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And you can see actually that today so Far I was able to make already 984 dollars then yesterday one thousand Ninety eight dollars then pretty much For the last seven days five point six Thousand dollars and last month this was Actually March I was able to make thirty Two thousand dollars and when I go to The last 30 days it was 31 000 and when I go to the lads actually this month It's like twelve thousand dollars twelve Point four and pretty much these are my Daily earnings it's actually 14th of April currently so I'm actually making Like less than a thousand dollars per Day but these are my daily earnings so Pretty much nine hundred dollars here One thousand five hundred eighty seven Nine twenty nine five forty seven or one Thousand five hundred twenty nine and Pretty much this is the traffic on my Daily basis on this account as you can See but today actually it's very good Day 984 dollars and in today's video guys I'm going to show you one of the easiest Ways on how you can make over twenty Dollars every 50 minutes just by Searching on Google and I mean it you Can simply just like go to Google for Example example and you're going to Search for example like best way to make Money online and it's literally just no other website you click on

Enter and then for every single one of The search results as long as they are Not like sponsored you don't want to be Using these sponsored ones you just want To get the real search results for every One of these that are actually real Search results you can actually get paid Twenty Dollars around every 15 minutes Now if you're going to pretty much Multiply that because on first page There's a lot of different search Results but if you actually go to the Second page there's like one two three Four five six seven eight nine okay like Eight realistic search results not Advertisement keep in mind we are not Looking for advertisements eight times Uh twenty dollars that's like 160 Dollars you can make just from one Single Google search because you are Going to get paid for Android one of These search results and in today's Video guys I'm going to show you step by Step how to do this and get paid over 500 up to even like 900 per day Completely just by copy and pasting what I'm going to show you in this video okay Now step number one what you need to do Is you need to sign up for a PayPal Account and this is actually a very Simple method and a lot of people have Been telling me they made money using This but after they made like one or two Thousand dollars they actually moved to

Something different because I don't know Why I mean if they are making money with This there's like no reason not to keep Using this so first of all you want to Sign up for a PayPal account if you Don't have a PayPal account already it's Completely free it's pretty much Available worldwide just sign up for a PayPal account now just go to sign up And make sure you're going to go with Your personal account if you don't want To go through the hassle of creating the Business account because when you are Creating personal or business account Anybody can create them but when you are Creating a business account they are Going to ask you all the questions like They are going to do with your personal Account but on top of that they are Going to ask you some business related Questions so you want to make sure You're going to go with your personal Account right here you can get started And then they are going to pretty much Ask you for the country you need to Enter your number right here they are Going to send you a like a magic link to Your phone number and a code you're Going to enter it right here sign up for An account and then just save your email Address because that's actually where You are going to get paid when you are Going to be using this method also guys Before we move to the next step don't

Forget to please smash like I would Really appreciate it and also if you've Never done this before make sure to Subscribe to my YouTube channel and hit Notification Bell so I can notify Whenever I upload a brand new money Making video and also comment down below Something that you like about this video So it's going to help with the YouTube Algorithm and spread this to even more People on YouTube okay now that you have Your PayPal account ready what you want To do is you want to go to And don't worry we are not going to be Buying anything but you can see right Here AI is taking over this picture has Been definitely made using AI now pretty Much what you want to do just scroll all The way down because there's like a way To actually make money with Fiverr where You don't have to even deliver the Service yourself you don't even have to Create like a gig and the way to do that Is you go to the community Community tab Right here and you go to Affiliates Right here and this is something that Most people don't know about and pretty Much they don't even know it exists on Fiverr but it's a very very powerful way To make money here now when you're going To come to the Affiliates you're going To see all these different things they Are going to tell you but the one you Want to really focus on is going to be

On the top section right here the Commission plan and this is going to Tell you exactly how much money you're Making now most people think you are Just getting paid like a fraction of What you're going to sell but there's Actually this CPA program which stands For Casper action now this is not about CPA like CPA grip this stands for Casper Action so you are going to get paid a Fixed price per sale not like from that Sale like if you are going to make like A two dollar sale you will get like one Dollar five dollar sale to fifty ten Dollar five dollars but you are actually Getting paid in some cases a lot more Than you're going to sell so for example These are the CPA commissions I will Show you how to actually use them you Are getting paid 100 fifty dollars Guaranteed proven on all Fiverr Pro Services so if you sell like a fiber Pro Service for a hundred dollars you will Get paid 150 dollars for that regardless Also it works the other way around like If you sell a 500 service you'll get Paid 150 but that's like usually you Don't really care about that you really Care about it selling like cheaper Service and getting paid more now for Industrial product design data science And all this you get paid fifty dollars For these ones website Builders CMS and Stuff like this you're getting paid

Forty dollars these ones are going to Pay you thirty dollars now pretty much What we are going to be doing also goes Into these categories but I think most Of the categories are going going to be Like 25 okay so pretty much 25 dollars Are the ones that you are going to be Receiving and this is exactly what we Are going to be doing because we are Kind of going to be on like the social Media marketing digital marketing part But in some cases if you're going to do This because this also kind of like is Under like SEO you might actually make In like thirty dollars just by doing What I'm going to show you in this video So what you want to do is again just Sign up for an account right here you're Gonna start earning now and create your Brand new Fiverr account Fiverr Affiliate account just enter your first Name last name email address all these Little details now do you have main sort Of traffic you want to tell them yes and Pretty much you want to put here https Okay this is very important Tell them that you have a main source of Traffic and it's but imagine The next thing you want to do is you Want to go to Google and again now we Are getting a page for searching just Search for something like best make sure It's going to be best okay this is going To actually convert because I posted a

Similar method a few months ago a lot of People told me they generated their First sale their first hundred dollars But then it kind of gets saturated so What you need to do is you need to like Always improve the method and this is The way to actually get the most Conversions with the lowest amount of Effort pretty much you want to search For the best and then any local business Like pizza best burger Best Buy Harbor Best bar best whatever something in a Huge City and huge area so it can be Like best pizza in San Diego best burger In San Diego best uh dentist Etc etc then also it can be like best Like bar for example but let's go like Best pizza in San Diego okay so best Pizza in San Diego and what then you're Going to see is all these search results That are right here but also you're Going to see all of these search results Which are again first one is sponsor so People pay for that but all of these are Not sponsored now these are the ones we Are not going to be using for this Method we are going to go with more Places you want to click on that and Open up like the map window and you're Going to see again the first one is Pretty much the sponsored ones and then All of these this is the last one that's Showing up on the search result the Bronx Pizza it's right here then all of

These under the Bronx Pizza one two Three four five that's already like 100 Dollars if we multiply it by 20 and then There's also a lot more of them so Another hundred dollars and then right Here another hundred dollars all of These are our money makers now to Actually make money from them it's super Easy you just go to Fiverr you just go To Fiverr and you want to search for Google Maps and hit enter and it's going To bring in the gig that we are looking For now if it's not here then hold on Let me just change the currency to US Dollars and we are looking for what it's Called Google Maps citations okay so These are the ones we are looking for It's called Google Maps citations so Let's just search for it citation this Is how it's called Google Map citation And you're going to see all these Different gigs now they are super cheap They are like five ten fifteen dollars It's pretty much very very cheap gig but It works super super well to actually Improve the local ranking on the Google Maps okay and you can see there's plenty Of them all you have to do is just pick One of them now the one that I would go But it's pretty much uh I would go with Like top rated pretty much this person Right here which has five star ratings Of over 1 000 success stories or this One which is a fiverr's choice okay you

Click on that gig or you don't even have To click on it actually and you're going To see all these details now pretty much All you have to do is now you simply Want to right click on that gig and you Want to copy the link address okay and You should be pretty much linked to that Gig already then just go to your Fiverr Affiliate account then on the left hand Side you want to go to marketing tools And you want to go to the default and Deep links and this is the reason why Most people don't make money with this Because they don't know how to actually Use this method and this is what you Gotta pay attention to you want to make Sure you are using this Fiverr CPA link Because that's the one that's going to Be paying you regardless of the price of The gig so even if people are going to For example buy this just ten dollar Version you'll get paid 20 to 30 dollars For that because it's CPA that's how it Works now all you have to do is just go Right here go on LP URL which stands for LAN ending page URL because you can Actually add a different landing page to The main CPA link and then you want to Copy this link right here and if you're Going to copy that I'm just going to Copy that you can see it's copying right Here to the clipboard and I'm going to Actually visit it you're going to see That it takes me directly right here and

This is actually my affiliate link and Whenever I make like a 10 sale or even Like 30 or 4 45 even like 10 sale I will Get paid guaranteed 20 to 30 dollars and Now here's exactly what you want to do You simply want to find any of these uh Local businesses you want to make sure They are not showing up on the first Page of Google they are not showing up Ever so the Bronx Pizza is the last one You just click on them and you just want To get their email address okay email Address don't don't call them depending On the business it's going to be easy or Hard to find the the email address the Pretty much this is this is the page Right here and they only have like Reservations so I'm just going to scroll All the way down and I'm you for like Email address so okay okay okay and any Email address for example for this Business okay so this one doesn't have It but if I just go to another one you Can see it's right here tbritch and this is all we have to Send them okay and this is a high Converting script that's going to make a Huge difference because what we are Actually telling them is that they are Best in the area but there's something Missing out okay and if someone is Actually best they are more open to like Improving so this is the script you want To use re you have the best and this is

Not the bar but you want to put your Best pizza again if you're going to be Doing this for burgers let's put their Best burger but it is missing one thing Here's how to fix it I've been searching For and again you want to get the Keyword so not the best way to make Money online but in this case we have Been searching for best pizza in San Diego so I will put it right here and I've noticed your restaurant is showing You the search result but it's missing One thing it's not on the first page Unfortunately unfortunately and pretty Much this exact script just tells them To actually click on the affiliate link And check out the success stories and You want to make sure you're going to Pick up someone that has a lot of Ratings a lot of success stories because The the thing that they are just going To do is they'll just click on the link They're like okay this guy yeah a lot of Okay okay okay they just go to continue Order and they are just going to buy That and that's exactly how you're going To make money with this so you just copy And paste this exact email you're going To send it to their email address and You just want to make sure that this Part right here is actually going to be Your CPA after the link that you're Going to get from Fiverr just send them The email make sure you're going to

Approach a lot more local businesses Because out of like I don't know 10 20 50 100 not everybody is going to respond But the more emails you're going to send The more money you're going to make and From just one of these emails you can Make like 20 and in one hour you I have Been able to find like a lot of them Right away over 20 pit series if I go to The more places and that's just like a Few minutes and just one search I can Use a different city different a Different local business and have plenty Of email addresses that can email with The same gig and once I send it that's Pretty much it I don't have to do any Work at all and that's it hope you Enjoyed this method let me know what you Think about it in the comment section Below and for the next video click right Here which is going to be the perfect Method for you to make money online Recommended by YouTube algorithm click Here and let me know if it was actually A good one

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