Get Paid +$20.00 Every 10 Minutes Using This VIRAL METHOD! (Make Money Online 2023)

As you can see right here on this Account I was able to generate four Thousand two hundred dollars and 87 Cents from which I received four point One thousand dollars already paid out And on this account which I don't really Show on YouTube because I don't want to Get this message saturated I was able to Generate 14 312.44 all of which I received from Thirteen thousand dollars and one dollar And sixty four cents paid out directly From this account and in today's video Guys I'm gonna show you a brand new Viral method on how you can get paid Twenty dollars every 10 minutes without Selling anything just by using these Wireless traffic method that's going to Be almost almost completely done for you You can set up and do without doing any Of the work yourself what's going on Guys Eric here and in today's video what I want to show you is going to be a Super cool viral method that you can use To get almost instant traffic in any Niche but today I want to show you how To do this and how to use this method With CPA marketings you can actually Generate money just like this now this Is one of my CPA accounts that I use to Actually still do some methods because I Have multiple CPA accounts because when I'm doing the tutorials I'm kind of Tired of actually blurring out all of

The things that I'm still doing so what I just did I'll create a multiple Accounts and you can see this is my main Account that I show my videos and I made Four point two thousand dollars all time Back in the day still I got paid 4.2 000 And pretty much I made four point two Thousand dollars and good paid 4.1 Thousand dollars but on this account Using this exact method as well I was Able to generate 14 000 from which I Received thirteen thousand dollars Already paid out and in today's video I Want to show you this hack show you how To set this up because this is something That most people don't even realize they Can do and then I want to show you how To actually get this viral traffic hack Through these CPR first so you can start Getting paid around twenty dollars every 10 minutes so make sure you're going to Watch until the end of the video to see Exactly how to do this but before that I Don't want to please smash like on this Video if you like making money online by The way anybody that's going to smash Like on this video is going to make 100 By tomorrows and also don't forget to Subscribe and hit notification Bell so I Can notify whenever I upload a brain Mind making video so you can be the First one to watch the video first one To do the method and the first one to Make the most amount of money and by the

Way anybody who smashes the like all Right so let's get started and I'm just Step number one what you need to do you Need to go to CPA grip okay so just Grade your CPA grip account if you don't Know how to do that then just watch my Previous video tutorials because I've Already done this step multiple multiple Times so I don't want to be going over That anymore now the next step what you Want to do is you want to go to this Monetization tools right here on the Left hand side click there and go to the URL slash file lockers click there so URL file lockers and then click on Create a new URL or Locker click on I Agree click on continue and we are going To create a new Locker that's going to Be actually paying us money okay now This is when you can create it you can Do pretty much anything that you want But I will show you the exact template To go for so just keep this tab open Okay we are going to be using it very Very soon the next thing you want to do Is you want to go for you want to go to YouTube and what you want to search for Is going to be some kind of funny click Bait video okay so make sure you need to Be like funny because it's going to Appeal to mass audience and also it Needs to be click baity so when people Are going to see that they want to watch It okay there's a lot of funny videos

Out there uh like yeah this funny cat And dark video that's something you Would like to watch okay because I mean The cat I don't know she it looks like It's Tangled or something so it's like Kind of like click baited okay so you Want to find something that's going to Attract attention because there's a lot Of videos on YouTube but most of them Don't most of them but some of them Don't are not really enticing so you Need to find something that's going to Be clickbaity that's very important for The sake of the video I'm going to use This one but the way to find them is you Just go to the search right here and for Example you're going to search for like A funny dog video and then what you Really want to look for is again Something that's going to attract your Attention but a proven way to get Something is to use these two filters so You're going to use upload date for Example like today or this week and You're going to sort them by views so if A video is pretty much uploaded this Week and it has a lot of views it has to Be clickbaity because how else would it Get the views otherwise okay so all of These are kind of like clickbaity okay If they are not YouTube shorts okay so You don't want to get YouTube short you Want to get like long videos okay so Something like this so all of these are

Going to be clickbaity find anything it Can be funny dog video funny cat video Funny animal video any kind of video That's going to appeal to mass oh yes And it's going to be clickbaity the way To find it is it needs to have a lot of Views recently because then it means That it's pretty much viral and people Are going to be watching that okay okay So I'm actually going to be using this Video right here this little hamster Eating broccoli so okay so this is the One that I'm going to be using now what You want to do is you want pretty much Right click on the video copy the link Address of this video do you want to go To Google and just search for thumbnail Grabber right here click on that and you Pretty much want to enter the YouTube Url right here to get the thumbnail of The video so this is the video that we Are going to be using you want to get The thumbnail you want to copy the image Not the image address copy the image do It multiple times then you want to go to Canva you want to select YouTube Thumbnail just search for YouTube Thumbnail right here and then click on The YouTube thumbnail so it's going to Give you the resolution of a YouTube Thumbnail and then you want to go with The blank one okay you don't really want To use any of these templates what you Simply want to do and this is what we

Have been doing pretty much all the time I will just paste the image right here Then make sure you're going to resize it Accordingly this is the first part and Then if you have been watching my videos This is the ultimate hack to make any Thumbnail clickable you just go to the Elements select any of these like a Square ones make sure you're going to Resize it through the entire page make Sure the color is going to be black and Then right here are the dots click on The transparency and make sure to lower It okay so something like 55 and then What you want to do is you want to add Any of these circles add it somewhere so I'm going to add a circle right here for Example right here at the uh add a Hamster right here make sure the color Is going to be red just like this and Then you want to add one of these arrows To it as well make sure to rotate it so It's going to be pointing there just Like this and you want to right click Right click it click on send backwards Right click on the circle as well send It backwards so it's going to be behind The little black I don't know how to Call it the black thing that we put on There and then pretty much what you want To do is just want to search for any of The play buttons so play button and then Just drag any of them that are not going To be a video okay make sure that

They're not going to be the video and You want to place it into the center Okay and make sure it's going to snap Into the center with these lines okay so Just like this okay and this is it now The red circle right here is going to Get attention of the people that are Going to be pretty much looking at the Image like what is happening there I can Really see that what is the hamster Doing with the broccoli and then there's The arrow pointing at it and they want To watch the video because I mean it's Funny and he's wearing some little funny Hat as well and then just want to Download this thumbnail did you want to Go to Google sites and now I want to Show you the hack okay this is something I never showed you in any of my videos And this is something if you're going to Use it right now you are going to have Advantage over anybody that has been Watching my videos before because I Never shared this exact hack on my Channel before so first of all I'm going To change the header type to title only So I have the title right there and I Want to pretty much write something Enticing so I mean it's just a hamster Eating broccoli so I don't know it's Going to be something like this check Out what his hamster does after eating a Plate of broccoli and I mean it kind of Makes sense because there's like he's

Eating a plate of broccoli and like what Is he going to do and there is this Circle so it's going to be like yeah Something enticing do you want to add an Image that we have downloaded and make Sure you're going to resize it so people Can actually see that and put it Directly into the center of the video of The entire page okay so something like This make sure it's going to be full Like this okay and now this is the hack Okay this is going to be the hack you Want to go back to YouTube you want to Write it on the video copy the link Address go back to CPA grip then you Want to enter the locked URL right here Put the YouTube video there because this Is the URL we are going to be locking Then go to the templates right here and You want to change the template to this Capture One okay so change it to the Capture one so complete the captcha Below to continue and you want to right Here complete the capture below to Continue to watch the video for free Just like this so it's going to be According to the video and you want to Save this okay now when you're going to Save this it's going to be right here You want to get the link of this one now The way this one works it's a URL or File locker so you need to visit it okay You need to visit it then there's the Captcha there's also a hack that you can

Do on Google sites and it's simple this Instead of using the link you're going To click on the embed and you're going To just embed the URL and what Google is Going to do it's going to take the Entire website and put it on your Landing page as well so people don't Have to leave this landing page so Actually for you to make money and That's a very cool thing because before That you could only use like OG ads but Now you can also use CPA Group and There's a very cool hack with this one So click on insert and it's going to Insert the entire page now I want to Resize it okay so make sure you're going To resize it accordingly just like this So people can read the text so just like This and also maybe like this so only The captcha is going to be there now one More thing if you know how to do that Because I don't want to make this video Too long you can also go back to CPA Grip not here but directly here and you Can edit this one and you can actually Edit the backgrounds to be completely White okay so that's something you can Do yourself but this is what we want to Do but also one more thing because most People are going to be clicking on the Image you want to click on the image as Well enter a link and you want to enter The link as well so now this is how our Page is going to be look like I'm going

To call it testing hamster video click On publish and this is how the page is Going to look like so it's going to look Like something like this headline then There is the thumbnail and then the Captcha now people can either click on The capture right here and complete the Offers right here for you to get paid or They can click on the image right here And they are going to go right here and Again one more thing you can change the Background but you can also add an image Of the hamster right here and this is Something I'm going to be doing another Video for later on okay so but for now This is more than enough because Pages Like this the important part about the Reason the reason why I was able to make Like fourteen thousand dollars on this Account is because I was using Pages Like this okay they are white just blank White page headline then there's the Video and then there is the call to Action like a buy button like a CPA Button or something like this now I know It sounds dumb but I mean the proof Speaks for itself fourteen thousand Dollars on this account by using these Dummy little pages okay so I know they Work and I want to show you how to Actually use this page and get tons of Traffic to it very very easily and also Completely for free so what you want to Do you want to go to chat PPT okay and

This is what you want to write here Right here at the bottom this is going To help us to match Outsource the entire Work now what you want to write here Please write me exciting Twitter post About funny hamster video I just found And hit enter and Bam Chad Jeep it is Going to do everything just stumble upon The funniest hamster video ever watch a Little guy try to climb a staircase and Fail miserably now this is okay this is Awesome but I'm just going to change it To the broccoli part so you want to copy This part copy this entire thing that Chad GPT created then paste it there and Then watch this little guy eat entire Plate of broccoli eat entire plate of Broccoli and now this is the hack to Actually get a lot of traffic instead of Using these these hashtags because Twitter Works based on hashtags what you Want to do is you want to go to Google And search for trending Twitter hashtags Now they are going to be changing on Daily basis and for that reason you need To do this every single day when Whenever you're doing this method so if You are watching this video let's say a Week from now the Twitter hashtags are Going to change so you want to go to the Website the first result and just copy These hashtags okay so I'm going to copy Check your app that's that's really hot Right now so hashtag Shakira then I

Don't know BBB 23 no that no idea Actually what that is maybe I'm just not Up to date with the news just like this So not check here I want this one and Then one more Fred the Sim I don't know What is this guy okay or let's go with Actually this one like Gabriel okay this One seems very very good and just like This now that's the reason why we are Going for a funny video because anybody Going through these hashtags this video Is going to relate with them and as long As it's clickbaity they are going to Click on it but this is the part where Most people are going to be making just Two dollars and I want to show you how To actually make like twenty dollars Okay so instead of getting paid is United States commission what you want To do is you just want to copy the Entire Twitter post and this is what Most people are not going to be watching Because they already exited the video You want to go to Google Translate and Just translate the entire description to French okay and that's it that's that's Pretty much it and now just copy that Put it on Twitter instead of the main One and just make sure it's going to fit There and now whenever somebody going Through these hashtags and they are from France they are going to see this they Are going to read it they are going to Go to your page which looks something

Like this they are going to click on the The thumbnail they are going to go Through this little captcha locker from CPA grip but because it's going to be From CPA grip instead of getting paid These amounts like one dollar one dollar Two dollar or two dollar two forty three You are going to be getting paid these Amounts like 21 dollars twenty one Dollars twenty one dollars twenty one Dollars and because these hashtags are Currently viral you can get paid this Amount every 10 minutes simply by Creating a couple of these to the posts Like this and then just publishing them And that's it guys I know it sounds dumb That's exactly how I was able to make Over 14 000 on this single CPA Group Account right here just go ahead take Action trust the process just do it Couple of times make sure to use the Landing page so the account is not going To get shut down and then just comment Down below how much money you have made

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