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In the past few videos guys I was asking You what kind of methods you would like Me to record what are your biggest Problems how would you like to make Money how much money you would like to Make per day and pretty much all these Things and for the past 40 minutes I was Going through the comments reading them On my smartphone while something was Rendering on my laptop and pretty much The most asked question and the biggest Request I got from all of you guys was Something along these lines Eric is There something completely free I can do That requires no Tech skills no Experience but I don't have to create Any landing page I don't even have to Set up any autoresponder but I still can Make over 100 per day with this now Listen some things are a lot easier to Do than the others and I know that for Some people you don't want to set up the Most perfect method you just want to get Some initial results from free traffic So in today's video I'm going to pretty Much show you exactly how I'm making Money on Warrior plus but more Importantly I just want to show you These results so you can hopefully see That and when I'm going to go to down You can see that I was able to make over Twenty six thousand dollars in the past Month and when I go right here there Were the zeros but those were the when

Their daily stats because I don't sell My own products there I sell other People's products and you can see the Affiliate stats are pretty much right Here so hopefully you can actually see That I'm going to show you exactly how To make manual Warrior plus just like This but more importantly I want to show You how to get started using a Completely free method that requires no Autoresponder even though autoresponder Is something I always preach because It's like the extra step but I know you Don't want to use that so I will show You something no landing page no Autoresponder no technical skills just Copy and paste something that's going to Use Google and you can actually make Over 100 per day by doing this and it's Almost going to be completely done for You so step number one what you want to Do and I'm going to move this microphone Out of the way so I can actually see you Can still hear me uh what you want to do Is you want to go to Warrior plus and Pretty much these are the results you Can see that yesterday I was making like 583 dollars and today so far over one Thousand dollars now pretty much this is How the results actually were work the Earnings fluctuate so for example I made Over 500 more today than yesterday but If it was happening on like yesterday I Would almost almost make zero okay so

With this method you can make like two Hundred dollars but also can make zero I Don't make the same amount of money Every single day in some cases I make More I make less and in some cases the Difference could be difference between Making zero dollars and making like a Couple hundred dollars okay so please if You're going to use this method just Bear in mind that if you are going to Get some clicks and some clicks to your Affiliate link called hops you can make Money from this method no problem so go To the section uh sorry go to the offers At the top right uh top top right here Go to the offers and you want to search For Phoenix or affiliate one okay now The reason we want to go for these Offers is because they are very cheap But also you are going to get guaranteed Approval if you're going to just write Their Incognito money okay now you know A lot of people in Warrior possible Problems while getting approved so Pretty much if you're going to search For affiliate one affiliate offer and You're going to click on request and You're going to write their income into Money even if you have no followers no Sales on Warrior plus you're pretty much Just getting started they are going to Approve you now the reason for this Product and the reason why I want to use It is first of all because the main

Product is super cheap it's just 16 you Can see it right here you are going to Receive 100 of the commissions so all The money you are going to generate from The main product you get to keep no 50 100 and I think for beginners this small Difference between making like 80 Dollars and actually making like sixteen Dollars could be like a very motivating So you are going to make double digits Right away okay and also it has a lot of Upsells that are very very very Congruent to the main offer and you can Make anywhere from like I don't know 13 Up to like almost hundred dollars so for Example you generate just the main Product and just one of these done for You upsells it's already 100 per day and That can definitely happen because done For you is something that a lot of People are buying and it's going to work Super well so this is the product you Want to go for get your affiliate link And if you're going to put their income Into money you are going to get approved Guaranteed okay so that's pretty much How we want to do this okay now that we Have our affiliate offer we need to do Just a super simple basic setup okay This setup is just going to require for You to use just Google Docs okay now you Don't have to create any landing page we Are just going to be using Google Docs And pretty much here's how to do that

Just create a blank Google doc and I'm Going to show you exactly what to do There now again you don't have to write Anything yourself we can just be coming Up with this uh from Google and from Like chat GPT I will show you how to do That so pretty much just right here like Top three ways to make money online in 2023 even if you have no experience okay So this is what we are going to write There and now we need to provide three Ways to make money online now how to do That you just copy the headline and you Literally just Google that and it's Going to give you some advices on how to Do that you can just use any of these Websites for example like operlo or Hostinger and it's going to give you all These different solutions to the not the Problem but to your question okay so you Can just cap copy and paste the exact Text and also just leave a short link to The entire website at the bottom of your Document and you are okay with literally Just copy and pasting it so I'm just Going to copy this part just like this And I'm going to hold on a second and I'm going to paste it right here okay And then again I'm just going to copy This part and I don't want the images Though so I'm just going to copy just Like this and you want to do this as Well you can do it for weight loss you Can do it for pickup love and

Relationship health and fitness any kind Of Niche this works super well and You're going to see why so I'm just Going to first copy and paste the text So I can actually have it there and I'm Just going to go with these methods Right here okay just like this and first Of all you want to put in the text and Then okay so I'm just going to copy this Part again this is about affiliate Marketing so it's going to be very cool And just like this now first of all you Want to add the text and then you want To style it because then you know how It's actually going to look like so for The headline I'm just going to put it to The center I'm going to change the text To Monserrat that's the one that I like To use and I'm going to make it bigger So it's going to be like 48 for example And or actually let's do it like this is Kind of like the design hack that I like To use let's use like 36 or even like 30 And then for this uh make money online I'm going to put there like 36 okay and I'm going to make it as the center like This okay and then pretty much this part Can be even smaller so it's going to fit Like this okay so this is like a little Design hack you can use so pretty much All of them have different sizes but They kind of like fit accordingly and I'm going to make this one uh bold and I'm going to change the color to for

Example like red okay so now it's Looking a lot better then also I'm going To change the entire font of this one Again Monster Rod normal just like this And pretty much I'm going to change the Entire text of this one as well to Monster normal and it's going to look Like this and I'm going to make it just Like this and let's get started first Method is on the next page I'm going to Put it like this okay so the first page Is very clean and then pretty much I'm Going to highlight this part and make it Bigger make it bold and that's pretty Much it okay and I'm going just going to Use this paint format and I'm going to Put it right here as well and again Paint format and put it right here as Well and just add breaks after every Single part so every single part is on Its own page okay so now we have this Little PDF with a little document that We can be using and this is something You can create literally in just like Few minutes like how long it took me to Record this video I just created it okay And it's really good enough that's That's all you need to you need to Provide some value first then what you Want to do is you want to grab your Affiliate link but first of all you want To visit it for the for the sales page Okay and now we want to use the same Exact kind of like layout uh same exact

Layout and same exact style of these Layouts right here and pretty much you Want to paste it there but also copy This format and put it right here okay And put it into the center just like This so it's making us daily passively I'm going to make this a little bit Smaller and make this one a bit smaller As well I'm going to add there like free Video okay I'm going to underline it and Make it like red again okay now what you Want to do is go to the page again to The sales page and you just want to Screenshot this entire page not page but Like the video and just copy that and You can literally just paste it directly Into the document okay so it's going to Look like this and just like this and Click below to watch the free video and Make this smaller just like this Underline it and then you also want to Add the little button so make sure You're going to like you don't need to Copy the entire button just make sure It's going to look like a button just Like this and add it under and it's Going to look like this okay so this is Our super simple page at the end of the Document and now just copy the entire Affiliate link and now you want to click On the video you want to click on the Video and add the link right here insert Link to the video as well you because a Lot of people are going to click on the

Video to actually watch it and also make Sure to add the link to the button just Like this and because we actually copy The entire thing from moose end I'm Going to add a new page and credits for The entire article I'm going to put Their moveset okay so they are actually Going to get credit and that's it this Is going to be your page this is going To be your PDF and now just click on the Title and it's going to auto fill it but We want to make sure we are going to Copy and paste the entire headline there So it's going to look like this and now You want to click on share and you want To get your link so General access you Want to make sure you're going to put Anyone with the link and a viewer okay Make sure it's not going to say like a Comment or editor because then they can Actually edit your document just click On copy as a viewer and now when we are Going to visit this page with this Document this is how it's going to look Like that three ways to make money Online in 2020 don't even have no Experience now some text create a Newsletter starting Commercial Business Join after the program and a free video It's making us two thousand dollars Daily passively and pretty much people Can click here check out the affiliate Link and same goes for the button and They can actually view it right here

Okay so this is going to be your kind of Like landing page or it's pretty much Like a lead magnet so we are kind of Like giving value first so then when we Ask for the click on affiliate link it's Not going to be like too much to ask Okay because we are providing value First and you can do this for example Like with another three ways so this is Just first document there's like 28 ways Right here you can again keep the last Page as it is and just add different Ways to make money online you can do it For ab workout for a health and fitness Or anything just create a super super Simple document like this and now here's How to get like plenty of traffic to This document completely for free and Actually Skyrocket your conversion rate With the affiliate offer that's going to Be at the end of the document so now you Want to take a screenshot of the first Page of your ebook make sure you're Going to include like text and make it Like not packed okay and make it look Something like this so there's likely The Border it just looks nice and you Want to copy the the screenshot to your Like clipboard so if you're using light Shot that's what I'm using it's called Light shot you can just Google it's Completely free application and then you Pretty much want to go to Facebook group Now pretty much most people are doing

The Facebook advertising wrong that's Why it's super easy to make money from Facebook groups if you are doing it Correctly so just search for like Affiliate marketing worldwide go to this Group or any other make money online Groups and I want to show you how to do This correctly you go right here you Paste the screenshot okay paste the Screenshot and now you paste a value Post now this is the structure of a Value post pretty much it goes here are Three reasons you cannot start with Affiliate marketing and make sales as a Beginner pretty much here are three Reasons don't put more than three don't Put like more than five less than three Okay less than three is like like what Are two reasons and more than five is Like nobody really cares if there's like Six seven eight nine ten nobody care Three to five is like the golden ratio Pretty much he has three reasons you Cannot lose weight you cannot whatever You cannot cannot cannot cannot cannot Cannot carry out something that they Cannot do with their desired outcome Then one two three this is where you Write them don't worry you don't have to Write them and if you like it then I'm Sure you're going to love this I created A short Google Document giving you a Blueprint on how regular people are Earning three to six K per month comment

Down below for ebook and I'm going to Send it to you and this is actually Going to drive engagement to your post And people who are going to raise their Hands are more likely to actually buy it Because they had to put like micro Commitments they are not just randomly Driven to the page and because we put The ebook right here they kind of know What to expect and that's why I want to Style it a little bit okay and now for This value post all you have to do is Just go to chat GPT and pretty much put Their like uh please write me three Reasons why people cannot start with Affiliate marketing and make money and Hit enter and Bam now it's going to Write you three reasons okay so lack of Proper knowledge blah blah blah blah It's going to give the reason then the Second one and now we are going to wait For a third one so hold on second and That's it now you can literally just Copy and paste these reasons and put Them right here so copy and paste and You can do it for literally any Niche Okay any Niche out there whether it's Weight loss pickup or anything just get The value post that's very important Because you don't want to come across of Some as someone that's just taking away And that's it and I'll just post it and People are going to like your post They're going to comment on it that's

Going to increase the engagement and That's going to keep it at the top while All the spammy posts are getting buried Down and whenever somebody going to Request the access to your ebook you're Just going to send them the viewer link For your Google document they're going To go through it and the other is make a Purchase and if possible they are going To ask you something about the affiliate Offer you can just reply to them and That's how you're going to secure even Those higher sales if you're going to Recommend them the done for you upgrade And that's it I hope you enjoyed this Video let me know what you think about It in the comment section below don't Forget to like subscribe comment down Below what would you like to see in the Future and also check out this video if You want to see a highly recommended Method to make money online from Google Itself

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