COPY PASTE Way To Earn $1,000/WEEK With Affiliate Marketing (Make Money Online 2022)

Today I'm going to show you how you can Copy and paste your way touring over one Thousand dollars per week online as a Beginner this is a method that one of my Students actually messaged me about that He made over six hundred dollars with in Less than like 30 minutes you can see Right here I just messaged him because He was messaging me like with multiple Messages so I told him like Hey I'm Going to record a video could you please Rewrite it in one message that 6600 you Earned using the method and he pretty Much told me it took me like 30 minutes To set it up and I repeated it three Times as you recommend it not sure if I Got lucky or not but an extra 600 bucks Was nice to see so this is pretty much a Method guys that one of my students Actually used and I posted on my YouTube Channel before but I'm going to show you An updated version in today's video how You can copy and paste your way to Earning over one thousand dollars per Week Frank was able to make like 600 Dollars took him like 30 minutes and he Did like three times but in a week you Can do it like 30 times so making like Thousand dollars per week is not going To be a problem now step number one you Want to go to okay now go To the ClickBank and go to the Marketplace if you don't have a ClickBank account already just create

One it's super simple super basic but we Are going to be using ClickBank for this Example then step number two what you Want to do is don't forget to please Like the video subscribe to the channel And hit the notification Bell if you Like videos about making money online Just like this I literally post videos About making money online every other Day on this channel teaching you all Kinds of different ways on how you can Make money online so yeah if you like Content like this don't forget to like Comment subscribe hit the bell and also Remember that you are a cool person so Now step number three actually with this Method is you want to go right here Ready to search and you want to search For lean belly okay this is one of the Affiliate offers you can use with this Method very very easily but pretty much What it comes down to is you want to Pick up an affiliate offer that's in a Very popular Niche and also when you're Going to check out these affiliate Offers for example like this one African Lean belly you're going to see that this Is an affiliate offer obviously about Like losing belly fat but it has like a Video right here okay so this is one of Philadelphia you can use the second one That I want you to be using is this one Lean belly 3x it has higher gravity as Well on average you are going to get

Receive like 134 dollars as a conversion And it has multiple sales Pages as well But pretty much what you want to do is Just use this app right here called lean Belly 3x okay so that's the next step Now the next step after that I'm not Going to be counting them anymore Because there might be a lot more steps That I can count to so yeah so let's Just click on promote you want to grab Your after the link go for a default one Click on create a hop link copy that and Save it into a notepad so lean belly 3x And add it right here okay so so far so Good now next step go to website that's Called cattley and this is the website Where you can actually shorten your Affiliate link so instead of this ugly Link we want something short that's Going to be more enticing for people to Click on it so click on shorten and you Just want to copy it again and put it Right into your notepad so shortened Affiliate link and added here okay so Now we good hour after that link for the Lean belly 3x we have the shortener for The link as well now the next step is The step number 855 is actually going to Be is you want to go to Google and you Want to search for a vistia video Downloader and then download this first Google Chrome extension just click on it And you're going to be taken to this Page this is how it looks like it's a

Legit application that's going to be Added into your Google Chrome browser so Just go for it it's going to look like This it has over 100 000 users it's free 334 ratings just click right here to add To Chrome I already have that then once You're going to add it then turn off Your Chrome and maybe turn it back on if It's not going to work this is a little Technical difficulty you might be Encountering but anyways once you're Going to have it you want to click on The name of the affiliate offer of the Linberry 3x you want to click on it and You're going to be taking to this page Then click on the video and you're going To see that this video is hosted on a Different video platform than YouTube Tube and it's called the vistia and with This plugin you can see right here you Can actually download the video so click On it and it's going to be downloading This video so this is why we are doing That now I'm going to cancel it very Quickly because you can also download it In 720 original 540 or 224p would you Want to download it in is going to be The highest resolution okay so make sure Every time you're going to do this for Any affiliate offer you download it in The highest resolution then what you Want to do is you want to go to and you want to search right Here for YouTube video it's going to

Bring up all these templates then on the Left hand side just go with your free Ones free ones are enough for this Method and you want to pick up any of These that you like I like this one Right here because it's very simple to Just go with this one and I'm going to Show you exactly what you want to be Doing with all the videos you will get From different affiliate authors so First of all you want to go to uploads And you want to upload this video and Once you have the video right there just Drag it into the timeline I'm going to Disable this part and just made it Smaller you want to play this until like 30 to 40 seconds okay so this is the Video and you want to make sure you're Going to move the count the the timeline Like 30 or like 40 seconds or something That's going to spark attention and make Sure people are going to watch it later On okay so I don't know maybe something Like this just make sure it's like 30 to 40 seconds if there isn't anything like Very specific don't really care about it Just cut it like 45 seconds but if You're going to go through it and find Something that's going to be actually Very very enticing for for people to Click on and actually watch then this is The part you want to do it now I can't Really find anything right now so this Is it's all your fault that seems like a

Really good Cliffhanger so I'm going to Delete this part and now this is our First part of the video now for the Second one right here you want to pretty Much edit this part okay because this is What we have gotten from canva so you Can see this is like thanks for watching No we don't want to help thanks for Watching you want to put something like This a link to full video is in Description below click below and you Can see that the canva is going to do All the emotion you know the emotions But like all the animations for us so It's going to look something like this Link to the full video is in the Description below so people can actually Watch the full video if they click on The link in the video description below This video so click on share and then You want to pretty much down this video And you want to download it as MP4 but Also make sure all pages are selected Otherwise this second page is not going To be added and click on download okay Now with a video like this you can Actually start getting sales completely For free if you know where to upload it Now what I'm going to share with you are Going to be two websites where you can Upload the video first one is going to Be a little bit smaller that's going to Get you some traffic and sales but the Second one is the one that you want to

Be using okay on the first website I'm Going to explain you the process on how To optimize the video and how to upload It properly and then I will also share With you the second website which is Going to get you the most amount of Sales the first website is going to be Called the just go to rumble Sign up with Google no need to actually Create any account just sign up with Google and then just upload the video Right here so you can just drag and drop It and also one of the reasons we are Just using the 50 second video is on These websites there is actually a limit On how much files you can upload and With the rumble right here is like 15 Gigabytes now for a video title and Video information all you need to do is Just go back to ClickBank and go to the Affiliate page right here of the product And you want to find these email swipes And then just copy and paste the Headline of the emails and copy and Paste the body into the video Description and this is how you can Actually upload multiple videos with Different headlines different Descriptions and repeat this method this Is how Frank was actually able to repeat This method multiple times because you Downloaded the video got the different Parts of the video added the same exact Ending and then did this okay but he did

It on one more website so just copy this Part for example like this Tiny Seed Removes 11 pounds in first seven days That's it then copy the headline the Copy the second part so this is it bam Added there and then you pretty much Also want to add your shortened Affiliate link so right here somewhere Around here so watch the full video and Add it like this and also add it like This that's it then for the tags you Want to add something like how to lose Weight lose belly fat fast how to lose Belly fat and something like these lines So just count with something that's Going to be related to the product to The niche or use Rapid tags and then Finally go right here and click on Upload now this is just the first Website the but the second Website is where you want to do this as Well you can do it multiple times again And this is where you're going to get The most amount of traffic for the People that are watching till the end The website is called this Is how the website is going to look like The process is the exact same just go to then click right here on the Register upload the video same exact Description same exact headline and then Upload it multiple times by cutting the Video differently in Canada and making Sure it's going to be unique so this is

The website that Frank actually used to Make those 600 I'm sure he should going To do this and take the action you're Going to make a lot more money Especially if you're going to repeat it Multiple times and that's it now if You'd like to see another method that You can combine with today's method Using AI robots and earn over ten Thousand dollars per month on YouTube Then check out this video right here Which is going to show you another Method on how to do this you can Actually combine the AI robots with Today's method and make even more money By combining two methods together that Nobody's going to be doing at all so Click here I'm gonna see you there bye For now

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