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What's going on guys in today's video I'm going to show you how you can make Over ten thousand dollars with Generating zero sales without any Investment just by exploiting these Legal unlimited traffic loophole now Listen this is something you could Actually pay me two thousand dollars for You would receive it and you'll be like Yeah this is worth even ten thousand Dollars the only thing that I'm kindly Asking you to do is to don't judge these Methods by the price you are paying for This because then you are never going to Use it this is something that actually Has been used on you most likely in the Past six hours you fell a trap to this Method and actually somebody might have Actually made money from you and you Didn't even paid for that in today's Video I'm going to show you exactly how It works how you can do it literally in I don't know like two seconds right After watching this video and this is on The marketing gimmick wants to go in the Series you're going to see exactly how To do this and more importantly you are Going to see live in front of your eyes How other people are doing this and how Are they are getting away with it now Again you can pay me two thousand Dollars and take action on this get this For free and take zero action or just Micro commit by giving this video a huge

Like subscribe hit the notification Bell Comment down below something very good About this video or some long comment Because when you're going to pay you're Paying attention if you're not going to Pay you are not going to pay attention But if you're going to microcommit That's a free micro commitment micro Payment without actually paying for it And then you are actually going to take Action on this so yeah the only thing I'm asking you just engage with this Video let's let's break the records Because I'm about to unleash something Crazy okay guys now first of all before You actually start with the method we Need to have some monetization process Now in this video I will just go over a Cream monetization process I really want To focus on the traffic generation so One of the ways you can actually make Plenty of money with this is just use Like CPA Network like CPA grid for Example just go to CPA grid first then Click on the register if you don't have An account and I will show the exact Offers that work super well for this so You click on register enter all the Details they are going to ask you then Make sure the publisher type is going to Be either website send or GPT that's Very important the website slash instant Or GPT by the way the GPT doesn't stand For chat GPT it stands for get page 2

It's pretty much it's like a get paid to Download something get paid to access Something or get paid to something okay Something like that and then where did You hear about this tell them you're Coming from Inkay to money I agree I Agree I agree check all of these it's Just a reminder to not complete the Offers by yourself because you cannot be Doing that and then click on register Now right here and you're going to Create your account then once you're Going to create your account you're Going to see all these people who made a Lot of money and actually this is one of The methods that these people are using Guaranteed I have seen them using the Affiliate links on the traffic source That I'm going to show you and they've Been making like thousands of dollars Per day and you can literally just get 10 days like that they are going to be Super viral and you make ten thousand Dollars and it's not like rare you just Need to do this method and pretty much I Want to show you someone who actually Could be using this method this guy Right here forty four thousand dollars Easily done with this method obviously Not instantly but over time because once You make your first two thousand dollars It's the same you're going to make the Next Forty two thousand dollars okay It's not going to change so yeah pretty

Much forty four thousand dollars Definitely doable now go to the offer Tools go to my offers and the offers we Are looking for are first of all going To be for United States this is very Important and the offers are going to be These giveaways emails if submits okay Something along these lines like Buffalo Wild Wings gift card make sure it's like A gift card a giveaway of some sort or Just email submit it can also be not Like a a gift card but it can be also uh The survey option okay like this one Right here get four and a half thousand Dollars cash okay that's not going to Happen but this one right here take Surveys with your opinions that pay this Is actually the same type of offer that Is going to work we are not only looking For angle of the offer whether it's like A giveaway a free product a free gift Card or like a sign up to work for your Opinions your cash we are looking for The conversion point which is going to Be email slash zip submit so people are Just going to be completing very very Simple thing they don't need to like Really commit because they are really Not going to be forced to do this offer So if you are not easy you are not going To be making money with this but if they Are going to be easy you are going to be Making a lot of money with this okay so After like that and also like these ones

If they are like 12 uh it means that They need to do something more than just A zip submit and in this case it's like A start app and do the monthly Subscription so this is not actually Going to be the thing that we are Looking for but you want to just again Go with the email submits local low Hanging fruit High conversions because You have we will have plenty of traffic With this one okay traffic is not going To be problem anymore now the next thing You want to do is you want to go to Instagram and you just want to sign up For a free account okay now don't worry You don't need to have any followers you Don't have to do anything at all to Actually test out this method to see if It works once you're going to see this Is working then only really thing again You need to do is just add add some Profile picture and then add some bio And add the CPA links into the Description now I'll be creating a more Detailed video about this later on but First I want to really really show you The Instagram Powerhouse okay and this Is free this is viral and most likely You have already been actually uh not The weak team because it's not a scam It's like an exploit that doesn't really Harm anybody to this method now pretty Much the way this method works is you Are going to be having a page which is

Going to be promoting the CPA offers Okay now the only thing again that you Need to do is just pick a niche now the Niche can be literally anything I've Been doing this myself generating Hundreds of dollars with CPA so I'm not Going to reveal my Niche that's why I'm Using my dummy account because I'm doing This myself and the only way I would Actually get this saturated if I showed You the exact Niche I don't want to do That so what you want to do is you just Want to find like a business page you Want to find like a theme page something Funny but it has to be like a video Content it cannot be just like images so What I'm going to do is I'm just going To search for a football because then You could use like a CPA offer from tap Map about a FIFA coins or you can use Any other CPA offer for FIFA coins or Even for gaming things because a lot of Football players they play games but you Want to really just want to get like the The video okay something that's actually Going to have views so for example this Video right here this has 276 000 likes and pretty much plenty of Views okay now the next thing you want To do you want to find a video that's Going to be very very popular okay Because then you are going to be Leveraging the authority the video and SEO of the said video so for example if

You were to post this video it's not Going to get this amount of views but There's a hack on how to do this you Click on these three dots at the bottom Right and pretty much I have it in small White language it's going to be same for You pretty much it says remix right here Okay you click on the remix now you Select again I have it in slogan Language sorry about that I don't know How to change it on phone just on the Left 10 side you want to select and you Can actually try this out with me right Now just pick up your phone go to Instagram just open up the real first Real you ever find it doesn't work on All the reels it doesn't work on the Reels who are actually made with the Process so if you cannot do it it's Actually the method okay you want to Select with the current video not after But with the current and then on the Left hand side click on the layout and You want to select the one with the Person okay so what it's going to do I Will just turn it around now you can Actually like record a video like this Okay so I will put myself into the frame And you can record a video like this but This is the trick this is where the hack Actually comes into the place okay what You want to do is you want to tilt your Phone until you are off the frame so Completely just like this you can see

I'm not in the frame and then you just Play the video and you re-post it okay So I'm not going to do it for the entire Video you just want to do it for the Entire video and be quiet right okay Because it's recording your your uh Voiceover of the video and then you Click on next and then you have the Video right there you click on next you Add the description and the tags then You repost it make sure you repost the Entire video this way I just didn't want To do it because it will be boring and Then you can just share it and it's Going to get the authority of the Original video and if you're going to Also use the hashtags that the original Video has it's going to get so so so so Much traffic but it's not making you Money right but here's how to make the Money with this and I want to also show You first of all the proof of other People doing this because there's so Much money you can make with this okay Is if you go back and if you actually go I will just uh start from the beginning And you actually go to your reels you're Going to see a first video first video If it says uh try remix on the video for Example on this one it doesn't say about His name try remix it doesn't say but on This video it says it and this is Exactly what the person did he just Remixed the video and you can see

There's he isn't even there on the video So he did the same exact trick and he Got 745 000 likes so I don't know how Much that's in terms of like uh whatever It is views but he used it so whenever There's like the remix you can see remix With classic cars and he remixed this Video and he actually got even more Views this one only has 562. I could do The same I just clicked there remix and I want to show you how to actually make Money with this okay so again select the Layout do this again aim it somewhere Else so just like this and just hold it Yeah I'm not going to do it for an Entire video and then you want to go Next and okay I'm not going to do it and Then you just want to add a text and you Want to write there for example gift Card surprise in BIO okay so this is What you want to do and then in the bio You put your CPA link and you build like A theme page of these videos and Whenever some of them is going to get Viral you can make anywhere from like One conversion up to like 100 Conversions for a single video and you Can post as many of these as possible Just click on next add the description Add the hashtags post it and that's it You can go ahead and try it out right Now and that's it now comment down below Please if you think this is genius if You tried it out because you can just go

To the real see other people are doing It and now I just explo I just exploited The method so yeah let me know if you Like it if you didn't like it and also To next to watch the next video to see How to actually monetize this I'm going To post a new video that's going to be Right here or if it might actually be There right now so to see how to Properly monetize it click right here Please

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