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You can see right here I got paid 398 Dollars and 40 cents today in affiliate Commissions and actually this website Has paid me close to thirteen thousand Dollars I'm actually 64 cents away from Getting paid thirteen thousand dollars In affiliate commissions just from these Website these are all affiliate Commissions not sales this is all that Went into my bank account and in today's Video guys I'm gonna show you how Anybody literally anybody watching this Video can get paid up to 350 dollars per Day just by using this completely free Traffic loophole that's going to be Sending you targeted free traffic less Than 24 hours from right now completely For free without even having a website Without creating any videos without Showing your face on camera you don't Have to have any skills you don't have To have any experience and I'm going to Show you how to set this up in the next Five minutes so it's not even going to Take a long time to actually do this now If you are excited to learn this free Traffic loophole don't forget to drop a Like to this video subscribe to the Channel for more videos and also comment Down below and tell me do you prefer Free traffic or do do you prefer paid Traffic I want to see what kind of Traffic you guys prefer so I know what Kind of videos to create in the future

Just please comment down below and tell Me free traffic or a paid traffic and With that being said let's get started With today's method now guys you can see Right here I got paid 398.40 actually today we're just sending Few clicks to jvzoo this is NFL Network Called jvzoo.com where I'm actually Making money by promoting couple of Different of the products but the thing Is with the jvzoo I don't want to give Away the farm the the product that I'm Promoting right here because I mean I've Been getting paid close to 13 000 on This network already in all in affiliate Commissions and this is a product that Has been making me money for a very long Time with very little traffic as well so I will keep this one for the next videos But in today's video I'm going to show You exactly how you can get paid this Amount of money using the free traffic Loophole that I've been actually using To get money to promote this product Okay so step number one what you need to Do is you want to go to clickbank.com Now there is a brand new affiliate it Offer launched on ClickBank that's going To work super super well so what you Want to do is you want to go right here Where it's going to say Marketplace and Then the right here where it's going to Say search you want to search for keto Creator okay it's keto Creator now this

Is a brand new affiliate offer so it's Not going to have a high gravity score It only has like seven gravity but the Thing is it's converting very well it's Very highly designed just not a lot of People are currently promoting it so if You're going to jump on this Alpha right Now then you are most likely going to be Making a lot of money because there Isn't any competition for this affiliate Offer so what you really want to do is You want to click on promote and you Want to just grab your affiliate link Now go for the default one because the Default one is going to send people to This quiz now this is very similar to Other affiliate offer but for this one It's completely brand new so pretty Pretty much nobody's going to see this Before and whenever somebody comes to This page it's very similar to other Affiliate offer but again it's not the Same so it's going to seem like a Completely brand new product just go With the default one click on create a Hop link and then you want to copy your Hoplink we also want to shorten this we Want to go to like katly or you want to Go to like bitly and you just want to Shorten this affiliate link and you want To copy it and you want to save it Somewhere into a notepad so affiliate Link is going to be right here okay so We have our affiliate link right here

Now the next thing what you want to do Is you want to go to the affiliate page Of this affiliate offer so right under The promote click right here to the Affiliate page and we are going to use Couple of the resources that this Affiliate page is actually providing us With so what you want to do is you want To go right here where it's going to say Keyword just click on the keywords right There and it's going to scroll you to This section where you can see these Keywords now there are paid keywords and There are organic keywords now go for The organic ones because we are going to Be using free traffic in this case uh Also please comment down below and tell Me if you like free traffic or you like Paid traffic so I know what kind of Methods to create in the future but for This one which I think nobody really is Going to hate is a free traffic loophole That's going to be sending you targeted Free traffic in any niche in any Category in less than 24 hours just Please stay until the end of the video Because I'm going to be sharing a couple Of hacks to actually maximize the amount Of free traffic you are going to be Getting to really maximize your results Okay so just please stay until the end I'm going to reveal literally everything Now click right here right it's going to Say organic keywords and you are going

To be taken to this page with all of These organic keywords now all of these Keywords is something that you can use To actually get free targeted traffic I'm going to show you exactly how to do It for the keyword that's number one Right here the cauliflower mac and Cheese Kitty okay but the same process The same exact process can be applied to All of these keywords just the video Would be very long if I did it for all Of these be all of these keywords so you Pretty much want to copy and paste the First keywords of cauliflower mac and Cheese keto and they want to just put it Into Google okay so go to Google and Search for cauliflower mac and cheese Keto recipe so this is the recipe Obviously the first one had no recipe we Just wanted to try like a recipe so we Are going to have some content okay so For example go to this website which is Called diethood.com I'm going to scroll Down scroll down okay it's right here Okay so one till nine one two nine so Now we have the image of the keto mac And cheese friendly recipe we have the Recipe we have our affiliate link now we Go to the next step The Next Step you Want to go to canva.com and we are Looking for like the YouTube thumbnail Resolution so just search Here YouTube Thumbnail YouTube thumbnail and hit enter and also

The reason we are searching for the YouTube thumbnail is because it's going To provide us with couple of thumbnails That we can actually use as templates so We don't have to get started from Scratch the one that I'm going to use is Going to be this one it's pretty much This one right here fresh and tasty and It looks like it has some recipe already In it so it's going to be just much Easier to actually create and customize Now first of all I'm going to delete This part right here and then delete the Image and also delete the frame and then I'm going to make this one a little bit Bigger just like this I'm going to add a Cauliflower right here just like this so This is the image then I added the keto Friendly cauliflower mac and cheese and Then full recipe in the description and I'm going to move it just like this but I also want to add a red arrow that's Going to pretty much point to the video Description so go for any red arrow That's that's 100 free to use so for Example just like this one and make sure To turn it around and make sure it's Going to be pointing to the video Description part art so just like this So full recipe in the description and Add an exclamation mark okay and now What you want to do is go right here Where it's going to say share and you Just want to pretty much download it

Right here make sure to use PNG the size Is 1280 times 720 and click on right Here download okay guys and now I want To show you the hack that's actually Going to be getting you all these free Traffic so now we have our affiliate Link we have the thumbnail and we have Some content to put into like a video Description but we are not going to be Creating any videos okay this this Traffic loophole hack that I'm going to Show you once you're going to see it You're going to think like this is so Genius and you will instantly know that This is something you can actually use Over and over again for any kind of Keywords and all you really have to do Is just follow the steps but also once You're going to see it I will show you Another hack how to maximize the free Traffic you are going to be getting from This loophole okay because the first Setup is going to get you some traffic But the next level setup which is also 100 free is going to maximize your Results so you want to go to YouTube Step number one then you want to go Right here where it's going to say Create and you want to create your light Really you want to create right here you Want to click on go live and it's going To present you with two options right Now or later date just click on later Date and click on start right here and

Then you just want to click on the build In the webcam now for the title what you Want to put in here is going to be the Keyword that we have copy and pasted so Cauliflower mac and cheese keto Cauliflower mac and cheese keto recipe Keto weight loss 2022 this is something You just want to add in there now for The video description this is very very Important you want to add here discover How to lose up to 30 pounds of fat using Keto diet free keto quiz and then this Is going to be your affiliate link then You want to add enter and enter so there Are going to be two spaces then you want To come back to the recipe page that we Have got in the the keto cauliflower Recipe from and you just want to add the Content from there so just copy and Paste this entire apart just like this And add it right here and then add Another two spaces then you want to go To the sales page of the affiliate offer So go to ClickBank click on the name of The product and you want to scroll all The way down and there is this little Text right here and this is something we Actually want to add into video Description as well so copy that part And add it right here hit enter enter And then you want to also add the call To action once again and actually you Can also add it in between these Paragraphs

So it's going to be a lot easier to see So just like this I want to click on Upload a thumbnail and this is where you Add the thumbnail that we have just Created in canva you want to select no It's not made for kids and then you want To scroll all the way down until you go To the tags and for the tags you want to Go to the rapid tags IO website which is The one that I always always use for my Tags and you want to click use tools for Free and then you want to just copy and Paste the keyword that we were searching In Google for so cauliflower mac and Cheese keto recipe copy that paste it Right here hit on enter and then copy These keywords don't even think about Them because they are the best Performing on the YouTube right now That's how the tool works I cannot Believe it's still free so that's what I'm using all the time you can also fill Out all these details right here and Click on next then customization you can Also leave all of these in such as live Chats such as participant modes and all These things right here and this is the Very very important part okay so you Want to select it's going to be public So anybody can be watching The Script Anybody can be watching the stream but You want to select the date to be at Least couple days ahead so you don't Have to actually go live at all because

You don't have to go live using this Live stream it's just going to be a Placehold placeholder on YouTube so for Example if today is September 20th you Want to put it on like September 26th Okay and now you don't even have to Create a video you don't even have to go Live and this live stream event is going To be on YouTube now click on done and This is how it's going to look like it's Going to say cauliflower mac and cheese Recipe keto weight loss 2022 this is Going to be the headline the story you Know the headline the thumbnail keto Friendly cauliflower mac and cheese full Recipe in the description then there's This arrow and then there is this keto Pretty much the recipe we are looking For and then people can check out this The description they are going to see The affiliate links so discover how to Lose up to 30 pounds of fat then they See the entire recipe for the recipe we Have just promised them then another Difficult to action than the ketogenic Diet and another call to action and Whenever they click on the call to Action and they go to our affiliate link Just go through this quiz they make a Purchase and we will get paid this was Just for one single keyword and you can Do this for all of these keywords that Are right here like custom keto diet Buffalo cauliflower keto hot dogs keto

Keto grilled cheese all of these things That are right here but I also promised You one more special hack now if you're Watching till the end just comment down Below and tell me you are a crazy person The ogs know what I'm talking about just Just comment down below that you are a Crazy person because right now I want to Show you how to get even more traffic From this live stream that's going to be Happening in the future now by the way You don't have to even go live using This live stream okay it's just as a Placeholder in the YouTube search Results because this live stream is Going to be ranking pretty well for the Next few days because it's upcoming Events so people are going to be Clicking on it but then later on you can Just disable it and just create a new Live stream now what you want to do is You want to copy the URL this video live Stream and you just want to place it to These two websites to actually get some Early backlinks to actually index it Into search engines now the first one is Called indexkings.com just go to Indexkings.com place it right here and Make sure to check complex URLs deep Links so it's not going to index the Youtube.com but it's going to index the Youtube.com watch blah blah blah blah Blah okay so that's how it works click On rapid index and you're going to see

It's working right here in front of our Eyes you can see I'm not doing anything And it's just submitting okay now it Stopped but it's just something in the Backlinks okay it's working right now Once again so this is the first website And then the second one is called Pinkfarm.com now there has been a lot More websites like this in the in the in The past but these ones are the most Relevant right now and click on mass Being once again and this is going to Send you just one backlink the entire Website right away from this website That's it for this video video go ahead And take action let me know what you Think about this video in the comment Section below it as well don't forget to Like subscribe for more and for more Videos check out any of them that are Going to show up on the screen and I'm Going to see you inside of them bye for Now

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