BULLET-PROOF $230/DAY Method | How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing In 2023 For Beginners

In today's video I'm going to share with You a bulletproof strategy to make 230 Dollars per day with affiliate marketing In 2023 as a complete beginner with no Skills no experience even if you never Made any money online this method that I'm going to share with you is so simple So easy and it works every single time It worked five years ago it works four Years ago it worked three years ago two Years ago last year and it's going to Work this year as well and also the best Part about it is going to work next year Year after that and every single year Without any exception now this method Has made thousands of dollars to my Viewers who were using this method Before like two years when I posted this One year when I posted this and you Watching this video right now can be the Viewer who is going to make couple Hundred dollars if you're going to do The same exact thing that I'm going to Share with you in today's video now Instead of showing you the proof of Earnings I'm going to show you something Better and that actually proof of this Method being so relevant this month that You are going to watch this video and be Like okay this is going to make money And I'm going to set this up and I will Just get paid from that you can see the Interest over time of this method it has Been like 100 to 75 in January 9th so

Pretty much last like the last year it's Been very high then it went up during The until the May it's been going pretty Much like steady up then August it was Kind of up as well then it went down Pretty much back to December it went Down to almost 50 but you can see right Now it's going to Skyrock and you can See this it's going to Skyrocket and in Today's video I'm going to show you the Exact thing that is going to Skyrocket And how you can capitalize on this and Make sound very very easy money now the Only thing I'm asking you before we get Started with this method is to kindly Like the video let's try and get to 1000 Likes we can spread the message and help Even more people make some money online Subscribe for more videos but also Comment down below and please tell me Because I know this method works every Single time why are you not able to set This method up because when I'm going to Go through this method I don't see any Any reason why anybody watching this Video right now would not be able to set This up and make some money with it so Please just comment down below if you Were able to set this up properly or you Are not able to set this up properly and Tell me why because listen it's going to Work super well in the next few days in The next few weeks you can make hundreds Even thousands of dollars using this and

All you need to do is just do exactly What I'm going to show you in the next Few minutes okay so step number one we Need to go to clickbank.com now this Method is also going to work with Digistore24 or any other affiliate Network that you are using so just Pretty much use any of them if you are Not from like uh United States or you Cannot use digistore or ClickBank then Just go for warrior Plus or any of these But that doesn't really matter what Really matters is the hack that we are Going to be using so first of all what We want to do is we want to pick up any Of the affiliate offers that are going To be on ClickBank now what I'm going to Do is I'm just going to search for an Affiliate offer and there's plenty of Them okay there's plenty of them but one That I want to use pretty much right now I will just search for it because I Don't want to give away the sauce right Away I want to demonstrate why it works So well and then show you how you can Use it to make couple hundred dollars Because if I post the method now Everybody is going to use it the same Exact way but if I show you the hacks at The end of the video the chances of that Are a little bit lower and more people Can actually make money because it's not Going to get saturated so what I'm going To search for is going to be smoothie

Diet but what you want to do is just Pick up any affiliate offer according to The criteria that I will share with you Later and just get your affiliate link Okay so I'm just going to click on Promote create my hop link then I'm Going to copy that then you want to add It into a notepad Okay so I will add it Right here smoothie diet so this is my Affiliate link and then what you want to Do is just click on the name of the Offer just click on the name of the Offer and you're going to come to the Sales page of the of the alpha okay so This is how it's going to look like blah Blah blah blah blah so pretty much very Simple and it's right to the point sales Page okay now what you want to do right Now is you want to check out the URL I'm Going to copy that and I will put it Into a notepad just to demonstrate what You want to do with this so this is Going to be the URL that we are going to Land on when we are going to click on Our affiliate link okay so this is going To have our uh our ClickBank name so in My case Ewba214 so this would be my URL that I'm Going to land on when you're going to Click on your affiliate link or on the Name you are going to have your own Affiliate ID right here what you want to Do is you want to delete it up until The.com point and also delete it up

Until this point so you only have this Part but also if there are dots in the URL you also want to delete that part so Only leave something that can okay so This is the the part you want to leave Out only okay and now you want to copy That part okay so now I want to copy That now also one more thing I'm going To share with you how to set this up Method and at the end of the video I'm Going to share with you a hack how to Get this almost completely for free okay Because there might be some upfront cost To this maybe that's the reason why you Are not going to be able to set this up But at the end of the video I want to Share with you how to set this app Almost completely for free so any money That you're going to make you can Literally spend it on McDonald's or Whatever because it's going to be like Free money falling from the sky so yeah I hope that's that's good enough for you So yeah that's what I want to do with This video also disclaimer you are not Going to get rich with this method okay That's not the method to do this okay That's that's simply not the case with This method so copy the name and then You want to go to this website that's Called ispionage.com okay it's a free Website just sign up with Google so they Are going to prompt you to sign up with Google stuff like that that's okay then

Enter the domain name right here Smoothie diet select United States and Click on search now what this is going To give you are all these information And data about this domain from search Engine ads and you can see that pretty Much pretty much also right here on December it's been very slow it's been Very slow but on February and January it Went up you can see it went up it Skyrocketed to the top and then it Slowly went down okay so February March April this is the reason why I'm telling You about this right now so you can Capitalize on this massive massive Trend Because you are going to be making a lot Of money from this now what you want to Do is just click on the right here on The ads section and you're going to Notice that there are all these Different campaigns that are currently Running on the search engines like Google and Microsoft ads and you can Simply spy on them and using this super Simple like day scene columns you can Sort them by how many days they have Been seen okay so how many days this Campaign has been running now just a Simple explanation the last days this Campaign has been running that's that's Like okay but the more days it's been Running that means that this campaign is Currently making money and you can Simply copy and paste it and start

Making money yourself now don't simply Do that just click on the right here Bing slash Yahoo click right here and You can just sort them by their scene Okay so I'm going to do it one more time And you're going to notice that this Campaign has been running for 265 days And if somebody is spending money for 265 days they are making money otherwise They would not be throwing money at this Campaign if it was not making the money Okay and you can see that the Destination URL is pretty much someone's Affiliate link okay so you can see that Right here as well so they are spending Money to pretty much on this campaign Because it's making the money as well And also you can see the exact keywords They are bidding on there's only 41 of Them that are winning keywords and these Are the ones you can simply copy and Paste them but that's not everything so Also you can search them by monthly Traffic to this ad and you can swipe and Steal the campaigns that are currently Like right now getting traffic like this Campaign and you get this for free this Campaign has been running for 119 days That's the first thing 119 days it's Been running for it's been getting 12 000 clicks per month so right now it's Getting clicks and only two keywords are Pretty much main keywords for this Entire traffic and it's smoothie diet

And 17 days diet smoothie recipes so if You're going to steal this use it as Your own you are going to make money and Just to prove to you guys this is the Search term how to lose weight on Google Trends and you can see it's been getting Very popular at the beginning of the Year obviously so a lot of people are Searching for that then it's going to go Down down and down but now it's going to Go up once again and it's estimated 98 Currently okay so the search uh score or Whatever you can see it's like a going Up also during the summer it's like 100 Because people are looking for fast ways To lose weight but right now because of The New Year's resolutions and new year New me people are trying to lose weight Okay like they are trying to get in Shape so this is the best part to pretty Much put the ads on the search engines And start raking the traffic now how to Actually do that it's extremely simple And now all you need to do is just go to Microsoft advertising and I will share With you how to get funded account with Like 100 that you can use for the ad Spend but before that I want to show you How to create a campaign so we're gonna Create then you want to select visit to My website right here you can visit to My website click on search ad right here Do not click on audience ads just Because search ads and please I I beg

You just set this up because you are Going to make money with this if you Guys think like okay Eric does it work Does it not it works every single time The only difference is how much money You're going to make some people make Like 50 some of them may like 700 from One single campaign so I beg you to set This up then just enter a campaign name Let's call it like smoothie weight loss Budget like twenty dollars then location Let me choose a specific location and Let's go with like United States hit Enter and Target and select people in Your Target locations only and then Disable this one and scroll down and Click on Save and Go to The Next Step Then check that your website is not Ready and then bam now all you need to Do is just call it like add group name Let's call it like ISP unash keywords Keywords and then enter the keywords This is what you got to do just click on The keywords and just copy and paste it The smoothie diet coffee paste then in a 17 day smoothie diet recipes copy and Paste them that's it do not any do not Add any more because Steven go to the Next step and now we need to create our Simple advertisement now how to do that This is a little bit tricky a lot of People are going to get this confused is Super simple do not worry about that First of all what you want to do you

Need to get the final URL the final URL Is the URL that we landed on so the Smoothie diet.com okay so that's the That's the URL when you click on the Affiliate link then what you want to do Is add URL options right here you want To click there and you want to add your Affiliate link right here at the Tracking template just add it here so You are going to get sales because the Advertisement is going to display this URL to the search engine but when Somebody clicks on it they are going to Go through this URL which is going to be Your affiliate link so you can actually Make money so you are not just sending Traffic to the offer you are sending Traffic through your affiliate link so You can make money yourself as an Affiliate then headlines and this is Where the magic of this tool comes in You just copy and paste it okay copy and Paste smoothie diet 37 bam edit there 21 Day program copy paste bam and you can Also get one more at least three Headlines so I just add one more weight Loss program for women let's add this One add it right here bam that's it okay That's it then for the description just Copy and paste this one just make sure You are not going to add ad okay do not Add the ad okay that's that's a little Bag or something because in search Engine when you search for something

It's going to display like add and then The entire advertisement and this tool Also gets the ads as well so you want to Make sure you're going to avoid it copy This part then add it right not there That's that's the headline you want to Add it in the description bam and copy And paste the second one and Bam that's It and now this is going to be your Advertisement you can see this is the Part the ad this is what it's what it's Also getting and that's pretty much it And click on test and it's going to say Landing page found if it does not find The landing page and visit your Affiliate link once again and copy paste The URL okay make sure to do that it's Going to do that and it's going to save Then click on Save and go to next step And now comes the magic part to get high Quality buyers traffic what you want to Do is you want to use the bit strategy Enhance CPC or maximize clicks and then Send maximum cost per click to like 40 Cents okay to do this if you have Enhanced CPC use that one if you do not Have that they can maximize clicks Ultimate bidding and 40 cents per click That's very important then scroll down And this by the way this is the most Important setting if you're not going to Set this up you are not going to make Any money and that's Advanced campaign Settings scroll down add distribution

Scroll down and this is the part owned And operated only I've set up multiple Campaigns like three years ago without This and all I got was like some junk Traffic from websites that were Displaying Microsoft ads as well but the Traffic was not converting if you're Going to do this your ads are only Showed up in bing AOL and Yahoo search Engine and not send these high networks Or some crappy search engines that People do not trust like I don't know Like weird search engines okay like you Don't even want to use you only want to Use Google duck that go and maybe Microsoft ads like Microsoft's Bing okay Like you don't really use anything else If it's something you don't trust you Are not going to click on the ad and Pretty much buy from there so click on This then click on sale and that's it Congratulations your campaign is going To be running and now you can just sit Back relax and just start checking out How much money you're going to make but Don't forget please do comment down Below and tell me how much money you're Going to make or what is the reason why You cannot re uh why you cannot sell This app because I'm going to be Creating an updated version of this Either showing the results or either Showing the problems and showing you the Solutions on how to do this for now I'm

Going to post the campaign because this Is just a testing account and yeah I Just don't want to steal your traffic And now how to get this method almost For free what you want to do is want to Go to his website that's called Voucherstore.net and you want to search For Microsoft ads coupon now currently There is this 500 other Microsoft Edge Voucher when you spend 250 dollars You'll get 250 dollars extra I believe Or spend 200 yeah 250 spend and get 500 Extra which is going to make you profit You are going to make profit but Sometimes there is a 100 flat voucher Here so depending on the time when you Are watching this video currently there Is just this voucher but sometimes there Is this 100 voucher with no prior I Spent for just 10 bucks to just pay 10 Bucks to get 100 coupon put it into Microsoft ads run the campaign until you Spend the voucher and see if you made Money or not and that's pretty much it But if you have some money to invest I Highly highly recommend using this one Because from 250 dollars you are going To get overall 750 ad spend and you can Easily make couple thousand dollars from This campaign if you're going to set This up correctly now the offers to use Are going to be health and fitness Offers because if you go and check up For example just ClickBank you're going

To see the gravity is 1500 again in January every body is Trying to lose weight so weight loss Offers are going to cover like crazy Right now and that's it for this video Please let me know what you think about This in the comment section below let me Know how much money you have made why You are not able to see this app Campaign and also like what you think About this method as well and for more Videos check out this one right here That's going to show you another highly Recommending method to you personally by The YouTube algorithm click here and Tell me if it was recommended correctly Or incorrectly

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