I Got Paid +$875.96 By Doing This FAST CPA Method! Easy To REPLICATE! (Make Money Online In 2023)

And I was pretty much doing this method Myself and you can see I my last payment From this was 875 Euros which goes to 900 and in today's video guys I want to Show you exactly how I was able to make Over 900 completely for free but more Importantly fast with this super simple CPA method for beginners but anyone can Set up and anyone can start using pretty Much in the next five minutes this is so Simple so easy to set up and pretty much Instant so you don't have to wait for Any approvals you don't have to wait for Anything at all the only thing you are Going to be waiting for is actually when The payment you're going to generate is Going to hit your account whether it's PayPal wise.com bank account payer or Payoneer before you get to that don't Forget to please smash likes before you Get started also subscribe to the Channel hit notification Bell and all That good stuff and also comment down Below and tell me whether you prefer Affiliate marketing or CPA marketing Whether you like to make sales and make Money from that or whether you like to Pretty much don't generate any sales and Still make money from that I would like To know that so I know what kind of math Is great in the future sure because Again this painting like 875 Euros which Is like 900 and I haven't generated a Single sale from this this was all from

CPA to zero sale generated 900 made very Very fast okay so let's get started now First of all what we need to do is we Need to sign up for a CPA marketing Account now one of the easiest one and Fastest one to sign up for is CPA Group Now another one that I highly recommend Is pretty much depth map IO because it's Going to give you exclusive payouts fast Payouts and you can literally withdraw Money in like two business days okay Like one to two business days now to Sign up to tap mob which I highly highly Recommend you're going to sign up to Because I've already made like 2.4 Thousand dollars on this network alone I Highly recommend you're going to sign up There too just go to this link Incognito Money.com tap mop then enter this code And they are going to approve you this Is like a mobile application like a CPA Network in a mobile application Exclusive best payouts fast payouts I Highly highly recommend that you're Going to do this but in today's video I Want to focus on how to actually get This good the commissions just not sales But the conversions of this CPA offers So go to tap map or go to CPA grip for The sake of the video I will use CPA Grip because I just want to make sure That I can show you everything in in a Video so just go to tab map again or CPA Grip for CPA Group just sign up right

Here again for the publisher type select Email slash website slash instant or GPT Any of these two are going to work and Then where did you hear about us tell Them you are coming from inkayito money Then check all of these three things and Then click on register now and your Account is going to be pretty much Created now once you're going to sign up You're going to be welcome with this Awesome chat icon chat uh window right Here where people are shouting out the Earnings and can get like an inspiration Of how much my people are currently Making because I think that's like a Very good thing like this person right Here made a 127 thousand dollars pretty Much all time this made 403 000 so yeah CPA Group definitely works And if you go and check out this guy he Had to at least make ten dollars for Every single lead to make this amount of Money I will be creating a video Tutorial about methods that he might be Using very very soon so also don't Forget to sign up for that but pretty Much what you want to do is just go to My offers I want to show you the method That I use myself to generate those 900 Then go to right here and go with United States offers so let's go right here and You want to select the ones that are Going to be like kind of in like a Giveaway category okay the giveaway

Category is what we are looking for but Make sure it's for grown-ups because if You're going to check out this is like a Roblox game card and I don't think a lot Of people adults are not pretty much Into games anymore okay they might be But like a very small percentage so you Want to go for the offers that are Pretty much giveaways of some sort for Adults so for example this one right Here PlayStation 5 again some people Might not be into games but pretty much PlayStation 5 that's like a 500 or 600 Console that people can like sell so This is something that's going into work Then right here claim your 750 cash for Travel again this is going to work then Roblox I wouldn't go for that band this Is cash for travel then right here PlayStation again then this is again Again then Amazon gift card GoPro so all Of these are surveys as well or favorite Console 700 fashion store any of these Giveaways okay Apple watch right here or Any of them Olive Garden yeah that's Going to work for sure okay so what I'm Going to use is pretty much any of these CPA offers and you want to find like Five to ten of these okay this is why This is going to work so well because we Are not going to get that much volume of Traffic we are going to be getting Quality traffic that's going to be Taking actions everyday CPA offers is

That one person can usually complete one Of these CPA offers every 24 hours but They can complete multiple offers back To back to back so instead of just Getting paid let's take an example we Are going to use the cash for travel Okay they just let me just show you the Example right here so this is the page They go to the page and they click on Get started and all they got to do is Just enter their email or zip details Okay and we are going to get paid two Dollars and 43 cents for just one offer If there's like four more offers or Three more offers that's like four Offers all together we can get paid Close to ten dollars for a single person Because if they complete one offer then The next one is kind of the same just a Different theme for a different company So pretty much if they complete one They're like okay I know how to complete Them I might as well test out more of Them so we can give them like three four Five six seven different options and Instead of just getting paid like two Dollars and forty three cents once for Example you're going to put there like 10 different offers and they are going To complete let's say seven of them so Times seven that's like 17 instead of Two dollars okay and for example for 17 Is one person you're going to get like 25 of them overall okay overall 25

People to complete these offers that's Like 425 dollars this is why this method Is so powerful because one person is Going to complete a lot of more AFK so This is what you gotta do again so just Get a CPA offer just like this then next Thing you want to go to is going to be This website we are going to actually Create these websites called hailing.me Just go to hailing.me just like this This is actually the one that I use Myself I'm going to show you all the Things about it so you want to go to Heylink.me Just hailing this is the Actual website heylink.me and then just Start for free or sign up for free or Whatever okay just create an account and Then I'm going to go to dashboard Because I obviously already have an Account right there and this is how my Account looks like now this is going to Create this very simple landing page and Essentially what you want to put there Is pretty much the best ways to earn Money from home in 2023 is my thing but We want to put there the best and then Either giveaways cash Rewards or free Sweepstakes or Electronics giveaway just The best in 2023 that's important Currently I'm promoting the best ways to Earn money from home because that's my Niche that's what I know and this is Where I make the most amount of money And also the last important part sign up

Now try them all okay try them all this Is very important important because People think they can only sign up to One of them they will come to this page And they're like oh there's so many of Them which one should I go for okay Which one should I go for and you're Going to entice them like try them all Encourage them to try them all they're Like okay I'm not limited to one so they Are going to one two three four five six Seven they're going to like try them all And you are going to get paid and by the Way for these these that at the top I'm Getting paid six dollars for every Single one of these and these TP offers Are from tap map okay so you want to go To tap map to pretty much sign up okay Tap map IO this is the link just enter This code and you you will sign up that Pretty much to actually create a page Like that all you gotta do is just get Your links I'm going to copy the link And this is going to be the link then go To hey link paste your link right here Click on add new link and wait for it to Load up but then you want to change the Name because it's going to add the name Of the domain now all you got to do is Just copy the name of the CPA offer then Go right here I will Zoom it go right Here highlight sorry select all and Paste the link okay just like this and Now it's going to say claim your 750

Cash for travel now and then this is Going to be your link okay also go to The appearance and make sure to add some Kind of Avatar I put a PayPal icon Because I'm all about making money Online and pretty much what the Resonates more than PayPal obviously That's going to be the best one and Pretty much username you want to select It for example like your bonus for today That's what I use and also make sure you Used to like some basic design so it's Very easy to read and then this is going To be your link okay so this is going to Be your link and this is my link this is How it looks like and Bam now I have one Two three four five six seven eight Different links right here I can make Money from this now I want to show you Exactly how to actually get people to This page so they are going to sign up To the CPA offers and you can make Anywhere from like two dollars up to Like twenty dollars per person who is Going to complete this CPA offers so What you want to do is you want to go to Google and search for like three big Giveaway offers quora okay make sure to Use Google search for this because you Can also search this on quora but pretty Much Google is going to give you better Results and pretty much click on any of The search results that are coming from Quora.com and you're going to find these

Questions giveaways what types of Freebies you like the most okay then Also this one and this one and I'm going To show you something that most people Are not doing on quora that works so so Well it's free it's not better than Advertisements but for beginners it's Super super powerful and it's going to Give you this high quality traffic not a Lot but a lot quality so for example Even if you get like six clicks those Are six real people who are going to Complete your CPA offers you want to Open up a couple of these questions if They are going to load up this one did Not load up and you're going to see that This is a giveaway type of question and Then it has like follows okay this is How many people are following the Question and what you can actually do is When you reply to this question all These six people are going to receive a Notification via email that you reply to This question but you want to find a Question that has more follows the best Way to do that is to pretty much go to The related questions and just go for Any of these okay so something like this And we are going to find three then ten Three or this one 119 okay so just go through them and You're going to find now some of them Are going to still have like two people Or two people but you want to go for

Something more than 50 in this Niche and What you can simply do is first of all Answer the question but this is more This is better way to do that because Everybody's answering the question so First of all you want to go to your Profile and you want to go to write a Description about yourself and you want To pretty much right here here are the Best giveaways here are the best Giveaways I was able to find online that Worked for me check them all out and try Them all again encourage people to try Them all and then add your link and Click on right here on update and Bam This is how it's going to look like and Now essentially what you can do is first Of all like answer the question there's Plenty of them which do work but you Might not win as not every single Giveaway gives price to every single Person the ones that worked are in my Bio if you want to check them out then You click on post but more importantly When you're going to do this pretty much 100 people are going to receive a Notification but this is what you want To do is when you go right here you want To go to these three dots right here go To these three dots then go right here To view question lag then you're going To see 119 public followers click on That and now you can simply follow these People like you do on Instagram or on

Pinterest they are going to get a Notification and because they are Following this giveaway freebie question They are interested in that and they are Going to check out your bio something Like this they haven't check out your Bio here are the best viewers I was able To find online that worked for me check Them all out and try them out they are Going to click this and they are going To go through this now listen you're not Going to get like all the 190 people to Check out the link but the ones who are Going to check the check that link out Are going to be very responsive and the Conversion rate for these is going to be Through the roof just go through this And make sure to follow like I don't Know 30 40 people per hour to stay under The radar so like 40 people Max the best Best way to do it is if you are on your Laptop just do it like every 10 minutes You're going to follow like 10 people 15 People 6 people one person and stuff Like that okay so I'm just going to do It right here and Bam now they are all Going to receive a notification that Someone followed them they're going to Check out who is the guy who actually Followed them so now when I refresh it My last answer is what's a legit iPhone Giveaway because they are following this Well they're going to check it out okay This is awesome the ones that worked out

In my bio they're going to check out the Bio they click here and now they are Presented with the CPA offers and that's It I hope you enjoyed this video let me Know what you think about it in the Comment section below and to see how I'm Making over thirty thousand dollars per Month with my number one method click Here and check out this video which is Going to tell you exactly how it works

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