Different Ways To Package Your Product


Let’s. Talk about some ways. You can package your content and products. Besides just the standard, you know pdf or ebook. You know as available consumer resources and information have grown and improved, and we & # 39.

Ve gained the ability to consume multimedia anywhere and everywhere, including on the phones in our pockets. Confining content and products to one format is a losing game. These days, i mean sure you don’t just want to throw any old thing together and expect it to fly.

You know a crappy video is generally worth less to your brand than having no video at all, but there is an argument to be made for mastering new and more creative ways of content and distribution. This becomes painfully apparent in the affiliate marketing arena, where landing pages far too often look like they were developed in 2001 and solutions are only offered in some dated pdf file that hasn’t been updated or redesigned in years.

Product owners are being one up left right and center by people who can swoop in and deliver essentially the exact same information, but in a video course let’s, say you’re doing your thing in these dog training niche and you Have a nice little income stream from promoting a tried and true ebook, but then a new product burst onto the scene and contains not only an ebook but also an entire video course walking people through training with a real dog, but it doesn’t.

Stop there, instead of just offering email support like everyone else, they have an active brand facebook page and they respond quickly to comments and messages. They create a dialogue with their customers and the customers actually feel valued by them.

More importantly, it makes them feel like they’re. Actually in 2016.. You know our consumption habits evolve. Just the way the world works. Mobile news, feed videos have more value today than they did eight years ago.

Podcasts are making a resurgence, and many in the market are springing on the opportunity to reach customers and followers exactly where and when they want to be reached, that enhancement can be make or break these days.

Maybe you don’t have any hot new products you want to promote, but you do think you might be able to enhance a current product by offering some new media. If the product owner isn & # 39, t interested or doesn’t see the potential in putting in their own efforts to make the additions.

Why not make an offer for you to do it for them to develop a partnering product, perhaps or just work to improve what they already have in exchange for a larger per sale commission the opportunity for covering new segments within the same market? Just because you offer various ways to cover a topic is huge.

Some people, don’t, read some people don’t, listen to podcasts. Some people won’t or can regularly sit through video lessons. Something for everyone is a great way to upgrade your affiliate marketing efforts in 2016, 17 and beyond.


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