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All right and check this out as you can See right here I was already paid 150 Dollars from this but I already Generated 1 650 dollars that I'm about to get paid Very very soon in fact this is not even The most amount of money you can do with This method because I was literally just Testing it out and I was already able to Make over 1.5 000 that I will receive later on once It's going to clear out now the best Part about this method is you can Actually get paid like 75 dollars using It every 15 minutes so if you're going To multiply that by four that's over Three hundred dollars you can make if You're going to do it for a couple of Hours and as you can see I was able to Make like 1.6 000 I was testing it for Quite a while to see if it actually Works and yeah it does work very well And in today's video I'm going to show You exactly how I was able to do that Without ever showing my face online Without ever paying for anything at all It's completely free tools just by Searching now before I show You that don't forget to please like to Video subscribe to the channel hit Notification Bell if you like videos About making money online and also I Heard that every single person who's Going to like the video is going to

Receive a good news in the next seven Days so yeah give it a try like the Video okay guys so in today's video I'm Going to show you exactly how I was able To make like 150 already and currently I'm 1.6 000 in pending because I Received pretty much like 24 referrals Two of them have already cleared meaning That they paid for whatever they were Supposed to paid and my earnings got Cleared and I received 150 for that but 22 of them are still in the period of They can pay or they cannot pay and That's why I'm still waiting for 1.6 000 To be cleared from this and the amount Of traffic is actually going to blow you Away because I literally got 79 visitors There's 88 shared views but this is Because some people click on the link Multiple times so this happens but the Amount of people real people unique People unique personalities that click On the link was 79 and in today's video I'm going to show you exactly how to do This I will give you everything so you Can literally just steal this run away From it and make yourself some easy Money so first of all what you're going To need is you need to have a Gmail Account now you don't you cannot use any Gmail account just go to Gmail and Create an account so click on create an Account and the important part is enter Like a real first name and enter like a

Real last name because some people put Here like I don't know they put it like A door open or whatever here and it's Pretty much whenever you send an email From this email address it's going to be Like door open sends you a message you Don't want that to happen okay or for Example door closed don't do that you Want to put there a real name and real Last name so when somebody is receiving A message from this email address it's Coming from a legit looking person and Also then the username try to keep it Kind of like professional so don't put The like saggy Blaster 9800 or whatever so don't put there some Random stuff just like this try to keep It casual and kind of like a Professional by putting like Eric zaggy And something like thousand or Eric Taggy personal mail or something like That so it's going to be like personal Okay and then just go ahead with the Process but this is very important in Terms of the conversion rate because as You can see I just got 79 people and I Could already make like 1.6 000 and That's like one of the important part is You need to have the the conversions of This uh pretty much sort out then the Next thing what you want to do is go to This website that's called Go to and this is where you Can actually find a lot of different

Online softwares reputable softwares and Also this is like a side thing you can Get paid five dollars whenever you make A review of a software so you can Google That and might create a video about it As well comment down below if you want Me to create a video about it I did it Myself I received like 20 Amazon gift Card let me know if you are interested In that but pretty much you want to Search here for gym Searcher for gym you Don't have to go to gym just search for Gym and then what if you are looking for Right here is just go to more and we are Looking for this software right here Called through coach because you're Going to check out any other than you Can see they have like 13 reviews 5 111 But this one is completely dominating it Has 826 reviews and pretty much it's going To save time and grow your business with The number on online platform build for Coaches and gym owners try through coach For free for 14 days now the 14 days Like the grace period when people can Sign up for free that's how you're going To actually get those get those pending Earnings but if they pay right away you Will get pretty much money issued to you Right away so this is the software now What you want to do is you want to go to Google and search for through coach Affiliate program or any kind of

Software and affiliate program in this Case go for through coach and then click Right here on the first search result Because you are an affiliate you want to Sign up as an affiliate and this is how You do that and you can see that this Software is going to be paying you 75 Dollars for every single person who Signs up and becomes a customer now you Can see rewards are issued after the Customer has been with us for 9 90 days So this is a kind of like like it works But also if they pay the amount of money Then you are okay because they can Pre-pay for monthly uh discount like if They prepare for like three or six Months they get a discount and when they Do that you pretty much get paid right Away because the payment for through Coach if you're going to check it out on Captera right here you're going to find It's 25 per month it's right here it's 25 per month right here so if they pay For three months that's 75 dollars you Get a commission and chances are the Person is going to keep using the Software so the company makes money from That but if they prepay you still get Paid and they made money pretty much Right away now what you want to do is You want to create your referral account Now to do that all you got to do is just Enter your name and email right here or Just click continue with Google that's

The fastest way to do that you don't Have to fill out anything just click on Continue with Google and they're going To sign up and create you an account Then once you are in your own account Just go right here and you're going to Find your own affiliate link this is the Affiliate link that whenever you're Going to share with someone and they are Going to make a purchase you are going To get paid now what you want to do is Copy this link then go to bitly just go To bitly or cattley or any link Shortening service and you want to Shorten it okay because we don't want to Be using this ugly link We want to make Sure that we are going to be using this Short link right here and now I want to Show you actually how to get the people Just like I got myself to this link make Them sign up make them stick and you are Going to be making money with this just By using Google search what you want to Do is you want to just go to Google and Search for personal trainer in a huge City in uh United States like in Miami For example so personal trainer in Miami Or in New York or in Las Vegas or Los Angeles in Texas in yeah Texas in other City it's a stage I know for example in San Antonio or Houston or any huge city In the United States then what you want To do is you want to go to the maps Right here and you want to search again

Once you're going to do that you want to Search for any of them that are right Here but you want to make sure that it's A personal training Studio okay don't go For a person that's like not person but Like a result that's not a personal Trainer but that's like a gym for Example like LA Fitness okay because That's like a company they don't care You are looking for people who are Personal trainers okay so personal Trainers personal trainers then again Right here personal trainers personal Trainers every single one has to be Personal trainer that's one way to find The people the second way is just to go To Google Search and check out the first Search rankings okay all these rankings That are right here for example top 10 Best personal trainers in Miami Core Fitness Miami then right here top 50 Miami personal trainers also 25 fitness Trainers you need to follow in 2022 all Of them all of these results are the Ones that we are looking for okay so any Of these that you're going to find right Here or for example right here 101 Fitness coach private weight loss coach You click there and pretty much what you Want to do is just scroll down and go to The contact right here and you want to Find their email that's the reason why We are using a legit looking email and We are not really using an email like

Door open okay that's very important and Then you can just message them if they Have like a contact form right away or If they don't have that for example I'm Going to find somebody else for example Like right here mastercast Fitness There's the info you just want to copy That just like this copy that then go to Gmail paste it right there and this is The exact email template you want to Send them to pretty much guarantee High Click-through rate high open rates and High sign up rates okay so all you got To do is just copy this I think you are Never going to open this so just copy This part this is the subject line That's going to get you great great open Rates and then copy the entire body Right here copy it just like this and by The way to get the email what you got to Do is I highly recommend you just pause The video okay I don't want to give the Exact link to this email just post video Video right now rewrite it then pause The video right now rewrite it and then Pause the video right now and rewrite it As well so everybody has to do like a Little bit of effort and it's not going To get saturated then once you have the Email ready copy your link from bitly And then just place it right here check It out here okay a very sneaky short Link right there then change this part To current day so have a wonderful I

Don't know Friday and then the name Should be your name so Eric taggy okay And then this is the only email you're Going to send to them that's going to Pretty much guarantee the open rate Because you can see I think you're never Going to open this everybody is going to Open that email they just are and then This increase our monthly Revenue by Fifty five thousand dollars Sean pass to Founder of active life so this if that's The first line that they are going to See right away then pretty much they are Going to open it up they are going to Read the email they're going to check it Out and because it's like a very Reputable software and a service they Are going to sign up okay and then once They're going to do that you are going To start receiving money just like this Now obviously some most of them are Going to be pending right there but some Of them are going to be issued if they Pre-pay for the service right away to Save some money it's like an incentive For the website for the software for the App creator so they are going to do that And then they are going to pretty much Pay you right away so this is exactly How it works now so far I was able to Make like 150 Hard Cash that I get to Keep and 1.6 000 potential money which I Hope is going to go through as well but The thing is if somebody is going to

Sign up for the software they are just Going to keep using that it's not like a Software that's going to completely Either change your life or not it's like Something you use pretty much and you Are going to be using so this is a very Good method that you can be using Promoting a program for personal Trainers and promoting it using the Email that I gave you and finding them By just searching huge cities or even Like small cities and contacting every Single personal trainer via email and This is the exact amount of money you Can generate yourself once you're going To do this and that's it I hope you Enjoyed this video now let me know what You think about it in the comment Section below so thank you for watching And if you'd like to see how I'm making Over thirty thousand dollars per month Without shooting my face online check Out this video right here and I'm going To see you there bye for now

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