Get Paid +$62.16 EVERY 5 Minutes DOING This *GENIUS* Method! (How To Make Money Online 2022)

Okay guys so check this out just by Using this one CPA offer I was able to Make 62 dollars in literally less than Five minutes you can see that I was able To get just 44 clicks but these 44 Clicks converted into three leads and Because I was using a special CPA offer I got paid 62 dollars and this literally Took me less than five minutes actually And I was earning like 1.41 for every single click that I got Have I only used completely free traffic So the 62 dollars is a complete profit And the best part is is this literally Took me less than five minutes I Actually thought that this method is not Going to work at all but I just set it Up took me like five minutes I just Tested it out and then I checked my Stats and I made 62 dollars now listen Guys this is not the method that’s going To make you feel free rich but it can Actually make you a couple hundred Dollars using completely free traffic That you can then later to use however You want and in today’s video I’m going To show you step by step how to actually To get these special kinds of CPA offers How to promote them using completely Free traffic and how to make these Couple hundred dollars literally with Just few minutes of your time per day Before we get started don’t forget to Please smash the like on this video I

Would really appreciate it and also Comment down below and tell me if making Like 62 dollars is actually enough or You would just like to get the methods That are going to be making you couple Thousand dollars per month like I know 62 dollars it’s not the hugest amount of Money but if you’re going to do this for Example five times this can make you Around 200 to 300 and if you’re going to Do it for like 10 times it can literally Be anywhere from 500 to 600 which I Think is actually pretty decent and you Think this amount of money you can Actually do a lot of cool stuff online So just please comment down below and Tell me if methods like this actually Resonate with you and with that being Said let’s get started with the Step-by-step tutorial okay guys so let’s Get started now in today’s video I’m Going to show you everything that I done So you can actually also copy and paste It I’ll show you the exact CPA offer That I used so you can see exactly how I Was able to make that amount of money we Just saw the amount of traffic and yeah Let’s just go start it so first of all Yeah go start it let’s just get started My English is broken so step number one Guys what you want to do is you want to Go to now for this method We need to use CPA grip otherwise I Would recommend you to go to tap mob but

For this specific method you gotta go to CPA then just go ahead and Create your account just tell them you Are being sent from income to money Because this is exactly what is most Likely going to get you approved but Anyways just go to CPA Group now once You’re going to log into your dashboard This is how it’s going to kind of look Like if you have the white design or the Dark design really depends on you but The one cool thing I like to highlight In CPA Group because there’s I know There’s a lot of new people watching These videos are these chat options Because a lot of people actually think Like CPA grip is not paying you out and Pretty much this is one of the longest Running CPA networks out there and all These people in the chat window right Here they are shouting out their Earnings so this is a real how much Money they are making and these are real People because you can literally chat With them pretty much get on a call with Them because they’re real people and Just have some fun you know so if CPA Group was not paying for example this Person made 239.39 000 if they were not paying he wouldn’t Make this amount of money like obviously He is going to cash out at like thousand Two thousand five thousand so in order To make this amount of money they

Actually need to pay you out because he Would stop if they were not paying like At around 100 000 why would he continue To this amount of money if they were not Paying him so this is what you want to Do now on the left hand side navigate to This section right here which it says Offer tools and just go to the my offers This is a very important disclaimer guys The offers the country of the offer for Example these are offers for Slovakia it Doesn’t mean you need to be from the Country it means to actually complete The offer the person needs to be from The country so for example I’m not from United States but I can be promoting Offers from for example from United States uh for example these offers right Here I can’t be promoting them but I Cannot be completing them so I can Easily promote these offers and get paid For the U.S traffic I just need to make Sure that people visiting these offers Are going to be from the United States I Can be literally from like Moon and I Can be promoting these CPA offers okay So this is pretty much like a disclaimer I’ve seen a lot of comments of you guys Asking how to do that now the next thing You’re going to see that these offers That are from the United States they are Very popular and they are going to be Paying you like two dollars and 43 cents For this method I actually use something

Completely different if you’re going to Go to the country and you’re going to go For example like Spain or any other European countries they are going to be Paying you a lot more a lot much more Money so if you’re going to check out The payouts you can see for example Spanish offers right here they are Paying you like 11 or 10 dollars for These credit card submits now if you’re Going to check out like this one they Are obviously not free but pretty much This one is for like Disney Movie Club And it’s pretty much for like 1.99 so Pretty much people pay two Euros Actually two euros and you are going to Get paid for that ten dollars okay Because they know long term it’s Actually worth them to work for them to Actually pay this amount of money from The marketing perspective and this is Just one of the countries now another Country again European country that you Can use is for example like Sweden And you’re going to see that all these Uh CPA offers right here they are paying A lot more money for example this one IPhone 14 again this one is going to be Like 1995 uh cost to customer again it’s Around two Euros once again but you are Going to get paid 22 dollars so you are Essentially getting paid so much more For like a two dollar completion and I Want to show you exactly pretty much

What I did now the counter that I used Was pretty much France because back in The day I was making a lot more money With the French traffic and you can see The payout section right here They’re paying like 21.21 and there’s Plenty of offers you can see they’re all Paying you this amount of money and you Can see if you’re going to check out the Conversion rate right here on this part It’s not really high but we don’t really Care about it because we are going to be Promoting it in a different way now this Is the offer that I used it’s pretty Much uh I don’t know I don’t know how to Pronounce it but it’s for iPhone 14. the Reason why I use this offer is first of All it’s for France you can see friends Credit card submit it’s going to pay you Twenty dollars but it’s been recently Added September 20 2022 so iPhone 14 is Very hot right now so this CPA offer is Going to convert very well now also you Can see I only got in 44 clicks to this Affiliate offer I got three leads I got 62 dollars because I got three leads Over 20 dollar commission and I got paid 1.41 in EPC pretty much uh earnings per Click on average and you can see people Again just pay 2 euros and you get paid 20 in example it’s pretty much one to One so like two dollars and you’ll get Paid twenty dollars now this is all you Need to do just pick up any of these hot

Offers make sure they are added recently Like this one September 28th then you Want to just copy this affiliate link Right here and then you want to go to a Website like catley and you want to Shorten this link okay because this ugly Link with all these numbers nobody is Going to be clicking on it click on Shorten and you want to make sure you’re Going to use it the right way this is Going to be the link that you want to be Using guys and now the difficult part Which most people don’t even realize is Okay it’s for Sweden it’s for France It’s for Norway but how do I actually Get this kind of traffic because for United States it’s simple you just Create an advertisement in English and It’s going to attract English-speaking People but for Sweden like most people They don’t speak Swedish for Norway most People don’t speak Norwegian or for Spain yeah there’s a lot of people that Speak Spanish but yeah like it’s kind of Hard right I’m going to show you an hack On how to actually get around this very Very easily guys and this is going to You completely blow your mind but first Of all we need to get the traffic Website the traffic website you want to Go to is called All Back Page just come To this website and you’re going to see There’s all these different categories So for example for United States for

Canada but also for Europe right here And you can pretty much advertise in any Of these countries so what I was using I Was using French traffic so I was Obviously advertising in France but you Can see you can advertise in Sweden Denmark also Finland that’s paying very Well then there should be like Switzerland the Norway as well Netherlands all these Nordic uh tier one Countries from Europe are going to be Paying you this 20 payment now pretty Much what you want to do if you want to Select one of these cities So I think we like board yo and you can See there’s all these different Categories where you can actually submit An advertisement this one pretty much we Are giving away iPhone 14 so the obvious Category you want to go to is pretty Much buy sell or trade and you want to Go right here computers or Electronics Okay so the electronics and then also This is something you can do for Multiple categories so computers and Electronics then the free then Miscellaneous also depending on the Actual offer the CPA offer you want to Submit it accordingly so for just for This one we already have three Categories the miscellaneous the free And the computers and electronics now I Will go to the free section right here Because I think a lot of people are

Gonna go there you can see right here People are already doing this you can See they are already doing this and Pretty much yeah it just works but There’s not a lot of people actually Doing this so you better hurry up now All you need to do is just go right here Click on post ad and it’s going to Prompt you to sign up with Google and Bam your account is going to be created Now this is brand new account I don’t Want to show you my exact advertisement Because I might actually get even more Sales from that so click on post and AD Again and then you want to click right Here pretty much post free ad and then You just want to write an ad and it’s Going to prompt you to add the title and Description now for the title just use The iPhone 14 then enter the month that It’s currently because it’s going to Make it more congruent more hot and more Pretty much current so people are going To be like okay it’s been just posted It’s working for October so they are Going to take action giveaway and then Still running and then the description Is pretty much hey I found this iPhone 14 giveaway that is still running for People from France I signed up but also If you get more signups under you you Increase the chances of winning that’s Why I’m sharing this and this is very Important because you want to be like

Honest like why are you sharing this Yeah so you want to give them a reason And then check it out here and you can See exactly why we are using the cutlery Link instead of the long link this is Why I’m shorting the links I’m not Really doing it for tracking purposes But for cosmetic purposes okay you can See this link nobody’s going to click on It so I will just delete it bye bye ugly Link and now we have the nice looking Link right here you can also use any Link shortener as long as it looks Decent let me just fill out these Details like your age location your Contact email add the images the more Importantly you need to check this one If you’re not a robot and then you click On continue and now for the people that Are watching till the end check this out It’s going to say URL link posting is Disabled please remove URL link from Description this is what you need to do Just add spaces guys okay and this is Something that I’m sharing at the end of The video so please for all my videos Watch them from beginning to the end Because this is the thing you don’t want To miss out on otherwise you are not Able to post the link so only the Hardcore in Kinder money fans actually See the detail so you need to remove the Spaces guys okay remove the spaces this Is how they are not going to detect that

This is your link and you can actually Put your link into the advertisement Otherwise like how else there is no Other place to actually put your link Right here and then click on continue And you can see now I can preview the ad And you can see that the link is Actually there otherwise I would be not Able to post the link so I needed to add The spaces and this is the hack okay Otherwise you are not able to use the Website you can see you don’t really Need to get a lot of traffic just 44 Clicks three leads 62 dollars that’s Pretty much all you need to do you are Going to do this multiple times for Multiple categories and for multiple Countries and you can easily rack up Like couple hundred dollars then later On invest them however you want thank You for watching and I wish you the best Of luck bye bye

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