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In today’s video I’m going to show you How to make a 19 every 15 minutes just By using Google translate it’s a Completely brand new method we haven’t Never talked before on this channel you Don’t have to create any websites you Don’t have to create any videos and most Importantly this is 100 free now if You’re going to do this for just one Hour that’s over 76 dollars per hour you Can make using this method and let’s say You’re going to do it for like eight Hours that comes to be 680 dollars you can earn if you’re going To do this just for eight hours per day I’m going to show you exactly how to do This method in today’s video so just Follow along and do exactly what I’m Going to be doing in today’s video now Just before we get started I want to Show you some of my proof that I was Able to earn using this method you can See right here on this network uh my Lifetime earnings are four point six Thousand dollars this is an ad Work Media and this is all just by using the Method which I’m going to show you in Today’s video so this is an updated Version that is going to be working in 2022 with new technology with less Amount of work just by using Google Translate now step one for this method Guys you want to go to cpagroup.com and Click on the register to sign up for a

Free account if you don’t have one Already now you can just go through the Registration process fill in all the Details they are going to ask you but The most important part of this entire Questionnaire is just this part right Here what kind of publisher you are Whether you have website slash instant Email GPT or other just select the Website slash instant or GPT which Stands for get paid 2 and they are going To approve you and then right here where Did you hear about us just tell them you Are coming from the Inca into money Channel they already know me and most of The times they are just going to approve You instantly and then also don’t forget To tick all of these three boxes and Click right here on the register now Then once you’re going to log into your Account just navigate to the alpha tools And you want to select United States now For this method the way we are going to Be making money with this are two Different ways you cannot really make Money using this method just one way a Because you need to actually do it two Ways so the only way you are going to be Making money with this method is from Two different sources so we are going to Get started with the first one just Select United States and then search for Like PlayStation okay like PlayStation 5 Offer or also because the time of the

Year iPhone offers are going to be very Very popular so pretty much people can Just submit their information for this Offer right here and they can earn up to One thousand dollars to get like a brand New iPhone 14 plus and you are going to Get paid two dollars and 43 cents every Single time that they are going to do This so this is all you really need to Do now the next step once you’re going To have this uh CPA offer just go to This website which is called anyword.com Just sign up and then once you’re going To log in this is how it’s going to look Like and then on the left hand side go To the black Wizard and click on new Blog post and this is first of all going To do all the work for you and then we Are going to be doing something crazy With this so this is where you can Create your blog post now because we Have like an iPhone 14 offer what you Want to do just fill in some details About iPhone so this AI software is Going to create like an article about IPhones now when you think about iPhones The one thing you can just put here is Like top three things you didn’t know About iPhone or something sneaky about IPhone or I bet you didn’t know this About iPhone or something like that to Give the any word something to work with And it’s going to create you an article So I put here top three things you

Didn’t know about iPhone 14 and it’s Going to give me all these different Titles that I can work with right now Now the way to work with any word is Also going to give you all these score Options now the way anywhere is going to Pretty much give you these results is It’s going to give you these ranking Scores as well and all you really need To do is just choose the ones that have The highest score so for this one I’m Going to go with the new iPhone 14 the Top three things you didn’t know so I’m Just going to select that one and click On next then it’s going to generate an App outline again click on the next part And then it’s going to give you like an Intro paragraph which is going to take Like a few seconds to generate as well So just be a little patient and we have It right here and again you can see it’s Based on the score ratings and I’m just Going to select the best one again so Right here and click on next then you Just want to continue to an editor and Now you pretty much highlight the base Structure of the article and you really Just want to click on the generate with All of these options so click on Generate right here then you want to Wait for it to load up then click on Generate right here wait for it to load Up once again and what’s going to load Up then click on generate right here as

Well and it’s going to create this Entire article for you with just few Clicks of your mouse and you can see This one has 220 words because we only Went for like top three things you Didn’t know up to 500 words not less Than 200 because then it’s not really an Article it’s really just like an intro That people are going to skim through And you can pretty much compare it to Like a Twitter post but anything more Than 500 is just too much and you don’t Really need anything more than 500 and Then go right here and you just want to Click on the copy blog post to clipboard Now once you have this ready I want to Show you first of all how to actually Make money with this article you have it Just generated and then I want to show You what you need to do to make a 19 Every 15 minutes with this article that We have just right in front of our eyes Just by using the Google translate that I was talking about at the beginning of The video so you want to just copy the Article and then go to a website that’s Called medium.com and you want to just Create an account this is how it’s going To look like and then on the left hand Side just click on this little pencil Icon to write and this is where you can Actually post an article so I’m just Going to paste it right here to tell the Story but I also need to add the

Headline of the article so the new IPhone 14 that three things you didn’t Know I’m going to put it into the Headline and add plus giveaway okay this Is very important so people can also see That this article is just not about the IPhone 14 but it’s also about a giveaway And then pretty much can add like Giveaway giveaway contest a giveaway IPhone 14 give away the current month That you are posting this etc etc just So it’s going to hell like the base Value which is like the new iPhone 14 The top three things you didn’t know Plus giveaway contest now what this is Going to do this is going to attract Only the people that are interested in IPhone 14 and also if you’re going to Present them with like a giveaway offer Every single time just go back to CPA Grip now you want to copy your link that We have from the CPA offer and then just At the bottom of the article you want to Add click here if you’d like to Participate in the iPhone 14 giveaway For a chance to win one completely for Free us only 18 plus only as well you Want to highlight it and just go right Here to these links to add your CPA link And hit enter and also make it bold now The way I was making money using this Method is I was creating these articles But make sure you’re going to put some Effort into the article even though like

The AI is going to generate it just Don’t create something low quality Because these are going to be your Online assets that are going to be Getting you traffic passively so you Want to put just a little bit of effort Into the creation using the any word and Then these are going to be serving you For a very long time also after there is Like a brand new iPhone like 15 most of The times these articles are going to Die off but in this case this one is Going to work for at least a couple of Months and then you really just click on Publish right here to publish your Article and then add here iPhone 14 as a Tag then giveaway contest free iPhone Just like this and that’s pretty much it You can also add a story preview and Then click on the green button to Publish and send now so yeah this is how The article is going to look like and This is it now I want to show you pretty Much what you can do to make 19 dollars Using this exact article every 15 Minutes okay because this took less than 15 minutes to actually create using what I did to make over four thousand dollars Myself so now what you want to do is you Want to go to Google Translate and again Go back to the any word just copy the Blog post we have created and pretty Much the way Google translate works is On the left hand side you put a English

Language or the language that you have The current text or you want to Translate on the right hand side you’re Going to put the language that you want To translate it into so I’m just going To put the entire article right here and Bam you can see that it’s going to Automatically translate it into French For now but if you’re going to go to CPA Grip you’re going to see that this CPA Offer is just for United States but I’m Going to show you something very awesome Because if you’re going to go to Country And you’re going to search for like Friends and you’re going to search for IPhone as well so let’s go with like IPhone you’re going to see if I sorted These by payout you can see that if you Talk about like iPhone 13 you are going To get paid paid twenty one dollars for The CP offer and if we are talking about Like iPhone 14 which the entire article Is structured about every single time You are going to get paid 19 okay so now All we need to do is just check out any Of these CPA offers so let’s go with Like the desktop version for now and Pretty much what people need to do is Just like pay one Euro Euro to enter the Giveaway for a chance to win like Airpods and also iPhone 14 and you are Going to get paid 19 so now all you have To do is just go back to medium click on Create a new blog post and then come

Back to Google Translate and just copy This entire part right here so just put It right here and because I don’t know Anything about French I’m just going to Copy and paste the headline right here And now you want to go back to Google Translate and add their giveaway contest As I told you before so I don’t know how To say this so this is pretty much Foreign Just put in there so just like this and It’s going to tell the giveaway contest And then you want to go back to Google Translate once again click here for a Chance to win brand new iPhone 14 plus Airpods and again copy this translation Then put it at the bottom of the article And you just want to add your link to This CPA offer so just copy it then you Want to highlight this part add your Affiliate link hit enter and then Highlight it once again click on hold And again that’s it click on publish and Now make sure that the tags you’re going To add here are going to be like iPhone 14 and then pretty much the free iPhone 14 you need to translate it so it’s Going to be pushing this article to French traffic okay because if it’s Going to push the U.S traffic you are Going to receive like the two dollar Payments but it’s not going to make Sense because U.S traffic is not going To be reading French articles just make

Sure the tags are going to be in French As well click on publish until now and Then this is going to be your article For French traffic but it this offer is Also for French traffic so you are going To be getting paid 19 every single time And now to actually get the traffic Pretty much Index this article just go To like website called indexkings.com And pretty much most people are not Watching this video right now so if You’re watching till the end I want to Remind you to watch the videos till the End every single time because at the end Of the video is where I post the secret Sauce so you can make the most amount of Money because I know most people don’t Watch the video till the end and I want To reward the people that are going to Do that so this is the website that is Actually going to Kickstart the traffic So indexkings.com just put it there and Click on complex URLs and click on rapid Index you can see it’s going to be Building you backlinks pretty much in Front of your eyes then another website Is pinkfarm.com just like this click on The masking again this is going to build One backlink and the next one is called Clever Submitter.com enter it right here then You want to enter your email right here I’m just going to put some random email And and then you just want to rewrite

The captcha right here make sure all of These are selected and then just scroll It up and click right here on the submit To my site and that’s it this is Actually going to be boosting that Medium article medium is going to be Boosting into the traffic that it’s made For so the United States is going to go To us audience you are going to be Getting paid two dollars the French one Is going to go to the French audience And you are going to be getting paid 19 For the French traffic this is just one Way you can make by using Google Translate if you’d like to see another Way you can use Google Translate to make Over 50 every 10 minutes then check out This video right here which is going to Show you another method you can combine With this one and make even more money Click here I’m going to see you and stay Out there bye for now

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