ClickBank Direct Link to Checkout Page

Have you ever wondered how to direct potential buyers to the order page or checkout page of the affiliate product you are promoting, bypassing the sales page of the vendor? There are two ways that I know of to accomplish this. I will explain about both of them along the way.

Here is how you can do it.

The first step is pretty straight forward. First you need to go to a vendor’s sales page and copy their order link. It should look something like this: To send your visitors directly to the order page and get commission for the sale, change the link so it would look like this: “”, and that’s it. It is that simple.

However, there is a drawback with this method. ClickBank prioritizes the normal method. When a visitor clicks the normal link of an affiliate marketer, and gets sent to the vendor’s sales page, a cookie is set in the visitor’s browser with the affiliate marketers ID. However if the visitor decided not to buy the product, and comes across your sales page and was sold by it, and decides to buy the product, through the direct link to the order page, you will not get the commission but the previous affiliate marketer. Why? It is because of the cookie that was set in the visitor’s browser. Meaning that this custom link will not set or override a cookie in the visitor’s browser. Hence you will lose sales when this happens.

Yet, there is another method and here is how to do it: “”

yourID is your ClickBank ID and vendorID is the vendor’s ClickBank ID. To get the ProductNumber, go to the vendor’s sales page and copy the order link. The product number is the number in front of the link, for example “” in this case the product number is 1. As for the ProductName, click onto the order link, and you will be directed to the checkout page. You will find the name next to the price of the product.

You will want to test the link after you created it to make sure it works correctly. Once you get to the checkout page, scroll to the very bottom of the page and make sure your affiliate ID shows up. This is how you can know if your link works correctly and that it is able to track you as the affiliate referrer.

Source by Elias Yee

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