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Today, we’re, going to talk about some terrible advice: that’s, often given to entrepreneurs that you should never ever follow all right. People love to give advice to those in business for themselves.

But while everyone may tell you that you should and shouldn’t be doing something as an entrepreneur, not everyone is actually qualified to tell you those things, even if they’re trying to do it. You know in your best interest a lot of cases they just don’t know what they’re talking about, and even more importantly, business advice is far from one size fits all.

So, even within this bit of content, you might find yourself feeling like something: isn’t quite right for you and that’s. Okay, that said here are a few pieces of advice that are spouted way too often, and how little uh have little practical value that they have for most entrepreneurs uh the first one is find a niche or a market without competition and dominate it.

Do you know how many poor affiliate marketers in the mid 2000’s, follow this advice only to be completely underwhelmed when they had to return to their day job six months later, with their tail between their legs? Competition exists because products or services have demand.

It’s very, very rare these days to find markets that have demand that you happen to be the only lucky guy or gal to have stumbled upon. Okay, unless you’re that one in a million that’s, half creating your own market with how innovative your product or your offering is.

You really should stick to markets that are proven, but just work on servicing those markets better than anyone else is currently that’s going to net you, the kind of income you’re, looking for much quicker than chasing tiny niche communities.

Number two get it perfect or you’re, going to miss your shot, maybe more so than it being bad advice. It’s that people misunderstand this sediment. You do want to get things as close to perfect, as you can in a timely manner, but people are more likely to miss their shot because they never get their operation off the ground due to perfectionism uh than you know, starting with a product or service that Isn’t perfect, yet, rather than getting things done perfectly every time consider taking the startup minimum viable product approach.

So if your idea or service are good enough, you can bring them to the market quickly and then you can adapt your offer uh. You know as a marketer, based upon the feedback that you receive, you can even offer those early customers.

You know call it a beta test. Call it uh. You know an early product discount, whatever you want, but this approach ensures that your finished product more closely resembles what your market actually wants and not just what you think they want, and the third thing is to take risks.

Okay, now maybe this would be acceptable as a you know, take smart risks, but that’s, not often how entrepreneurship is approached too often, people would rather jump at their dreams, which is good, of course, but they do it at the expense of number Crunching and planning, which makes it bad so if you only have enough savings to quit your job and live off of for two months, you’re, probably going to have a rude awakening.

If you’re trying to put together, you know an affiliate marketing empire or something in that time to replace your old salary. So as with most saying so, as with most things, risks in business should be thought out and they should be calculated.

Smart and achievable risks most of us can agree, are preferable to broadline suicide missions.

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