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Okay this is going to blow your mind Check this out you can see right here That this simple digital asset is Selling for four dollars and 58 cents Now estimating monthly sales is 686. so if I'm going to multiply that 686 times 4.58 that's over three thousand dollars Per month it's completely set and forget Digital asset is generating on complete Autopilot but you can see right here on The publication date it's been there Since July 26 2019 so that's like all worth three Years already that this has been there Online just making money on complete Autopilot so three years that's 36 Months and if I'm going to multiply that By 36 you can see that this simple Digital asset has made over 113 000 just this simple digital asset now This is just not one but okay this was I've been published in 2019 but doesn't Still actually work let's check this one Out this one has been published on October 8 2022 very recently and it's Pretty much making 640 monthly sales so Let's do 640 times 6.99 so this one is currently bringing 4.4 thousand dollars and it's very close To be making ten thousand dollars Already then this one right here again 2019 590 613 monthly sales that's three Point six thousand dollars per month and

Let's just multiply that by like 30 Months that's again over one hundred Thousand dollars at this another digital Asset has brought in on complete Autopilot and in today's video guys I Want to blow your mind because I want to Show you exactly what are these digital Assets how they work but more Importantly how you can tap into this And start generating some passive income Yourself without actually creating any Content yourself if you would believe That this super simple digital assets Have actually no content at all are Actually kind of empty and they are Selling like hot cakes but for that if You're new to the channel welcome on This channel I post daily videos showing You how to make money online completely For free and also being completely Incognito so if this is something that You like don't forget to smash the like On this video I would really appreciate It and also if you're new to the channel Be sure to subscribe and hit Notification Bell so I can notify you Whenever I upload a brand new money Making video and also comment down below And tell me what is the main problem With this method did you like it did you Not like it if not tell me why so I can Create methods just for you because I Want to help you make as much money as Possible online without any problems so

There's something that you cannot do With this method then comment down below And tell me I'm going through the Comments I'm going through the feedback And I always always want to improve okay Guys so in today's video I want to show You these digital assets that are Bringing hundreds of thousands of Dollars overall on complete autopilot Now once you like this one how punish You like this one right here which is Like called Sketchbook because there's a Couple of other ones right right here I'm not going to go through but these Are the other ones that I don't want to Be mentioning because these are not the Ones that we are going to be using we Are going to be using these ones right Here now you can see that this one for Example has been published on the July 26 2019 is selling for 4.58 and it's Generating 600 monthly sales now it's Pretty much like this Sketchbook now why Is it like why does the action make any Sense well if I'm going to copy this Code right here it's called async code I'm going to copy that I'm going to put It to Amazon you're going to see that It's going to show me up this exact Product it's called Sketchbook and if You can imagine like for a Sketchbook to Actually like be a legit product if you Want to sketch something what you want Is just a book with blank pages right so

If I'm going to look inside this book You can see this is what is inside There's just three pages and everything Else is pretty much a blank so this Entire book is blank and it made over 100 000 already then this one right here is Uh let's let's go with stuff I can't Remember let's give this PG I'm not Going to be uh swearing in this so I'm Going to copy the async code of this one As well go to Amazon put it right there It's right here as well it's pretty much Selling very well over eight thousand Five not five star but 8 000 ratings 590 And pretty much you can just make a lot Of money from that if I'm going to open It up you can see that this one is also Kind of blank because if you want to Write something down that you want to Remember obviously you want to have an Empty book and these are what's called Low content books because the content Inside of them is very small and these Are like calendars or kind of crosswords Puzzles notebooks or sketchbooks Something that doesn't have any content Not like a real book that you're going To read but a book that you're going to Write in and they're selling pretty much Like hot cakes because people are using Them all the time and they're pretty Much just buying them based on the image That is on the outside so you can

Imagine you could be making a lot of Money with them but I want to show you Something even better and that's this Website right here which is called like Bookbold IO Book World IO where you can Actually find all these books and create Them in just few simple clicks now the Website is called the bookbold io you Can complete start completely for free Right here they have a free trial I'm Going to show you exactly how to take The most advantage of this free trial so You can see that this is the most Powerful keyword tool on the market blah Blah blah blah but what you can do is Actually create these low content books On this website completely for free set Them forget them and just keep making Some money now the way to do this is you Can see they have a pricing plan of 9.99 Per month but they have a three day free Trial this is something you want to take Advantage of I'm going to show you how Just click on a free trial right here And then you just want to create a Account right here so enter your name Email password and password confirmation And then the right hand side you don't Have to enter at all okay that's just Optional and then click on next right Here and sign up for an account then Once you're going to be in your account You can just go to the cloud right here And then you can pretty much search

These books so I'm going to show it to You right now so I'm going to go to the Cloud click on search right here and You're going to see that these are all The books that are currently selling That are top selling and all of them are Empty the only thing that they are Selling based on is the outside of the Book and you can see it's not even Really that high quality the only thing That resonates with the people is the Graphic outside like it doesn't have to Have any content at all so you can see This one right here for example is Actually a copy of this one you can see This one is like the original it has Been published on April 2019 and this Has been published on December 9th 2021 And you can see it's getting 464 monthly Sales so someone actually used this Method already and you can see the same Exact book someone actually used the Same exact method and is currently Making over two thousand dollars per Month and it's been there for a year so Multiply that by 12. that's over 25 Thousand dollars that this book which is Like a copycat of the original one has Been able to generate so far now okay You might be asking okay Eric that's That's really cool okay okay but how do I actually make money with this you are Just showing me these books I don't know How to actually make money now if I'm

Looking at this one again you can see This one right here is the same exact Copycat of this one and they are Generating hundreds of monthly sales Because if somebody is going to buy one Of these sketchbooks or writing books They are going to buy another one okay They are not going to buy two of the Same because they want to have a Different design so what you want to do Is then right here on the research just Don't click on Research just click on Create because the book World actually Has it completely done free software you Can use to generate this in high Quantities now this is the way to make Tons of money using this website just go To bookbot Studio then just sign up Using the same exact details as you put In the book bolt then click on create a Project and you want to call it like Paper cover and interior and this is Important because we don't want to put Anything inside the sound is going to Generate it for us we just want to put Some color and pretty much some back Okay so the interior now make sure You're going to use the trim size six Times nine okay and this is very Important because you can see that these Books right here for example where is This one the this one right here you can See it's six times nine okay and also This one is as well six times nine and

Also this one right here at the top uh Okay it doesn't have it there but it Should be six times nine as well this One is right uh six times nines as well It's a very popular resolution Resolution like a size for the books so A lot of people are buying these ones Actually so we go for this one and then Just select the black and white interior Read by paper now put the page count you Want to put there something like 110 not Less than 100 because that's not enough But not more than 150 because that would Be a very thick book and you don't Really want to have like a thick book But you just write something you want to Have like a ordinary book and that's Around 110 pages so like 110 116 120 Something along these lines 110 is going To be like the perfect size and then Click on create a project and then this Is what's going to open up now don't Really worry about this designer just Now move on to and you just Want to search for like the book cover Okay and this is pretty much something That you can actually choose from so any Of these book colors that your book Covers that you're going to see right Here you can actually use so I'm just Going to use this one right here it's Got like two side and I'm going to just Change the naming to something that is Right here so for example let's call it

Stuff I can remember so I'm going to Call it stuff I can't remember so write It down stuff I can't remember and this Is it now pretty much I just click on Share you can download and get this as In not PN not PDF but as a PNG and now For the back I'm going to just change it To not stuff I can't remember but stuff I didn't forget okay because at the Beginning it's like stuff I can't Remember so I'm going to write it down At the end of the book stuff I didn't Forget because it's like all that I Wrote down I didn't forget and again Click on share and pretty much click on Download once again and sap energy then Just click right here on the file Library and you can just upload these Images okay so I'm going to upload this One and also upload this one and you can See this is the this is the front so I'm Just going to put it there and Bam it's Already there and I'm just going to kind Of resize it and then I'm going to put The second one on the on the back so Stuff I didn't forget and I'm just going To make it just change it right there so This is the book now this is the front Cover and this is the back cover so you Can just use your imagination and can't Be something better and now just pretty Much click on the page number one and Then you click on this little maze and It's going to give you all these

Templates that you can use so for Example if you are just using like a Notepad or a journal just use any of These lines okay so like this one right Here like the ruled one or ruled with Field or Journal template because Obviously it's about journaling but if You are using like a sketch one then you Want to use the black blank with page Number so people can actually write There and they don't really have any of These lines there okay and these are all The premium ones but you don't have to Be using the premium ones you can see Like these ones for example like days Tracker or build tracker carrier plan The calendars multi to-do list all of These are completely free and you can Use them in these books okay so I'm just Going to go with the basic one let's go Let's go with Journal ones and now all I'm just going to do is just select all The pages that I have there just like This now for the sake of the video I put There 24 pages but make sure to put There like 110 and click on next and Bam Now the entire book is already designed So this is the front this is the back And then all the other pages are going To be pretty much the the ones with the Lines okay so this is how simple it was To create like a journal book and then Just right here at the top click on Save Okay so you're not going to lose your

Book and then just click on the project And click on the download this project RGB or CMYK just make sure you're going To download both of these so this is Going to be the cover so this is the Front on this is the bag and then this Is the entire book okay so all these Simple empty pages and this is how Simple it was to create a book now Obviously not every single one of your Books is going to be like a bestseller So all you really need to do is just go Back to canva and just create very Simple like modifications so instead of Like stuff I didn't forget I'll be the Yellow color you just wanted to change It for example to like blue color so Maybe this is going to resonate with More people and also then change the Color of the font so maybe this is going To resonate a bit more people and then Just change the details and create like 10 to 20 different books okay now the Book is just really just this cover then Just put in the software and then you Download it and now what you want to do Is go back to the book board click on Research back again click on research And then go right here to the keywords And just want to pick up the keywords That are actually going to be generating You the most amount of sales so click on Search and you just want to search for Example if you created like a journal

I'm just going to create a search for a Journal and it's going to show me all These different keywords it's going to Take a second and then you can see right Here like which are these actually Currently selling the most now obviously A journal is selling very well because Every single Journal is a journal but You can see right here aesthetic Journals for journaling is selling well Then the blank journals for kids and Ruled then chicken Journal uh that seems Very interesting than Christian Journal Colorful blank Journal cute blank Journals so any of these names you just Want to use it for your Journal so it's Not going to be just a basic Journal but It's going to be like a cute blank one Acute Journal then whatever that journal Dot journal or I don't know journal for Journaling vintage so any of these Modifications you just want to put it in There and they want to final step just Go to Google and search for Amazon KDP And this is pretty much Amazon Kindle Direct publishing just go here and You're going to come to this page and Then if you don't have an account which I believe you don't have because you're Watching this method right now so Chances are is you did not use this Method so far you just want to create an Account right here or if you do have Just sign in Just click on sign up or

Sign in if you want to sign up just Enter your email or password and you Just want to sign up for Kindle Direct Publishing and then you just want to Upload this journal that you have Created into Amazon and then Amazon is Going to start selling these journals on Your behalf now the thing is not every Single one of these journals is going to Be selling that's why I want to come up With couple of different ideas of the E-colors so you are going to get one That's going to resonate with a lot of People and then just one of these Journals can generate you like hundreds Of thousands of dollars just like this One has generated and you can see this Isn't something you wouldn't be able to Do yourself with the software that I Showed you with the method that I showed You in less than like 20 minutes right After watching this video and you can See this one has currently 100 pages so 100 250 is The Sweet Spot I would go for Like 110 and that's exactly how this Person was able to generate over one Hundred thousand dollars using this Journal and that's it for this video Guys I really hope you enjoyed this one Let me know what you think about it in The comment section below and watch Another Incognito and also completely Free money making method check out this One right here and tell me what you

Think about it in the comment section Below of this video click here I'm gonna See you there bye for now

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