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Okay guys Shady sound you can see that Today I was able to make already 423.50 in affiliate commissions and this Is just been just for today and in Today's video what I want to show you is Going to be this new method on how you Can make 100 or 60 Minutes of simple Work essentially make a hundred dollars Every single hour and get paid over a Couple thousand dollars per week without Any skills or without having any Experience all you got to do is just Follow this super simple three-step Method from beginning to the end but Make sure to stay until the end of the Video as well because at the end of the Video I'm going to share with you a copy And paste script that's going to make This 10 times easier for you so you can Literally just hop on this method and Start making money pretty much as soon As tomorrow and by that I completely Mean it you can actually set this method Up in the next 20 minutes after you Finish watching this video literally 20 Minutes then do like 30 minutes of the Work and then by tomorrow you can Already see your first earnings in your Account but before we get to that don't Forget to please like the video Subscribe to the channel hit Notification Bell and let's try and get To 1000 likes on this video and also Comment down below and tell me if you

Prefer free traffic or you prefer paid Traffic so I know what kind of videos to Create in the future okay so let's get Started now as you can see today right Here I was able to make 123.50 using a very very similar method That I'm going to show you in today's Video now I'm not going to share the Exact one in today's video because I'm Still using this one so I want to make a Little bit more money with this one and When I share the methods most of them Get saturated so I want to give this a Little bit more try and later on I'm Going to definitely share it so don't Forget to subscribe for that but pretty Much what I want to show you right now Is going to be how you can make 100 per Simple hour of working on this super Simple method so for that what you want To do is first of all you want to go to Google.com and just want to search for Add Zuma okay I'm going to explain you Everything so it's going to make perfect Sense so you just search for adzuma and You're going to see after all the Advertisements the first link that's Going to pop on right here is this one Right here at Zuma online marketing Simplified and if you can check this out This is like an online marketing tool That's going to help you with your Advertisements it's going to help them Optimize them it's going to help you

Track them and overall it's going to Help your ad campaigns to show you which Ones are the winners and which one are Making you the most amount of money now Don't worry you don't have to create any AD campaigns I'm just exploring the Method right now so you can see this is How it looks like they're like a Google Partner they are like a Microsoft Partner and they are also like Facebook Business partner so this bridge how it Works and you can pretty much use it for Like Google Maps you can use it for like Whatever kind of Google listings Microsoft ads listing or any kind of Listings that you're going to find on The search engines whether it's Microsoft search engine the bing one or The Google okay so you can use both of Them now if you're going to scroll down And you're going to check out the Affiliate program we are not going to be Using this one by the way if you can Check out the affiliate program you're Going to see that you are getting paid 30 dollars per sale and you can get Payouts monthly via Paypal okay so this Is their affiliate program on their Official website but what I want to show You is how to actually make even more Money from this website much much much Easier by using two simple automation Bots that are going to do all the work For you now for this one first of all

What you want to do is just go to Google And instead of searching for adzuma Search for partner stack okay you want To go to this website partnersstag.com Just click there and sign up for an Account then once you're going to go to Your account just go to the top section Go to the marketplace and you want to Search for Ed Zuma right here okay Search for Zuma now for me it's not Going to find anything but for you it's Going to find a program and then just Click on join program and you are going To be instantly approved the reason why I don't show it right here because I Already am sign up you can see right Here I have been promoting myself and It's been making me money but you can See this is what you're actually going To make inside of partner stack so if You go through their official website You'll just get paid 30 dollars for like An account sale but right here you are Going to get paid 30 dollars for every Qualified account connection so people They don't even have to buy anything and You are going to get paid 30 dollars not Only that you are going to get pretty Much thirty dollars for qualified Connection 69 for adzuma plus purchase So more than 39 dollars extract and also You're going to receive 50 for five Qualified account Collections and a 250 Dollar ad voucher and all these bonuses

So for five accounts you'll receive a 50 Bonus 14 accounts another 100 bonus so It's going to stack it's not it's not Like when you get 10 accounts you are Not going to get this bonus you're going To get both of them so you will receive 150 when you get 10 qualified accounts When you get 20 qualified accounts you Will receive an additional 400 400 bonus So all together 550 dollars in just bonuses and pretty Much six hundred dollars in commission So that's over one thousand dollars and All you gotta do is just bring 20 Qualified account connections that don't Have to buy anything from Azuma Whatsoever and you can see if they are Going to buy something again 100 250 Bonus and all these pretty much bonuses And if they end up buying something You'll get like 100 except a dollar or Two hundred dollars except a dollar so I Want to show you how to actually promote This very very powerful system from Partner stack and stop pretty much Making money with zero effort just by Like working 60 Minutes on your laptop So first of all what we want to do is You want to go to Google once again and This is what you want to search for Because you're not going to find it Anywhere else go to Google and search For Azuma coupon okay because what they Actually do and what they actually offer

Is this uh coupon okay so you're going To find these two websites if you're Going to just search for Azuma coupon Any of these two website and you're Going to see that if they are going to Join a Zuma for free they are going to Receive 125 dollars in Microsoft ads They can literally join for free and get A coupon okay 125 dollars when they Spend 25 bucks but that's on Microsoft Ads okay so this is the page you want to Be promoting but how do you actually go About doing that so what you want to do Is you want to copy the link to this Page then go back to partner stack click On the links right here and then you Want to paste it right here so we are Going to create a custom affiliate link With cast system landing page and pretty Much you can write here for example get A coupon okay get a coupon or something Like that now I'm going to add couple of Numbers so I'm not going to take your Suggestion because I already got my Suggestion myself it's been making me Some good money but this is something You can use yourself and then you click On create right here and if you're going To scroll down you're going to see these Are your custom links and if you're Going to copy that and you're going to Visit it when people click on the link They are taken right here and when they Click on get started and sign up and

Connect their advertising account you Will get paid 30 dollars it doesn't get Any easier than this but okay everybody How to actually make money from this Well that's exactly what I want to show You right now so what you want to do and This is actually so super simple easy That you can do this for any category For any keyword you can actually find Thousands of people who are interested In getting these coupons okay so all you Got to do is just go to Google and you Just want to write here any local Business and then in the quotation marks Put at gmail.com okay now this is just The base search string you can also put Here like barber in New York okay or in Los Angeles in London in Dubai or it can Be also like a nail salon hair salon Bakery massage or any kind of local Business in any kind of huge City okay Then just put there at gmail.com and Click on Google search or search and Then what you want to do just use the First page or go to the second page Because the first page these people are Kind of okay they are doing okay I'm Just going to add in New York because It's been showing my local Barbers and They are another barber shops they are Like in different language but anyways Just put there just like this and the First positions they are kind of like Doing okay you want to go to the second

Position and now this is all you got to Do don't even go through the search Results press control or command you Okay control you and it's going to show This huge code now what you want to do You want to go through this entire code Yourself and you want to dig no I'm just Kidding all you got to do is now press Ctrl 8 and click on copy or click on Right click select all okay you want to Click on select all but there's not the Option so just press Ctrl a it's going To select all and then you can right Click and click on copy okay this is What you want to do then go to this Website which is going to extract email Addresses I'm going to share all the Links at the end of the video because I Don't want you to pretty much miss out On the steps then you just paste it Right here and Bam it's going to give You all these email addresses now we Don't care about web address we don't Care about phone numbers we just care About email addresses now it's also Going to give you your email addresses Because when you are taking the source Code it's also going to take a source Code of this okay so you're going to Find your email address there as well But you want to pretty much do this for All the pages like the top five pages so Two three four fives like four pages Also the first one and then you're going

To receive these emails then what you Want to do is you want to copy these Emails or click on copy right here so This is step one go to the step number Two replace new line eyes with commas I Will share a link to this one as well And what this is going to do is going to Add a comma after each email so you can Pretty much mass email this but don't do It just like that you want to it's also Going to Auto copy to your clipboard or You can copy it as well and now here's What you want to do you want to go to The Gmail and this is very important Please do not miss this step you want to Paste the emails right here but make Sure right here that you're going to Select BCC okay BCC now the reason why I Want to select BCC hold on I'm going to Disable all of them like this is because And also some of them have like a dots At the end so you want to make sure You're going to fix that but the reason We want to select BCC is because now It's going to send emails to all these People one by one if you just enter them Like too and you add all the email Addresses there it's going to send it as A mass email to all the people at once And whenever somebody is going to open Up the email they're going to be like oh It has been sent to 50 people and I'm Not a special guy okay so they are not Going to feel like special but if you're

Going just like BCC it's going to select One email to every single person without Actually showing all the recipients you Want to do this and now you just want to Use this script which I use myself Multiple times and it works so so well Because it's going to use a very Powerful marketing technique where we Are not promoting anything at all you Can see this is the email but we are Actually asking people if they are Interested first okay so I'm going to Copy this subject line and then I'm Going to go through the email and tell You exactly how it works okay I will Also give you a link to this one as well So you can just copy and paste it just Like this but just stay until the end so The first one is the headline is here's A 225 voucher to advertise your business So that's pretty much coming from the From the landing page that we are Promoting and then the email is pretty Much uh congratulations I have noticed That your business is showing on Google But it's not on the first page that I Wanted to personally reach out to you And help you by giving you a 125 Advertising voucher that you can use to Advertise your business on first page Positions I'm going to be completely Honest I'm not going to sell you Anything I'm just telling you how to get This voucher as most people don't know

About it so we are not selling anything Because we don't have to sell anything Literally to actually get paid and if You get it I'm going to receive a small Affiliate commission for it so we are Being completely honest just being Transparent again just proves that and Now comes the cool part how to get the Voucher simply reply to this email and I'm going to send you the link right Away I don't want to spam you if you are Not interested so we are not giving them The link right away they need to do like A micro commitment action by replying to The email first which means once they Receive it they are more likely to check It out more likely to open it and more Likely to sign up so we can actually Make money from that and then last I'm a Real person and I like to keep it real Best of luck and then you pretty much Enter your name so Eric taggy and you Just hit send and that's it now all you Got to do is just get more emails for More people for more local businesses Barber Health hair salon Automotive Photoshop auto service or whatever You're going to find a pizza shop Burger Shop Burger Joint anything that you're Going to find on Google they like couple Hundred of these just send them the Emails make sure to use BCC and then Just reply to every single person who is Interested with your affiliate link

That's going to tell them exactly how to Get 125 voucher now the link to actually Extract the email address is going to be Right here extract email address.com This is the link and also the email or The link to replace new lines with Comas Is right here it's pretty much convert Town slash replace new lines with Comas And also the link where you can copy and Paste this exact uh email is going to be At the bottom of the video description Just click on the video link in the Description check it out copy it Yourself and you just go ahead and make Some very easy money thanks for watching And that's it hope you enjoyed this Video now if you'd like to see also how I'm making over thirty thousand dollars Per month without showing my face online Check out this video right here which is Going to show you the exact three-step Method for you to see

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