Earn +$25 EVERY HOUR By Doing This Extremely EASY Method For Newbies (No SKILLS – NO EXPERIENCE)

Now last seven days I made six thousand One hundred and twenty dollars these are All affiliate commissions but if I go to The last 30 days that's thirty thousand One hundred and thirty two dollars so Pretty much over one thousand dollars Per day on average I did not make one Thousand every single day as you can see Right here but overall I made over one Thousand dollars per day every single Day on average just by what is going on Guys in today's video I'm gonna show you Extremely easy method for beginners to Make over 25 every single hour just by Doing this I wanna know twenty five Dollars is not the most amount of money But if you're going through this method Pretty much every single hour you can Make like twenty five dollars you're not Going to be making thousands of dollars In this one but you never made any money Online I highly recommend you're going To do this because you can actually make Over two hundred dollars per day because Of couple of more sales it can happen You can make 200 even 400 in a single Day but I'm just going to tell you 25 Dollars per hour because that's more Realistic and when you got those 200 for Paydays you are just going to be much Much happier but before we get started Don't forget to like the video subscribe The channel hit notification Bell Comment down below something crazy and

Let's get started with the step-by-step Tutorial now for this method we are Going to be using word Euro plus so go To warriorplus.com this is an affiliate Network where you can promote different Products and the cool part about Warrior Plus their specialty is actually that They have a lot of new products anybody Can add a product there completely for Free that's why there's a new products Added every single day that are pretty Much low priced at the front end and Have a lot more upsells later on so it's Like when you go to McDonald's and they Advertise one dollar cheeseburger you go There because of one dollar cheeseburger But then you end up buying fries uh Coke All those Hot Pockets you know those Like apple pies all those things ice Cream maybe those are all upsells so They are advertising the small small Cheeseburger for a dollar and then they Get you on the upsells and that's pretty Much how it works in marketing you know Like when you go to the dentist they Offer like free a consultation free Teeth cleaning and then they sell you on Like the ceramic veneers you know for a Couple thousand dollars so that it works Everywhere okay like even with cars Anything just something free as a magnet But pay not free but cheap as a magnet And then they are going to upsell you And those offers I don't follow Warrior

Plus just go with free sign up and you Want to just sign up for a free account Just this is so easy just put in Username password email address that's It click you cannot be a robot okay That's the only problem if you are a Robot then please comment down below you Are a crazy robot other than that you're Gonna create your account and this is Pretty much it now what you want to do After that is go to the affiliate and go To the offers right here you're going to Find plenty different offers now for Beginners the way affiliate uh the way Warrior plus works it's going to show You all these offers and they are sorted By how many Affiliates are currently Making money by promoting them now the Cool part about Warrior plus is you can See all these details like when they Have been released how many sales they Got the conversion rate the visitor Value the average amount you're going to Get per sale and also the refund rate so That's very cool about Warrior plus now You want to find a make money online Offer for this example but this is going To work for any affiliate offers Anything like that so I will just show It to you for make money online example But you can do it for literally anything Because this method is so so cool it Works on the upsell principle and for Beginners this is like a gold mine to

Make money now I'm going to go with one Of my favorite offers this is the one That I recommend because it just works Time and time again called uh Phoenix Reloaded so click on the offer and Request your link if you're not going to Have the link just tell them you are Coming from Inca into money hopefully They are going to approve you if not you Just need to wait for that now the thing With this one you can see the main Product I'm going to zoom this just like This the main product the Phoenix Reloaded front end is pretty much a 12 Product and it has all these upsells Like uh done for you package 10x profits Affiliate Mastery for a thousand you can Get like one person to pay twelve Dollars and then also pay this one so That's why you can make two hundred Dollars in a day or even like five Hundred dollars per day but I don't want To be promising that because that's like Very slim chance of that happening but It can happen it can definitely happen I've seen it happening long time ago for Other students so I know it can happen I Usually get these upsells right here now There are all these upsells like Unlimited traffic super reseller lights And stuff like that now I currently have Eighty percent of the commissions Because I bought the reseller license You're going to have like 50 that's all

Right if you're a beginner no worries About that now let's click on the Affiliate link and come to the sales Page and we are going to start with the Process of actually making money using This offer now for this case there's a Video right here and this is the video We are going to be using and it has the Little Vimeo icon right here if you're Going to find any other video that's Okay but in this case we are using a Vimeo so all you got to do is click on That Vimeo icon this is kind of like a Hack and you're going to be taken to This page where you can actually like Watch it directly on Vimeo okay but Because I'm not logged in I cannot do That doesn't matter Next Step what you Want to do is you want to go to Google Sites just Google like Google sites and Click on blank template and this is Something we are going to be using right Now then this is the title delete the Title right away so it's only like a Blank wide website we click on text box And first of all what we want to do is You want to put in the headline of the Not the headline kind of like the main Selling point of the entire program so I'm going to just copy and paste it and Put it right here and put it into the Center but we are going to do couple of Adjustments so this one the revealed one We want to kind of style it like that

Like it's on the sales page so this one Is going to be small this one is going To be bigger this one the biggest and This one's smaller okay so just like That so just like that that's 12 this One is going to be like 30. this one is Going to be like 36 and also making bold And this one is going to be like let's Go like 24 yes something like that and Also I want to change the sizing okay so Let's go it like that and this is it Okay so this is all you gotta do but one More important part duplicate it and Then right there free video or not like That but free video reveals okay and Make it bold and make it red and make it Maybe like 18 okay just like that and Move it about here okay so it's going to Be just like this so there's the free Video aspect that's very important now What you want to do is go back right Here remember we click on the Vimeo and You want to go to this page right here This is the Vimeo page copy the URL of The page copy that and then click on Embed and just buy URL and this is going To fetch the data from the URL and it's Going to be intelligent and it's going To assume you only want the video and That's what you want and click on insert And now just let's put the video Directly right here and make it bigger Okay because so it's going to be like This and then Center it accordingly just

Like this okay so so far very simple Page one more thing we want to add a Text box and we want to add their click Here to get started right now and this Is going to be for people who are more Advanced this is already going to be Affiliating okay you already got that And you want to add the link click on Apply but also again make it like 30 add These little two arrows hold on like This and also change the color to like This bluish color okay that's the Default color for the link okay and also Maybe we can add there first watch the Video then click here to get started so Now we have like very simple page Because the sales page it's shiny it's Good but right now we don't want to Pretty much be overwhelmed people with All these Graphics right away okay Because that's cool it's cool it works It's awesome but we don't want to do it Right the way because in this example we Are going to be using this one okay Because of all those advertisements People see all the time they get kind of Like not frustrated but tired of all the Flashy things so once they see something Super simple elegant like this like free Video reveals okay okay easy to digest And then the link they're like okay I'm Gonna watch it and this is a sales video And they are going to watch it this is Going to give them a presentation on how

They are making money and then they Click right here now they already seen The video now they get overwhelmed with The graphics like okay this is awesome And they are going to pick up the Product and you're going to make money Okay now how to actually get traffic to This page I'm going to show you exactly How to do that using a new free website That's being being uh expressed by People who are looking to make money Online now the website is called trendry It's called trendery and just Google That and this is a make money online Forum okay now you don't have to create Any posts you don't like main threads And try to sell this what you want to do Is click on right here on the register Write your own register and then just Register fast using any of the social Media accounts I like to register using Google so I don't have to ever fill out Any details and then once you're logged In this is how my account looks like go Right here click on the account and go Right here to Account Details and you're Going to find these details and then Just write iterates website website you Want to copy and paste this one right Here and then in about you just write Check out the outdoor over one thousand Dollars per day passively free video in My website link and then just save it Right here and this is something you can

Use on any other Forum as well okay Because this is like the basic form Layout and they either have like website About your like a signature which is Under every single one of your posts and That's where you just put this link and Because this link is not your affiliate Link they are going to approve it and It's like a very simple page very simple Video and then it's affiliate link they Don't mind okay because it's like a Landing page landing pages are okay Affiliating directly is kind of like Spamming so this is all you got to do And then just go to the home section and Just go through these make money online Categories and just start writing there Start commenting on this post it doesn't Have to be something crazy just Something related to the post so you're Going to grow up your post on this forum Now do it for other forums as well also For other niches like weight loss Relationships for weight loss need for Weight loss forms and relationship Forums and just by using this very Simple landing page like this you're Going to kind of like change the Perception of the affiliate offer then You're going to increase the perception Because they are going to click on the Pay link and it's going to pretty much Be all shiny and that's how you're going To generate these sales now Warrior pass

Is awesome I make like thirty thousand Dollars per month there without ever Showing my face so you'd like to see how I do that then check out this video Right here and see exactly the three Step method that I use

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