How To Make $215.90/DAY FAST Using This NO EFFORT CPA Marketing Method! (Make Money Online 2022)

Now you can see that yesterday I was Able to make 215 dollars today just four Dollars but that's not really the Important part yesterday 215 and in Today's video guys I want to show you Exactly how I was able to make this Amount of money how you can repeat this Entire system yourself and more Importantly how to do this without any Skills completely from scratch and also Completely for free the first website That I use is CPA this is a CPA Network that actually made me this Amount of money this is CPA Elite now Today I just made four dollars yesterday 215 but what you want to do is you Pretty much want to sign up to a CPA Network so when you're going to go to This one just click on the sign up Button right here and then you can Pretty much sign up right here now the Good thing about CPA Elite is you can Pretty much sign up using Google right Here you can just sign up using Google Right here and these are just some Really good benefits they have what they Really have is actually a very fast Payout system so they can actually pay You even if you're going to make just Like one a dollar they have like kind of Like the highest payouts I wouldn't say They have the highest pay out there are Some other networks but this is really Really fast okay so when you're going to

Use this method and sign up with CPA Lead then you are really going to have The fastest paying system out there Because some of these offers that are Going to be making you money are going To be paying you literally within 24 Hours and I'm not being like paying you Like in the account but directly into Your bank account or PayPal accounts They literally do like 24-hour payments Now the next option is CPA This is the one that I kind of recommend As well because they have higher payouts You are going to make a lot more money But I was testing it out on CPL just to Get like a little variety of CPA Networks just go to CPA grip then again Click on the register again they are Going to wait to pretty much make sure That you are a real person then fill out All these details and again with the Publisher type just go with the website Slash incense or GPT and then right here Where did you hear about us just tell Them that you are coming from Inca into Money and they are going to approve you Now that you have your CPA marketing Account what you want to do is you want To go to and this step That I'm going to show you right now out Is something that is going to just make You some extra money but you would have To do it otherwise as well there's Multiple ways on how to actually do this

But I think using ClickBank for this Step is going to be very beneficial Because instead of just making like 200 With the CPA you can also make a couple Hundred dollars per day on the ClickBank Without actually taking anything away From the main method just go to then click on the Marketplace and what you want to search For is Obsession okay just search right Here for Obsession it's going to show You a couple of these offers now the one That we are looking for is going to be Right here it's called the obsession Method okay but first of all what you Want to do is you want to copy your ClickBank name so just copy this part And then you want to open up a notepad And put it right here okay so this is my Name for this ClickBank account okay Just want to save it then go right here To the affiliate page click on the Affiliate page and you don't actually Even need a an affiliate link for this For this specific one okay we are going To use affiliate link later on but for This one you already need it so this is Going to be after that page of this Particular method and you want to click Right here or go right here to the menu And click on the viral PDF Okay click on That part and it's going to bring you Right here then on the left hand side You're going to see that this is pretty

Much a free completely high quality PDF Made to sell this program and if you're Going to request it right here you're Gonna send us a message if you're going To tell them your ClickBank name right Here so put in your name your email your ClickBank ID make sure you're going to Put it there they are going to recreate The entire PDF with your specific Affiliate link okay so this is something You want to do because you just don't Want to be promoting like blank PDF but You want to request one that's going to Have your own affiliate link because This way is going to be the highest Quality and if I'm going to show you how The sample copy actually looks like you Can see this is actually very high Quality this this has been made to Pre-sell and completely sell the main Program so this is something that you You should pretty request and get your Affiliate links everywhere because There's a lot of just very simple not Really aggressive affiliate links like For example like right here or pretty Much I don't know just throughout the Entire PDF and they are going to add Your affiliate links to it so you want To request it and get your own PDF with Your own affiliate link then once once You're going to have it I'm already Going to assume you already have your PDF you just want to upload it to this

Website okay and this is very important Because other PDF sharing websites like 90 of them when you're going to upload Your PDF there they are going to disable All the affiliate links but this one I Know for a fact because I tried it Multiple times when you will upload your PDF to this one called it's not going to disable Any links so you can actually make money On the ClickBank as well using this Method and this is going to help you big Time later on when you will start seeing These sales rolling in you just come to Dogdroid and you upload your PDF right Here now for the sake of the video I'm Just going to use the doc Droid URL but You just want to upload the PDF that the Obsession method is going to send you But now once you're going to have your Url what you want to do is just go to Your CPA Network go to the monetization Tools and you just want to use the file Or URL Locker okay just create a new Locker I agree click on continue and Pretty much you want to put your url Right here put it right there and then From the template you want to select one That's going to resemble or I don't know Look like I'll use a very simple word I Will that's going to look like like you Can actually download something okay we Are not really going for the human Verification in this case we are really

Going for something that people can Actually download for example this one The glacier one right here Glacier you Can use this template because when we're Going to preview it it's going to look Like you can download the file and the PDF is very simple so a lot of people Expect to download a PDF file and like Like movies or something very big you Don't want to put it on a download file Because people assume it's going to have Like two gigabytes and they don't want To download it but with the PDF they Already they assume that pretty much PDF Very short very small straight to the Point and they will pretty much download It and then pretty much just call it Like Obsession method and then make sure Then right here you're going to enter The name of the PDF which is called a Female mind control handbook okay and Just put it here so people are going to See that it's going to be the handbook And then just click right here to the HTML and then the file size right here Instead of 86 megabytes just put it one Megabyte okay because people are not Even going to download it but we want to Make sure they are not going to get Scared away because they are going to See this huge size okay so that's what I Was talking about and now when I'm going To refresh the preview you can see this Is how it's going to look like I'm going

To save it and preview the page to show You how it's going to look like so get Links I'm going to copy this link go to This link and this is pretty much the Page so you can see it's like a download Page people click here and you can Pretty much they can just complete any Of these offers and this is how you're Going to get paid on CPA and then once They're going to download a PDF because You are going to have your affiliate Links there they can also purchase the Product because the entire product is Value packed and is selling the main Product from ClickBank for you so when They're going to purchase the product You are going to get paid like 69 that's A really good price tag for like a Lao And dating offer 69 per commission so Now just head over to Google sites and Click on create a blank site and we Pretty much want to create something Very simple that's going to look just Like this for the header type you just Want to go with the title only and then Just go to the sales page of the product And this is pretty much it's a how-to Article exploit this mine hack so I'm Just going to copy the entire headline And you just want to put it right here And just style it so it's going to look Something like this and then you just Pretty much pretty much want to get an Image and click on select and go back to

The affiliate page of the Lo uh the Obsession method and you want to go to The images and Banners and you can you Can just right click on any of these Just right click and click on copy image Address and you can just paste it right Here when you click on the link and put It right there and it's going to fetch The image so you don't have to download It so click on insert right there and Also make sure you're going to resize is It make sure you're going to resize it Flag this and now pretty much this is Going to be the page but because we also Want to make some CPA commissions very Very easily we're going to show people That this is not a free product and what They are getting is valuable and one way To do it is to pretty much show them the Main sales page so what we're going to Do is we're going to right here click Here to purchase the opposition method Now and this is actually not our main Goal of our page but it's just to Anchor The price and actually show people that This is valuable this is where you're Going to add your affiliate link for the Opposition method so I'm just going to Create it but this is our another main Goal of the entire website but you are Going to get sales from this part click Here add your link right there but then The main link is going to be our CPA Locker link you want to edit right here

And again highlight it and make sure It's going to be there and this is going To be it and because most people are Going to go for the free version we are Going to get paid on the CPA network but If people are out of curiosity going to Check out a sales page and they are Interested in the product we are going To be getting these 69 payments for this Product and now all we need to do is Just send some free traffic to this one And you are going to be making money Like crazy now I was able to make like 215 dollars actually using this method So I know this works I know if you're Going to do this you are going to have Very similar results if you're going to Do this multiple times you can make even More than I made and also all those ClickBank sales are going to be just a Little bit extra but before I show you The traffic method please don't forget To like the video if you haven't already And also be sure to subscribe and Comment down below you are a crazy Person you know WhatsApp and I want to Show you the traffic method what you Want to do is you want to go to first to Facebook search for like a relationship Then go to the groups and these are Going to be the Facebook groups we are Going to be checking out so there's like 170 167 000 members pretty much so many Of them okay millions of people just

From one of these search results but What you want to do is you don't want to Be spamming these groups that doesn't Work anymore it used to be working back In the day you just put your affiliate Link in these groups and Bam you would Make money because nobody he was doing That but after a lot of people started Doing this it doesn't work anymore so What you want to do is just join a Couple of these groups and then this is The main part you want to put on the Image of the product and because most People from these groups saw the product Because someone was someone was actually Trying to sell it to them they will know WhatsApp but once they're going to see The caption they are going to pretty Much close their guard and they are Going to check it out and here's why so Pretty much it says hey I found this Free ebook from the opposition method The method is paid the book is free so You are being completely honest you are Telling them this is paid but the book Is free and I thought it had some really Good advice it's called a handbook to Make any woman obsessed with you or Something so you are not even being like Exactly the names so they see like okay This person is most likely not related To the product anyone has some Experience with this and also if you're Going to add couple of typos like this

One right here it's going to make it Just much more believable and then also The one to spam it but if you are Interested in reading it just comment Below so the main goal of this post is Like the last thing if you actually want To get a book just comment below just no Big deal and a lot of people are going To comment here because they will say It's genuine you will send them the link To your page and because they can get The ebook for free or pay for the method If they don't want to do a CPA offer They can just buy the entire product With the handbook as well you'll make Money on ClickBank or if they don't want To pay for it they will just complete One CPA offer you will get paid on CPA Grip and that's you guys that's exactly How I was able to make 215 dollars in a Single day just go ahead and do it but Also if you'd like to see another method On how to make 1 to 200 on average per Week without actually working then I Highly recommend you go and check out This video right here which is going to Show you another awesome method from This channel click here I'm going to see You there bye for now

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