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Okay now these are some of the latest Pairs that I've been receiving 125.62 this was all autopilot 779 right Here 141 48 120 240 right away and in Today's video guys I want to show you This completely brand new method on how You can get paid 51 every 15 minutes Just by doing this completely autopilot Method you don't need any skills you Need any experience and actually the Problem with this method is you are not Going to be able to do it for more than A couple of hours so around 51 dollars Every 15 minutes that's like times four And that's over 200 you can make per Hour but the thing is the maximum amount Of time you can actually do this method For per day is I think two or three Hours which you're going to do by two That's like 408 dollars but if you're Going to go buy three let's say you do It fully for three hours that's like 612 dollars you can actually make per Day all in Profit just by doing what I'm Going show you in the next few minutes Now please pay very close attention Because I'm going to show you step by Step exactly how to do this but first of All I'm going to show you this method And how to make like four dollars every 15 minutes and then at the end of the Video I'm going to show you this hack This brand new opportunity on how to Make note four dollars but how to make

Fifty one dollars every 15 minutes Without any extra time without any extra Work without anything extra just by Switching this one simple piece of code And make a lot more money more than 10 Times the amount of money for the same Exact method make sure you're not going To miss out on that but before that Don't forget to please smash the like Hit the Subscribe button comment down Below something for the YouTube Algorithm and also click the Notification Bell so I can notify Whenever I upload a brand new money Making videos to give me the first one To watch the method first one to make The most amount of money and first one To comment down below I got paid this Amount of money by using your very cool Methods and with that being said let's Get started with the step-by-step Tutorial okay guys so these are some of My proof earnings from a CPA grip from My accounts that I was just doing this On O2 pilot just for tracking purposes Because I was kind of lazy on like Creating the little links but I actually Didn't know you can actually do that but In this video I'm going to show you Exactly how to do this so let's get Started now the first thing you need to Do and this is like a requirement for Everybody you need to go to CPA grip CPA Grip is going to be the best method for

This so go to CPA grip and you want to Register for a free account if this is Your first ever video I was telling About people about CPA grid for a long Time but I want to include it in every Single video on how to create your free Account just click on register fill out All your details make sure you enter it Correctly because this is the website That is going to be paying you out so You want to make sure there's going to Be your name your last name your address So if they're going to pay you out they Can use your details okay and then this Is the important part that most people Get confused the publisher type they Don't know what this actually stands for You want to use website slash instant Meaning you have like a website where You are recommending the offers or you Are incentivizing people to complete These offers with like a Content Locker Link Locker or any other way or also get Paid to you again you get paid to Download something so people need to Again create the offer not create offer Complete the offer to actually get Access to something and also that you Can actually like pay people to complete A couple of the offers that are like Incentivizable okay so you can do it for Every offer you can do it for a couple Of them Alice share those in this video So website slash instant or GPT and then

Right here you can tell them I'm coming From incoming to my YouTube channel then Check all those three boxes check check And for new people again you cannot Complete the offers yourself they have Like very good tracking for this and a Lot of people are telling me like my Account got banned but the only reason Your account is going to get banned Because you can do literally anything on CPA Group you can promote any offers Anything you can lock into anything as Long as you deliver it okay but you Cannot and this is like the worst thing You cannot complete your own offers That's the like one of the only reasons They are going to shout out in your Account because you cannot do that so Make sure when you create your account You want to use like proxy your friend's Laptop or anything like that to complete These offers because they have very good Track working on this and they are Literally pain they are literally paying You for completing and collecting email Addresses and the thing is they wouldn't Be paying you that much if it was so Easy to like scam them so please do not Do that because linear account is going To get shut down and the thing is there Is other CPA Network you can go to but There isn't a CP Network that has the Same exact offers like CPA grip okay Just click register now and then bam

This is how your account is going to Look like now again this is my dummy Account that I use for the videos Because I don't want to be showing you All the links and all the things that I'm using and promoting because it's Going to be showing me up and I'm kind Of lazy to edit it and also I don't want To tell my editor like don't edit it out Because it'll be just pain so I just Create a multiplayer account and also For tracking purposes but then I Realized that there is actually a cool Thing you can do with the offers now What you want to do for this is you want To pick up a single offer so go to offer Tools click on my offers right here and I'm going to show you how to do this and Let's go with like UK United Kingdom and This one is going to be paying you I Think around four dollars when we're Going to go with this method so scroll Down and you're looking for like this Offer right here yeah this one right Here install and play Paris City Adventure okay this one right here if You click on it you're going to see this Is a mobile install this one is for Android but I think they also have IPhone and people can install it and Reach level 25 and you are going to Receive 4.73 so this is the type of offer to go For you can see it's like a game people

Can just download and it's like Paris City Adventure some game people can just Download and go through and when they Reach level 25 you are going to get paid 4.73 now this is the link that you want To be using okay we are going to be Incentivizing people to complete this Offer we are not even going to be Locking any content we are going to be Innocent in incentivizing I hope I'm Sending correctly if you're complete the Offer now the first thing that I want to Explain to you is this tracking because I was creating multiple accounts for Tracking purposes but it's actually not Like that all you have to do is just Again copy this link and I'm going to Paste it into notepad right here to to Pretty much explain this to you I will Just zoom it in like this this is the Link and you can see at the end it's Something like utopic mobile.com Whatever whatever and there's tracking ID and there's the equal and it's Nothing so pretty much most of the time You are you don't need to track anything But for this one we are going to be Doing the tracking okay because we are Going to do it per person so if we are Going to get like a person one their Name can be like Eric for example so I'm Not going to install anybody you can Just create a special link for that Person and you just write their name

Right here so Eric okay so and then for Example you are going to get 10 people To complete the offer and you will make Like 47 you will create a specific link For every single person because you want To track if they complete it okay you Don't want to you don't want to be lost Like did they complete it did they not Complete it because if you can track it You can make way more money okay this is Like a method that you can just have you Know what and you are going to make like Some money but if you put in the effort To like have you know what it then you Can make like even more money just by Doing this little tracking thingy so the Way to create like a link for Eric is Just add Eric right here for example Link uh for I don't know for Eric too You just put there Eric too the link for Eric 3 is Eric three the link for a Person that's named Eric number 55 is Going to be area 55. now this is just For your own tracking purposes now the Best way to do this is again just add The name of the person for your tracking Purposes I'll show you how to get the People no problem okay this is just to Explain you the link right here is the Link for the offer but you want to Create a link for every single person Specifically but don't worry you are not Going to be creating for thousands of People you are only going to be creating

It for people that are going to be Making you money by completing this Offer okay now the next thing that you Want to go to is going to be you want to Go to Gmail you want to create a free Gmail account the reason for this it's Free and it's going to be working for You and doing like 95 of the work that You don't have to do at all just go here And then at the top section right here Go click on the gear icon click there And then click on to go to the settings Go to the general settings and scroll All the way down where you can find this Location autoresponder first of all make Sure it's going to be on and now I'm Going to give you the exact email to put Here as you're completely done for you And you can find a link to it at the end Of the video okay so all you have to do This is the link the sorry this is the The email so script for mobile testers Created by encounter money hiring we are Looking for people who want to earn Extra money Testing mobile games so this Is going to be the subject line right Here and then the body goes like this There's like the party then hey we are Going to looking for a few more people To join our mobile game testing Club in Short we are looking for people who have A few hours per day to spend playing Video games and getting to certain Levels you don't need to spend any money

Just play the game until you reach a Certain level this is very important Because some of these games some of These mobile installs actually require You to spend the money and it's not Worth doing that so you don't need to Spend any money we have a good tracking System for this so you know when you do That it's not you but actually CPA grip So so we can we can leverage that then After that just send us a quick report Of anything you did not like about Getting to that level and that's it so We have like like a goal for them to Like complete it and not just complete It and then compensation we are going to Pay you per completion anywhere from Five to twenty five dollars per game Which takes less than an hour to Complete now after receiving hundreds of Replies this is very important angle Very important marketing strategy right Here now after receiving hundreds of Replies to this side house position we Have started filtering our requests by Giving you a pre-test game to complete First with a special tracking link for Every single person this is why I taught You how to do the tracking links all you Have to do is get to level 12 or Whatever is going to be the requirement In some cases like level three in some Cases like level 25 like with this offer Like with this offer it's 25 a level 25

To be eligible for the job position the Payout for this pretest is 15 okay Please reply back if you are interested Zero surprise only it's going to be an Automation email that's going to Pre-qualify people to complete the offer For 15 now Eric this one is paying me 4 Others like why would I pay 15 don't Worry about that I'll assure that we are Not scamming people by the way we are Going to compensate them for that you Want to do that because if you're going To get someone that's going to complete These offers for you you can pay them More money to complete more offers for You if you're going to scam them you can Scan them one time but they are not Going to complete any more offers it's a Lot easier to just pay them fractional For whatever you're going to make and Send them more offers and then you are Going to pay them even more okay that's The best way to do this so I don't Encourage any scams it's it's it's a Broken mindset actually so just do this And pretty much the payout for this Process is 15 it's just copy this exact Email just like this copy that and put It right here into the Gmail okay just Like this and make sure uh only send no No just click on Save changes okay now Whenever you're going to receive email You are going to uh this email address Is automatically going to reply with

That email template now pretty much what You want to do and now comes the hacking Part now comes the fifty dollars now Comes the traffic Source here is the Cool thing you have been waiting for This offer is going to pay you 4733 but If you can the X and if you're going to Go and you're going to select check this Out you go to Australia you go to Australia not Austria Australia you're Going to see if you're going to store it By payouts they have this 51 offer 51 That's unheard of and pretty much people Can just install and play Chief Almighty Install and get six wild girls I think It's some game I don't know but pretty Much you are getting paid 51 that's the Reason you can actually afford to pay People 15 to complete even like twenty Dollars even thirty dollars because Every single time they complete it you Will get paid 51 that's why you want to Create a tracking link so whenever People are going to apply for this Position you can see who completed it And you can actually pay the money via PayPal or something like that or cash App or whatever people are using in Australia or wise.com so that's the Reason why you want to have the tracking Links because you can see like Eric Number one did not complete the offer Even if they're going to tell you that They do it then Eric number two did

Complete it then Eric number three did Not and Eric number 55 did continue as Well so I'm just going to pay these People out and it's pretty much like a Free money for everybody now how to Actually get people to apply for these Positions it's super easy and you have To do that first of all one of the ways To do it is go to a website to like People per hour and you can just put on A gig for like 10 15 20 25 to actually Make people to complete these offers for You but you just need to put One Requirement and that they are from Australia okay or other way to do it Which is completely automated it's going To be to go to craigslist.com but make Sure on the right hand side you are Going to select Australia okay if you Cannot see there let's go I will go for Like Europe I will just go with like Belgium for an example if you cannot see It there just go to uh worldwide search For Oceania and go with Australia okay And now you are at Australian Craigslist And pretty much all you have to do is Just submit a gig or a post for Temporary job or use any of these jobs Categories okay just make sure you're Going just like appropriate one my Customer service or I don't know Something related to apps or uh what is It called like the programming that's Going to be something that people are

Pretty much related to and they are Going to complete your software or Something like that and then they are Going to send a message to your email Address make sure just to add this email Address to the Craigslist post then the Email address is automatically going to Send them the message and then when they Reply that's the only time you will Actually go to your CPA grip account you Create a specific tracking link for this Person you're going to send them to it And that's it okay you cannot automate The tracking I haven't found a way to do That you just do it manually but for Every single person who they are going To reply chances are they are going to Complete the offer you can get paid 51 And whatever you're going to pay them From that I recommend just paying like 15 or 20 dollars and then sending them Even more uh mobile offers to complete For example like this one which is for Ten dollars ten dollars four dollars and Pay them like half okay you can pay them Five five and two and that's like uh 12 And it will make 12 dollars as well okay But it's like autopilot money you should Just copy and paste the links send them And that's pretty much it and that's it Guys that's exactly how I've been Generating these super simple small Payments on this account because I was Actually telling people to complete

These offers and then whenever they Completed all of them it was just for Email submits for United States I would Send them the payouts now the tracking Was very important because some people Just completed one of the offers but the Deal was for all of them and that's Pretty much how I was I was making this Money it's not a lot because I just said It didn't forget it it wasn't reducing It you can see 240 120 dollars it's just Some extra money that I can spend on Whatever I want and that's it hope you Enjoyed this video let me know what you Think about it in comment section below And if you're looking for next video Check out this one right here which is a Highly highly recommended for the YouTube algorithm for you click here and Tell me if it was a good recommendation

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