okay so like four Thousand to one thousand or anything Like that and for this one we just want To pick up a different image so just go Through the thumbnails once again and Just find something that's going to like Be very good so just find something Something like this this is a very good Thumbnail and then for this one again What you want to put there is going to Be an element or in this case it also Can be just text that's going to say Just do this make sure to right there Just do this and then also you can like Change it to a little bit more Aggressive not aggressive but like so It's going to be more bold okay that's What we are looking for and then add an Effect and a background so it's going to Pop and maybe lower the trans spread and Make it like red just like this and also The text color is going to be white this Is going to pop for sure and then pretty Much what you want to do for this for This uh case just go to elements search Again for red arrow and make sure to Point it to the white teeth then also Add it one more time point it to the Brushing so it's going to like make

Sense just like this and then search for Red circle okay red circle and go with Graphics and we are looking for like the Basic red circle something like yeah I Want something free like this one okay Like handwritten not this one that's an Animation I just want like a red circle Okay is there any red circles around Here this one is going to do and that's It okay so just like this and this is What you want to create again super Simple image once again just do this and Click on share and pretty much download It and I want to actually show you how To reach out to these with people who Are watching these videos and who are Currently looking to actually get like White teeth okay in this case so what You want to do is you want to go to Google sorry go to YouTube and search For how to get white teeth you can also Search for like how to get white teeth Instantly in five minutes at home all These extensions okay so the more you're Going to put there the better so how to Get white feed then also how to get White teeth instantly and all these Search results which are going to pop up So once you have this open then you want To go to Google ads and you just want to Click right here on a new campaign and Click on new campaign there's actually a Kind of like secret setting in Google Ads that you can use to reach out to

Those people now the price for these Advertisements is going to be super low And also the return on the investment is Going to be super high but maybe a Little bit slower but whenever you're Going to spend like one or two dollars Or maybe one to ten dollars you can Expect to make a sale obviously no That's not guaranteed just gotta find Your winning campaign but this is the Way to do that so you just select Website traffic just click on the Website traffic and you want to select Display okay so select the display Campaign and then click on continue then The right here it's going to say Locations click on enter another Location and put their United States This is where you're going to get most Likely most of the sales from you can Also enter Canada United Kingdom Australia and New Zealand all the top Boundaries then click on next once again Now the daily budget can be anywhere From like 10 to 15 dollars let's go with Like 15 per day the thing is if you're Going to spend like 15 it's going Towards like a very very good campaign So the budget okay now set up the budget For like 15 then scroll down and select High quality traffic and automatically Maximize traffic if it's not by default Then just pause the video right now and Just select these two but now it's now

Actually comes the hack click on the Next and I want to show you like the Setting that most people are not even Using themselves and it works super Super well so you want to go to the Targeting and click on ADD targeting Right here and what we are looking for Are going to be placements Okay click on Placements and it's going to show you Like suggest websites videos or apps Where you like to show your ads and then Pretty much just go to YouTube and if You search for like how to get white did Instantly just select the top 5 to 10 Videos so you just want to click on the Top video and copy the the link address And then go back to the display campaign Click on enter and just put it right There and if you're going to add one Placement and Bam now you have it there And you want to do it for the top five To ten videos for these keywords okay Because now you are only going to be Targeting the people who have been Watching these videos okay who have been Watching these videos or who are Currently watching these videos like Next to the video there can be an Advertisement but also what this is Going to do it's going to follow these People around the internet and show the Advertisements as if you wear the Channel owner remarketing the people who Watch the video This is why it's so

Genius and you can do it for how to get White it instantly how to get six-pack Fast or any kind of these niches like How to fix a car fix a dead battery or Any kind of affiliate program that You're going to see that might fit a YouTube video just search for like how To put it on YouTube and then select top Videos okay so again select this one Happy link address pretty right there It's gonna add one placement and this is Why the traffic is super targeted and Any any type of money you're going to Spend on it is going to be a huge return Okay and then click on done right here And then we have Target Replacements Free and then pretty much click right Here on next now for a final URL what You want to put there is going to be Your page that you're going to land on When you visit your affiliate link then Business name put there the business Name of the affiliate offer so then the Tax for example and then you want to add Images and this is what most people are Struggle struggling with they don't know How to create these ad creatives but it Was as simple as I just showed you you Need just two images one of them is Going to be four byte four by one four Two one and one of them is one by one so Square and a landscape image and then You just upload them right here click on ADD images and you want to go right here

Right it's going to say upload and Bam You can see that it's going to Automatically select the images right Here so this one is going to be selected One ratio and you want to select you can See this is going to automatically Select the images so this one is going To be selected already and this one is Going to be selected as well because we Have done it correctly and now click on Save right here at the bottom and then Again you want to do the same for the Images and also setting for Logos and Again because you upload these two Images you can see that it's going to Automatically select the resolution Because it's going to detect it so you Want to make sure you're going to do That and also I'm going to deselect These two images because that's from the Previous advertisement that I was Showing you in this video and then you Just want to pretty much write these Headlines now the first headline is very Important and this is where you want to Write looking to and the problem like Looking to get white teeth looking to Get a six-pack looking to build a shed Or something like that because the Answer in their head is yes because they Are obviously doing that in the YouTube Like in YouTube you can see like if they Are searching for like how to get YT Instantly yes I'm looking how to get I'm

Looking for how to get white teeth and Then pretty much the second headline can Be anything related to the product now For the long headline you can simply Copy something from the sales page it's Going to be like one simple way to Maintain your perfect smile and put it Right here and then for the description You can just put there what's going to Auto fill it because again it's just Something you can just use from here Okay it's not going to make a huge Difference because already the targeting Is so precious it's going to be very Cool and then for the add URL options The tracking template is actually going To be your affiliate link you can Shorten just like this and click on Create a hot link Bam Bam Bam and then Put it right here and just to make sure It's going to work properly and then Click on test then just click right here And apply changes it's going to create You this advertisement but for some Reason the image is got mixed when I was Creating it so this is how the Advertisement is going to look like but You can see some of the images are going To make sense some of them are not going To make sense but it doesn't really Matter because it's just going to be the Ones that are going to convert the best And those are the ones that are making Sense you can see it's going to be the

Advertising like this looking to get White teeth then Thai talks at pro has a Safe and secure one time simple payment So something like this is now I know It's not the highest converting Advertisement you can do that but the Thing is the targeting is going to be so Good it's going to work every single Time and then just scroll down and click On next and finalize your campaign That's it that's exactly how I was able To make 158 dollars in a single day I Just created these advertisements for People who are watching videos on YouTube because you are watching till The end I want to tell you the best Thousand day opportunity to do this with And that's going to be right now weight Loss how to get in shape because it's Just pretty much a February right now People want to get in shape for summer So there they are just right now Searching for how to do that if you're Going to create these campaigns you can Make not just 158 dollars per day it can Be like one thousand dollars per day Because there's so much traffic for this And everybody is buying these courses That's the important part they're buying These courses methods and supplements And you can make thousands of dollars Per day by doing this that's it I hope You enjoyed this video now guys if you Like to see exactly how I was able to

Make over 28 thousand dollars all almost Twenty nine thousand dollars in the past 30 days on Warrior Plus without using my YouTube channel or without showing my Face then check out this video right Here and you're going to see exactly how To do that and have a fantastic rest Your day bye for now

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