How To Make $100 A Day With Cryptocurrency (3 BEST METHODS)

How To Make $100 A Day With Cryptocurrency (3 BEST METHODS)

In this video, I’m gonna show you how to make 100 a day with cryptocurrency. But this isn’t going to just be me showing 1 way to make money with crypto… I’m going to show you 3 DIFFERENT ways to make $100 a day (2 of which can make you PASSIVE INCOME with cryptocurrency!!) Enjoy 🙂

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0:00 Introduction:

Like I said above, I’m gonna show you how to make $100 a day with cryptocurrency. But this isn’t like all those other “MAKE MONEY WITH CRYPTO” videos where all they do is “teach” you how to trade crypto. I say “teach” because most people on YouTube aren’t good at trading crypto (and stocks, for that matter) and like 90% of beginners who trade… LOSE money. So instead, in this video… I’m gonna share what I believe are the 3 BEST methods to make 100 a day with crypto.

0:44 My Backstory & Experience with Crpyto:

I actually debated cutting this section out.. but I thought it would be interesting to talk about my experience/backstory with crypto because I never really talked about it before and some would appreciate it 🙂 I also mentioned this in the pinned comment, but if you want to skip this section… you can use the timestamp below or the “chapters” on the video.

4:41 Method 1 – DCA into Bitcoin & Ethereum and HODL:

If you’ve never heard of DCA before, this stands for “Dollar Cost Averaging” and all that means is you’re going to buy consistently, overtime, and hold long-term. So for this method, this means you’re going to setup a recurring deposit and/or purchases and buy an amount of Bitcoin & Ethereum (that works best for you) either daily, weekly, monthly (also whatever works best for you). Also, if you didn’t know… Bitcoin has a 200%+ compound annual growth for the past 9 years. Obviously no one knows if it will continue, but this is why many call bitcoin a hedge against inflation & digital gold. Then, you’re simply going to hold on for the long-term. That’s definitely the most simple method.

7:55 Method 2 – Staking Crypto on a CEX:

Now, this method actually combines 1 & 2. So how it works is you take the Bitcoin & Ethereum you are holding and you’re going to store it on a CEX (centralized exchange) that allows you to STAKE your crypto with them and earn an Annual %. Personally, I suggest using Voyager to not only PURCHASE your crypto (much lower fees than coinbase) but also hold your crypto there… because you literally get PAID 4.75% for Bitcoin and 4.25% for Ethereum… for FREE! Obviously you’ll need to be holding quite a bit of crypto to make that $100/day, but who doesn’t love some FREE MONEY just for holding the crypto you were already gonna hold?! So it’s kinda like a dividend stock, that also is more likely to increase in value than most dividend stocks are. (not financial advice)

9:33 Method 3 – Yield Farming on a DEX:

Last but not least, Yield Farming! And I can’t lie, this is definitely the cream of the crop, the pick of the litter, the crème de la crème, well… you get the idea. Yield farming is actually still quite new and there’s a pretty big possibility that you’ve never heard of it before. But basically, yield farming is “staking” on CRACK. And to go a little deeper, without getting too in-depth… yield farming is something you do in the DEFI (decentralized finance) space. So INSTEAD of “staking” your Bitcoin/Ethereum on a CEX (centralized exchange)… you are going on a DEX (decentralized exchange) and “staking” either a single crypto in a “pool” or more commonly, a pair (2 cryptos) in a “farm” and earning insane APR. Obviously, because the DEX isn’t owned by a centralized entity… it’s kinda like the “wild wild west” which is also why so many people are nervous/afraid to get in the DEFI space. Of course, this also means there’s more inherent risk than staking on a CEX… which has more inherent risk than just holding Bitcoin & Ethereum… which has more inherent risk than just holding the S&P 500… but remember, higher risk = higher reward! (again, not financial advice)


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