How Much YouTube Paid Me For 1 Million Views (THE TRUTH)

In this video, I’m pulling back the curtains on my business & showing you exactly how much YouTube paid me for 1 million views! I’ll also be telling you the truth about how YouTube’s ad revenue/monetization system ACTUALLY works, as well as debunking all the misinformation out there! Enjoy 🙂

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Summary of this video:

First things first, there are a ton of ways to make money on YouTube – but in this specific video I’m showing you exactly how much YouTube paid me for 1 million views in AD REVENUE for my first 1,000,000 viewed video.

However, if you don’t know how YouTube monetization even works, here’s a short explanation. So to get monetized, you need your channel to have 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time, you then apply for your channel to be monetized (aka the “YouTube Partner Program”) and after being approved, you can put ads on your video to make ad revenue.

But unfortunately, needing to get that amount before being monetized is a reason a lot of people don’t end up getting started on YouTube (it even almost kept me from starting myself). So I just want to let you know that prior to being monetized, I made more than enough money to live off of… and still to this day, YouTube ad revenue is NOT my largest income stream.

Now, when it does come to YouTube ad revenue and how much money you make, it all depends on 5 key factors. But before I tell you these factors, just understand that when you google “how much does 1 million views pay” and it says $2,000… just know that EVERY VIDEO is different. Sure, some videos may make $2,000 per 1m views… but some videos might also make $40,000… and that’s where these 5 key factors come into play.

KEY FACTOR 1 – TOPIC/NICHE OF VIDEO. This is definitely the most important factor, as it will be the main reason whether YouTube’s advertisers advertise on your video or not.

KEY FACTOR 2 – LOCATION OF VIEWER. Location is also a huge factor since certain parts of the world just simply have less people and/or less money than other parts which makes advertisers less likely to want their ads to show up in that country.

KEY FACTOR 3 – DURATION OF VIDEO. Duration has less to with the advertisers and more to do with how much money you make because if your video is over 8 minutes, you can actually put ads in the middle of your video (rather than the beginning & end only). This also coincides with factor 4 & 5.

KEY FACTOR 4 – AMOUNT OF WATCH TIME. For this one, let’s say you just put an ad in the middle of your video at the 3 minute mark… but everyone watching the video stops watching at the 2 minute mark… they didn’t see that ad, which will make you less money – so the longer they watch, the more you make.

KEY FACTOR 5 – AMOUNT OF ADS. Which brings us to the 5th and final key factor, which is obvious – the more ads you have, the more you make. HOWEVER, don’t put so many ads in your video where people are getting annoyed and leaving – that defeats the purpose.

So those 5 key factors not only decide how much money you make, but also something that’s called a CPM. A CPM is the amount the advertisers paid YouTube PER 1,000 views. Then, you get paid an RPM – which just means the amount you make per 1,000 views, AFTER YouTube takes their cut.

But now, if you want to see exactly how much YouTube paid me for 1 million views… you gotta watch the video itself 😉 HOWEVER, if you’re interested in learning how to make money on YouTube and you want to maybe do it WITHOUT showing your face… check out the link below to get access to my No Face YT Course beta program before the price increases!



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