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Okay I mean I go to my payments on this Account let me just pull it up actually You can see that I was actually able to Make over two point two thousand dollars Just on this account and this is by the Way all profit all 100 profit what's Going on guys in this video I'm super Excited because what I want to show you Is going to be a brand new method and a Brand new website that you can use to Make over six dollars every seven Minutes over and over again and set this Up in less than five minutes and the Best part is you can actually do it Multiple times anywhere in the world now Maybe six dollars every seven minutes Doesn't seem like a lot but if you're Going to like divide it like in 60 Minutes which is one hour if you divide It by seven that's pretty much like Eight times and if you do like eight Times six that's forty eight dollars you Can actually make with this method per Hour and this is not like you need to Work for it this is on average what you Can be making every single hour on Autopilot and let's say this is going to Be working for you let's say just five Hours per day that's like 240 dollars Per day you can make on auto pilot just By doing what I'm going to show you in The next few minutes set it up exactly I'm going to show you and then just sit Back relax and enjoy the earnings but

Before that don't forget to please smash Like on this video I would really Appreciate it let's try and get to 1 000 Likes as always on this video and also If you like videos about making money Online don't forget to subscribe and Notification Bell so I can notify you Whenever I upload a brand new money Making video it's gonna be the first one To use it and first one to make the most Amount of money and also comment down Below what would you actually purchase For 250 dollars imagine you just Received 250 what would be your choice Of purchase all right guys so let's get Started now pretty much what I want to Show you in this video is going to be a Method that you can use to make these Kinds of earnings like these people are Pretty much making on CPA grip you can See right here this guy made 65 000 all Time with over 15 000 leads this person made thirty Thousand dollars with 90 000 leads and If you're going to scroll down maybe We're going to find someone bigger but These are pretty much the earnings that A lot of you guys have been asking me in Comment section like okay Eric how are These guys making that amount of money Like whenever I show you somebody making Like five hundred thousand dollars You're like how he was able to do that Like this guy made forty three thousand

Dollars this one 137 000 this method That I'm gonna show you in this video Can actually make you this amount of Money if you're going to apply it Correctly and today I'm going to show You exactly what you need to do because Like 173 000 it's possible you've been Asking me how to do this so today I want To show you a method you can use to make This amount of money yourself now first Of all you will need to have a CPA Account now you can use CPA Group or the One that I recommend for this method Actually is going to be tap mob IO and There is a very specific reason why Because this method is going to be Focusing on making money fast and one Thing with tap mop you can request a Payment and get paid as soon as one in One or two business days so you're not Getting paid every 30 days every two Weeks or anything like that you are Actually getting paid in one to two Business days anytime you're going to Request a payout okay but the thing is Are currently private only invitation Only so you will need to have a special Code when you are accessing this network So they know you are a legit person and You're not going to be abusing the Offers now this is the code that you Want to be using 8964 this is my private code you can Just pretty much write into your browser And then put this code when you are Registering and your account is going to Get approved if you're going to use any Other CPA Network this method is going To work but if you're going to use tap Mob you're going to make the most amount Of money because tap map is exclusive CPA Network they have unmatched payouts And they have exclusive CPA offers that Make this 10 times easier okay and Pretty much I want to show you right now Exactly what you do when you download The application so it's going to look Something like this on the top section You can see how much money you're making That these are some top campaigns and Recent activity and you can see when I Go to the payments currently I have like 2.2 thousand dollars right here and this Is something that I also want to do for You guys so if you're going to get like A couple thousand dollars on that map Then this is something where I want to Help you with anyways what you want to Do on that map is simply just go right Here where it says offers and you're Going to find these are all the CPA Offers they have and if you're just Going to go through them you're going to Notice there's a couple of them or Actually like all of them that you Cannot find anywhere else especially With these unmatched payouts you can see

That pretty much these offers are going To be paying you six dollars once you Make some money because a lot of you Guys been asking me like okay like my Account doesn't give me these six dollar Payments Eric how you're getting that The thing is you need to generate like At least fifty dollars and then they are Going to increase the payments it's like A Spam prevention but pretty much for This method just scroll all the way down So just like this very fast and you want To pick up these offers right here like Work from home YouTube and you can see You're going to get paid six dollars and This is a lead gen offer so people all They need to do is just submit an email Address and you're going to get paid six Dollars and if you're going to check it Out you're going to see that pretty much This offer is only for United States Okay and this is very crucial because All of these are for United States and What I'm going to show you is how to get Hundreds even possibly thousands of People to fill out these offers for you Who are from United States so you just Want to pick up one after now the one That I'm going to go for is going to be Work from home Google okay you can see Six dollars per conversion it's the lead Gen and pretty much as well it's for United States only okay so what you want To do is pick an offer and then you want

To write this link right here into your Laptop okay so somewhere into your Laptop just write it there because doing This entire method on the phone is Possible but it's much easier to do it On your laptop so I'm gonna get this Link and we'll jump back into my laptop Right now okay so I got the offer right Here Google jobs six dollar payout and This is going to be the link now Unfortunately I cannot preview it Because I'm not from United States but I Can promote it even if I'm not from United States all I gotta do is just Make sure I'm going to send United States traffic I'll just show you how to Do this how to send hundreds even Thousands of people who are going to be Entering their details right here Without any problems okay but before That we need to go to okay so Just go to and then just Search at the top section right here Search for work from home okay so just Work from home and then pick this Template right here okay or some work From home template chances are you're Going to find templates like here pretty Much which are advertising working from Home just pick up any of them I like This one so I'm going to go with this One so I will click on it and then just Click customize this template right here And then you just want to edit this

According to the offer so what we have What I have picked was Google offer Pretty much get paid to search on Google So that's what I'm going to do right Here so I'm just going to add this image From Google so you can just search right Here and add Google and then pretty much Right here I'm going to put here get Paid to search on Google earn online by Completing simple tests such as Searching Google and testing websites Click here but now comes the most Important part so what you want to do is Get an element these ones like the Square one just put it right here some Somewhere like this at the top make sure You're going to change the color to red One and now just get a text and then Right here 16 per hour because that's Exactly what's in that CPA Network so 16 Per hour get paid to search on Google And this the reason for this one is to Make sure it's going to pop so you want To make sure you're going to add a red Color and a white deck this combination Is pretty much always going to get you Attention and it's going to make people Click on this post so this is all we got To create if you're going to create Something related to watching YouTube You add a YouTube icon get paid to watch YouTube and pretty much again the same Amount because it's same for all the CPA Offers and also if you're going to do

Like get paid to watch Netflix same Thing get paid to like test beauty Products same thing just make sure You're going to add the icon then get Paid so they know exactly what they are Clicking on and then pretty much just 16 Dollars per hour because that's what all These jobs are starting at and then just Share this and download this image and I Pretty much want to show you this right Website where you can just sign up and Instantly get targeted traffic from People who are trying to make money Online they are currently clicking on Advertisements for one cent each making Like 10 cents per day and you can Actually advertise to them these offers For very very cheap and because they are Making like 10 cents per day they are Going to try something else and this way You can get paid like six dollars every Seven minutes on average if you're going To get this traffic now first of all Just enter your first name last name Then your username then your email Confirm it password and confirm password Pretty standard and then on the red a Right hand side just enter your address Details and pretty much right here where It's going to ask you select a secret Question just select something and then Click right here security answer just Write something like what is your Favorite pet and do that and then click

Right here on sign up then pretty much This is how your brand new account is Going to look like you can see this is My brand new account that is just for The videos and then on the left hand Side you can see these are the advert Right here you just want to click right Here on the buy Network ads now the way This website works is this is an Advertising platform for all those paid To click websites such as this one like Scarlet clicks where you can just go Click on ads and earn like one cent each You can actually advertise on websites Like this now if you were to do this Like every single time alone you would Have to like register to plenty of Websites it will take you plenty of time And it just wouldn't be viable but this Website pretty much does all that for You so you just submit an advertisement Right here and it's going to show it up To all those websites and you're going To get like 1 000 people that's over six Thousand dollars that you're going to Make just from one simple advertisement Just name your campaign something so for Example test ad for incg then Advertisement content type you want to Select none of the about so they are not Going to put any risk directions on your Advertisement because we are not doing Adult content dating or Casino so make Sure to do that then you want to select

Select image ads because they are going To get better exposure and then on the Right hand side just select the image Like 300 and 300 times 250 then Geographic targeting show my ads in These regions only and select North America okay because you want to only Advertise in North America because this Uh dcpa ads are only four people from United States you can also do this one Like show my ads in these countries only But that's going to add an additional Cost so I recommend just going for North America and it's much cheaper in the Long term so just select North America Just like that and the total budget you Can literally get started with like five To ten dollars so for example you're Going to put like ten dollars and see How your advertisement is performing and Then the daily budget can be like five Dollars then for the destination URL you Want to just copy the Google jobs CPA Link then add it right here then select Start date you don't have to do it Because we just want to get it started Right now so we don't have to fill it Out end date do not expire fire and then File right here is where you're going to Upload the design from canva and this is Pretty much how it's going to look like So if they are going to see something Like this on a paid to click website Like for example Scarlet clicks where

They are literally getting paid like one Cent for clicking on ad they are going To see 16 per hour they are going to Take a chance they are going to check it Out and pretty much for every single Completion you're going to receive six Dollars and that's how you're going to Make money from this and then just click Right here where it says submit and then Pretty much all you got to do is just Pretty much continue shopping and like Buy this advertisement and then you're Going to add a budget which is going to Be like 10 and the advertisement is Going to go live and the best part is Like if I'm going to pay like ten Dollars all I really need is like two People to complete the offer and I'm Already profiting and this is the key to Actually making those thousands of Dollars like people do on CPA grip is They use paid traffic and then they pay Like one dollar for advertisement and Then they make even more money back from The ad and from the CPA offers that they Are running and it's just one of the Ways you can actually do that and just By using this website add hits by the Way it's called That's where you can sign up you can Actually make couple thousand dollars if You're going to do a lot of these CPA Offers with different creatives and Different ads like I showed you right

Now because there's like a lot of work From home offers on tap map that's where I recommend that you're going to sign up Because otherwise you're not going to Find them anywhere else and then just Create multiple advertisements just like This see which one is going to bring you The most amount of profit and then go All in and spend as much money on the Ads there and yeah you can make like Thousand dollars six thousand dollars Ten thousand dollars no problem and That's it I hope you enjoyed this video Now if you guys actually want even more Tutorials about ad hit let me know in The comment section below because I have Plenty of ideas how to actually make Thousands of dollars from this as well By selling products by building up your Email list and stuff like that Definitely let me know in the comment Section below it's a very very cheap and Targeted advertising for beginners which I recommend if you are into paid Advertising I highly recommend it so Just comment down below below if you Would like to get even more tutorials And also if you'd like to see how I'm Making over thirty thousand dollars per Month without ever showing my face Online or using my YouTube channel then Check out this video right here which is Going to show you the entire three-step Method that I use to make over thirty

Thousand dollars per month with Affiliate marketing

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