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Now today nothing but I did this method Actually yesterday and when I go to Yesterday you can see that I was able to Make 54.81 just from one single video and for Every single one of these videos you can Make anywhere from 50 up to like 140 Dollars just by watching it what's going On guys in today's video I want to share With you a brand new method on how to Make over 144 dollars just by watching Videos on YouTube I was actually testing This out myself and you can see that I Received only 98 views 94 clicks 65 Conversions but more importantly I was Able to make fifty four dollars just From a single YouTube video now you Don't have to generate any sales you Don't have to pay for anything this is Completely free and also perfect for Beginners in today's video I'm going to Show you step by step how I was able to Make this amount of money but also the Fastest way for you on how to make this Amount of money as well and also stay Until the end of the video because this Method is something that I have seen Online as well before but I used a Secret untapped attack to actually Skyrocking my results so I can actually Make money very fast because there are Two ways of using this method one of Them is slow method you can just set it And you can make money today tomorrow or

A week from now and then there is the Second method which is going to get you Much faster results I will reveal it at The end of the video but for that don't Forget to please smash like on this Video I would really appreciate it and Let's try and get to 1 000 likers on This video it's really awesome so you Can spread the message and help even More people make money online and also If you like videos about making money Online without showing your beautiful Face online and also completely for free Then make sure to subscribe to this YouTube channel because I literally post Videos just like this every other day And also go ahead and check out my Inca Into profits YouTube channel which is Another YouTube channel that I created Where I'm going to be posting videos of Methods that you guys reported that you Made money with them okay on this Channel I post all kinds of methods that I know work that are legit to make money Online but from some of these methods I Noticed comments from you telling me That you may made money with these Methods so these are the methods that I'm going to be posting on the Incognito Profits Channel exclusively so go ahead Check it out the link is in the first Link in the video description but right Now let's get started I actually want to Show you how I was able to make this

Amount of money pretty much just by Watching YouTube videos okay this is Completely free brand new method other People don't know about it especially About the hack that makes all the Difference okay now 54 dollars this took Me like 15 minutes less than actually 15 Minutes to do this I've done it multiple Times so it took me like five minutes to Do it and then I was just waiting and Bam 54 dollars now you can make even More money than this you can make Definitely a lot more money than this All you need to do is simply repeat this Method multiple multiple times okay That's the most important part now first Of all what you want to do just head Over to and I'm sure you are Already there because how else you will Be watching this video and then you want To pretty much search for something very Interesting now I'm just going to tell You straight away what I was searching For so you can see exactly how this Method works I was searching for crazy Animals caught on camera okay this is Going to be something that's going to be Making you a lot of money just search For this and then you want to just pick Up any of these videos that are going to Entice you a lot I will leave that up to You because some of those videos are Kind of like crazy so I want to be Showing them on this video but I'm just

Going to go with the first one okay so I Want to go with this one right here it's Pretty crazy like there's this cyclist Being chased by a bear so you can see it Right there that's definitely crazy now What you want to do is you want to copy Link address of this video and then you Want to Google thumbnail Grabber and you Want to get a YouTube thumbnail of this Specific video okay now there's Different versions you can just use any Of these top three search results all of These websites are going to work the one That I like to use is the first one it's Like whatever engine just Place your link right there and it's Going to fetch you the thumbnail don't Go for the first one scroll down and go For this one right here because it Doesn't have the black bars okay so this Is the thumbnail that we are looking for Next Step you want to go to And what you want to search for first of All is going to be YouTube thumbnail Okay YouTube thumbnail hit enter and you Are looking for some kind of a YouTube Thumbnail resolution we are not really Looking for any of these just click on Create a blank YouTube thumbnail so you Can get the resolution of the YouTube Thumbnail and we can just edit this Thumbnail in a way so first of all you Want to copy this image and then you Want to paste it right here okay so you

Don't even have to download it make sure You're going to resize it and this is Going to be part one of the method you Want to resize it then you pretty much Want to grab an element any of these Square elements make sure the color is Going to be black then resize it through The entire thumbnail so it's going to Cover it and then you want to lower the Transparency right here so go to these Three dots which are right here click on This transparency and you want to lower It to like uh 60 okay so go to like 16 And then you pretty much want to search One more time in elements and search for Like Circle and you are really looking For any of these circles and you want to Put it like I don't know like somewhere Right here so it's going to grab the Tension and then change it to Red okay Make sure you're going to put there like The red just like this and then you want To pretty much move it uh send to send Backward okay so it's going to be behind That black cover that we added right now And then you just want to search for one More thing that's going to be called Play button okay play button for this Case this is very important you want to Go for a still play button we don't want To create a video out of this image okay You want to go for a still play button Like this one or this one any of them That are still and that are free as well

So I'm just going to go for this one I'm Going to put it into the center some Somewhere right here and I'm going to Change the color to white so it's going To pop and this is where we pretty much Have created okay so this is the first Part then click on share click on uh Download right here and you just want to Download that's the first part then you Want to go to Google sites and you want To create a blank site okay you want to Create a blank site and you want to Delete everything so don't header type Select Title only then click right here On the pages click on pages and you want To make sure there are no other Pages Here because then it's going to change The template you want to make sure There's only going to be home page now For the page title you want to copy the Headline of the video just for an Inspiration and then add something Crazier related to the thumbnail so in This case it's most unbelievable animal Moment ever caught on camera and then You can also add like check out what This bear did or something like that so Most unbelievable animal moments ever Caught on camera and now the second part Is going to be see who won the race Because I think it kind of makes sense Like they are racing like the very Trying to chase the the cyclist so yeah It's like a Race So I think it makes

Kind of sense and then just click on Images and you want to upload this image Just like this okay so this is going to Be the first part and I will publish it Later on now the second part you want to Go to canva once again and this is what You want to search for right now you Want to search for Pinterest pin Resolution so again search for Pinterest Pin and then click create a blank Pinterest pin and again you want to copy The headline but there's going to be a Couple of changes on this one you want To paste it right there make sure you're Going to change it to the resolution so The main part is being seen okay it Doesn't need to be through the entire Pin just make sure that the main part Like the Bear in this example chasing The cyclist which is supposed to be in The video is like right here then go to Right here to the more you want to click On the background and we want to change The background to like dark color okay Something like this something like this Now the next thing and this is going to Be very important you want to click on The text right here click in subheading You want to write your bear chord Chasing exactly see who won the race Then click on FX and you want to make Sure you're going to add a background to This text so it's going to be seen just Like this you can also make it a little

Bit bigger so it's going to be more Spread something like this add roundness And just like this okay so it's going to Look something like this make sure to Add it at the bottom on the dark part so It's going to be easily seen and now Here is the important part with the Elements go to elements search or play Button and you want to find one that's Going to be animated okay this is very Important you want to go with an Animated like this one don't go with the Steel one that's on this page right here We want to go with an animated one right Here okay something like this or this One looks like a video any any that's Going to be animated okay in this case I'm only seeing this one so you want to Make sure you're going to bring this one To the center just like this and what This is going to do it's going to turn This short image this small image into a Very short video and this is exactly What we are looking for okay because now When you're going to click on share Right here and you're going to click on Download it's going to tell you this is MP4 video and this is one of the hacks To actually make money with this method Then click on download now the next Thing what you want to do is you want to Go to this is the platform that I use to actually make the amount of Money I only made it yesterday okay

Because today so far I haven't received Any traffic but I think like 54 dollars For just one day it's still it's still Good okay so I think that's pretty good Now what you want to do is you want to Go to the home section or to the menu And you want to go to the tools and you Want to go right here to the captcha Lockers okay you can create a captcha Locker and just call it like bear Chasing cyclist then notes nothing then A redirect to another URL and you just Want to copy and paste the video URL so Just copy the link address of the video And you want to make sure you're going To put it right there and click on Create a locker then it's going to be Created you can see it right here then Click on actions and view details and This is where you are going going to be Actually sent to and then this is the Code to install it okay just copy these Two red texts right here so copy this Part then go back to Google sites and You want to click on embed right here Click on embed and you want to click on Embed code paste it there and then click On the second part just like this paste It there as well go next and one once It's going to show up you know you have Installed it correctly and click on Insert okay and you want to make sure That it's going to be is going to able To fit on the right hand side of the

Video okay so you might need to resize It sometimes just like this and then Move this part right here okay so it's Going to look something like this this Is the most highest converting template To actually use and then here's what you Need to write here you want to put your Warning sensitive content this video Contains sensitive content please Complete the capture verification to Confirm you want to watch it now this is Something that I got inspiration from Instagram when you are scrolling through Instagram and something is going to tell You their sensitive content tell me how Many times you actually scroll past Through it or you actually wanted to see That and this works super super well so This is what you want to put on the Website okay not anything else and There's like sensitive content like they Are going to click on the captcha Complete the offers and you are going to Get paid for that and then just click on Publish and then this is how your Website is going to look like most Unbelievable animal moments ever caught On camera see who won the race they see This pair oh this must be crazy and then Warning sensitive content this video Contains sensory content oh it must be Good and people are going to click here They are going to see the offers and Whenever they are going to download it

And install it you are going to get paid Anywhere for like 20 cents up to a Couple dollars and I want to actually Show you how to actually get the traffic The fastest way now there's two parts of This method so you want to make sure You're going to pay attention to both of Them okay the first one is the setup the Second one is the hack on how to Actually get a boost of traffic right Away so what you want to do is you want To go to just go to Pinterest and you want to click on Create right here and you want to create A pin then you simply want to upload the Video that we have downloaded and you Can see it right here this is the reason Why we have used the animated button Instead of the still one so it's Actually going to be a video and you can See it's moving it's going to get your Attention then you want to add your Title then add a description so see who Won the race most unbelievable animal Moments ever caught on camera and then You can also rewrite this part right Here just to edit some content so like Bear chord chasing a cyclist uh see who Won the race in the link in the Destination and then copy and paste the URL of your website and you want to put It right here okay so add it right there And you just want to click on Save and Bam this is what we have created now

This is how the print is going to look Like you want to make sure you're going To view it and now if this is going to Show up to someone on there for you page You can see that there's a lot of like Still images right here but this video This is a video it's something moving That's what caught my attention so if Someone is going to see this one uh Let's say watch it again on there for You pay age is going to get their Attention they are going to click on it And you are going to make money now There's actually a hack on how to Actually get these pins to be showing up On the for you page pretty much like Right away and I want to share this hack With you because this is exactly what I Used myself on my post to actually boost It to the first page not the first page But to the for you page of Pinterest or This home page where you get some random Stuff shown to you to see if you're Going to like it now the way to do that Is you just got to go to a website That's called search for Pinterest and you just want to buy any Of these premium Pinterest social Signals this is like 25 000 of them for Just one dollar and I made like 50 Dollars from this one dollar investment You can just order these social signals To this exact Pinterest pin it's going To boost it it's going to show the

Search engine on Pinterest that people Are liking it and going to show it to More people to see even if more people Are actually going to like this pin as Well and that's how you're going to get A real traffic you are not going to get Sales from these pins that's not what This is for this is just to boost the Pin so it's going to be shown to real People they're going to check it out They are going to watch the video and You are going to make money and that's It let me know what you think about this Method in the comment section below Don't forget to drop a like subscribe And to see another money making method That's highly highly recommended to you By the YouTube algorithm check out this Video right here bye for now

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