Make Money With ClickBank – Dos and Don’ts That You Need to Know

If you’ve decided to become a ClickBank affiliate for any product on their network then there are several do’s and don’t that you should take into consideration before choosing seriously promoting a product. Below I will outline the top three things to do that will help you succeed at selling info products and the top three things that can be harmful and discouraging to your marketing efforts.

When you decide to promote as an affiliate through ClickBank it’s important to do it in a way that is proven and known to work. Reinventing the wheel is not the way to go when dealing with affiliate marketing. So first the don’ts.

1. Don’t send potential customers directly to the vendors sales page. The percentage of people that buy on the first exposure to a sales message is very low, usually around 1% or less.

2. Don’t pick products that have a little or no gravity. Gravity is ClickBank’s indicator that reveals how popular a product is selling. If a product has no gravity most likely its either to new to have stats, or is not a very good seller.

3. Don’t pick products with extreme gravity on the other end of the spectrum either. Super high gravity products usually mean lots of competition. Unless you are really good at online marketing these extreme gravity products are heavily promoted by many expert marketers, and they will eat your lunch and steal your wife.

Alright so much for the stuff you shouldn’t do.

How about what you should do.

1. Do make sure that you send potential customers into some sort of funnel system. You ultimately need to be able to follow up with them and remind them that the product they were looking at can still help them do whatever it is they came there to do.

2. Do pick products that pay at least 50% in affiliate commissions. This is a general rule and can make a significant difference in your profit margins if you are planning on doing any Pay Per Click marketing.

3. Do choose ClickBank products that fall into one of the top interest categories. Health, Wealth, Beauty, or Relationships.

Source by Alan Kirchain