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If you want to bring money online then You gotta watch this video a few days Ago I was testing out this method which I posted on this channel a few months Ago just to see if it’s still working And if this free traffic trick is Actually viable and you can make money Online with it now I was able to make Over 144 dollars in a single day using This free traffic trick and I’m going to Show it to you in today’s video now to Make this completely fail-proof and to Ensure you can make money using this Free traffic trick I’m going to share With you literally everything I’m going To give you the exact affiliate offer That I promoted to actually make this 144 dollars in a single day and I’m Going to give you the exact copy and Paste the one click funnel you can use To Skyrocket your conversion rate and This is actually the secret sauce of the Method which actually makes it super Viable and also makes getting sales with This offer very very easy and also last But definitely not least I’m going to Share with you the exactly traffic trick You can use to get free real human Traffic completely for free you can Actually start making these sales in the Next 24 hours without paying for Anything at all alright guys so let’s Get started with the method now you can See I was able to make 144 dollars in a

Single day using this method now it Wasn’t on day one right away it took me Like three days to actually make this Amount of money and I think 144 dollars In a single day after like three days Worth of work is pretty easy Once I set It up it took me like five to ten Minutes per day to actually repeat this Method so yeah I mean you can make money On day one on day two on day 14 but the Work you’re going to be putting into This method is going to be less than 10 Minutes per day especially when I’m Going to literally give you everything So first of all what we need to do is we Need to grab and fill it out for now the One that I was promoting is on Clickbanks you want to go to the Marketplace of ClickBank go to the E-Business and e-marketing category and You want to search for a recession okay Go right here search for recession and Hit search and it’s going to give you All these affiliate offers now currently At the time of the recording the video If you sort it by keyword relevance Relevance the number one offer is the One that we are looking for it’s called 2022 recession profit Secrets CPA Available now this is the name of the Alpha from the marketplace if you want To save it you can click on this heart So you are not going to miss out but Just this is the affiliate offer that I

Was using now what you need to do is you Need to click on the promote but you Need to change the affiliate page we are Going to be promoting so we are not Going to go for the default one right Here you can see there’s couple of them That are different there’s the default One I will show you that one then There’s the free gift number one and a Free gift number two now I’m going to Show you the difference between between The default one and the free gift number One so this is the default one which Just goes to the sales video and this is The one we don’t want to be promoting For this method okay and you will see Why you want to be promoting this one Right here we want to be promoting this One right here and the reason for that Is because it’s giving away a freebie First so it’s giving something away for Free it’s going to capture the traffic For you and sell to it on autopilot Every single day for the next like 14 or 30 days and this is something we want to Be using okay because then you don’t Have to do the automation yourself so Just make sure you select like the free Gift number one right here and create Your hop link so that was the affiliate Offer now step number two what you want To do is you want to click on the second Link or some Link in the video Description all the links and everything

Is going to be in the video description To actually get the funnel that I use to Promote this affiliate offer now it’s Going to automatically import it into Your system i o account this is one of The easiest ways to actually give you The funnel you can literally just import It with one click and this is where You’re going to land after you’re going To get the funnel now the only thing you Need to do is switch up your affiliate Link if you’re not going to do that then You are essentially promoting my own Affiliate link if you want to do that That’s completely okay but I want you Guys to make money with this method so You want to come right here to the edit Page and it’s going to take you to the Edit page thingy now this is how the Funnel actually looks like I will show You that in a second but before that we Need to change up the affiliate link so You want to hover override here and you Want to go to the survey okay so when You’re going to see right here you want To go with your mouse right here don’t Go to the row go to the survey and click On it then on the left hand side it’s Going to show you all these settings now You just want to go right here to the Final step so it’s going to show up the Final step of the entire survey and then You want to add your affiliate link to These two things to this image and to

This button so let’s go back to ClickBank and copy our affiliate link Then come back to system IO then click On the image right here and then right Here it should say open URL and then There is some link right here that’s Exactly where you want to paste your Affiliate link okay do that then also Click on the button under the golden Ticket image click on it and then again The URL right here you want to add your Own affiliate link okay and it’s very Important because it’s pre-defaulted With my affiliate link so you know where To put it but you need to change it up And that’s the only really change you Need to do then click on the save Changes on the top right click on Save Changes and that’s it now you can view Your page and this is how it’s going to Look like so when somebody comes to this Page they can go through this super Simple survey so are you looking into Make are you looking to make money Online yes or no then how much time per Day can you dedicate to making money Online then what is your desired Short-term earnings goal let’s say 100 Per day and then it says congratulations Click on the button below to get EX to Get access to the golden ticket method And you can see there’s the golden Ticket right here and then there’s the Button right here as well and both of

These are actually going to the Affiliate link so whether they click on The link or the image it doesn’t really Matter they click on it but that’s the Reason why we selected the free gift Landing page because now on the sales Page or the landing page of the offer It’s also congruent with the golden Ticket freebie and now they are like Okay this is exactly what I’m looking For they are going to enter their name And email they are going to continue to Their sales process the system is going To be selling them pretty much for the Next 14 or 30 days with the email Sequence and you are going to be the one That is going to be receiving all the Money so now I want to go back to system AIO then this is going to be your Landing page and to actually get the Link to the landing page you can click On this button right here so you can Just click on it and it’s going to copy As you can see right here the link to Your text box to your clipbox you can Actually visit it and this is where we Are going to be sending the traffic Using the free traffic trick now with a Free traffic trick I wanted to show you Two different websites that are working Pretty much consistently getting you Free visitors that we can use to Actually get free visitors real human Traffic and actually sales and results I

Received countless emails and comments And messages and people telling me on One-on-one calls that they actually Generated sales and money using these Free traffic methods so I’m only going To be sharing with you these free Traffic methods guys I know there’s Plenty of them out there but in today’s Video I want to show you the top two Ones that are consistently bringing in The results for my new students for my New viewers and pretty much for people That are watching this channel on daily Basis so this website is going to get You 100 real traffic real people meaning To real traffic to your website no fake Traffic or Bots and this is going to be Pretty much done using an email and a Web marketing completely for free now Currently this website has over 300 000 Members which is how many people you can Actually reach completely for free if You’re going to sign up to this website Now this website is called It’s called Hercules plus but the URL is now all you need to do is Just click on sign up right here and It’s going to bring you to this page and Then just fill in all the details they Are going to ask you like first name Last name where did you hear about us Tell them you are coming from Inca into Money even though it’s not required they Are going to instantly create your

Account and your username password all The emails they are going to need I’m Not a robot and as always create your Account right here now what you want to Do is once you’re going to login you Want to go right here where it’s going To say add mailers and you’re going to Come to this page and depending if you Have a free account or a paid account You can completely use just a free Account you are still going to be using The regular mailer okay go with the Regular mailer and then you need to have Some kind of an email okay now first of All you want to put your url right here So this is going to be our landing page For the Philadelphia but for the email You don’t have to come up with it at all Because all you have to do and what I Did also with this system is you can Just go to the marketplace go to the Offer click on the affiliate page right Here and it’s going to bring you to this Page now scroll down then click right Here click here to access affiliate Tools if you already registered just so You can skip the registration process Because wide register right then click On the button right here new profit Printing email swipes just click there Then click right here on the email Swipes it’s going to open up the window And you want to use these email swipes Free gift swipes there’s free gift one

Free gift two we are looking for a free Gift number one the golden ticket click On it and then here’s what you need to Do there’s the subject lines right here So for example I’m going to use this one So email your golden ticket confirmed I’m going to put it right here but Instead of using the email what we want To do is just use these tags okay so I’m Going to use these tags right here Because this is going to enter name of Every single person separactively okay So if she’s going to send to John it’s Going to say John if it’s going to send To like Paul it’s going to say Paul if It’s going to send like Tiffany it’s Going to say Tiffany your golden ticket Is confirmed so that’s the pretty much The the tags that this website uses and Then go back to the page then scroll Down and again the body is right here so This is what you want to use so again Congratulations just copy this and paste It right here now if you don’t have the HTML version just the plain text that’s Okay but that’s that’s completely free Account so if you don’t have it that’s Okay I have the paid one it’s like three Dollars per month just to show you how It’s going to look like but you can do The same exact thing on a free account Okay but I want to give you like a sneak Preview of what’s in a paid account I Don’t want to entice you to buy this I

Want to show you what the paid account Can actually do so so you can actually Make a decision if you want to purchase It because a lot of people are messaging Me like should I purchase it or not do Your own research like I’m showing you What a paid account can do I don’t have Enough editing for this so yeah just Just do what what you think is actually Uh worth it then again congrats first Name this is where you want to add the Tag of the first name and not the first Name they are going to put there and Here’s your golden ticket then again I Want to copy this page and put it right Here and add my link right here this is Only the best part about a paid account Is you can actually add the links into The email and just like this again I’m Going to add it right here bam and then My signature Eric and hold on Eric at Incognito Money okay so this is my signature okay Cool and now I click on submit and add And this is how you can get free traffic You can see 301 000 members pretty much Sent just like that and you can do this On daily basis so this was the website Number one now the website number two is Going to be called the And you can just go to Uh this is how the website looks like and when you when you’re Going to create your account then right

Here on the left hand side go to the Free classified ads click on Place ads For free and it’s going to bring you to This page now for the title this is what I highly recommend you’re going to do Again go back to Marketplace click on The promote your affiliate link and Preview the free gift page click on Preview and just copy and paste the Entire thing right here so copy this Paste it right here and then the ad Content is going to be yeah maybe this One right here okay copy it and paste it Right here and then the URL again is Going to be from the system AIO right Here okay so this is the exact thing you Need to do again it’s going to pose a Completely free ad then you need to Select the two categories go for home Business make money online then business Opportunities and then right here for Example affiliate marketing these are The best kind of categories there’s also More of them but you can just submit one Ad to two categories so if you want to Put on more categories I highly highly Recommend you’re going to start with Multiple ads you get more traffic more Reach and also be able to submit it to More categories and then click on post Ad and Bam is going to say success your Classified is now entered you can check Out it in your edit your ads and this is How the ad is going to look like so get

Your free golden ticket blah blah blah Blah blah and pretty much people can Click right here they’re going to see The page this is the page that they are Pretty much looking for so it’s like a Not really a buy button it’s like a Survey so they’re like okay might as Well just check it out they are going to Click there they are on your landing Page they are going to go through this Survey make a purchase and that’s how You can make money on ClickBank pretty Much with this free track trick so That’s exactly what I did to make over 144 dollars in a single day now go ahead Take action and also if you’d like to See even more videos about making money Online and to see how I was able to go From zero to making over one thousand Dollars on a brand new account on a Brand new mobile app and click on this Video right here and I’m going to show You exactly how to do that bye for now

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