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Okay guys check this out as you can see Today I was already able to make over 555 in affiliate commissions then Yesterday 558 you can see for the last seven days I was able to make 4.4 thousand dollars And this is right here are pretty much My daily earnings that I’ve been getting Using affiliate marketing you can see 555 dollars close to 700 and this day Right here was very good at 900 this was On 20 not 20 but 14th of October you can See that right here I was very lucky and I was able to make a 900 and in today’s Video guys I’m gonna show you a brand New method that you can use to make over 500 per day in affiliate commissions or Earnings completely for free just by Searching on Google for this method all You need to do is just go to I guess you already know about and you are going to get paid For every time that you are going to be Searching on Google for example if I’m Going to search for example example like Best bar in San Diego you’re going to See there’s plenty of different search Results but if I’m going to go to like Second page so you can actually get rid Of most of the ads you are going to see That pretty much on one page there are 10 different search results so one two Three four five six seven eight nine ten And then the rest are pretty much

Advertisements now for every one of These search results that are right here You can actually get paid minimum of 15 So pretty much for one page if you do Like 15 times 10 because there’s ten Different search results you can make Like 150 dollars for just one search result And if you’re going to do this for Example like five times you can get paid Up to seven hundred and fifty dollars And you literally just need to go to Google search for something that I’m Going to show you in just a few minutes And you can get paid 15 for every single One of those search results that are Going to show up in front of you now Step number one with this method guys What you want to do is you want to go to okay now this is a very Simple copy and paste method But first You will need to have an account where You are actually going to get paid Because even though you are going to be Generating these Commissions in order to Be actually able to spend the money you Need to have some account where you are Going to get paid now there’s plenty of Options but for this method you will Need to get a PayPal account so just go To PayPal and click on sign up right now Now the the process is very simple but What you really need to do is you need To create any of these accounts if you

Are just getting started I recommend Going for a personal account because It’s going to ask for less amount of Details from you but if you are going to Be serious about making money online Using this method then just go for a Business account right here okay but Personal account is more than enough Because when you go for a business Account they are going to ask you all Kinds of different questions like what Are you selling what business do you Have and you need to fill them out in Order to receive the money but if you go With a personal account you don’t need To do that then just select your country And go on with the rest of the Registration and process and you’re Going to have a PayPal account but I Suppose most of you watching already Have a PayPal account so let’s move on To the next step but before we actually Move on to the next step if you like Videos about making money online for Complete beginners don’t forget to Please drop like on this video it would Really help me out big time with the YouTube algorithm and also to never miss Out on any of my future videos because Some of these methods they work the best Especially right when I share them on This YouTube channel be sure to Subscribe and hit the notification Bell So you can be the first one to watch

These methods and never miss out on them At all post all kinds of different money Making methods and tutorials on this YouTube channel completely for free Every other day so to keep updated with All the methods then be sure to Subscribe because yeah there’s a lot of Methods out there and some of them work Especially right away because you can Imagine that if I post a method on this Channel most people are going to use it Just the way I’m going to show in the Video and yeah after some time it gets Slightly saturated and more difficult to Actually make money using the method so If you’re going to be one of the first Black actually view this method you are Going to be making the most amount of Money and also please comment down below And tell me if you actually have a PayPal account already or it’s something You had to create for this method I’m Kind of like interested in knowing this Because sometimes I’m showing all these Basic steps as if I was showing it to a Person that pretty much you just started Making money online they don’t have Anything at all so I’m just doing a Little the research if you have a PayPal Account or if you don’t have a PayPal Account also guys don’t reply to the Fake comments in the comment section Below I will never tell you to message Me on Whatsapp telegram or anything like

That if I’m going to do that it’s going To be done through my face on my videos All the comments in the comment section Telling you you want a giveaway or Anything like that all of them are fake Do not reply to them please okay now Moving on with the method what you need To do is you want to go to Google and You want to pretty much search on Google To actually make money using this method Now the most common search results or Common search string to actually make The most amount of money with this Method is going to be something with Best okay because you can search for Anything Google for example I don’t know Like plumber in New York or anything Like that but you really want to go with The best and this is going to really Really increase your conversion rate Because if you’re going to include the Best right here it’s only going to show You the best of the best and that’s Pretty much the easiest way to make Money using this method so for example You can go with like a best uh I don’t Know barber in San Diego and you’re Going to see that on the first page There’s a lot of different search Results but if you go to the second page You’re going to see there’s 10 search Results per page and for every one of These search results you can actually Make at least 15 dollars pretty much

Right away without actually working at All so just make sure We are going to be using this search String best barber in San Diego you can Also change the country you can also Change the profession just make sure you Are going to be using the best because That’s really going to be increasing the Amount of money you are going to be Making but there’s a little hack to this As well so stay tuned because you don’t Want to miss out on that then the next Thing what you want to do is you want to Just go to Fiverr and you want to search For like local business okay just go to Fiverr and search for local business and This is just one of the ways you can Make money using this method okay if You’re going to watch this video Carefully you’re going to see that There’s a lot of ways to make money with This but this is just one of them and It’s very easy one you’re going to see That there’s a lot of these different Gigs Which are actually going to help you get Better results in search engine rankings Now these are specifically for local Business now there’s plenty of them but The cool thing about this is you don’t Need to be selling them at all and you Can get paid 15 for every single one of These gigs without working without Completing the gig or without actually

Like doing anything on fire at all the Way to do that is you are going to Scroll down and you’re going to click Right here where it says affiliate just Click there and you’re going to see That’s going to take you to the fiber of The program now the 15 that I’m talking About is actually the least amount of Money you can be actually making because If you say click on the commission plan You’re going to see you are getting paid At least 15 to up to 150 dollars cost Per action now the action is buying a Gig okay so you can see that there are All these different categories of making Money on Fiverr Affiliates and the Minimal is fifteen dollars so even Though you are going to sell a five Dollar gig you are getting paid 15 for This now pretty much based on the Category so for example like Illustration gaming all these you get Paid twenty five dollars now for these Ones are you getting paid thirty dollars And you can see SEO is actually one of Those so I’m telling you you are going To get paid 15 because that’s the Minimum guaranteed amount of money you Are going to get paid but chances are Instead of 15 you are going to get paid Thirty dollars but I want to be really Genuine with you guys and I want to like Under promise and more or less over Deliver rather than the opposite so 30

Dollars is pretty much something you are Going to be making By the very least you can be making with This method is 15 so pretty much what You want to do is Click right here start Earning now sign up for an affiliate Account right here so enter your first Name last name and all these details now Once you’re going to have your account Ready you just want to copy one of these Links right here now the one that I Recommend to go for is the one that is Pretty much something like this which is Starting at a very low price tag like Five dollars right here and pretty much Has more than one thousand ratings Preferably five star ratings now all you Really need to do is just right click on It and click on copy link address now You want to go to your affiliate account In Fiverr and on the left hand side just Navigate to the marketing tools go to The default and deep links then go to The lp URL right here and just place it Right here okay and click on enter now What this is going to do and this is Actually Super Genius it’s going to give You a specific affiliate link for this Specific Fiverr gig because we don’t Want to be promoting fiber we want to Get paid for every single one of those Gigs so if you’re going to oh come on I Need to do it one more time So if I’m going to click right here to

Copy the link and now I’m going to visit It this is going to be my affiliate link For this gig so now whatever is going to Make a purchase from this gig I’m going To get paid but there’s also one very Important thing and this is something Most people don’t even know about Because most people just skip halfway Through the video this is the cool part If someone is going to click on this Link and they are going to preferably Make a purchase we will get paid but if They don’t make a purchase this is the Awesome part if you go to Google and you Search more information about fiber for The program you’re going to see your Affiliate link includes a 30 days Tracking cookie this means that if a User clicks on your affiliate link then You’ll be created with the referral sale For the next 30 days now this also means That if they are going to click on this Link and they don’t make a purchase but They buy anything whatsoever on Fiverr Within the next month we are going to Get paid for this now here’s how to Actually get the sales very very easily Even if you never made any money online You are a complete beginner and you are Struggling with getting free traffic Online now what you need to do is go to Google search for something best and There is the reason why we are searching For the best some profession or local

Business in some kind of a city but also Make sure to include this little search String right here in URL https now guys What this is going to do is if you’re Going to search for this it’s only going To show you websites that currently Don’t have an SSL certificate so you can See all of these websites without it They have the s that means they are Secure websites and they help pretty Much complete a site security down but If you’re going to search for these ones Without that you’re going to see all These websites right here they don’t Have that they don’t have that and all Of these can be sold like a local SEO Optimization SSL certificate from Fiverr Or any kind of optimization because they Are surely not showing up on the first Page because they do not have the https Certificate so pretty much for any of These Pages you can get paid 30 dollars Because the gig is paying like five Dollars but the category is going to pay You thirty dollars so you can make like Three hundred dollars per page that You’re going to search using this crazy Genius search string and the reason why We are searching for the best is because If someone is best they want to be the Best and they are going to pay some Money to be the best because they are Getting the traffic already they are Getting the customers and they are

Making a lot of money so search for the Best and whatever in wherever and make Sure to use this search string and then You want to just contact them using your Email and just send them this exact Email swipe you have the best restaurant Or any kind of local business so Restaurant Barber hair salon or best bar But it’s missing one thing here’s how to Fix it so this is going to get huge open Rates then hey I’ve been searching for And this is the keyword you want to put Here and this is again what you want to Put in here because if they are going to See that you have been searching for the Best they will be like kind of Complemented so I’ve been searching for The best bar in San Diego and I noticed Your restaurant or your bar or whatever Whatever you’re pretty much searching is Showing in the search results but it’s Missing this one thing it’s not on the First page unfortunately if you are Interested in fixing this and improving Your local rankings for your website It’s actually quite cheap and we’ve Helped thousands of local businesses to Do this this is why the reason you want To use the testimonials with over a Thousand because it’s going to draw a Lot of authority to this email and they Are going to be like okay they help Thousands they have five star ratings And it’s cheap yeah might as well just

Do that and you will get paid 30 dollars And then instead of actually giving them More information about gig you want to Sell the click okay because instead of Just telling them about your portfolio In the email this is where you want to Add your affiliate link so they are Going to be okay I can check out their Portfolio before actually making a Purchase if they’re going to click on The link it’s automatically going to Give them the cookie and if they make a Purchase on any gig on Fiverr for the Next 30 days we will get paid for that So this is just one of the ways you can Actually refer people to Fiverr and get Paid huge money by doing this just make Sure you’re going to use this search String because it’s going to give you The best buyers that want to be the best Also they have very low hanging fluid Type of fiber gigs you can sell to them Sell them the click and get paid when They make a purchase of the set gig that Is going to help them increase the Rankings or when they are going to make Any purchase on Fiverr whatsoever and That’s it for this method if you’re Looking for more videos about making Money online don’t forget to check out Any of them that are going to show up on The screen I’m going to sell them have a Fantastic rest of your day and bye for Now

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