Get Paid +$1.00 Every 60 SECONDS Using GOOGLE Search (+$500 PER DAY!) Make Money Online 2022

Click here and just paste you don't even Have to copy and hit enter and then just Click on this one that it's going to Highlight and for every single one of These clicks you are going to get paid 5 To 10 cents and it took you like what Five seconds what's going on guys in Today's video I'm going to show you how You can get paid one dollar every 60 Seconds literally just start searching On Google you don't have to sell Anything you don't have to generate any Sales you are literally going to be paid Just for going to Google searching for a Keyword and clicking on a website that Is going to be highlighted now you can Do as many of these as you want you can Do it while you are traveling to the job While you are traveling to do work while You are pretty much traveling anywhere Or even while you are watching Netflix And get paid like one dollar every 60 Seconds if you're going to stay with me Until the end of the video I'm going to Show you step by step how to do this Right after watching these videos you Can make your first money in less than 10 minutes and then how to turn this Small chunk of money you're going to Generate into over 500 dollars in a Single day but before that don't forget To please like this video smash the like And let's try and get to 1 000 likes on This one and also if you like videos

About making money online without Showing your face being completely Incognito and also completely for free Don't forget to subscribe and hit Notification Bell because I literally Post videos just like this every other Day teaching you all kinds of different Money making methods and also don't Forget to check out my other channel Called in Canada profits where I mainly Post videos with methods that you guys Reported you made money with and also With methods that don't make it on the Main channel the link to this channel is Going to be the first link in the video Description check it out as well if you Want to make even more money by watching Other methods that have worked for you Guys and also comment down below and Tell me if there is any method you Actually made money with so I can Actually record video about it and put You on the second Channel as well and With that being said let's get started The tutorial now this is the website That we are going to be using to Actually get paid for searching on Google Now first of all what you need to Do is this website going to be paying You via PayPal so if you don't have a PayPal account just create one very Quickly to create it just just go to then click on sign up right Here it's going to prompt you to select

A personal or a business account just Select a personal account because it's Going to require less documents or less Information from you to verify then Click on get started then enter your Phone number where are you from they are Going to verify send you a link you are Just going to confirm it create an Account and that's pretty much it for PayPal and the next step I want to Actually show you why would someone Actually pay you for searching on Google Because there's a lot of tutorials out There and you might be like okay Nobody's going to pay me for searching On Google actually yes there are people That are going to pay you for every Single search you're going to do on Google Now for example when you go to Google and you're going to search for Example best restaurants in New York and You're going to scroll past these Advertisements you're going to see that For Google Maps it's only going to show You the top three search results and Then under that it's going to show you These search results now these search Results right here on Google and also on Google Maps are sorted by how many People are actually going to click on Them for example example if you go to Google and let's say 100 million people Right now would go to Google and they Are going to search for best restaurants

In New York and none of them would Actually click on this one and this one And they would all click on this one Then this koti Korean Steakhouse would Just Skyrocket and would completely jump To the first position on Google Maps Right here it would just jump there Instantly okay because a lot of people Are clicking them they are ignoring this Too because they are not getting their Attention so Google thinks that this Search result is much much better that's How the algorithm is currently working And that's how can actually someone pay You to pretty much yeah abuse the Algorithm I don't know just help them With the search engine rankings by Clicking on their website and staying There for like a few seconds and this is The reason why you can actually get paid For doing this and this is the website That's actually going to be providing That extension for you this application That is going to be paying you every Single time that you're going to do this Now it's a Firefox extension so what you Need to do you is download fire Mozilla Firefox Internet Browser so if you don't Know what it is just search for Firefox Download it's a very popular browser to Browse internet even though like Google Chrome is dominating this is like the Number two I guess on the list but I Think like not a lot of people are

Actually using it nowadays just search For Firefox download and then just Download the browser it's very famous It's 100 secure don't worry about it Just click on the download right here And then the next part there's no Application required so you can just Sign up right now so click right here on Click here to join and pretty much the Name of the website I will tell you a Little bit later because I want to show You how it actually works okay so what You want to do is you want to enter your Email then you want to enter your Password and you want to enter your PayPal email confirm the people email And where did you hear about us you Don't have to tell them anything at all Just tell email password PayPal email And confirm the PayPal and you can Withdraw the money as soon as you're Going to make five dollars you can Actually make these five dollars in like 15 minutes actually and then you can Actually turn these five dollars into Over 500. and I'm going to show you how To do that at the end of the video then Once you're going to log into the Website you want to click on this orange Button or yellow button right here to Download the extension for the Mozilla Firefox now the extension is actually Going to tell you exactly what you need To do to make money this is how it looks

Like it's right here you can see the Right here when I click on it it's going To tell me how many orders I actually Have right now so this is my account now I have just a little bit orders because I'm from Slovakia there is definitely Not a lot of orders for Slovakia but the Way it works is you pretty much just Click on any of these you click on it You'll be redirected to either Google or Google Maps then you just paste whatever Is actually in the search box hit enter And in this case it's this thing then You just scroll down and you are just Going to click on this one right here That is highlighted you can see you Cannot miss this and you can actually do This like while you are watching Netflix Or while you're watching any videos you Are pretty much just watching TV Commuting to work commuting to job is They're like scrolling on Instagram you Are going to be scrolling on Google Clicking on these websites and making Some like free money because you can Literally like how how long did it took Me actually let me just do it once again I'm going to refresh it I'm going to Click there I'm going to paste it hit Enter scroll down and then five seconds I guess so six seconds maybe and for Every one of these search results I'm Going to get paid 10 cents so I can get Paid like one dollar per minute one

Dollar for 60 seconds because if I get Paid like 10 cents for every six seconds There's 10 of 6 seconds in one minute so I'm going to multiply it by 10 and That's like one dollar so one dollar per Minute so it's very easy math if you're Going to do it for like I don't know 24 Minutes that's like 24 dollars etc etc Okay so one dollar per minute this is How much money you can actually make With this one and then there's even Going to be more orders right here now Currently I only have one so I cannot Even show you even more of them but I Only have one right now but I already Made like 25 cents just from clicking on Two different websites before so I was Getting paid even more than 10 cents per Click just to see if it actually still Working and it's still working this is a Brand new account and then this took me Like I don't know like 10 seconds Actually and then once you're going to Make like five dollars you can just Withdraw it and then turn it into 500 Using another method now for this Another method what you want to do is You want to go to Google and you want to Search for voucher store okay and then Click on the first research result which Is called it's going to take you To this website right here and then you Want to search for this 500 Microsoft

Ads coupon which is currently selling For just 4.99 okay and then you can just simply Buy this coupon and get over 500 worth Of advertising credit on Microsoft ads And if you're going to have this amount Of money on Microsoft ads you can easily Turn it into couple hundred dollars in Affiliate commissions and all you need To do is just get this coupon and set up A very simple risk-free campaign just Like I'm going to show you in this video Right here now if you already have like Five dollars in your PayPal account then Just go ahead and buy the voucher Completely skip this searching Google a Par because you are going to faster your Results but if you don't have five Dollars then just search on Google make Some easy money and then just buy this Voucher and then use this method right Here which is going to show you exactly How to actually turn this voucher into a Couple hundred dollars in affiliate Commissions without a website without Recording any videos very very risk-free So click here and I'm gonna see you There bye for now

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