Do This COPY-PASTE Method To Earn $1,000/WEEK! (Make Money Online For Beginners)

What is going on guys in today's video I'm going to show you a brand new Caffeine based way for beginners to make Money online in 2023 completely for free And using this method you can make Anywhere from like 500 to like 1 000 per Week and all you got to do is just copy And paste all you gotta do is you have To match copy and paste follow the Message like I'm going to show you but More importantly the method I'm going to Show you in today's video has a huge Potential so you can use it in any niche In any kind of money making strategy Whether that's CPA affiliate marketing Whether you're promoting like a link Shrinking Services Fiverr offers Whatever kind of things you're going to Be promoting this method works for that I'm going to show you step by step Exactly how to set this up from scratch Until you're going to be making money But also I'm going to show you the exact Strategies this is going to be like Someone with experience you can actually Use this exact strategy and use it with Other products other angles and make Even more money than like one thousand Dollars per week because if you have Like at least a little bit of experience You can make like three to four times Thousand dollars per week with this and All you got to do is just do it multiple Times and for other products but before

We get started don't forget to please Smash like subscribe to the channel hit Notification Bell and just comment down Below something for the YouTube Algorithm as usual and let's get started With the step-by-step tutorial okay guys So the step number one for this method What we need to do is we need to go to now if you don't have ClickBank just go to digistore Warrior Plus any kind of other affiliate Marketing money making strategy can be Also like Warrior plus because Warrior Plus is making me plenty of money you Can see that today I was able to make One thousand dollars already and it's Pretty much a beginning of the day so Today is very good yesterday I was able To make 760 dollars last seven days was Six thousand dollars so less than one Thousand dollars per day on average last Month was 27 000 so very close to over Ten to over a thousand dollars per day Three hundred dollars actually away Because it was 28 days okay and pretty Much last 30 days I'm over one thousand Dollars per day so you can use literally Any kind of uh affiliate Network CPA Network fiber of the program or any kind Of affiliate program for this to work But I'm going to go with clickbanks just Go to ClickBank now do not click on Start here and click on login and it's Going to take you to this page and then

Just right here click on create an Account because if you're going to click On start here they're going to ask you a Couple of questions and it's like yeah Waste of time just click on create an Account right here from the login page And you're going to be much faster Pretty much done with that now what you Want to do is just go to the marketplace Just click on the top section right here And hold on let me unzoom this just go To the marketplace right here and I'm Going to show you the exact program to Go for but again feel free to use any Other program because this is going to Work but for the beginners you can Literally just copy and paste what I'm Going to do with my video and copy and Paste your mate to making some money With this so pretty much just click on All offers and I'm going to go with the One right here that's pretty much Self-help right here so just self-help And I'm going to go with the dating Guides and the after that I'm actually Looking for is going to be right here Called the obsession method which is Pretty much men's dating offer so for Men to date women okay so not for women To date men but for men to date women Because there's plenty of offers like This for both categories so you can just Pick and choose just make sure you're Going to choose the correct one because

If you are promoting this for like women Audience is not going to resonate with Them okay so this is going to be the Product that we are going to be Promoting now this one is going to be Paying you like 64 dollars on average so You literally just need like 15 16 sales Per week to make a thousand dollars with This and with the method I'm going to Show you this is actually going to be Getting you traffic passively so you can Literally do this for example like 30 Minutes per day in the evening 60 Minutes per day every single day for the Next week and then just do nothing at All and it's going to be working for you Because what you're going to set up is Going to be this auto pilot free traffic Network that's going to be getting you Targeted literally targeted laser Targeted free visitors to your affiliate Link okay so now that we have this Pretty much this is going to be the After that we are promoting now the next Thing what we need to think about is What is this offer about okay so this is About men dating women okay so that's Pretty much it whatever kind of offer or Whatever you're going to be promoting Just think what it is about and then you Want to find some kind of value on a Google regarding to this now an example Of value for example for this offer are For example pickup line okay or how to

Approach women or how to where are the Places to find your girlfriend okay all These different things for example for Health and fitness it can be like a Healthy recipes to lose weight or how to Exercise it to just expect apps or I Don't know uh fastest way to burn Calories then for example for another Category I will do just one more I will Do just one more for example languages How to learn like a Spanish language for Example five tips to learn Spanish Language fast or top 10 words to learn a Spanish language okay so something like That I'm top three to five things that You can use so for example I'm going to Go with best pickup lines for men okay And what you are looking for are all These lists and the more the better Actually because it's going to make a Copy paste job much much easier for Example I'm going to go with the first One 30 pickup lines for guys and as long Okay now this is this is great but the Thing is these are images okay so I Don't want to be using images because I Cannot copy and paste from images so I'm Going to go with a new one uh women's Day and 101 best chase you pick up lines For when you see someone cute okay okay Okay these are the ones so pretty much These are the ones that I want to use Because I can literally just highlight Them and copy and paste them now the

Next thing what you want to do is you Want to go to quora and this is going to Be our Network for free traffic the Reason for this is because quora in and Of itself has plenty of traffic from People that are looking for Solutions so Just by submitting something in quora You're going to get free traffic but Also your answers that you're going to Submit to quora are actually going to Rank on Google and that's going to give You more search engine traffic because Pretty much whatever you're going to Like write on quora it's like a mini Website or a blog post that's going to Rank on Google as well so it's going to Give you traffic from search engines but Also from the website in and of itself Because people are actually using this Website to look for Solutions now the Way to do that way to do this method is You want to go right here to this family Icon right here or on the left hand side I'm going to create space and it's going To open up this little like a Facebook Group okay so to kind of compare it's Like a Facebook group now what you want To do is you want to name it something Related to your Niche so for example uh Dating advice for men uh best dating Advice for men 2023 okay and pretty much Description in this space I'm going to Be sharing one of the best date or not One of the best but best dating advice

For men okay something like this click On create just a very simple just just Very simple structure skip importing and Then you just want to again we're going To skip because we don't need to add Anybody into this group now what you Want to do is you want to click on Post In the best advice for men and pretty Much now you just want to pick up one of These uh best quotes now what you want To do is create one post first so these Are best quotes so I'm just going to Again uh best GC pickup lines for when You see someone cute I'm going to copy This I'm going to write here let's just Pick Appliance for when you see someone Cute okay and now I'm just going to copy And paste couple of them obviously five Of them so I'm just going to go with one Two three four five just like this and Then pretty much paste them right here So one Then two then three Then four and then as you guessed it Five okay so something like this and I'm Going to put it like this just like this And now pretty much this is our first Post but we also want to include Affiliate link for the opposition method So this is the opposition method you can Promote and you want to just create your Hop link just like this and then you Pretty much want to go to the sales page Okay so click on the name of the offer

And you are going to come to the sales Page and be right there's the video Right here and there are some feature Topics and this is something we can use As default to action so pretty much Learn a secret language that makes a Woman feel uncontrollable opposition for You okay that's perfect that's literally Perfect right there there's another one Right here another one right there and Yeah a lot more in the sales page so This is perfect sales page for that so I'm just going to copy that part so First of all I'm just going to paste my Affiliate link right here so I'm not Going to lose that oh come on I didn't Want to do it like that not like that But just okay I'm just going to paste it Into new tab so now I'm just going to Copy this part Add it right here and add like a video Because that there's a video on the Sales page uh and add like these two Arrow Signs and then copy my affiliate Link and do it just like this and Highlight it now to actually highlight It you want to click on the AAA icon Right here and you want to select the Link right here okay because otherwise You don't really add it and click on ADD Okay and now also make it bold just like This okay and now you want to be going To post and pretty much this is going to Create a post that looks something like

This and that's pretty much it now this Is the first one okay now here is Actually the method what you want to do Is again copy the headline put it right There and you want to put there part two Okay so the part two of the pickup lines Again one two three four five of them Put them right here just like this and Again one two three four and five okay And again you want to copy and paste the Call to action Hold on a second okay just right here Video And paste it there and then copy your Affiliate link and do it one more time Okay just like this for example add it There and make it bold and post it again And pretty much this is part two and now I want to create a multiple and multiple Posts like this in your quora space only Though because that's like your space You control what's in there and also Nobody is going to flag your post Because that's your space if they don't Like it they can leave it but even Though it's just your space it's going To be showing up on Google and this is How you want to create your space for Multiple products whether that's weight Loss whether that's dating you just want To create as many of these bows as Possible so this is for example just for The pickup lines there's 100 of them if I'm going to put five for post I have 20

Posts that are going to be promoting the Product and then I can go for a pretty Much a funny pickup lines pickup lines For shy people or best pick-up lines for Men if you are shy for example or how to Find a girlfriend for example and yeah Four ways to find a girlfriend or six Places yeah places to find a girlfriend That you just want to create a value Post short easy to digest value posts That are going to rank on Google rank on Quora and are going to get you traffic Now even though let's say you're going To create like posts and you're going to Get one person per month okay in 30 days This post right here that I created is Just going to get me one click to my Affiliate link if I create 100 of these That's like 100 laser targeted people Going to my affiliate link if the Conversion is like for example 20 and Because this is going to be paying me Like 64. let's have 1.2 thousand dollars I'm going to make per month now if I'm Going to create 100 posts it's going to Literally take you like one or two hours And not even a full week okay so you can Just create a couple of these pages in Different niches different affiliate Programs programs with a relative posts And promote moving products and for Example just one of these spaces can Make it like one to three thousand Dollars per week if you're going to

Create a multiple of them you can easily Get to five thousand dollars per month And all you really just got to do is Just copy and paste and that's it I hope You enjoy this method please let me know What you think about it in the comment Section below if you like it if you Didn't like it but if you're looking for Another way to make money online check Out this one right here and I'm sure You're going to love it bye for now

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