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What's happening to fam in today's video I'm going to show you how you can make 5.50 every three minutes using these Brand new crazy good method once you're Going to seeing it I promise you you are Going to be blown away so just before You get started just promise me if You're going to see the method and you Are going to be blown away you're going To comment down below okay and also Let's make a bet don't forget to like The video subscribe to the channel Notification Bell and if this method Does not blow you away I want to please For you to unlike the video unsubscribe And also just turn off notification Bells okay but if you're going to do That then you're going to miss out on a Future updates but let's make a cool bet Like this okay so let's get started Right away now I'm going to show you how To get paid five dollars and fifty cents Every three minutes now maybe that's not A lot but like five dollars and 50 cents Every three minutes there's 20 33 minute Increments in an hour if you're going to Multiply it by 20 that's almost 110 dollars you can make per hour by Doing this method and for example let's Say you're going to do it just one day In a week for five hours that's over 550 Dollars you can actually make per day or Per week because you are working just One a day but also you are only working

One day in a week so it's like 550 but If this is going to go viral you can Easily make thousands of dollars but That's a strong astronomically High okay So I don't want to promise you all those Viral results because you can easily Make like three or five thousand dollars By doing this but that would be just Kind of unlikely this is something that I think is more likely to happen so step Number one you want to go to tap map IO Okay this is the website you want to go To they have exclusive offers easy Payout fast payouts and this is Something we are going to be using but They are only current invite only so When you're going to be signing up for An account what you want to do is you Want to use this code eight nine six Four so please use that it's my referral Code I get a little Kickback when you do That and also you are actually going to Get approved okay because for this Specific method you gotta use tab map You can use also other CPA networks but For the exact one I'm going to show you Tap mob is going to be the best okay Then once you're going to sign up into Your tab map account this is how the Members area is going to look like so This is the base members area now I just Want to show you that I'm actually Making money on that map these are the Amounts that I have just on this account

It's 2829 and 33 cents so this is what I'm Making right here without actually Working on it at all so you know the Method if you've been watching my videos But if not I highly recommend you're Going to go back to the channel and Search for the no work method with depth Map proof in the thumbnail okay but for This one you want to go to the offers Right here and you can see all these Different offers for cash option super Samples plenty of different offers you Want to scroll all the way down and we Are looking for these kind of like work From home offers or where you are Getting paid if you like do like uh Watch or edit YouTube videos or when you Are watching Netflix if you're watching Youtube if you are like a gaming Streamer if you test food if you are a Beauty product tester because the method For this offers is going to work crazy Crazy good once you're going to see the Angle so you just want to pick up these Offers there's also like new offers Being added every day but you can also Use this for other offers as well but For these ones it's going to work the Best so I'm going to use for example I'm Going to use for example the food tester Okay I will show you multiply angles Multiple examples and you can do it Yourself and you can just pretty much

Yeah make the most amount of money Because I want to teach you this method It's not my goal to make money in this Short video okay so I'm going to use for Example the food tester I click there And you can see this is going to be your Url this one right here that I'm opening Up the and you just want to save It to like your desktop or somewhere Because doing the entire method on your Phone it's definitely possible you can Totally do that but I just want to show You how to do this on your laptop but if You're going to go through all the Offers as well you can see this one is Only for us and it's going to be paying You six dollars depending on how old is Your account you can get paid like three Dollars 550 or six dollars but if you're Going to have like a new account account And you are going to earn some more Money you are going to get bumped to This juicy six dollars per conversion so This is the link you want to use and Also just use this work from home type Of offers like Google this is like Amazon tester this is like work from Anywhere and yeah that's it okay so Those are the offers you want to be Using then once you have it just save it To your laptop for example like I have Right here food tester CPA Alpha right Here this is the one that I'm going to

Use and then just go to for Any type of video editor and you are Looking for the vertical video okay so Let's go with like Tic Tac video And we are looking just for the Resolution okay uh Tic Tac video uh Contact video and then click on start With a blank canvas so you don't have to Like go through any edits okay now that We are here I'm going to show you Actually the mid of the method the the Crazy hack the angle of the guards that Is going to get you plenty of traffic And thousands of dollars if you're going To do this okay so now that you want to Do is you want to go to tick tock okay Just go to tick tock and you want to Search for like dance for example and You're looking for any of these viral Videos okay just make sure it's like a Dance without any captions without any Of these things because we are going to Be editing it okay it has to be like a Celebration or something like that so This is one of them then this is like Second like playlist or the second one Is like playlist and you just want to Find videos like these like these not Stock videos but something basic like This so some videos like this just Search for a playlist dance celebration Or anything like that I'm going to show You to viral examples that are going to Work crazy good and just you just want

To find similar videos to their ones now One of them is right here is this guy Right here if you are online you have Been pretty much seeing him everywhere He's popping on a tick tock and also Instagram reels so this guy right here And pretty much we are looking for this Type of type of gig like just not gig But like a Tic Tac or video where it's Just basic generic and it's like a Celebration or something some good Feelings okay some good feeling so this Is one of them then this is the second One I'm sure you have seen this one as Well it's very popular again if you're Going to search this it's pretty much Scooby-Doo like that one guy and it's Like a celebration okay so I'm just Going to put a little bit of sound so This is what we are working with okay so You can see this is it so what you want To do is copy the URL of this video and You want to go to you want to go to Snaptick it's pretty much to do to find Snapdick just go to tick tock video Downloader and go to synaptic that app Just go there and you want to download Video and click on download click on Download and just go with all the ads Make sure they go away and now you have The video and they want to go to the Canva and upload the video and this is The edit you need to do there okay so I'm just going to upload it right here

And then put it right here okay so I'm Just going to pause it and you can also Leave the music leave all the sounds now This is all you got to do just add the Video and now you want to add the text Now this text I know it might be like Basic but it's actually crucial because It's going to be working on social media Like fire okay it's going to work super Well it's going to be generating you Sale not sales the CPA conversions it's Going to be traction and it just works So so so well and you can use it for all The CPA offers from tab found that I was Showing you so first of all you're going To add a heading or just any of the Little fonts that you have right here And you want to write here and this is The important part and it's pretty much Boe which stands for point of view you Are getting paid to watch Netflix 16 per Hour I I know this is kind of maybe Basic but it's so genius because now if The video is going to play I'm going to Play it you can see that it says Poe You're getting paid to watch Netflix and It's like a celebration and you can use This for anything you can literally use This for anything that you want just Make sure this video is 11 seconds long There is no call to action so after the First like this is 11 seconds after the First like six or seven I would just cut It using S and then add another

Subheading and I would add info in BIO Okay info in BIO add an effect add a Background and pretty much let's make This spread smaller and added uh just Like here but I make sure text is bigger It's like 72 and add it to the top okay So something like this just make sure It's not going to be there right away so It's actually a generic video a Poe You're getting paid to watch Netflix 16 An hour and pretty much this is it and Then info in BIO okay and that's it now Just download this video now when the Video is downloaded all you got to do is Just now go back to tick tock and you Just want to re-upload this same exact Video now you might think like okay Isn't it like copyright or something Like that it's not because you are Choosing the exact video and you are Just adding a caption you can also do it In your phone you can just remix the Video when you are on Tick Tock or you Can just do it this way because what we Want to do is also upload it on Tick Tock but also once you have the video Downloaded and edit it you also want to Upload it on Instagram reels because This is a proven viral video okay if You're going to find it right here so For example celebration and you're going To find it right here you can see these Videos have millions of views so if You're going to re-upload it back to

Tiktok back to Instagram reels and back To Pinterest videos or reels or short Form content it's going to work so well Just make sure you are not going to Forget to add your link to CPA offer From tap map into the bio because that's Where people are going to be signing up To now what I recommend is pretty much Promoting couple of work from home Offers with this and just get as many of These celebrations for example for this One because there's some food right here You could be also using the food tester Okay the POV when you're getting paid to Test food from home if people are going To see this they're like whoa that's Actually possible they're just going to Click it check it out enter their email Address and you're getting paid like Anywhere from three to five fifty to six Dollars and if it goes viral for example 1000 people are going to submit their Details you can actually get paid like Six thousand dollars from one of these Short videos and that's it let me know If this will actually blew your mind or Not I'm sure it did if it did then Definitely let me know in the comment Section below and for the next video That's highly picked by algorithm just For you and it's different for every Single person click right here and tell Me if it was a good choice or not

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