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Check this out guys you can see that This person right here is getting 263 000 monthly views and she only has 101 Followers she's not using any social Media followers she's using just this Method which she doesn't know how to Properly monetize now in today's video I Want to show you this method which Actually might be a little black hat and You might be breaking some ethical and Copyright rules but I'm going to show You how to turn this method into Completely white head method that's Completely ethical you are not going to Be breaking any copyright rules and you Are actually going to be helping these Creators and using this method you can Make up to 500 per day by literally Doing nothing at all just by copy and Pasting few links and you don't even Have to have a social media followers For this you can see she has like 101 Followers which is I think even like Just random but she's getting 263 000 monthly views and even if like for Example one percent of these people are Going to click on that on her affiliate Link that's over 2 000 people per month And let's say from these 2 000 people Just like 10 percent of them are going To buy that's like 200 people per month And for example if the average Commission is for example like 50 if You're going to multiply that by 50

That's over 10 000 dollars per month that this person Is making right here and she I think is Not even making that amount of money Because she doesn't do the method Correctly but before we get started Don't forget to please like the video if You like videos about making money Online subscribe to the channel hit Notification Bell and comment down below And tell me what part of this video did You like the most and what part of this Video you like the least that can always Improve in the future and I know what Parts do I include okay now let's get Started now this person is making 200 is Getting 263 000 monthly views I want to Show you exactly how to do this with the No work no effort at all so you can Literally just copy and paste this very Very easily and pretty much just be done With it okay so pretty much just let's Get started now first of all what we Need to do is we need to pick up an Affiliate offer that we are actually Going to be promoting because this Person what she is doing she is not Doing this method correctly okay and This is like super crazy method that Once you're going to see it you're going To be like blown away but I think she's Not doing it correctly so I just want to Show you how to do it correctly you can Actually make money from this method now

First of all you want to go to ClickBank And for this we are going to be using Like the E-Business and e-marketing Niche and you essentially want to pick Up a low priced product so we can get Those initial sales very very fast okay Now one of the ways to do that is just Sort them by rank high to low you can Search for the initial conversion that's Right here that's like 13 that's going To be it okay 13 product that's that's Good enough so you want to go for Products like that then also I get paid To use Facebook that's it right there But my favorite out of all of these is If you're going to search for free Traffic you're going to find even like a Better product by fergal Downs that's Only like 1.93 it's like three dollar Product but you can see the average Conversion is 446 dollars so for all of these three Dollar sales you are going to be Generating like lock work you can expect To make like over four hundred dollars In the long term from the older rebuilds That this has because it has like 31 Reveal but the people stay there for Over a year so if you generate like just Two two sales per day that's well over Five hundred dollars in affiliate Commissions over the long term and you Don't have to do anything at all so this Is the product we are going to be using

Okay now the next thing what you want to Do just go to this website that's called Right.ly just sign up for a free account And we are going to click on create a New ad okay and let's call it a free Traffic ad and this is going to work Super well because once you're going to See the method you're going to be like Blown Away how this actually works so I'm just going to grab my affiliate link Click on promote and just want to uh Click on create a hop link and you want To copy that then go back to rightly and You pretty much want to use the URL Right here button URL button link right Here and also logo link you want to make Sure it's going to be your affiliate Link okay so right here and pretty much For days a kind of like angle we are Going to be using left this one right Here or evil pop-up okay and the reason For that is because most of the Advertisements like most of the things That people look for or look to is on The bottom left same like YouTube same With like search or read anything if you Are only on online most of the things That is like the main content is usually On the bottom left or left part of the Section of the of the desktop okay so Either use this one or you want to be Using the evil pop-up right here but we Are going to go for the left for this Part because I just want to change the

Change the layout for for some time Because I've been using the it will pop Up all the time in the videos as well Myself it works super well but also you Want to change it up after some time so We are going to use the left one okay Now show after you just want to set it For like two seconds because it's not Going to like uh invade the content if It's on the left hand side if you're Going to go with evil pop-up you want to Make it like seven seconds at least Because if the pop-up shows right away People don't even have time to like get The main content but for this one Because it's on the bottom left just use Like two seconds now pretty much your Profile name and the profile picture in The description you want to make it look Just like this so the profile name Should be like a name but I just added The first part of the title from the Sales page right here so it's going to Be newbie friend method reveals how you Can see it also right here we make up to 176 dollars per day that's the second Part like just this right here the Second and the third part of the sales Page and then pretty much for the button Yes click here to get started right now For three dollars next is just three Dollars I also I'd like to include it in The main button because if we plug like Most people have three dollars to buy a

Product okay just the sales page needs To convince them to buy that so it's not Going to be like a kind like a bad sales Angle okay it's just going to like Increase like the people that are going To buy that because when they click There it's not like something like for Free they don't expect something for Free they expect something for three Dollars and if the sales page is going To deliver on that I think this sales Page like for the 1 one dollar I think There are just some fees that are going To increase into three dollars and Everybody is just going to buy that That's going to come from this page okay So that's pretty much it and also logo Link right here we can also add click Here so everything is going to our Affiliate link act on that okay so now We have our advertisement that's going To be right there and now I want to show You how to actually use it to actually Make money now what this person is Actually doing right here is she is Doing something that's very clever and Also very smart but also she's not Making the most amount of money from That what she's doing and there are two Ways you can do this I will show you Both of the ways she is just reposting Screenshots of reels and short form Content onto Pinterest I guess because She doesn't know how to re-upload videos

To Pinterest and she is getting traffic From that and then she is promoting it On site google.com pretty much using This page like this okay now this is Okay but there's even better ways to Make money with this for beginners so One of the easiest ways to actually do This you can just go to for example is You can literally just go to YouTube and Search for for example make money online Then scroll to this part which is going To be the YouTube shorts and you can Literally pick up any of these YouTube Shorts okay and for example I don't know Which one to go for let's just use I Don't know just one of these people you Can just click on that so I'm just going To go for example this person right here I'm going to just copy like that you can Literally just take a screenshot of this Just like this just like this and you Want to copy the screenshot then go to Imgur so you can actually upload it Somewhere online and it's going to be Right here then you want to go to Pinterest and you want to click on Create a pin right here and pretty much I'm just going to download this image And also by the way you don't even have To use it just for the YouTube shorts Okay you can just go to YouTube and Search for make money online I'm just Going to use my YouTube videos for an Example and you can use a long form

Content to actually do this method okay Now she is just using the the shorts for My Tic Tac YouTube or Instagram reels But I want to show like it also works For the YouTube so for example I'm just Going to pick up any of these uh I'm Going to just pick up my video right Here and pretty much I'm just going to Zoom it in I'm just going to take a Screenshot of this so I'll actually get The thumbnail just like this for example If it's going to say something about Ratio I intentionally left it in because It's going to always recommend some Ratio but you don't have to go with the Ratio the ratio is really just like the Mobile version because that's pretty Much the content that Pinterest wants to Uh use right now but it's going to work For this one as well and for example Call it like six money making Applications or again you can just go to The video so earn your first 490 dollars Online so I'm just going to copy this Part and I'm just going to add it right Here and I'm going to put there check Out how you can earn your first and I'm Also going to make this all caps okay Check out how you can earn your first For under 90 online with CPA marketing Link in BIO okay and by the way you Don't have to own the video I'm just Using my video because I might as well Shout out my own video and then pretty

Much you want to go to YouTube and you Want to right click on the video copy The link address then go to rightly you Want to put the link right here so it's Going to actually uh put it right here So you can see this is the link and Click on create link with ad and it's Going to create it copy the link and This is how the link is actually going To look like you can see it's going to Take out the entire video from YouTube And add this little pop-up right here so New new newbie friendly method reveals How we make up to 176 dollars per day Now because this video is actually about Making money online this is going to Resonate with the audience watching These videos and you can actually just Put this link at the destination link Right here and create a new board about Make money online tutorials make money Online tutorials and add it right there And just keep adding videos or short Form content or reels or any kind of Tutorials there and then link to the Full version make sure it's going to be Full version but use write that l y to Actually shorten the link and add a Little pop-up over that with a real Related affiliate offer now this is Something you can do with like six-pack Uh tutorials how to get in shape right Now works so well with any kind of Keto Programs or any literally anything on

YouTube where you can find a lot of Content about it repost it to Pinterest And just make sure you're going to Shorten the original link with the right Link now writing is completely free for Like one advertisement but one Advertisement is all you need because You can create as many of these links as Possible and that's how this person Could actually make over ten thousand Dollars per month because she's Literally getting 263 000 monthly views And she's literally just reposting the Images of the real so if you're going to Click here you can see this is an image This is not like a video this is Literally just an image so you can get An image as well and then pretty much Link your own rightly link to the full Content and add a little pop-up so People are going to see your affiliate Offer but they are also going to get Access to the main product because this Way she's kind of like stealing from the Creators she's not giving any credit but If you are actually linking to the main Video from the Creator I think it's very Ethical and you are actually getting Them even more of use while a little bit Piggybacking out of their traffic or Your own traffic that you're generating And that's it hope you enjoyed this Video let me know what you think about In the comment section below and for our

Next highly recommended video click Right here which is going to show you Another cool way to make money online so You can get started right after watching This video if this is something you Don't want to be doing just click here And I'll see you there bye for now

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