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When you check this out you can actually Get paid ten dollars twelve dollars Thirty or even fifty dollars every 10 Minutes by doing this in today’s video I’m going to show you how you can get Paid up to fifty dollars every 10 Minutes just by using a Google translate Now this method requires absolutely no Writing at all it’s completely free it’s Going to work worldwide and the best Part about it you can get paid every 10 Minutes and also cash out your earnings On a daily basis the website we are Going to be using is going to be paying You on a daily basis and yeah so you can Make money today and also we draw it by Tomorrow and the minimum requirement to Withdraw the money is just one dollar Now before we get started the method Don’t forget to smash the like on this Video I would really appreciate it and Let’s get to 1000 likes also if you are New to the channel be sure to subscribe And hit notification Bell so I can Notify you whenever I upload a brand new Money making video and also guys comment Down below and tell me where exactly are You from so I know what kind of videos To create in the future for your special Specific country if you can make Worldwide methods work for you or you Need a country specific method as well Just comment down below and let’s get Started okay so let’s get started step

Number one now the step number one guys What you want to do is just go to Google And you just want to search for the Google translate now I’m going to show You how to actually use this very simple Window right here and get paid up to Fifty dollars per 10 minutes that you’re Going to be doing this now every 10 Minutes you can get paid like fifty Dollars there’s six times of this 10 Minutes in one hour so you can actually Get paid over three hundred dollars per Hour just by doing what I’m going to Show you in the next few minutes Completely for free so what I’m going to Do is I’m going to go to Google Translate and for people that don’t know How actually Google translate Works what I’m going to do is I’m going to use like I’m going to go with like Dutch language And pretty much the way it works is on The left hand side you’re going to write Something like hey how are you doing and Then on the right hand side it’s going To translate to you and you can pretty Much listen to it as well So yeah if I have any Dutch people Watching this video hey how are you Doing So yeah I hope that is correct so now That you know how to use Google Translate what we need to do is we need To go to another website now the next Website we want to go to is going to be

Called now I will go on the Registration process multiple times just Click on the register button right here And it’s going to ask you for like to Wait a second then just enter all the Details that it’s going to ask you but Make sure that for the publisher type You’re going to select the the GPT or Website slash instant that’s going to Get you approved and then where did you Hear about us tell them that you are Coming from a YouTube channel called Incognito money I’ve been prepared Sending them a lot of traffic chances Are they are going to approve you very Fast and you can start making money Using this method without any delays or Without any problems okay then when You’re going to log into your account You can see pretty much this is how your Dashboard is going to look like now this Is my dummy account that I don’t use Anymore for the videos because I am Running some campaigns on the side here And there and I don’t want to be Revealing them before I actually like Made the most amount of money from them But you can see there are people making Like 282 thousand dollars on a CPA grip You can see that this is a legit Network It’s going to be paying you out money And yeah there are no problems because I’ve been getting a lot of these Questions you can see 62 122

000 a lot of these questions from people Like does CPA grip actually pay out the Money yes they do because like this guy Made sixty seven thousand dollars This guy made 122 000 if they were not Paying out the money this guy would stop Making the money at like 2 000 or Whatever so they yeah they are paying The money out all you have to do is just Go to the payment center right here and You can see that on this account just on This account right here I was able to Make four point two thousand dollars All-time earnings 4.185 was still to Paid my pending balance is fifteen Dollars and my minimum payout is forty Dollars but if you’re going to have a Brand new account chances are that your Minimum payment is going to be a little Bit higher because my account is aged as Well I’ve been using this like back in The day so yeah I don’t think this is Actually going to be the minimal payment For you but what you want to do first of All is go to the payment method right Here to the payment settings select your Preferred payment method like payoneer Payoneer global bank transfer ACH Transfer or PayPal and then enter your Details and make sure to save save your Payment preferences because this is how You’re going to get paid from CPA grip Now this is what area you’re going to Make on CPA grip by the way using this

Method is just going to be extra so we Just want to get started with CPA grip But whatever you’re going to make right Here this is going to be extra sauce to The main income source that I’m going to Show you in a few seconds but you just Want to select a CPA offer from one of the top countries From Europe that don’t really speak English and have a little higher payout On CPA grip and then pretty much you can Just select any of these CPA offers so Just for an example I’m going to show You how to do this for Netherlands okay Because I showed you how to do this for Sweden using other traffic Source then I Also showed you how to do this for French for Spain for Italy but right now I want to show you how to do this for Netherlands because I don’t speak any of These languages and I can do that and You can do it as well so you want to Just pick up any of these CPA offers now For example we can go for this iPhone 14 Offer now what you want to do is you Want to make sure you’re going to pick Up a Mobile offer because the traffic Source we are going to be using is going To be mobile so if it has Like desktop mobile or mobile just like This then it doesn’t matter but if you Only see like desktop offer for the Desktop option for the CPA offer then You really need to find the Mobile offer

For this one I know that if the traffic Is going to go to this one and it’s Mobile Traffic then the traffic is going To be redirected to the Mobile offer and For every single completion I’m going to Get paid 1.62 cents and by the way this Is on top of the 50 for every 10 minutes So what you want to do is you simply Want to get your affiliate link this is Going to be your affiliate link right Here that we are going to be using now The next step what you want to do is you Want to go to this website which is Actually going to be paying you this Amount of money without generating any Sales without actually generating any CPA commissions or anything like that Now this website by the way is called and you can see that for 1000 views they are going to be paying You out money so for example if you’re Going to get Greenland views views from Greenland you are going to get paid 50 Dollars if you’re going to get Iceland Views you are going to get paid 30 Dollars and the traffic source that I’m Going to show you works for all the Countries okay for all the countries That are out there so you can easily get Paid this amount of money If you’re going to do exactly what I’m Going to show you right now just go to Shorty earn then you just want to sign Up for an account so just go right here

It’s a sign up you are going to be taken To this page where you can create a Brand new account now what I did was I Just signed up with Google because it’s Faster I don’t have to enter my details And it’s pretty much a lot easier and Then once you’re inside this is how your Brand new account is going to look like Go to the left hand side click on the New shortened link then you want to copy Your affiliate link from CPA grip now if It has all the options just copy any of These links and they are going to Automatically redirect the people to the Correct affiliate offer then you want to Put it right here and then the Alias go With something super simple so iPhone 14 And L as for Netherlands this is it no Expiration date nothing like that click On shorten and Bam this is going to be Your shortened URL and now pretty much What do we need to do Is if you’re going to send traffic from Netherlands you can see right here we Are going to get paid ten dollars every 10 minutes for this traffic so I’m going To show you how to do this for Netherlands but you can do the same for Finland for nine dollars for Sweden for Nine dollars United States is pretty Self-explanatory for eight dollars you Can just use English for Switzerland you Can use fifteen dollars Australia is 25 And so on and so on so what you want to

Do is you want to just have this link Open up now the next website you want to Go to is going to be called now again this website Is just like a link shortener but what They are also going to do is they are Going to be promoting your link on their Search engine so essentially it’s like a Done-for-you traffic source so just go To linkortize guys and you just want to Click right here on register and sign up For a free account then once you’re Going to be inside you can see that I Already made just one cent on this Account already just by submitting a Link one cent it took in like few Seconds but what you want to do is go to Create a link at the top and then you Want to copy the link that we have Created right here so you want to copy It put it right here and then you want To click on the next right here you want To just copy the headline of the CPA Offer and add it right here and make Sure it’s going to fit the characters Then you click on check right here then Link title want to copy and paste it Right here now it’s going to say you Need like 40 characters to make this Necessary to continue and this is where The Google translate actually comes into Help so we’re going to put this right Here so I don’t know what it means enter For an iPhone 14 is what I’m going to

Put there enter for an iPhone 14 sign Sign up today for free okay just like This I’m going to copy this and Bam put It right here and Bam now it’s going to Approve it now for the link description Again we can put the same exact thing But again you can see we need at least 100 characters to actually put it into The description then just write Something in Google Translate and you Can see the amount of characters that It’s going to give you and then again I Just put the same exact thing there and Then just put it right here and Bam now I can just continue then just upload an Image of the product so in this case It’s iPhone 14 if you’re going to use Like PlayStation make sure to use PlayStation Etc etc and then you can see this is how Our search results are going to look Like this is our advertisement that is Going to be automatically placed on There on the search engine and you can See this is the image then I don’t know How to how to pretty much or read this But it’s in Dutch so we are going to be Getting Dutch traffic and then click on The play or whatever is the icon to come 17 to the next page bam that’s it this Is how your account is going to look Like after you’re going to do that and Then you can pretty much copy this link Visit it and Bam this is how your link

Is going to look like so first people Need to verify they are not the robot They will come to your page by the way Just for actually accessing the CPA link The shortened link you are going to get Paid on linkware ties then you are going To get paid right here on shorty earn so Pretty much depending on the country You’re going to select this is the Amount of money you are going to be Making and then on top of that even Extra sauce is going to be getting paid Right here on CPA grip so for this kind Of offer you are going to be getting Paid 1.62 and this is just for a single Country you can do this right now 10 or Even 20 more times for different CPA Offer for different country and get paid Way more than 50 dollars for just 10 Minutes of very very simple work and That’s it guys if you like to see Another method on how to make thousand Dollar are starting from complete zero Then check out this video right here and I’m going to show you exactly how to do That bye for now

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