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Okay so check this out today I was able To make over 68 dollars and 40 cents on This completely brand new website which We have never talked about before on This channel and in today's video guys I Want to share with you this website Which is actually going to be paying you 20 cents over and over again completely Just for free registrations and you can Use it to make over one dollar for just 10 seconds of very simple and copy and Paste work now I was able to make over 68.40 and all I did was just drive like 894 completely free clicks and I didn't Generate any sales at all to make this And today I want to share with you the Entire process step by step how to do This yourself completely for free or Without even showing your face online But before we get started with this Method don't forget to please smash like On this video I would really appreciate It the big time and let's try and get to 1 000 likes on this video and also to Never miss out on any of my future Videos and uploads make sure to Subscribe and hit notification Bell so I Can notify whenever I upload a brand new Video just like today's one because the Method that I'm going to share with you Today is something you've never seen Before and nobody online is talking About it and if you are the first one to Actually use it you can make the most

Amount of money with the least amount of Effort because literally nobody is using This method right now it has huge Potential and if you're going to take Action on it right away you can make Like 100 or even one thousand dollars With the minimal effort because you are Going to be the first person to actually Do it so yeah don't forget to subscribe And like for that and also comment down Below and tell me which part of this Video you are actually going to like and Which part of this video you're going to Dislike so I can always improve in the Future just please tell me I want to Make these videos as best as possible For you so I can help you make money Online pretty much the best way possible Just comment down below and please tell Me which part of this video you did like Or which part of this video you didn't Like or is actually missing out alright Guys so the website we are going to be Using is actually going to be paying you Like 20 cents which is I know it's not a Lot but it's going to be paying you 20 Cents for completely free members now This is a flat fixed fee so it doesn't Matter if the person is going to be from United States or any other country 3 This is for every single free Registration and I know it's not a lot It's like 20 cents but listen up even if You're going to get like 800 people to

Click on your link and only I don't know 600 of them are going to like sign up so 600 times 0.2 that's like 120 dollars You can actually generate very very Easily and this is something you can Actually generate in less than 20 Minutes of a very simple work so if You're going to do it for like an entire Hour so 20 minutes there's three times Of 20 minutes in one hour so let's Multiply it by three that's over 360 Dollars you can actually earn with this Method per hour so I think for that Reason 360 dollars per hour I think it's Pretty good so let me show you exactly How to do that now pretty much I was Able to make like 68 dollars because I Was just testing it out and I was able To get 894 clicks and you're going to Check this out the conversion rate of This method is very very high because You don't have to generate any sales and If you're going to generate them you're Going to make just some extra money Somewhere else and yeah that's that's Very good part of this method now first Of all what we got to get started with Are going to be the payout methods now One of the payout methods is PayPal's Grill Pro pay web money Bernie or their Deposit the ones that I recommend is PayPal or direct deposit so first of all What you want to do is just go to Paypal.com and you want to sign up for a

Free account to actually be able to Withdraw money from this method okay Just go to PayPal and just sign up for a Personal account you don't need any Other account personally it's going to Be more than enough to actually withdraw The money now the second payment option If you cannot really sign up for PayPal The one that I do recommend that you're Actually going to go for is called Wise.com and this is pretty much like a Borderless bank account where you can Sign up and receive over 50 currencies In one account with a minimal amount of Fees if I'm going to scroll down and I'll show you like comparison you can See right here you're going to save some Money and compare to PayPal you're going To see like 40 almost 40 dollars on Every one thousand dollars you're going To receive so for people that cannot Really get access to PayPal I highly Recommend you're going to go with Vice.com but yeah it's really up to you The fees are always much much lower on Wise.com now the second thing what we Need to do is you need to have a ClickBank ID we are not really going to Be using products from ClickBank because This product is not really even on the ClickBank but they are using clickbank's Affiliate program to actually for you to Be able to promote this aside and get Paid from that so they have a two

Versions of their affiliate program one Is going to be paying you on PayPal and Wise and the second one if you are going To generate any sales which can be up to 500 for every free sign up you are going To get paid on ClickBank and I think you Don't want to miss out on that just go To clickbank.com and then to sign up Very fast without actually going through That annoying survey just click on login Right here and then you want to just Create an account under the forgot the Password so it's going to take you right Here where you can actually sign up for A free account and then just click right Here continue to terms and conditions I Have read the terms and conditions and Then click on create your account now Click ClickBank is going to be paying You money as well so make sure you're Going to enter all the real details Right here then once you're going to Sign up the only part you will need is You can go to any part of ClickBank and You need your name so that's going to be Right here it says welcome and this is Going to be my ClickBank name for this Specific account so this is something You're going to need to copy and paste Later on now the next website you want To go to is going to be website called Idplr now if you're going to go to this Website you're going to see that this is Pretty much a website where you can get

A lot of digital products most of them Are like ebooks some of them are also Video courses you can resell and keep 100 of the profits it's pretty much one Of the biggest plr websites out there And they are really going hard with the Plr niche and they are updating the Website every single day adding new Products just like this one on the Website and they are also selling a paid Membership now I have been showing you This website before we have been using It to actually make money on ClickBank But in this case we are not going to be Using it to actually promote ClickBank Products because this website alone if You're going to Google ID plr affiliate Program also has its own affiliate Program where you can promote the Website and get paid for that you can Make money just by giving away their Free membership access if you remember If you're going to sign up to this Website and pretty much download any of The products you can do that and you're Going to receive two premium downloads Completed for free and you don't even Need to submit like credit card info Anything like that and for every single One of these sign ups they are telling You you are going to get paid 20 cents Which is actually just 10 cents at the Beginning okay the 20 is after you're Going to generate some sales now I was

Able to make the 68 dollars just from Those 10 cent sign ups so I got like 684 Synapse out of 894 clicks the conversion Rate is really high and I'm going to Show you exactly how I was able to get This conversion rate because it's more Than like let's just divided like 684 Divided by 894. that's like 76 Conversion rate which is very high but I'm going to show you exactly how to do That and this is just from these free Sign ups if you're going to scroll down You're going to see that they give you Some kind of methods but they are also Going to tell you that on average 20 People of the three members are going to Upgrade I think they are going to Upgrade a little bit later on because so Far I did not receive any sales but the Thing is you can get paid up to 500 that Means you can additionally receive like On average five dollars for every one Free sign up so pretty much I can make a Lot more money later on with their Follow-up sequence and all that kind of Stuff as well now to get started what You want to do is go right here click on The register for free and you are going To be taken to this page just enter your Email address confirm it and click on That you are not the robot they are Going to send you a verification email Click on that set up your password set Up your name and just finish

Registrating your account then just come To this affiliate page and it's going to Say this red box that you need to log in To view your dashboard so either again If you don't have that account already Just register for it right here and then You want to log in right here then You're just going to land onto this page Which is pretty much the membership area Of the affiliate program where you can Actually check out your stats now this Is how it's going to look like but you Don't even have to go there before you Actually enter your payout details Because the affiliate link that we are Going to be using is actually on the Page right here and it's going to be Right here so what you want to do is you Want to copy this affiliate link add it Into your notepad and then you want to Copy and paste your ClickBank name right Here and you want to paste it right here As well and then this is going to be Your affiliate account so anybody that's Actually going to go through this link And they are going to sign up at idplr So when they go there this is where they Are going to end up right here and they Are going to just create their account Free account they don't have to pay for Anything for every single person you are Going to get paid 10 cents if you're Going to generate at least one sale You're going to be bumped up to 20 ends

And then for every single cell that You're going to generate you are going To get paid 35 on ClickBank and I pretty Much want to show you exactly how I was Able to make the 68 dollars the exact Method that I was using because this is So simple that even a 70 year old can do This or a six year old or even like Five-year-old like yeah currently maybe Even like three year old because Everybody has their smartphones Everybody's on iPads so I'm sure like Even like three or four year old who can Actually read a little bit you can Actually do this method and if you're Going to be one of the first people to Actually do this method as well you can Make very easy money because literally Nobody is actually doing this so here's All you have to do is just follow along This is exactly what I did so just go to Your members area this is how it's going To look like you need to create your Free account by the way because we are Going to be using the premium downloads It's completely free as well then go Right here to the latest products and You want to find one of the latest Products because the latest ones are Pretty much untapped as well nobody Knows about them online it's like a Brand new movie when the new movie comes Out it's pretty much nobody knows about It so they are going to check it out

Just because is new and with these Products as well the chances of you Actually running into someone doing this Method are very low but chances of you Running into someone doing this method And actually using this brand new Product are actually going to be even Lower because it's a new product okay so You want to be using this new products Now what I'm going to do is I'm going to Use this one master YouTube influence You want to click on it and then you Just pretty much want to download it Right here you can see I have two gold Downloads left on this account because It's another account that I created you Can create like multiple of them to get These gold downloads you get to gold Downloads per free account and you Simply just want to download this Product now this is how it's going to Look like so Master YouTube influence And you can see it's somewhat higher Quality product it's not something low Quality it has nice e-cover it has a Nice details right here and this is Something that we wanted to download Okay the next step what you want to do Is you want to go to website that's Called say that icon to be actually able To edit this document I'm going to show You exactly what you want to put in There you just want to upload it right Here and then once it's uploaded you

Want to go through one and then two then Three and in this case a fourth page as Well so you want to move past the table Of contents and pretty much give people Like the first introduction part of the Ebook Okay so now they're going to Receive the e-cover they're going to Receive like the whatever is this like Intro then there's this the table of Contents and you want to make sure You're going to you know the Introduction and maybe also like the Second part of it okay so there's some Kind of content then what you want to do Is just simply delete all the other Pages so you just want to click here and Just delete all the pages that are going To be showing up here now depending on The book sometimes it might take a Little bit longer if it's like a 100 Page book if it's a shorter book then It's going to take like a few seconds And then you want to click on insert Page right here and this is what you Want to write here so you want to go to Idplr.com and then you want to take a Screenshot of this page right here where You have downloaded the book okay just Make sure it's going to look somewhat Professional so nothing is going to be Cut off like right here or at the top so Make sure it's going to look summer Professional I need to resize this a Little bit and then you want to just use

This Arrow a little and just make sure It's going to be pointing to the Download okay something like this now This is something you want to save and You want to put it right here onto the Empty page of the document now the Headline is premium content then this is The image and you want to write here Please click here to download the full Ebook for free from the original website Registration is free no credit card Required this green part is very Important because you want to highlight They can just download it right here so You are exactly telling them where they Can do that and then telling them that The registration is free because it's Free so they don't have to pretty much Pay for anything and there's also no Credit card required because some of These websites actually require you to Submit a credit card and then they are Going to bill you like in 30 days and People are not pretty much likely to do This because like yeah I didn't want to Do that they want to put their credit Card information there but this is Completely free they just need to verify Their email and that's what you're Getting paid for so this is what you Want to write here then click on the Links you want to highlight this entire Part just like this and this is where You need to add your affiliate link that

We have created okay so it should be in Your notepad just like this put it there Hit enter click on apply changes and This is pretty much it this is pretty Much it that you need to create with This PDF okay so there's the first part And there's the second part third part Fourth part fifth part and then premium Content they can just download it right Here if they want to read the book That's why I want to pick up something That's new so most likely they cannot Find it anywhere else and they need to Sign up for idplr now what you want to Do is you want to just simply download This document it's going to download it Then go to Google and you want to search For dark Droid go for DAC Droid because You want to upload it somewhere and you Want to make sure when you're going to Upload it the links are not going to be Disabled and that Droid is the only Website then drag and drop it right here And then you can also like create your Account to actually delete the content But we don't need to do that so click on No thanks and it's going to ask you for Like the captcha like usual if you are Not the bot and then it's going to Upload it in just a few seconds you can See like right here processing it's Going to be like bam it's done and then I click on view so I'm going to check it Out and then this is how it's going to

Look like okay so I'm going to unzoom it Just like this I can see this is the Headline blah blah blah blah and then This is the link right here and the link Is clickable you want to make sure You're going to upload this PDF edited PDF to somewhere where it's actually Clickable so when they click there they Are going to be taken to the ID plr Website it's going to take a second to Load up bam if they're going to sign up I will get paid okay and now I want to Show you exactly how to actually get Free visitors to this plr book that you Have uploaded to darkdroid and actually Get this free sign ups now it's much Easier than you think and you can pretty Much do it multiple times that is the Most important part of this method you Don't want to do it just for one of These books you want to do it for as Many as possible because that's how you Are going to maximize your chances like If you're going to get 100 clicks for Every single book if you're going to do It like 10 times that's 1 000 clicks and You can make over 100 in a single day by Doing this and it's very possible Because nobody is currently doing this Now before I shoot a method don't forget To smash the like also tell me what's Missing in this video and tell me what Should be pretty much included or what You like about this video and let's move

On to the traffic method so you simply Want to go to pinterest.com and this is Where you want to actually share this Book with other people now the way to do That is you want to upload the e-cover We have downloaded from right here and Then simply copy and paste the contents Of this book right here so pretty much Master YouTube influence and add it Right here and I would add like how to Okay because Mastery to be influenced It's like it's kind of like way like Mastery to be influenced through YouTube Influence it's going to be much more Enticing Gap in pays the part from the ID plr and again just put it right here To tell everyone worries the print about But most importantly what you want to do Is you want to give them a link to this Dark Droid upload let's go back to Darkdroid and you want to just copy this Pretty much it okay so this is all you Need to do just upload them on Pinterest And then go right here and click on Publish and then this is the post this Is how it's going to look like but more Importantly when someone is going to see This on their page like right here it's Going to have this link to the Jack Droid and they are going to click there Only if they want to pretty much get Access to this book they are going to Click there bam they are going to check It out they will get a little bit of

Taste of this book they scroll down Scroll down scroll down and Bam they Click right here download complete for Free and this is how you're going to get Paid now I was able to make this amount Of money from multiple uploads okay you Don't want to do it just one time you Want to download as many books as Possible because you don't know which One is actually going to go viral which One is going to be showing up on that First page and then this is something You can literally get paid for less than One single hour of work and it's there It's going to be making you money over And over for the next couple of days as These books are going to go semi viral For the for you page and people are Going to be accessing them so this is Just something that I was able to make Today but later on I can make another 30 40 50 and eventually it can be a couple Hundred dollars that I'm going to earn On complete autopilot and that's it I Hope you enjoyed this one now if you Like to see another one of my favorite Money making methods where you can make Money online without showing your face Online completely for free then check Out this video right here which is going To show you exactly how to do that

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