CRAZY Trick To Earn $100/Day Online As A Beginner! (Make Money Online IN 2023)

Now once you do this it's going to work But please just do not abuse this method What's going on guys in today's video I'm super excited because I'm going to Show you a crazy trick that you can Literally test out yourself and be blown Away by how well it's going to be Working just please when you're going to Be using it do not abuse this method Just use it couple of times and then Move on because this is a way that you Can make like a couple hundred dollars Easily even as a beginner without any Skills or any experience now as always I'm going to show you in this video all The things I'm going to spill the beans On how this crazy trick actually works I'm going to show you how to use it how To use it for traffic and more Importantly how to use it to actually Make money online but for that if you Like crazy tricks about making money Online don't forget to smash the like on This video if you're going to actually Notice if you click on the like button It does these little animations you can Actually test it out by clicking the Like button to see if it's going to the Animation as well and let's try and get To 1 000 likes that'll be really really Awesome so yeah thank you for that and Also don't forget to subscribe and Notification Bell so I can notify Whenever I upload a crazy train about

Making money online now let's get Started right away I wanted to show you How to do this trick the fastest way Possible because I don't want to waste Any time so first of all just go to YouTube and this is kind of like a spin On an old method that I posted plenty of You guys actually commented you made Your first forty dollars like 40 to 100 With this if you're going to use it the Way I'm going to show right now you can Make like 100 easily so first of all you Want to go to YouTube and you want to Find some kind of hot topic now one of The Hot Topics is pretty much like crazy Animals caught on camera okay caught on The camera this is always working or Crazy animals uh on C or crazy things That have been just discovered or Anything like that okay and it's pretty Much something we want to be using these Videos these clickbaity videos because This is like kind of crazy that we can Actually use them just make sure to use The ones that are like PG rated okay Don't go for the ones like 18 plus Because that's not going to work okay so Pretty much I'm going to use this video Right here mysterious creatures caught On camera now the ones that you want to Use are actually in this case not the Recent ones not the one that have been Just posted okay you want to go for the Ones that are like at least a year old

Okay this is the criteria and also it Needs to catch your attention so this is The only only criteria then what you Want to do is right click on it click on Copy link address of the video and you Want to go to Google and search for Thumbnail Grabber and click on the YouTube thumbnail Grabber put it right Here and you want to get a thumbnail of The video okay something like this if it Already has some red aspects to it That's just better but we still want to Pretty much modify it a little bit so You want to right click on it click on Copy image and you want to go to canva And just search for like YouTube Thumbnail resolutions so YouTube Thumbnail uh thumbnail resolution just Like this and it's going to give you the Resolution all we got to do is just add A slide modification because you might Actually not find a thumbnail that has This red arrow we are looking for that Because that's going to catch the Attention what would be are looking for Is just go to a go to elements right Here and we are looking for like a Circle okay so any kind of circle and Then put it like right here or something Like that and you want to add a red Color so now it's going to catch a lot More attention Okay something like this And just like this okay so this is Something that we can actually use I'm

Actually going to put it right here so It's going to be in front of the arrow And now click on share and just download This thumbnail okay now you can do it For any video right here any of these That are going to pretty much catch your Attention or anything funny or Interesting you're going to find just Make sure it's going to be interesting Like this one right here cut a horse Eating like cat's tail that's very funny As well or this one right here oh this Is actually crazy but that's something You can also pretty much find and use Yourself so this is the video that I use Myself now the next thing once you have The thumbnail and you have the video you Go to Google sites just search for Google sites click on the first link This is a super simple kind of like the Landing page we are going to be using And then click on a blank one Okay click On a blank one and we're going to get Started with the blank one and then just Also change the header type or you can Just completely delete the header right Here then enter a text box right here And just copy and paste the headline of The video so when I click on the video I'm taken right here I'm just going to Copy the headline of the video and then Go to Google sites put it right there But I don't want any formatting just Like this put it into Center and make it

A little bit bigger okay like 36 so five Mysterious creatures code on camera and I'm going to add break right there oh Not like that not like that but like This okay I'm going to make this one Bold and I'm going to make this one Underline just for the funniness of the Of the headline okay so it's going to be Looking a little bit better now the next Thing you want to add image and you want To make sure you're going to position it Into the center of the entire page and Make sure to resize it accordingly again Put it into the center just like this For example and then you want to put in A text box and you want to write here 18 Plus and this is a great angle 18 plus Click here to watch the full video okay So as you know if there's something like 18 plus pretty much everybody clicks on There I guess you would do that as well You can just comment down below if you Would actually click on this and this is What we are going to be having right now Now the next thing you want to go to CPA Grip for the monetization part you can Use OG ads or CPA grip now for this Example I'm just going to be using CPA Grip just go to CPA grip click on the Register then fill in the details just Like usual I repeat it every single Video the publisher type select website Slash instant or GPT tell them you are Coming from channeling to money check

Check check all of these and then you Just pretty much want to click on the Register now and by the way guys if I'm Going too fast then comment down below That I'm like Fast talking on the video Because I want to make sure that Everybody is able to follow it and also It's not boring so I'm trying to mix it All together just comment down below Please and tell me if this video is like Too fast too slow Too Furious or or Whatever okay so this is how you Register they want to go to CPA grip and Go to URL slash file lockers on the left Hand side just click there you're going To be taken to this page then you can Create a new URL file local that you Agree click on continue and pretty much What you want to do is just select a Template that's going to be like human Verification like capture like this one Okay something like this and then in the General you just want to write here Complete the capture below to continue To watch the video a video and then at The beginning you want to put there like 18 plus okay Something like this and this is all okay Then what you want to do is copy the Link of the video and put it right here For the locked URL so people are Actually going to get access to the link And then click on Save right here and Bam now it's ready just go and get links

And want to copy this link go back to Google sites highlight this part make it Like that and also change the color of This one so it's going to be like this Zero zero zero zero FF so it's like this Blue color okay because that's like a Universal color for links okay so this Is the this is the entire page next Click on publish you can write a Literally anything here and click on Publish right here and now we are going To have the the website ready and now I Want to actually show you the the trick Okay this was not the trick now I want To show you the trick on how to actually Get plenty of people right here to watch This okay so you want to go back to Canva right here and you want to click On text and you want to add a heading And you want to put there 18 plus okay Just like this rotate it a little bit For example put it right here and make It bold just like this and add like an Effect the background make it not spread As much and okay just like this and Maybe add like a red color for example Let's go with like red color uh that's Too shiny let's go like this dark color Okay something like this and make it a Little bit smaller just like this okay So make sure the 18 plus is visible There okay just like this now you're Going to download this thumbnail and now I want to show you the trick the 18 plus

Is very important okay we don't we don't Really need to use it for this page but We want to use it on this trick so which One did you want to go to YouTube okay I'm going to show you how to get plenty Of traffic using this hack go right here To create a video but you want to click On go live Okay click on go live I Cannot unzoom it hold on click there and Go click on go live if you have a brand New YouTube channel you just need to Verify it with your phone or also wants To verify with your phone you can you to Click on go live and then you need to Wait 24 hours okay that's the only like Well downside but this is how it's going To work then you want to click right Here you want to select a live stream at A later date click on start and click on Go okay and this is going to open up This little window and then click on Schedule a stream okay don't worry we Are not going to be live streaming Anything now pretty much what you want To do is again copy and paste the Headline of the video just like this put It right here and at the end of the Video or at the beginning put their like 18 plus just like this then the Description watch the full video before It starts right here and then you just Want to shorten the Google size link on Bitly and just copy the shortened Version right here then how do you want

To go live streaming software category People in blogs or let's go with Actually entertainment then the Thumbnail this is where you actually Upload the 18 plus thumbnail just like This so it's going to be there with the 18 plus then audience this is not made For kids and this is very important part The tags go to this website called Rapidtax Rapid Tax IO you can also see It right here rapid tags IO go to this Website this is the best website to use For tags on YouTube I use it to grow my YouTube channel and pretty much I'm Using it to this date okay so this is Like a secret sauce so if you are Watching my videos detail you're going To see this pretty much you're going to See The Secret Sauce okay so then just Copy and paste the title put it onto the Website and it's going to speed out the Best tags you can be using then you want To just add the tags right here then Select those language go with like English just like this uh English Caption no then stream location can be Like United States As an example but just make sure to fill Out the details that's not the only time You only need to put like anything Specific but just like make sure it's Filled out the more filled out it is the More kind of like organic reach it's Going to receive the live chat live chat

Participant modes anyone slow mode That's okay and click on next and then Pretty much make sure it's going to be Public and you just want to select in Like two weeks or a week from now okay So it's seven so I'm just going to put It for next one and click on done then This is the window that you're going to Land on and please pay very close Attention because you can see there's a Lot of these settings just go to the Left hand side click on this little Arrow to go manage go back and then You're going to see this is going to be The live stream because these little Dots and you're going to get a shareable Link and you're going to get the link Copy to the clipboard and if you're Going to visit it this is how it's going To look like so you can see now we have Like a YouTube video on YouTube without Actually having a video and now when People can actually watch that if they Want to watch that they are going to Check out the description they are going To click on the link they are going to Come to the page see the same exact Thing click right here and that's how You're going to get paid so this is how The hack actually works because now Because it's just like a week from now This is going to get plenty of organic Reach and that's how you're going to get This instant traffic from YouTube just

Please do not abuse this because your Channel might be like shut down just do It a couple of times make like 100 and Then move on to something else speaking Of starting something else if you want To see how I'm making over thirty Thousand dollars per month without Actually using any like tricks or hacks That might get your account like kind of Like shut down cut this video right here And I will show you exactly how I make It over 30k without using my YouTube Channel or without showing my face Online

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