How To Get Your First 1000 Subscribers on YouTube in 2021 (6 SECRETS)

How To Get Your First 1000 Subscribers on YouTube in 2021 (6 SECRETS)

In this video, I’m gonna show you how to get your first 1000 subscribers on YouTube in 2021. You’ll also see the 6 secrets I used to go from getting my first 500 subscribers in 8 months… to gaining 100,000+ subscribers over the next 12 months and making $100,000 in profit along with it. Enjoy 🙂

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Summary of this video:

When it comes to learning how to get your first 1000 subscribers on YouTube in 2021, this could really be a 2 hour masterclass full of things you can do… but I’ve boiled it down to the 6 most important secrets that have helped me and can help you grow faster on YouTube.

SECRET 1 – ASK THEM TO SUBSCRIBE (BUT IN A VERY SPECIFIC WAY). This sounds simple… and it is – if you do it the “simple” way. But I teach that you have to do this in a very specific & thought out way. I won’t give away all of the sauce here, but here’s a quick example. Instead of just mindlessly following what someone else does or doing the same strategy every single video… make 2 similar videos around the same topic and ask for the subscribe in different spots – then compare the analytics and see which video got more subscribers.

SECRET 2 – GET STARTED IN ONE SPECIFIC NICHE. If you don’t know what a niche is, it’s just the topic or category that your videos are in. Furthermore, if you already have a YouTube channel and you’re uploading random content in multiple niches… I suggest you create a NEW channel in ONE specific niche, as well. This is important because everyone who subscribes to your videos when they are all in the same niche, they will be interested in all of your videos.

SECRET 3 – MODEL ALREADY PROVEN CONTENT. This one can easily get you your 1000 subscribers alone. As obvious as this is to me, it really isn’t obvious to everyone – so it’s super important to understand this… DO NOT try and re-invent the wheel! There is already content on YouTube that has been proven to get A LOT of views – so the algorithm liked that content. Therefore, you can re-create it in your own way and get a similar result. 🙂

SECRET 4 – GET PEOPLE TO YOUR VIDEOS. YouTube can be tough sometimes when it comes to getting views as a beginner, I know all too well. However, there are some cool ways where you can help get people to your videos… even as a beginner! My favorite way in doing this (and the way I suggest doing it) is with TikTok. Not only did TikTok help to blow my videos up… but it changed my life, FOREVER!

SECRET 5 – KEEP PEOPLE WATCHING YOUR VIDEOS LONGER. Getting people to your videos is only half the battle… the other half (and arguably more important half) is keeping those people watching. I give a 4 bonus tips to help with this which I will list here. 1 – Script your entire video. 2 – Don’t sound monotoned. 3 – If you show your face, make sure your lighting, audio, and background are on point. 4 – edit your videos and add in some b-roll.

SECRET 6 – YOU HAVE TO STAY CONSISTENT. None of those bonus tips I just gave and none of these 6 secrets to learning how to get your first 1000 subscribers on YouTube in 2021 even matter if you aren’t willing to stay consistent over an extended period of time. I see so many people ready to give up after 2 weeks when they’ve barely uploaded any videos because “my videos aren’t getting views.’ The funny thing is, I check their videos and they have more views than my first videos did. The problem is that they’re comparing their 2 weeks in to my 2 years in. Even people like Mr Beast struggled to get their first 1000 subscribers because the knowledge wasn’t readily available like it is today. So make sure to check out my program below to skip all the trial & error!

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0:53 – Secret 1
4:46 – Secret 2
6:25 – Secret 3
8:41 – Secret 4
10:58 – Secret 5
12:59 – Secret 6

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