EASY +$125 Per Hour COPY & PASTE Method With NO Experience! (How To Make Money Online In 2023)

And I posted this message like six Months ago it got over 20 000 views a Lot of people told me they made money With this and I was just testing it out That you can see yesterday I made 124 Dollars which is okay but today that's The reason why I'm recording this video So fast I made over 268 dollars already Now listen I think this is a little bit Lucky I don't think everyone is going to Make like 380 dollars in just two days Of doing this method but 150 is doable For anyone so I think today was really Lucky but 124 is something that anyone Can do with this method what's going on Guys in today's video I want to show you This copy and paste method you can use To make 125 dollars per hour now this Requires no experience no social media Followers and it's super cool and every Single time that I test out this method It always works for me so in today's Video I'm going to show you exactly what Is this method about how it works but More importantly I'm going to share with You the hacks and the tips and the Tricks that actually made this method Work for me every single time because You can do it just the basic way which 95 percent of people like actually know How to do but it doesn't really produce Results fast but if you're going to do It with the way I'm going to show you Right now it actually produces results

Very fast it can actually make 125 Dollars in literally hour of doing this It's not going to happen like per hour But per hour of work okay now I think I Got a little bit lucky right here I made 268 dollars a day because one person Bought a lot of upsells by using this Method you can make even more money okay If you're going to get very lucky you Can make like 500 per day but that's Something I don't want to be promising Because first of all I haven't made that Amount of money and also it's most Likely not going to be for everyone so I'm going to call this method 125 Dollars per hour now first of all what You need to do is you want to go to Digistore24 and you just want to sign up For an account so click on the register Now and we are going to be using pretty Much affiliate marketing for this okay Now pretty much once they are going to Ask you what you are actually looking For you just want to pretty much enter The details but right here click on I Mainly promote products of other Providers because if you sell your own Products then they are going to ask you More details just like with PayPal if You put in business account sound they Ask you personal stuff and also business But in this case if you're going to just Promote other providers they are going To ask you less questions and that's the

Only thing that we are going to be using Digital for just make sure if you want Like Fast Track Your setup I think most Of the people already watching already Have a digistore account now pretty much Once you are inside this is kind of like What you're going to see once you Actually take or take action on this Method before you move to the next step Please don't forget to like the video Subscribe to the channel hit Notification Bell and comment down below And tell me what you like about this Method and what you don't like so I can Always improve in the future we simply Want to go to the marketplace section And this is where we are going to be Picking up a product to promote the cool Part about this store just like ClickBank like 99 of products like all The products right here have instant Guaranteed approval so you can pretty Much start promoting it right away Without any hassle now the one that I Want to take uh pretty much want to Guide your attention to is going to be The category of fitness and health okay Now the reason for this is because Currently it's April people want to get In shape for summer and these products Are really right now so feeling like hot Cakes any kind of like dessert or the That's related to losing weight any kind Of like Diet that's gained to losing

Weight related or anything like getting In shape getting a six-pack stuff like That always always sells well during the First half of the entire year so January February March April May June July People want to get in shape so any of These products are going to work super Super well for example like this one Ultimate keto meal plan is going to work Super well then this one right here Small smart blood sugar now this is not Related to losing weight it can really It can lead to that but this is not Something you want to be promoting you Just want to go for the this one right Here keto desserts for example the Essential keto cookbook and stuff like That okay now there's a lot more Products now the one that I'm going to Use is going to be right here keto Desserts because it has like a very very Low initial price because it's like I Think like couple of dollars and then The most money you're going to make yeah The first one is like five dollars and Then the most money you're going to make From the app sales that's exactly how I Was actually able to make the money Because person bought a lot of upsell so This is the product so keto desserts High converting keto desserts offer now Next thing you just want to go to answer The public because you don't want to be Thinking with this method okay just go

Right here and you for example input Like keto diet and you're going to find All the questions that people are Currently asking about a keto diet just Make sure it's like United States select English and click on search now this is Something that's actually going to be Attracting the traffic and you just want To go for the darkest questions now Don't like darkest like dark humor but The one that has like the dark dark Color right here because these are the Ones that pretty much have like the Highest search of volume right now so This this website is extra public Actually works on like related uh not Related but the recent searches what People are currently asking for so you Want to again go live with highly Searched the dark color because that's Going to get you very traffic a lot of Traffic very fast so for example cankito Diet gets picture acid can keto diet Cause ketoacidosis I know what it means But pretty much how keto diet works okay So that's a very very good keyword and We are going to be using it now the next Thing you wanted to go to is going to be Google Docs okay go to Google Docs and Just go to the first section and this is Pretty much a online Google editor so Just click on start a blank document and Pretty much just search for the question You can search for it by clicking on the

Question and it's going to give you all These uh articles we are going to be Using right now so just copy the main Question how key to that works go to Google Docs and paste it right there and This is going to be our headline okay Now maybe this is going to take a bit of Work but I promise you if you're going To do it just this way it's going to get You the best results okay don't don't Skip this part do you just want to uh Style it a little bit and also I want to How keto diet works I'm going to add it Like this and make it much bigger Because this is going to be the front Page we are going to be having on our Short ebook and make this one like a lot More bold okay so just just like this And then pretty much how cute that it Works I'm going to search for like an Image that I can get something from Google this is going to work copy this Image and paste it right there now also Make sure you're going to resize it so It's going to fit to the first page just Like this and this is going to be our First page now pretty much just enter The next page obviously change the Sizing to normal and now we're just Going to add some content from the Google articles not good articles but The articles that Google is going to Show us right here now the one that you Are really looking for is something

That's going to give you a lot more than Just one article to for example like 15 Tips to get started with keto 10 Different strategies or stuff like that You can like create a short straight to The point book with more content because If we only got for example like this Article we put it there but then we need To find something more okay so I want to Go for for example right here the Ketogenic diet a detailed beginner's Guide to keto okay accept and continue Okay okay this is exactly what we have Looking for okay so something that we Can use to put into the article okay now Don't worry you can just copy and paste It as long as you're going to give a Feedback to the website but this is the Way to do that okay so I'm just going to Copy this article this part right here And I'm going to go to our document and Put it right here and also I'm going to Put it to the left hand side and also Make it unbold and make it not the bold Because we want to make sure it's Actually readable and people are going To read it now also make sure that You're going to put the font like 18 Because then it's a little bit bigger Easy to read and also don't include a Lot of paragraphs that are like this Because then they they are hard to read So make sure to always split them now The rule of like thumb is don't go for

More than like three lines okay so if It's like three lines try to like Dissect it into less than three or three Maximum and also I'm going to delete This Source okay so this is the first Page okay so this is the first page now Just click on control and enter and it's Going to give you a new page and then Again just copy the headline Paste it right here hit enter not Control and enter just basic enter and Then again just copy uh this part and Also make sure you're going to get rid Of those numbers because this website Actually has them okay so something like This and yeah that's it so key to Basics I'm going to underline that and then This one is going to be bold and much Bigger than the rest okay so this is What you want to do short straight to The point look I'm going to do it right Now okay so I'm reaching the end so Pretty much uh to actually like make it A little easier if you have like one Style you can like highlight it then Click on this paint format and then Whenever you're going to highlight the Next thing it's going to give you the Exact same kind of like style but this Is pretty much all you have to come up With okay like a short article short Book something like this just make sure Like the the first part has some form of Image so people are going to go through

That because that's very important now Here comes the really really awesome Part what you want to do is you want to Double click right here at this part Okay so you can see you cannot really do Right here okay you cannot read it right Here double click there right here and It's going going to put you into the Footer of the page and now you just want To add a call to action to your product Because keto diet is all about like not Eating anything sweet I'm going to put This genius call to action there did you Know you can eat desserts on keto diet As well click here for the best recipes And pretty much all I'm gonna do is just Highlight this entire part and I'm going To copy my affiliate link and then I'm Going to add it right here I need to Unzoom this part for this to work and I'm just going to highlight it right Here insert link right here click on Apply I'm going to put it into the Center now by doing this because we put It into the footer just like this it's Going to be on the footer of every Single other page you can see it's Automatically added there okay so it's Automatically added there and that's Pretty much the reason why we click on The footer and they also want to add Credit to the original page now the way I do it is I just copy the URL of the Page make sure it's looking nice and

Pretty much add credit and the name of The website is healthline.com Click Click here for full article okay and Make sure to make this just a bit Smaller so it's not so obvious that we Have just used the website okay now make Sure we're going to do this otherwise It's not not legit to do it okay just Like this and that's pretty much it okay So this is our page this is our book and Now all you have to do is just download It and save it right it go to file you Don't even have to title it anything Just go to file and you want to pretty Much go to download sometimes it says Save save a copy depending on the Version just go to like download and you Just want to download it as a PDF Document and now that you have it this Is how it's going to look like how each That works what is the key to diet and Pretty much the affiliate link right Here goes to our uh affiliate offer and People can go through this get some Information and pretty much this is it Okay so this is all you need to do this Low effort books work very well because Again nobody is going to read like an 80 Page book they just want the best Information about how keto diet works Like the 80 of the information comes Just like 20 of the content that you're Going to find on the first page of Google just create these pages and the

Only thing you need to do is use the Correct keyword and that keyword has Been found on answer the public because You want to go for something that people Are currently searching for and has a Lot of Buzz around it now the next thing You want to go to is going to be Slideshare.com and you just want to Click right here on upload and it's Going to Branch to sign up and create Your account all you have to do is just Use google.com to sign up inside of the Network and you're going to have your Account ready in like no time so you Don't even have to create a password and Upload your ebook and this is where you Need to change the title so you want to Change it obviously from Untitledocument.pdf which is the name of The file you want to put here how key to That works and can you eat desserts yes So you want to add something again Unique not something just wait because The way keyword is for for a search Engine and for the traffic but the can You eat desserts is something that's Going to get the click and attention Okay because then it's just just like Another book but if you're going to add Can you eat desserts yes then for the Description cover how ketogen that works And how Canadian users while you're on a Diet then go to category and you want to Select appropriate category so this is

Going to be about food or health and Medicine but I would go with like food Then taxi to that keto recipes and again You want to put in some keto easy keto Weight loss weight loss recipes make Sure you're going to add all the related Keywords so all cool cool make sure it's Going to be public and make sure we're Going to publish it and Bam now you're Going to have it ready to roll now what I want to show you right now are going To be the hacks on how to get even more Traffic from this so you want to get the URL of the page after you publish it Just copy that part and then you want to Go to indexkings.com and this is going To build you backlinks to that website Just make sure you're going to add a Complex URLs slash deep links because if You're not going to check that it's only Going to add backlinks for Slideshare.net but we want to make sure It's slideshare.net and our entire Affiliate offer and then click on rapid Index and Bam now it's going to be Sending the backlinks with no problem This is the first thing that I do and Also the next thing that I do is I go to SEO clerks just go to seoclerks.com Seoclerk.com and search for PDF and this Is the best combo to do you just go for PDF and just you can go for like the Cheapest one like one dollar and this Person is going to submit the PDF to 26

Best PDF submission uh Pages for Backlinks that we are looking for the Submissions because the website is a Longer going to send you traffic and Once it's going to give you these 26 Links to actually prove that he Submitted it again go to index Kings and You just want to place all of them right There okay so just like this I don't Know so let's say that's like one two Three four this many links you're going To get and make sure to check complex URLs rapid index but this time it's Going to take some time to actually get The backlinks because it's actually Creating the packings for all the pages At once and this is all you have to do Just create a book with cool keyword That's getting searched right now using The answer to the public add some good Content from the first page of Google Then upload it yourself or just use the Service and then boost it using Indexkins.com and that's it hope you Like this video let me know what you Think about it in the comment section Below and for the next video click right Here and I will see you right there bye For now

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