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Check this out guys as you can see right Here I’ve been making over 100 almost Every single day on ClickBank 156 Dollars right here ninety seven dollars 132 111 dollars then 143 and then right here You can see 187 dollars and fifteen Cents on October 15th and in today’s Video guys I want to show you how you Can actually start generating these 44 Payments over and over again without Working for them at all in today’s video I’m going to show you this set and Forget method you can set up in just 20 Minutes it’s going to be generating you These 44 payments on ClickBank over and Over again and it also works completely Worldwide now for this method you don’t Have to have any investment because all We are going to be using is a completely Free traffic source and also we are Going to be using a free automation bot The most likely 99 of you guys actually Have access to right now and you don’t Even know about it and to make this a Complete no brainer what I’m going to do Is at the end of the video I’m going to Also share with you a copy and paste Done for your script you can just plug Into this Automation and start Generating sales just like this on daily Basis with free traffic without working Without putting your face on camera Without actually doing any kind of

Complicated techy stuff now just before You get started don’t forget to please Smash the like if you like videos about Making money online and let’s try and Get to 1 000 likes on this video and Also if you haven’t already be sure to Subscribe and notification Bell so I can Notify you whenever I upload a brand new Money making video also guys please Comment down below and tell me what is Your favorite sore throat remedy because As you might hear my voice is a little Weird and I have like a sore throat and I just want I’m just wondering like what Is your favorite remedy for a sore Throat because I might be actually using It very very soon that being said guys Let’s get started the method now as you Can see this is one of my three main Accounts that I’ve been using I don’t Really show it on YouTube because there Are some methods that I don’t like to Show up on what I’m doing because they Might get saturated if I show them and I Might lose all the earnings from these Methods so as you know I post a lot of Different methods on this channel but Some of them I keep just personal to me Because they are making money on daily Basis and pretty much this is one of Them and this has been making me like Couple not couple hundred dollars but 100 on daily basis and on some days you Can see I did not make the 100 but this

Was all made just by promoting one Single affiliate offer and this is Something that you can also do yourself Now this is all done with free traffic Today I want to show you a new free Traffic method that is getting 737 000 monthly visitors all for free you Can tap into this and here is the cool Part 78 of them are coming from United States and 12 of them are from Canada so If you’re going to add this all together That’s 90 of this traffic is coming from Tier one countries which means they have A lot of buying power and this also Means you can start are generating sales Not just free signups like with CPA Offers but actual sales very very easily Step number one guys you want to go to ClickBank and sign up for a free account I have grown over this multiple times But just go right here instead of start Here click on login and then create your Account right there because if you click On start here it’s going to take you Through this annoying survey just click On login and then click on create your Account then what you want to do is you Want to go to the marketplace section Now for this method guys I already Picked up an affiliate offer for you I Already done all the selling part for You and you really just need to copy it And paste it and follow exactly what I’m Going to do just follow the video and do

It exactly as I’m going to show you so Go right here to the E-Business and E-marketing And pretty much you want to use this Alpha right here get paid to use Facebook Twitter and YouTube now the Reason for this offer is because it has A one dollar trial and there’s a lot of Different pages we can be actually Promoting that are customized to the Location of the person that’s visiting Them so for example if I click on the Sales page it’s going to say social Media workers from Slovakia that’s where I am from but for you it’s going to say Your country so this is like little Personal personalization that’s going to Make this very very high converting but Also came up with a genius way on Actually promoting this product that Anyone can do regardless of your Experience if you made money online if You don’t know how to write if you don’t Have any skills any experience you can Just do this and pretty much sell this Product like hot cakes okay but first of All what you have to do is you want to Go to the affiliate page guys then we Need to pick up a specific a specific Landing page that landing page is the First one right here it’s called limited Time sale now if you click on this Button to preview the landing page You’re going to see that pretty much the

Way it looks like is it’s going to be a Game for Slovakia if you are from like Other country like I don’t know uh Italy Spain Canada United States is going to Show your flag so you can just go there And check out your flag but more Importantly it has a discounted price For just 17 right here and this is going To be getting us a lot of sales right Away which are going to translate into Those 44 payments on monthly basis now To actually get your affiliate link 40s What you want to do is you want to go to ClickBank then right here this is going To be your name copy this name at the Top so I’m just going to unzoom it and Zoom it back copy this part right here This is going to be your ClickBank name You want to copy that then pretty much Open up a notepad Go to the affiliate page copy your Affiliate link and let me just do that Right here so you can exactly see how to Do that this is going to be your Affiliate link okay please just do this Because most people just use the basic Link but for this method if you’re going To use it with this link it’s going to Work just much better so copy your Username copy that and then you want to Place it right here your ClickBank ID Just highlight this part and then add it There now what you want to do is you Want to copy this affiliate link and you

Want to visit it and you want to make Sure your uh your name your uh what do You call it your username on ClickBank Your clipping affiliate ID is showing up On the URL at the end so just visit it If it’s still there then bam you have Your affiliate link ready to go okay Guys and the next thing what you want to Do before we actually get to the free Traffic website you want to go to and this is the free Automation tool that we are going to be Using do you want to go to this gear Icon click on the settings and click on See all settings and this is a way to do This method completely for free and Completely automated and this is Something that a lot of people know About a lot of people don’t know about But most of the people are not using it And they don’t understand the power of This free tool now the free tool that I’m talking about is pretty much this Vacation autoresponder okay right here Now what you want to do right here is You want to copy and paste the script That are already prepared for you now The script is right here so just copy The the title Put it right here into the subject line And then you want to just copy and paste The entire body also add your name add Your affiliate link just like the way I’m going to show you and just copy of

The link right here from the notepad and You want to put it right here so just Like here and you want to make sure to Put it as bold and add your affiliate Link right here okay just like this and Then again right here and add your Affiliate link and add it both and Pretty much the subject line for this One is red 40 hours social media job Application and it goes like this hey Thank you for contacting us Currently we are looking for serious Individuals who are looking for remote Work mainly on social media the simple Jobs you are going to be doing are blah Blah blah blah blah like posting on Facebook pretty much from the sales page Of the offer but here is a very Important thing and here is here it is This is why it’s going to have very high Conversion rate this is for serious People only as we provide all the Training for you to be able to complete These jobs so we charge a fully Refundable one-time fee of 17 if you Don’t get any jobs within the first 60 Days you can request a full refund of This amount and then it says click here To join in claim your 50 discount so These are two angles already which are Going to be selling this product for you And then here is why is there a cost Because we don’t take a percentage of Your earnings with our social Media

Partners we have to charge a very small Fee to cover cost associated with our Reposting and blah blah blah blah blah So pretty much there is a discount code Mentioned as well if you’re going to go To the script be careful because you Might actually buy the offer okay I Think the script is that powerful and Then just go right here and click on Save changes and at the top it’s going To say re blah blah blah is on and now Location settings if it’s going to say Just like this then congratulations you Set up your vocational autoresponder Correctly and I want to show you how to Actually get this free traffic of 90 Tier one countries which are pretty much From like United States and Canada and Pretty much this website is getting like 700 000 free visitors every single month You can tap into these three traffic Source start generating sales on ClickBank and remember to start making Money just from this one simple website Now the website I’m talking about it’s Called and pretty much You just want to go to the website it’s Called to and then just Just sign up with Google it’s going to Ask you to sign up with Google but Pretty much you want to go right here And you want to click on a post ad and Then you want to select post free ad Right here then you want to select the

United States and you just want to Select the biggest states okay so for Example I’m already like really good in Geography I don’t know which one is the Biggest one but I like New York so I’m Going to go in New York and then you Want to also select New York right here For all those different categories you Can post a free ad and get even more Free traffic so this is really what you Got to do just click on the jobs right Here if you want to go for two Categories the first one is computer Slash technical but also go for Miscellaneous because like posting on Social media is not really Technical and I would say it’s kind of like Miscellaneous as well so go for any of These let’s go with like miscellaneous Just for this video and then you want to Pretty much write a title description Your age location now here is the Important part the contact email right Here needs to be the email address where You have set up your uh vacation Autoresponder so make sure you’re going To do that and here’s what you want to Write into this advertisement hey we are Looking for series individuals who are Looking for remote work just put this There then the title is going to be Wanted we are looking for people to post On social media forty dollars per hour Just put this no links nothing like that

Make sure that the last line is going to Say if you’re interested please reply to Our email to receive more details about This and also make it bold because this Way people are reaching out about the Job and then this is going to be your Email address so this is where you’re Going to put it so this is the email Address that I use then when this email Is going to receive a message it’s Automatically going to send back the High converting script with your Affiliate link and you are going to be The one making the money and check that You are not the robot check this uh Check you are not the robot and click on Continue and Bam this is how it’s going To look like you can see right here this Is the email they can just reply to this Email right now and if you are Interested please reply to our email to Receive more details about this and That’s pretty much it guys and now you Just go to this website post it on other Big cities other big stays because most People are just going to post in one Country the more submissions you’re Going to do the more money you’re going To make safe and also if you’re going to Use this website with other methods to Make money online you can be the first One to make a couple thousand dollars Using this website because most people Are just going to use it with CPA offers

And ClickBank but also there’s a lot of Huge potential for this website as well Just make sure you’re going to stay Consistent guys so you can actually make Money just like this on ClickBank now Pretty much these earnings are from Promoting that one single affiliate Offer obviously I’m using a lot more Free traffic sources than just that Website because I’ve been doing this for Years I have plenty of them so if you Like to see another video where I’m Going to show you how I made from zero Dollars how I went from zero dollars Making one thousand dollars then click Right here and I’m going to show you Exactly how to do that very very fast Click here

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