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So simply just go to YouTube and then You just find any of these like podcasts Or comedy videos and you right click and You click on copy link address and by The way this is completely free and then You simply go to this website and this Is exactly drop a YouTube link this is Where you paste your YouTube url you can See video podcast educational videos Commentaries product reviews modules Don't put there any Vlogs or music Videos and click on get clips for free And you will literally get paid for Doing that it's going to pull out all These clips the best clips from the Video by AI just like this that you see Right here you can put them on YouTube Shorts Tic Tac Instagram Twitter and It's also this is this is this is the Best part it's going to give them a word Why reality score so you know which ones Are the most likely ones to go viral so You can see this one is like 65 most Likely it's not going to go viral this One is going to get 95 it's going to get You a lot of traffic a lot of visitors And that's how you can make the most Amount of money and you just use this One single website what's going on guys In today's video I'm super excited style Because I want to show you this AI bot This AI brand new completely free tool Which I'm sure is not going to be free For a long time so make sure to take

Action on this as soon as possible That's going to take any podcast Clips Or any YouTube long form content and It's going to create you viral type Shorts from it literally just one click And you can use this to make over 500 Per day without you actually doing Anything at all you should just use These clips to get traffic and make Money from that and the AI tool that I Will show you in just a few minutes is Going to do all the work for you but Before I show this bot and show you Exactly how to make money from that I Have a quick question for you please I Need your help pretty much in the past Three days I made over 33 000 in Affiliate commissions without using my YouTube channel just by promoting other People's products these are my results Pretty much you can see this is my worry Plus account today I made 983 dollars Yesterday one point eight thousand last Seven days eight point four thousand and Last month this was April just 26 000 And the just is because in the last 30 Days I made 33 000 and pretty much I Started doing some something different Instead of just promoting the low ticket Products from Warrior plus I also Started promoting High ticket products Which are generating me few hundred Dollars in commissions without me Actually selling them myself I'm using

The Incognito selling system to do that Pretty much I don't sell them myself the Product is selling itself using an Incognito system and pretty much these Are my results you can see that Yesterday I made 1.8 thousand dollars With only 33 sales because majority of These were the high ticket sales now my Question for you is because since my 101 Coaching program has been closed for the Past couple of weeks because I'm working Very hard to revamp it to be focusing on These high ticket sales which is a lot Easier for beginners to make money with It's a lot easier to reach one or even Ten thousand dollars per month one Thousand dollars per day or ten thousand Dollars per month by being Incognito so Pretty much my question for you is if You'll be interested in joining a five Day live Master Class where I would go Pretty much on a live training for five Days in a row and teach you exactly how You can set up your very own Incognito Business that's going to be generating You High ticket sales even if you are a Complete beginner you are starting your Function from scratch or you don't want To pay a send for traffic now pretty Much the details are in the poll please Go to the poll Retreat what you're going To learn there but my question is would You be interested in this if you have Any recommendations comment below as

Well but it would price tag should this 5 day Master Class be should be 297 147 97 or 37 or you don't want to join at All and you are not interested in Generating High ticket sales online Being Incognito which means you don't Have to do any selling yourself and also You can get started without shooting Your face online I recommend just Showing your face online right away it's The fast track I know some people just Don't want to do that and they are okay With generating less earnings by being Incognito so I'll show you exactly how To do this as well without showing your Face online to pretty much just go Through the poll out loud relife your Input if you can put there something That's going to interest you go through It read it please vote and comment below Any suggestions you might have okay now Let's talk about this amazing tool now This is going to make a lot of people Out of money so I'll just go through it Very quickly show you the best ways to Go about it and show you exactly what You can do in just a couple of clicks so You can go ahead and try it out right Away now first of all you want to go to YouTube and you pretty much want to find Any kind of like a long podcast like a Comedy show a podcast or something That's pretty much long form content Because that's where you're going to get

A lot of these Wireless Clips if you go Through your reels or Tic Tacs most of Them are from longer videos and they are Cut down to Shorter highlighted parts Now pretty much one of my favorite Comedians is Theo one comment Down Below Guys if you are a fan of tier one if any Of you is watching tier one I would Really like to know that you know we had A dude so that's what he always says if Anybody is resonating with that just Comment down below I really like this Humor but pretty much you want to find Any podcast now you can also just find Like a podcast as an example and you're Going to find all these podcasts and you Want to make sure it's pretty much what It has a lot of views a lot of views and It's pretty much more than one hour okay Because if you like 30 minutes the Chances of the a AI finding good things There is not going to be very high okay And you can see all these shorts are Getting tens of thousands of views this One like 475 000 views and this person Definitely did not create this they just Took the content from Joe Rogan's Podcast and same goes right here this is From Bobby Lee actually he was I believe On tier one Charlotte's show as well and Pretty much all these podcasts literally Millions of views you can see it right Here so this just works and this it gets Even easier so what I'm going to do is

I'm going to just get a Tijuana podcast For example and you can find I'm just Use any of these for example with Joe Rogan you just simply go to this podcast Right click on it and click on copy link Address okay then you go to this website Now this website is actually called Opus Clips it's called opus.pro you can just Google that this is the link opus.pro so You can see it right here opens.pro and You just simply put your YouTube link Right here and you can see from one long Video it's going to create 10 wire clips And it's going to create them 10 times Faster it's pretty much powered by open Ai and these guys actually created chat GPT so that's why it's so good because This is not just a video editor okay it Has the video editing functions but it's AI tool so whatever kind of podcast You're going to put there it's going to Use these new features on YouTube you Can see these bumps right here you can See these little slight bumps that's What people most likely do most likely Most often repeat and the reason for That is because it it's a good joke or a Good story on the podcast you can see There's one here one here one here then There's nothing right here then there's One here right here and then right here And then also one here okay so this is Just an example I'm going to show you Another one for example uh Theo one

Bobby Lee that's another comedian and When I go to for example this one which Is like one hour and 47 minutes you're Going to see there are all these bumps As well so obviously at the beginning Then right here right here and also like Right here and if I show you another one Like this one you can see there are the Bumps here here and also here and then Also right here another podcast all These bombs okay I think they are the Best scene right here because these Little bumps that's what people most Likely most often repeat okay so it's Based on the watch time and we can see Most replayed because it's a good joke It's a good joke there that's why it's Repeated and it's what this software is Actually going to use to determine what Shorts to get for you so you don't have To download video yourself edit it find A part it's going to do it automatically For you it's going to add this hermosi Type of captions and you can also edit Them yourself it's going to Auto caption The entire reel for you and it's going To give you a virality score all you Have to do is just add your YouTube Video here and simply on get clips for Free now it takes around 10 minutes to Do this so I pretty much prepared in Advance one of the clips right here and You can see pretty much this is already Done right here 99

Virality score 985 right there 84 78 73 Pretty much 71 and they are all done and I can just click right here and download The HD version right away so if I just Like it just download it and that's it It took literally one click now you can Also like edit these clips so I click on Edit the clip you can see all these Captions I can just change them for Example so I start feeling and I can add Like a green color to it you can see Right here so I just I start feeling Uncomfortable as you can just add a Color I can make the taxi uh for example Let's just change the color right here Taxi like uh yellow and it just makes Sense okay and I can just play it and It's pretty much Auto captioning by Itself and it makes sure that pretty Much all the captions around the same Time that they are supposed to be and That's pretty much you can go to Preferences change the style change do Whatever you want to do and then the Reels are pretty much done the reels Tick tocks uh for Twitter for YouTube Shorts and also for Pinterest just this One single content you can put in there And it just made it from one single clip Okay now if I'm going to I'll click on Get clips for free you're going to see It's going to prompt me to log in or not Not really I'm already logged in and you Can see that that pretty much video

Resolution 4K create usage 1 hour and 42 Minutes and everybody gets 5 hours so Get Clips in one click and now it's just Going to take some time to actually go Through that so obviously I'm not going To use on a video but I already created One you can see currently it's Experiencing high demand and I'm Currently number seven uh in the in the Queue okay so pretty much I'm not going To show you that but pretty much this is What it's going to create and then just Download the HD version of this clip and Now pretty much all you have to do is Just go to like for example Instagram And start posting these clips on the Reels now the best part about this is That these clips are going to go famous Very fast because first of all they are Very unique most people have not created These clips from this podcast so all you Have to do is just find a brand new Podcast and start uploading them to Reels and you can see just this page Right here the reason why I use d01 is Also because it's right here you can see 194 594 000 views 231 000 views then 476 000 Views so there are hundreds of thousands Of views just from this one guy you can See other community videos are here as Well but pretty much the way to do that Is you get a new podcast you're going to Subscribe to his YouTube channel and you

Start uploading these reels now pretty Much how do you actually make money from That it's super simple you just add a Short little bio right here and for Example like link tree or anything like That and you can simply add different Affiliate offers from ClickBank because When people are watching these videos on Instagram if you're going to put there For example an affiliate offer about Making money from Instagram people are Going to check it out and all you have To do is just tell them to check the Link in BIO but they are also going to Be checking it because your page is Going to go viral so this simple tool Can just turn any podcast any video into Highly viral clips for you with just one Click completely for free and you can Use it to run your very own Instagram Page or even like page like this now This one has like 118 000 followers this One has like 6.9 000 followers but you Can see it's getting like also like one Minute million 1 million views on the Reel so the followers is 4.6 million Views the followers are really not that Important what is important is the Content and if you can get a lot of kind Of like unique content which people Haven't posted yet onto these platforms You are going to get viral very fast and This still just makes it really really Fast so there's so many ways to make

Money with this I'm going to be sharing Even more ways in the future videos but Now just go ahead try it out it's called Opus.pro it's going to create these Clips for you in just one click and I'm Sure you're going to love it and also Before you go don't forget to please Vote on the poll on my five day live Master Class where I'm going to teach You exactly how to set up your very own Kind of business that's going to be Generating you high ticket sales on Autopilot even while you sleep let me Know what kind of price tag or if you're Actually interested in at all I don't Want to make it free because I want to Make it really high quality and I know That people are going to Value them much Much more and there's much better Results from people that are going to Pay even just a small admission fee just For the tickets to join which is going To be completely refundable if you don't Don't like it so no commitment I just Want to make sure that you are going to Get the highest quality event as Possible please vote on it and I will See you in the next video bye for now

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