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Okay this myself crazy but shake this Out you can see for the past couple of Days pretty much I was not promoting any Clipping products well this is got it All at already sleeping right now but I Was trying to performing products and Make some money using just completely Free traffic from YouTube without Shooting my face without creating any Content at all because the ability but Then I started doing this one little Thing different I added this one simple Tweak to this method and I made 185 Dollars and 66 cents in a single day by Doing this as you can see I don't need Any money before that 185 dollars and 66 Cents now this was completely free to Pretty much 185 dollars that you see Right here is all profit I get to keep And I pretty much it took me like 30 Minutes to actually do it now it takes Like 20 minutes to do it the extra 10 Minutes is really just for the little Boost there is actually going to make You this amount of money they can make Even more definitely even more like this I made the right deal they could also Make it even less because one person Actually bought a couple of upsells says They would just make like 100 which Would be like the original amount I Would make for my few customers I lead 185 dollars because of the up sales 80 Days ago I'm initially if you just

Admitted how to set this up on social Media on YouTube without breaking any Videos yourself without further your Face out there every downloading your Own video account just by repurposing This cards in the daily show you how to Get company for free and then also I'm Going to do this extra boost to actually Get the traffic because for the first Couple of days I've been doing this Method but it was not giving me any Results you can see right here I was not Getting traffic and then I started to Get traffic and I actually made my money For that I need your help please I just Posted a call on my YouTube channel Called please I need your help pretty Much in the past 30 days I made over 33k In athletic commissions without using my YouTube channel now this is my robot Account I'm going to refresh the stats They can see that today I already made 983 dollars yesterday one point eight Thousand dollars last seven days eight Point four thousand dollars the last Month this was April 26 000 but in the Last 30 days I need thirty three Thousand dollars eight affiliate Commissions and if you're great to Notice the traffic has been a little bit Slower but I started doing something Different instead of just promoting the Low ticket products on the Fourier plus Which is plenty of them there I also

Started promoting High ticket product Because as you can see right here for Example in the 51 sales I made like 900 And then yesterday just did 33 sales I Made one point eight thousand dollars so Essentially what I'm doing is I'm Promoting products that are paying much Bigger commissions because they are Higher ticket without me actually Selling them at all just by using this In-car video selling system which pretty Much does the selling for me thousand by 101 coaching program as it goes for the Past few weeks I closed it down because I want to take any new members right Here I'm going to revamp it into the High ticket aspect because it's a much Better much easier for beginners to hit Their first thousand dollar paydays ten Thousand dollar month just by promoting High ticket so this is what I'm thinking About I'm thinking about creating a five Day live Master Class where I'm going to Teach you exactly how to set up your Very own e-can detail business that I And hundreds of others of people are Pretty much using to generate these high Ticket commissions being completely Incognito now this is going to be a five Day live Master Class where I will show Up every single day of a live at a Certain time I will tell you anything About this Incognito High ticket system How to set it up how to actually

Generate these high ticket commissions How to get the traffic with you being Incognito would pretty much means you Don't have to sell anything yourself or In some cases you also don't even have To show your face online so that's Something I'm also working right now so You don't even have to show your face Online because there's a lot of ways to Do this with you in your face which I'm Doing myself they working really really Well I know some people just want to get Started without shooting their face so This is what I'm going to include as Well that pretty much be great to learn All these things but the only thing they Are have seen you in this video it's Pretty much just go ahead check out the Poll on my YouTube channel and please Vote if you are actually interested in Despite the live master class and also What do you think the price tag should Be for that now pretty much I guarantee That you're going to get at least 20 Times the value back from the inflation And way to share on the Glide Masterclass it's something that I never Shared before on my YouTube channel but I want to know if there's enough Interest and actually what the price That should be it should be like 297 147.97 to 37 or you don't want to join I'd want to make this master class Properly free because pretty much the

Method that I'm using are not completely Free you need to have some investment Like I'm not doing this naked I paid for This t-shirt I'm paying for the twin Connection paid for my iPhone pretty Much paying for all the tools so the Free thing I don't want to pretty much Use it in the master class so pretty Much just tell me if you are interested And also what should be the price that Of this master glass thank you very much And right now once you started with the Tutorial guys so I know you are waiting For this pretty much I'm going to show You exactly how I was able to make this And also the traffic boost hack to Actually start generating traffic Because once a lot of people are going To do this it's going to be saturated But if you wait to use this tracking Boost hat correctly it's not going to Get saturated okay so first of all you Want to go to ClickBank that pretty much Just now get to the marketplace section And I'm gonna show you the exact product That I was promoting just go to the E-Business and e-marketing category I Was promoting products from this uh Pretty much from this category the Online marketing the e-buses e-marketing But this also works for any other Products the only thing you need to know Is because they need to be like popular So don't go for something that's very

Very Niche and you cannot find any YouTube videos on YouTube for that but The product that I was promoting is Called passive profit Pages you just Want to search for it and then you're Going to find right here now the gravity Of this is very low but the pretty much The niche is a very very popular so it's Going to work super super well now when You click on the sales page just click On there it's pretty much fresher 2022 But pretty much this is what I'm Actually looking for so what we want to Do is we want to find a very simple Sales page that doesn't have like a lot Of text it needs to be like kind of like This okay so it has a video that's very Important and also it doesn't have like A lot of text because we want to make Sure that when people are ready to come To this page it looks like this will be The video like some other offers are Great but the main important part is There is a super simple video this app Is going to be walking them through the Process delete them something about the Product is essentially going to do the Selling for us to actually leverage this Okay so this is going to be the page and Pretty much the product we are going to Be promoting and I was pretty much Promoting but you can also use other Products for example so what I'm going To show you is like for example CP

Passing income extreme this one now this Is an online Workshop actually so you Can probably work for this product Because we want to have a sales page Video or the sales page a BSL the king Of profit let's check out this one and Yeah this one is definitely not going to Work either there is no sales video uh Easy page builder I'm just going to I Don't know yeah pretty much there needs To be a video like this okay this one Okay this this one will work okay this One would work because it's like a very Nice looking page and there's also an Explainer videos and don't worry Aggressive and there's a video they Actually use that pretty much what you Want to do is you want a picture of 1140s so it will promote any gel Generator helpline and you want to copy That now the next thing you want to Shorten it so first of all go to Tidyurl.com and just visit the page it's Going to take some time to load up and Pretty much just shorten it so it's not Going to be this admin link like this With all these numbers this is the Reason why we are shorting it because Clickbanks cut it to give you this link And I don't know who would actually Click on this link like all these Numbers that's how that thingpang.net Nobody's going to do that they click on Make tidy URL and Bam now you have your

Pretty much done your created right here So it's pretty much tiny it there are Some random letters and numbers but Pretty much it's as Tiny URLs people are Greatly like that's a shortened version Of something so this is going to be the Link that we are going to be using just Keep tiny URL open now next thing and This is very important step so we don't Even have to create any content Ourselves just go to Google and you Pretty much want to search for vistia Video downloader okay and the first Right first very first Chrome extension Just click on it and you want to install It but because I already have that you Can see remove from chrome I cannot Install it but I just want to download This pistia video downloader because Most of the videos on the sales pages Are actually hosted on this website Called Listia which is like a different Video hosting platform with specifically For marketers because if you would like A YouTube video or the sales page it has All these other things like the headline Whatever there's some comments related To videos but you don't want to have Them on the sales page okay so that's Why people use like Vimeo or vistia and Pretty much boosted by using this tier Right now because it's at like the best Now once you're ready to install this Little extension you're going to notice

There's going to be digital extension When you reload the page maybe if you Put there just reload the page you're Going to see the right here now click on That and now you can just download the Video you can download the original 720 540 or 2024 B now go with original or 720 because you want to download it at High quality but for the sake of the Video I will just download it in this Small quality because I want to wait Like 30 minutes for it to download I Want to show you the method so now that You have this video already downloaded And ready to go want to go to YouTube And this is where actually the unique Hacking part star so if you have seen This so far then please make sure to Watch until the end because right now Are going to be the very important Details if you don't have an account Just go sign in right here and just sign Up with your Google account if you don't Have like a YouTube channel build or you Can just create one with one click you Don't even have to put your face on it This is about to log into your YouTube Channel this is my dummy Channel that I Use click on this little camera icon I Can go to upload a video and pretty much It's going to take you right here it's Just gonna select the files and you want To select the file then we have Downloaded from from the sales page okay

So this file right here and just upload It now pretty much this is how the video Is going to look like but you want to Make sure that we are going to optimize It for the sales when I was doing it First I just I try to see the easiest The lowest effort thing that I could do For this video to actually make some Results with it but decided nothing Pretty much I just left it as it was I Didn't generate any sales so you need to Optimize it and the first thing you can Optimize is just go to the sales page And you want to enable this tutorial Something now if you want to name it Related to what's going to be on the Sales page because the sales page is Essentially going to do all the work for Us in terms of selling so you want to Make it congruent and the way you make It go good is you actually get the Content from the sales page because this Is going to tell you find out how you Can make up to one thousand dollars in Online commission starting today so you Don't want to put there find out how to Make fifty dollars an hour because it's The same it's money you can make the Same amount of money but it's still the Same amount now what you do is just Simply copy this headline just like this And put it right here and pretty much Quite out how it can make up to 1K into Mission starting today so pretty much uh

Video trading I'm going to call it a Step by step find out how you can make Up to one thousand dollars or like Commission is dying today okay so yeah That's it just add a little detail for The like step by step and pretty much For the description watch the rest of The training on this page this is what You put there and then you're going to Get your tiny URL so this is it I'll Just copy that make sure it's actually The correct one okay this is it and then I just put it right here now also what I Like to do is I'd like to add emojis Pretty much to to the description Because then they're just like better Looking so this is the page that I look Like that I use in the app and you just Want to search for the Emoji pretty much Like the arrow white guy locate this one And just want to add it right here so Watch the rest of the training on this Page and then pretty much the gate go to The sales page and try to find something That well it resonated with now there's Nothing here so what I'm going to do is I'm going to go back to ClickBank and I Will check out the affiliate page if There is anything related so welcome Affiliates okay okay okay email number One okay so I'll just use the counting From the email okay so this is very cool Thing that we use these other email Accountants okay because the email is

Pretty much like a written content that We can use and it's going to copy and Paste something into the description so Uh two thousand twenty five thousand Dollars for any 30 days highlighted 70×20 okay okay okay okay so this is Actually going to be very cool I will Just actually copy the entire email and Put it into the description because it's Very easy and it pretty much but Somebody is going to read the Description in a way to burst lead them To click on the link and pretty much all You have to do is just copy your lead Then go to this email and just encry it Wherever it's going to say the link and Here as well and that's it I also delete The end because it totally email it just A video description okay so this is it Now the next hack these are two very Important hacks first off you go to the Playlists and this is very important put Everything down and just go to the Playlist and you want to click on select The playlist and if you don't have any Playlists just want to go create a new Playlist new playlist and then call in Something okay now what you want to call It is pretty much does something related To your Niche so we are pretty much in The make money online so I'm going to Call it make money online Port beginners I'm going to add 20283 and pretty much Go to the description the best playlist

Not playlist the best playlist for Videos about making money online or Beginners into a grade 3 okay visibility Public very important make sure this is Public if they thought public the hat is A great work and click on create Okay Click on done now no people made for Kids now this is very important as well Show more and you want to get the Hashtag with hashtag about the tags okay Pretty much hashtag tag whatever let's Call it tag hashtag for the YouTube Video now what you want to do is you Don't want to come up with them yourself Go to website that's called the Rapid Tax IO Rapid Tax IO you can see the Written right here and then you go to The tools and you want to get the tag Generator every match for this tag Generator you want to copy the headline Of your video tie Idol put it right here And click on search this is what I'm Using myself to actually grow my YouTube Channel and I'll be using for every Single all my videos by the way I never Wrote any tags for my videos so if You're like a YouTuber this too is very Good it's very good and I cannot believe It's been on here for a couple of years Completely for free the video language Just select English and these parts These parts are not really that Important you just want to like fill Them out so pretty much recording day to

Day and let's go to video location today Uh United States okay that's it then Click on next next and make it public This is very important and you can come Publish okay so this is the first Optimization egg and now I'm going to Share with you the Boost with how to Actually get traffic to your video how To get traffic to this video so people Are actually going to be clicking on Your tiny URL and they are going to be Making Private Sales of the product just Like I got paid the right here 185 Dollars I know it's not the most amount Foreign Just keep it open like it is and go to YouTube they want to search for the most Popular keyword in your nation pretty Much for us it's pretty much ultimate Money online make money online for Beginners work from a whole online Business affiliate marketing and stuff Like that so pretty much what I'm going To search for is how to make money Online for beginners I'm going to click There and this is what you want to do The first result is going to be an Advertisement and then the next 10 Videos is the ones that you want to use For the Boost now why do three four five Six and seven eight nine ten these are The videos we are going to be using for The Boost now what you want to do simply Is just go right go to the right section

Right here this dot click there and you Want to pretty much sync to playlist and You want to use your own playlist okay You just add the videos there so say the Playlist just like this and it's also Something that I did when I was starting Out to boost my old YouTube channel the One that you are currently watching so If there's any uh Ambitions in the Ground there then you can do this as Well okay so this is this is something That just works nobody's sharing it Because it just works and it's like People don't know it didn't exist so you Just want to add 10 videos per keyword Into your playlist just like this okay So now that you have that you want to go To your account go to your channel and Then you want to go to your playlist Okay so this is our playlist and you can See that all these videos right here and Pretty much you want to make sure that There are all the videos related to the Niche you can do this for weight loss Healthful Fitness any kind of Beats as Well and you just want to make sure that You're going to drag your old video to The first position just like that okay So you want to make sure it's going to Save one out of 10. that I could wait to Do this pretty much the entire playlist Is going to receive all the Boost from All the videos but because 9 out of 10 Videos have Way Big Boost it's going to

Be like very good boost but it's also Ready to boost your very own video but Because your video is furthered whatever Somebody is going to click on that Playlist that's the first video that We're going to be playing and pretty Much they are going to see representing They are going to see your sales video And that's how you're going to be Dropping and how you're going to make Sales and that's it guys I hope you Enjoyed this video this is exactly how I Wasn't doing 185 dollars in the 66 set This is also how one of my students was Able to do this as well I have seen in The comments in my previous video Because I recorded this video before as Well go ahead give it a try it Definitely works I cannot wait to see Your own results also before you leave Don't forget to like the video subscribe My channel hit notification Bell and Also vote on the poll above the five day Live Master Class they probably keep 33 000 per month a week high ticket sales Being Incognito meaning you have to do The selling yourself and also you can Get started without showing your face on Life just tell me if you like it if not Then I'll be happy to see your feedback Bye for now

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