Clever $500/DAY Method That NOBODY IS DOING RIGHT NOW To Make Money Online For Beginners In 2023

In today's video I'm going to show you How you can make anywhere from 20 up to 500 per day using method that pretty Much nobody is doing right now the best Part about this one it's only going to Take you anywhere from 20 up to 40 Minutes per day to do this and you can Make anywhere from 20 up to 500 just by Working these extra 40 minutes per day In today's video I'm going to show you Step by step exactly how to do this and At the end of the video to completely Over deliver I'm going to give you a Copy and paste done for you script you Can just copy and paste and make this at Least 10 times easier and make this Almost completely fail proof but before We get started with the method don't Forget to smash the like subscribe hit The notification Bell and comment down Below and tell me what did you like About this video or what you didn't like So I can always improve in the future And right now let's start with the Step-by-step tutorial now as you can see Guys we are going to be actually using This website right here which is going To be actually paying us money now if You're going to see you can actually Make 747 dollars per month if you're Going to bring just 10 paid signups if You're going to bring like 100 paid Signups you can make like 7 400 per Month if you're going to bring 1 000

Signups you can make 74 000 per month And if you're going to bring 5 000 paid Signups you can make like 373 000 per month now not only that if You're going to actually bring those 100 Sign ups they are going to pay you extra One thousand dollars if you're going to Bring thousand paid signups they are Going to give you an extra of ten Thousand dollars and if you're going to Bring an extra 5 000 sign ups you're Going to receive a 25 000 bonus you can actually get this Amount of sign ups using this method but To actually give you like the right Expectations you can get from this Method I would suggest just aiming from Anywhere from 10 to 100 page sign ups You can actually generate with this Method within couple of weeks no problem And then later on you can schedule over 1 000 paid signups and if you're going To go like all in 100 into this method And work on it like a couple hours per Day you can definitely get to over 5 000 Paid signups now 373 000 per month it Might seem like unrealistic for you Right now but I promise you if you're Going to do this for like couple of Months you can definitely get to this Number and if not even if you land at Like a couple thousand sign ups I think That's still a good amount of money per Month now what I want to show you right

Now are going to be my earnings on Warrior plus because a lot of people Actually told me that the earnings from Warrior plus actually do Inspire them so I want to be completely transparent with You this is exactly how much I made Today and it's also a reason why I'm Showing you these earnings because I Made over one thousand dollars already Actually one thousand one hundred and Forty dollars pretty much just in a Single day yesterday as you can see was A little bit smaller like 597 dollars And pretty much last seven days was 6K And last let's go with last 30 days it's Twenty seven thousand dollars and these Are the daily earnings so pretty much Today I already passed one thousand Dollars and yesterday was 597 and you're Going to see that premium much I Generated almost the same amount of Clicks for just like 200 difference so Far and I pretty much made like at least Like twice the amount of money so by the Way if you are interested in learning Exactly how I'm making this amount of Money and you would like me to help you Set up this Stadium exact system that I'm using to make over one thousand Dollars as you can see per day not Obviously every single day but one Thousand dollars today they click on the First link in the video description and Check out my income in the profit system

2.0 where I'm pretty much teaching People exactly how to do this now back To this method I'm going to show you Exactly how to start making money with This one now this is pretty much a Website that it's called add creative Ai And what you can pretty much do is you Can sign up as an affiliate and you can Start promoting it to make this amount Of money and this is something we are Going to be using so first of all Actually to get your affiliate link what You need to do is you need you need to Go to a website that's called pretty much partner Stack and just right here and Then just click book a demo or click on Login and then just sign up for a free Account now way to do this is when You're going to come to the sign up page What you want to do is you just want to Select your email address so you don't Have to fill out all the details and you Can just create an account pretty much With your Gmail you can see that on this My this is my partner stack account one Of the Partner stock accounts that I use I'm generating these 30 or 100 payments By promoting or even 250 dollar payments By promoting other affiliate programs so If you are interested in learning how to Do this as well then comment down below Like another partner stack method so I Know you will like this network as well

Because some people have like Preferences and pretty much don't want To be creating methods about websites You don't really like to use but I think This one is really cool because it's Making me like already 30 30 80 50 and All these payments pretty much like on a Regular basis so if you are interested In learning how to do this as well then Just comment down below another Partners Tag method now once you're going to Create your account what you want to do Is go to the marketplace at the top Section and then go to search the Marketplace and right here put add Create to you and it's going to show you A program now if I'm actually I already Saw sign up you can see I'm already Signed up for the program I'm not going To see it right here but once you're Going to see any program just click on Join the program and they are going to Approve your affiliate link but because I already have my program approved I'm Just going to go to my programs and I'm Going to go right here so if you have Already created your affiliate account Then just go to your programs and go to Add creative AI now what you want to do Is just go to the links because we want To be using a very special method on how To actually promote this program you Don't want to be using their default Link because the default link if you're

Going to copy and paste it it's going to Come right here so if I'm going to visit It this is where the where the Affiliating actually goes to and this is Not where you're going to be generating The most amount of sales okay so what You want to do is you want to pretty Much come back to add creative Ai and You're going to notice at the top right Section it's going to have this 500 free Google ads credit click on it and then You want to be promoting this page as an Affiliate now there isn't a specific Affiliate link to actually promote this And that's the reason why most people Don't you don't use actually this part And this is just like the first part of The clever method so first of all just Copy the link to this page and we are Going to convert it into our affiliate Link okay so we want to copy it and then Go back to add creative paste it right Here and then pretty much add any kind Of like customization right here so for Example 500 Voucher tutorial okay something like This and whether whenever somebody is Going to click on this affiliate link It's going to redirect them to this page Right here so this is going to be our Affiliate link it's not going to go to The default page but it's going to go uh As you can see I created a couple of Them already it's going to go to that uh

Page of the blog post so if I'm going to Promote it it's going to come right here And this is what we want because the Main page is kind of like it's like okay But this one is actually promoting like A 500 free Google ads credit okay so That's going to be our first affiliate Link now the second affiliate link that You want to do now go to Fiverr go to and you want to pretty much Scroll all all the way down and you want To click right here on the Fiverr Affiliates okay so this is the another Program we are going to be using pretty Much to maximize your earnings because You can do it without this affiliate Program as well but if you're going to Use this one you are pretty much Maximizing your earnings and you are Just it's going to take like 10 minutes Extra and can make you anywhere from 50 To 500 extra as well because if you're Going to be promoting Fiverr programs You're going to see you are going to get Paid anywhere from 15 up to 150 dollars Cost per action so regardless of the Sale you're going to bring you're going To get paid a fixed amount and this is a Very good part very good thing because You can literally promote a five dollar Service on Fiverr and get paid like Thirty dollars for this so I guess you Understand why we are doing this so just Create your account pretty much by

Clicking on start earning now you will Come to this page and just fill it out Okay it's just basic things just fill it Out and then pretty much once you're Going to be in your affiliate dashboard I will show you that we are going to Create another specific link because Again the default link from from the Fiber of the program goes back to Fiverr And it's like come on like just yeah who Is going to be making money from that Nobody so we want to create a specific Link now the specific link is going to Be for a specific service go to Fiverr And search for example for a Google ads Search for Google ads and it's going to Give you all these different gigs where People are going to be setting up Google Ads campaigns now you can see there's Actually a lot of them but some of them Are very pricey so first of all I'm Going to change the currency to US Dollars just so everybody can see the Price in dollars and what we want to do Is go right here to the budget and just Select custom and select 25 now the Reason for this is because you want to Have like a cheap gig that has upsells Okay because if the gig is already at Like 200 most people are not going to Purchase it but if it's like in dollars But it has like a 200 upsell the 200 Upsell is pretty much much more likely To be purchased so just pick up any

Result for Google ads that's going to be Pretty much creating a Google ads Campaign pain because most of these are Just I will Design creative banner ads For Google ads but we actually want Someone who's going to set up and manage Google ads campaigns for example like This guy right here I will set up and Manage your Google ads or AdWords PPC Campaigns starting at five dollars so Right click on it click on copy link Address and then just go to the fiber of The program now on the left hand side go To the marketing tools go to the default And deep links and then right here where It says LP URL this stands for landing Page URL you want to paste the link Right there and hit enter and it's going To add this link this landing page URL All these links and you want to pick up The Fiverr cost per action program and This is going to be another year of the Link so when you're going to use this Link you're going to see that people are Going to land directly at this gig and When they are going to purchase it you Are going to get paid fix them out and You can see the basic one is like five Dollars Advanced one is like 50 and the More it's like 100 so this is exactly What we want and right now what we are Going going to be actually using is Going to be this template which can make You anywhere from 20 to 500 dollars per

Day now please stay until the end of the Video because I'm going to share this With you exactly it's gonna literally Just copy and paste it okay because most People are going to just not even watch The video are the ones that are going to Be making money because yeah this Template is kind of like essential to Make money with this method now what you Want to do before we actually use this Template you want to go to Google and You want to search for any local Business in a huge City for example like Barbershop in Milan or cookie shop or Bakery in Milan or any kind of like Service based local business in a huge City because that's how you're going to Get like hundreds of potential buyers of Your affiliate links just go with that And then pretty much what you want to do Is you're going to notice there's a lot Of these barber shops who have Advertisements you can see this is an Advertisement if I scroll down then Advertisements are pretty much not there Anymore so there's only one person Actually advertising for barbershop in Milan and it's right here so pretty much What you want to do is you just want to Be contacting other bar Barbershop just Find any of them you can also do it on Google Maps so I'm going to go to more Businesses and then comment then you Want to be contacting the ones that are

Not in the top three because you can see Also this one has advertisement just go For the number four for example and Check out their website you're going to Find their website and you just want to Find like a contact details okay so I'm Just going to scroll down okay so this Is their contact page contactsy okay so For any of my Italian people couldn't a Taxi I hope I'm pronouncing correctly And this is something you can actually Use to contact these people now pretty Much what most people do at this point Is they just send a promotional email Directly to this message okay through This formula now it's actually something That works and can make you money but This is something that we don't want to Be doing anymore because it's kind of Like saturated what I came up with is a Clever Twist on this method that's going To make this completely unsaturated it's Going to make you dominate the entire Marketplace and all you need to do is Just think about it or just do the exact Template that I'm going to show you now The template is right here you can find It at the bottom of the video Description to just completely access it And copy and paste it and once you're Going to get it please just click on the File and click on make a copy that's how You can actually import it into your own Google Drive so you do this and you

Pretty much have access to this template And pretty much the difference from all The other templates we are going to be Using a question based promotional email Because what most people do again is in The first email they send the links Which just actually work it's okay There's actually a better way of doing That and that's by asking the person if They're actually interested in the most Shiny angle of the promotional offer we Have pretty much the first subject line Is going to be you are qualified for a 500 voucher open to claim yours then Pretty much it goes hey my name is you Enter your name and I've noticed your Business on Google Maps just thought I'll let you know that your business is Actually qualified for a 500 voucher That you can use for search ads we can Also set up these campaigns for you Without any problems would you be Interested in learning learning more About his voucher and how to claim it This is actually the most important part Of this email because there are no links Right here if they're interested they Need to actually commit and reply to Your email otherwise they are not going To get access to anything if you are not Interested I don't want to bother you Thanks you can also rewrite it but Pretty much the main angle is that you Are asking them if they are interested

In learning how to get a 500 voucher and Then the second part is subject re-500 Watch instructions hey this is again Your name thanks for letting me know That you are interested here's how you Can claim your voucher click here to Sign up for ad create your AI and this Is actually where you're going to add Your first affiliate link from partner Stack so for the ad creative AI just Highlight this part and you want to add A affiliate link right here so add it Right there and then connect your Accurate activity account with Google Ads wait for the email from Google ads To send you the voucher if you're going To need an extra help please let me know Then the second affiliate link from Fiverr of their program that we have Right here actually so fiber CPA you Just add it right here if you are Looking to get your Google ad setup feel Free to check out our portfolio here and Order okay I'm going to add it right There I'm going to apply if you need any More information just message me thanks So you are pretty much giving them Exactly what they asked for and now they Are more likely to actually check this Out make a purchase of AD creative claim Their 500 voucher and also make a Purchase of the Google ads but make sure That when you are actually contacting These people they are not the ones that

Are already running the ad campaigns Because you'd be really just wasting Your time so from every single search You can get anywhere from like 20 to 50 Search results so on the first page There's a lot of them but let's go to The second page on every single page There is like 10 organic searches so one Two three four five six seven eight nine Okay it's like nine or maybe ten and you Can see a lot of them are already Running the ad campaigns just make sure You're going to contact the ones without The ad campaigns send them the email Make sure to add your affiliate link for The 500 wow chip promo code and also add Your fiber affiliate link and then just Reply to every single person who's going To say yes that they are interested and That's it guys I hope you enjoyed this Method now also if you are interested in Learning exactly how making over twenty Seven thousand dollars per month without Ever sharing my face or without using my YouTube channel just by using my income Into profit system then click on the First link in the video description and Check out my income in the profit system 2.0 and see if you like it so I will see You there bye for now

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