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As you can see right here I've been Getting these payments like ten dollars 183 114.97 or 208 121. 102.51 and all of them are getting Paid directly into my account you can See all of them have been paid already Pretty much instantly and in today's Video guys I'm going to show you how you Can make your first 490 dollars online As a complete beginner without selling Anything at all I'm gonna show you a Super simple 10 minute method you can Use to get paid CPA commissions on a Daily basis just by using these brand New website which is actually designed For CPA offers you can actually find a Giveaway CPA offer and then post it on This giveaway page where people actually Go to search for giveaways so if you're Going to post your giveaway CPR for There they are going to complete it Pretty much every single time and you Are getting paid at least two dollars For every single person but make sure to Stay until the end of the video because What I'm going to show you is how to get Paid not two dollars but at least ten Dollars for every single person that's Going going to click on your link but Before that don't forget to please smash The like on this video I would really Appreciate it and also if you are new to The channel be sure to subscribe and hit

Notification Bell so I can notify you Whenever I upload a brand new money Making video and also comment down below And tell me what is your favorite way of Receiving money online this is something That I'm really interested about if you Like PayPal Pioneer Bitcoin uh Bank Transfers ACH just tell me what is your Preferred way of receiving money online Because I know what kind of methods to Actually record in the future as well And what kind of payment methods to Focus on too but right now let's get Started a step-by-step tutorial okay as You can see right here that I've been Getting these payments like ten dollars Which has been paid because I was Testing without them at just ten dollars But then you can see the next payment Was 183 dollars paid as well 114 97 208 121 102.51 they have been all paid and this Is pretty much exactly what I'm going to Show you in today's video how to make Your first like 400 to 500 online as a Complete beginner just by using these CPA offers okay because with selling Products it's I guess it's also very Simple for me but most people are kind Of like scared of selling so I want to Show you in today's video is how to get Paid without generating any sales at all Okay and then what I'm going to show you As well is pretty much a traffic Source

In near instant traffic Source you just Put there something and pretty much you Can instantly get traffic but also I'm Going to show you an income multiplier Hack how to get paid instead of just Like two dollars or two to three dollars Per person you can get paid up to ten Dollars per person with the same exact CPR first and that's pretty much the way That I've been able to make this amount Of money because if I was just using the Basic method I'll be getting paid in These cases like Um 20 maximum but I mean getting paid Like 180 314 97 208 in this case it Would be like uh eighty dollars but I Made like two hundred dollars actually Okay so I'm gonna show you exactly how To do it right now now first of all what You want to do just head over to Cpagroup.com and you want to sign up for A free account because what we are going To be using is going to be be a CPA Offers okay so you want to go for a CPA Network which has these CPA offers the The sign up process I'm going over it in Every single video if you're actually Bored of the sign up process then Comment down below as well but some People already told me that yeah I have Missed the signup process so I'm going Through it every single video so what You want to do just like the publisher Type right here and enter GPT or website

Slash instant that's the one that's Going to get you approved and then where Did you hear about this just tell them You are coming from a YouTube channel Called Incognito money and then check All these check check check and then Click on the register now then you can See there are all these people making Money on the CPA Group right right now Now this person has made three thousand Dollars so far this one has made 500 This one made two point two thousand Dollars and if you're going to go Through all of this these are all Verified by the way if they are a Different color it's verified so they Cannot really fake this so if you're Going to go through them you're going to See like 137 000 this person made and There's just a lot of them okay so I Guess that's going to inspire you 122 178 000 do you 239 thousand dollars yeah I think There's a lot of heavy heaters right Here which is going to inspire you Because yeah this is a legit Network so Just go to my offers just go to the Alpha tools on the left side and go to My offers okay then for the country you Want to select United States I'm going To show you what kind of offers to go For you're going to see that these Offers are paying you like two dollars

137 243 243. it's like the average Payout like 243 40s United States offers And here's what you want to pick up so You're going to see there's like double Your reward after these questions or Install and unlock the epoch each time So there's couple of different offers But the ones that you want to be using Are for example like this one which is a Giveaway okay so you can see this is Like a Amazon gift card giveaways you Want to go and you want to find a Giveaway type of CPA offers okay so five Five CPA offers that are giveaways so For example Amazon gift card then for Example all I don't want to go for the Roblox gift card because that's really For kids so I don't want to do that but For example this one enter for a Thousand dollars towards an iPhone 14 Plus that's a very good giveaway offer Then for example this one right uh here 750 white fox Boutique card then this One right here brand new PS5 now so PlayStation then 200 to spend on Clash Of that and I don't like those apple Watch 6 and maybe like this one uh or These are the kids games so I don't want To be using those but 750 right here Amazon gift card Apple watch some PayPal Gift card right here and PayPal gift Card right here so again just you get The point five giveaway offers then the Next step go to this website that's

Called hailing.me and this is actually The multiplier hack okay how to multiply Your earnings because what most people Do is they use this method we just want To see pay offer but there's like a hack On how to do this with multiple CPA Offers and actually get conversions for Most of them as well to go to hailing That me and click right here start for Free and you can just sign up with your Google account and they are going to Pretty much instantly create your Account and you don't have to pay for Anything at all then once you're going To have your account ready this is how It's going to kind of look like and you Can see I already have my done because I've been using this method myself and You can see right here it says exclusive Giveaways for today try them all and They are just three CPA offers that I Have been putting here but what you want To do is you want to put three to five Five to maximize your earnings and three If you are kind of lazy and you are just Testing out couple of methods now it's a Way to do that is just go to CPA grip And for example I'm going to use this PayPal gift card okay this one right Here 750 dollar PayPal gift card what I Want to do is I want to go back to Heylink and I first want to just copy The link paste it right here click on Add a new link right here just add it

And you're going to see it's going to Add it at the top and it's going to call The utopic mobile.com you want to change It for the headline of the CPA offer so Cop this one and you want to click right Here and paste it okay so it's going to Correspondate with the with the name of The CPA offer so this is how it's going To look like and you want to do it for Five CPA offers so I'm going to do it One more time for like a different one For example like this one enter for Amazon gift card and double it so this Is the one that I'm going to use so copy Your link go to heylink paste it right Here you can add the New link and then You are going to copy and paste the Amazon gift card right here okay just Like this and then we have it right There so this is pretty much for the CPA Offers but this is the most important Part if you want to go right here to the Appearance section right here and this Is why most people don't actually make This method work if they use the hailing Because they don't do this crucial part Go to appearance and then right here Right it's going to say uh this little Thingy this little uh what do you call Them a pencil icon you want to write Here this part so you can't really see It right here but I'm going to go this Is the same exact part you want to put There exclusive giveaways for today or

For this month the doesn't really matter But this is the part that matters try Them all because this way you are Encouraging people to submit all to to All your CPA offers and for every single One of them you are getting paid 2.43 Essentially multiplying your earnings Because when people are going to see These offers they're like okay which is The best that I'm going to check out Like or which one do I want like Amazon Gift card a PayPal gift card PS5 gift Card I don't know which one is the one To go for but if you're going to tell Them like try them all they're like okay Might as well try them all so they are Going to check it out and because they All they really need to do is just enter Their email address to these they are Going to do that because they don't have To pay for anything so that's how you're Actually going to get instead like two Dollars and 43 cents like ten dollars For every single person that's going to Visit this link because yeah instead of Just one offer they will complete like Five of them and then this is going to Be your url so this is the URL of your Landing page or your hailing so I'm just Going to copy it visit it and show you How it's going to look like so exclusive Giveaways for them for today try them All okay if there wasn't a try them all Just think about it would you like try

Them all or you would go for the best One but if it has try them all you're Like okay I'm gonna try them all I won't Even think about going for the best one So yeah that's that's pretty much how it Works and now what I want to show you is Pretty much the traffic Source where you Can actually submit this giveaway page And get people who are interested in Giveaways to fill out these CP offers Meaning you are going to get a very high Conversion rate and also you are going To be making a lot of money from them so The website is called actually Giveawayfriendsy.com you want to just go Right here where it's going to say Submit giveaway and you're going to see This entire website is about giveaways So you just want to go to submit Giveaway and pretty much this is how the Website works currently it's paid but This is the reason why we are using the Hailing to pretty much multiply your Earnings because what this website is Going to do it's going to send your Giveaway submission to over 100 Different websites that are top sites in The pretty much giveaway Niche or like The giveaway kind of Niche because there Really isn't a giveaway Niche but there Are websites where people are looking For freebies and this web website is Going to send it to 100 of them and That's what you are really paying for

Like 25 right now because you can Literally just get like three people to Fill out all the offers and you are Already in profit and you are getting Paid you are getting submitted this to Over 100 different websites so what you Want to do is you want to scroll down And you want to choose your package now The one that I recommend going for at The beginning is conservative but don't Worry I'll also show you a free way of Actually doing this okay so this is the Paid way but I'll also show you a free Way of doing this so just select Conservative package then don't really Select any of these because you don't Have to do any of the social media Promotion then scroll all the way down You can select yes please optimize my Listing then the giveaway host who is Sponsoring this giveaway so pretty much You can just put their like hey link or The name of the offers like for example Level rewards that's what I'm going to Put there so level reports now this is The important part this is where you put Your handling URL right here so helping Me your bonus for today now a giveaway Guys title and then right here we want To put there and for a chance to win and You want to put the first CPA offer in The order so we have the Amazon gift Card okay so enter for a chance to win Amazon gift card okay so gift card

Because you can put only like one kind Of like UA that's why people only put One here you can actually multiply them Using the hey link and then the price Whether you put your like hundred dollar Amazon card okay or something like this Just make sure that it's kind of like Enticing okay so Amazon Just like this okay so I will uh Delete The the space so we can actually fit it And then the description and to your Best email address to enter for a chance To win 100 Amazon gift card for 2022 and 2023 so again the top offer only so we Are only promoting the top offer but Then when people are going to visit it They are going to go through all the Offers and then pretty much end date you Can just select like I don't know like 31st of December now which countries can Enter just make sure you're going just Like United States because this is the Offer this is the country that the Offers are for and then pretty much Upload an image from the CPA offer so This one right here or you can also take A screenshot of this one so you can just Literally download this image then put It right here and then you just want to Upload it then just enter your email Address right here and then you just put Out what is six plus three I think it's 874 just kidding it's like nine so That's it and then put their order total

Is 25 and then you are just going to Pretty much submit it right here just Pay for it and they are going to put it On over 100 different websites now That's the paid way of doing this but There's also a free website where you Can do this complete for free now the Website is this one right here it's Called pretty much wordprofit.com and What you want to do is go right here to Free classified ads right here click on Place ads for free but make sure you are Still using the hailing okay because Otherwise you are promoting one CPA Offer but that's why you are this way You are promoting multiple of them then You won't pretty much go right here to Post ad and then and then just enter a Simple title a simple ad content so you Can literally just copy and paste the Same exact thing you put in view a Frenzy so I'm just going to copy and Paste those things right here then right Here where it says URL that's where You're going to put your hailing once Again but the very important part scroll Down and you want to go for the freebies Section okay because there's a couple of Different like the sections right here Like make money now home business all of This but you are really looking for a Freebies because they're like giveaways Freeze free sweepstakes and stuff like That so when people go to like service

Is they are not interested in free stuff They are interested in Services you want To make sure you're going to select Freebies options okay so home business And freebies and make money now and Freebies as well and just go all the way Down and click on post that's it that Was the paid way that is the freeway but Make sure you're going to use the Hailing to multiply your CPA offers so Instead of just promoting one of them You are going to promote multiple of Them and that way instead of being Getting paid like two dollars if you get Paid ten dollars for every single person Who is going to visit your page and That's it hope you enjoyed this one Don't forget to please like the video Subscribe hit the Bell as well and for More videos check out this one right Here which is the most recommended Personally to you not to everybody but To you for you to make money online by The YouTube algorithm so click here and See what it's about bye for now

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