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You can see right here for every single Video you can get paid 67 which comes to Be like ten dollars for every 10 minutes And this is literally just by watching The YouTube shorts so click on get Started what's going on guys in today's Video I'm super excited because what I'm Going to show you is a brand new method That's going to literally pay you for Watching the YouTube shorts the best Part about this is first of all you have To create these YouTube shorts you have To put your face on camera and also you Don't even have to have a YouTube Channel and this is going to be paying You around ten dollars for every 10 Minutes of doing this method directly Into your PayPal account without Generating any sales without doing any CPA commissions literally just by Watching YouTube shorts but before I Shoot the method please don't forget to Smash the like on this video I would Really appreciate it and also if you're New to the channel and you like videos About making money online make sure to Subscribe and hit notification Bell so I Can notify you whenever I upload a brand New money making video it's gonna be the First one to watch it first one to use The method and first one to make the Most amount of money and also first one To comment down below and tell me what Is your favorite day of of the week just

Comment down below something for the YouTube algorithm so you can get this Video to more people and help even more People make money online but right now Let's get started the method guys Actually so first of all what you need To do all these methods specifically Because we are going to be using a brand New website you need to have your PayPal Account ready so just go to paypal.com If you don't have anyone just go to sign Up read your PayPal account right here And then click on personal right here I Know it's a basic process but I still Want to show you this too because there Might be some people that never had a PayPal account like me when I was Getting started making money online and I didn't know how to create one so yeah Just go with personal one because they Are going to ask you as questions then Click on get started right now and then Select the country you are from click on Get started and then enter your name Number right here they are going to send You a verification code don't worry People is legit they are not getting This game or something like that and They need to enter the verification code Right here and that's how you're going To sign up for a PayPal account and you Will have it ready to go now this is the Website that we are going to be using Now currently it's going to be paying

You like 67 per video so yeah it's like Ten dollars per 10 minutes but it can be More it can be less but if you're going To do it with the method I'm going to Show you right now it can be around like Ten dollars for 10 minutes okay so just Make sure to bring the following I'll Show you the website in just a second so What you want to do is you want to go to YouTube okay and pretty much all these Short form content is currently very Very popular and this is something that This website is actually taking Advantage of the short form content if You want to go to YouTube and you want To search for some kind of short form Content that people are going to be Watching at this compilation Okay the Reason why we are going for compilation Is because nobody really owns the Compilations okay the videos in there Are pretty much created by people from Like Tick Tock Pinterest or YouTube Shorts and the compilation are just all These videos put together and they get a Lot of views so you want to go to YouTube right now and you want to search For some kind of compilation of short Form content now the one that I'm going To use is going to be funny Tick Tock Compilation and you just want to hit on Search okay you can go with like funny Uh cat Tick Tock compilation funny dog Picture compilation funny baby Tick Tock

Compilation or anything like that that's Going to give you these compilations the Reason why we are using them is because Nobody really owns these okay now you Want to go for the most popular one so Just go right here to the filters and Then to the right hand side and go to The view count right here and it's going To shorten by the most amount of use Okay so you want to just use these ones That have a couple million views because You know these are going to get the most Amount of views now the one that I'm Going to use is going to be like the First one right here it's got a funny Moment of the Year compilation part five So you can also go to the channel and Find part one part two part three part Four the more of these you're going to Find the more money you're going to be Making now what you want to do is pretty Much just right click on it and click on Copy link address if you want to go to a New website that's called Savefrom.net or any kind of like YouTube Video downloader and paste the video Right here and click on down load and This is going to pretty much help you Down this video okay so you want to Click on download and just download it Right here click on download and then Just go right here and click on the Green button that says download video With save from.net Helper and it's going

To download the entire video to your PC Laptop whatever you're using so I want To go to this website which is called Savefrom.net then place the video right Here the link click on download right Here and then just scroll down and click Right here right it's going to say Download without installation and it's Going to give you the downloading right Here you can download okay now we want To download the highest quality possible But make sure it's going to have audio Okay because you can see currently only The 720 and 3360 has the audio so I'm Going to go for the 720. I am going to Go for it if I was using the method but For the sake of the video and to speed It up I'm going to use 360 because I Want to show you how to make the money With this so I'm going to go for this One pretty much wait for the video to be Downloaded but it's right here so it's Going to open it up and you just want to Right click and just click right here Save video as and one more thing you Want to go to Google and search for a Thumbnail Grabber use any of these I'm Going to go for the first one and just Paste the URL of the video right here as Well to get the high quality thumbnail So this is the video this is the Thumbnail but don't use this one scroll Down and use this one without the black Bars okay because you're going to see

This one has the black bars don't use That one use this one right here which Doesn't have the black bars right here So go for this thumbnail right now and These two episodes I'm talking about Which is going to help you to make money From videos you can just download Different shorts tick tocks Pinterest Shorts YouTube shorts and just upload it Onto this website get some views and get Paid for that without actually creating Them yourself I'm going to see like it's How it works Apple videos share and Boost your channel make money from your Video content pay-per-click and cost Preview advertising see how much you Could earn from webspot so if you're Going to use this calculator now Obviously this is a lot of money but This is because you are going to to be Inviting a lot of referrals let's say we Are just going to invite 100 referrals And get like let's say uh 10 000 views So let's go like 10 000 uh just like Here 10 10.6 you can make like 350 Dollars from this amount of views like 10 000 views let's say you're going to Get thousand views per video you can Upload 10 of them that's 350 dollars and Like uploading 10 videos is going to Take you maximum of one hour and yeah It's more than ten dollars per 10 Minutes so what you want to do I want to Show you how to how to make money on

This website you're going to see that The drive revenue is ten dollars is the Minimal payout but also for every single Subscriber who's going to sign up with Your link just sign up you can get paid Two cents so if you have like family or Friends of five people and they are Going to sign up using your link you can Make 10 cents instantly so this is how You can make money as well right here if You're going to be inviting people but Just click on sign up right here if you Want to enter your email address your Name this is going to be your username Not your like first first name and last Name just that entered a strong password We're gonna agree with the rules I'm not A robot and click right here to save to Finalize your account and once you have It this is how your account is going to Apply this is just a dummy account that I created just right now so I can show You exactly what to do first of all go To the settings right here of the left Side left hand section go right here It's going to say wallet settings and You want to put your PayPal account Right here now they are also like taking Cards I don't know how these payments Actually work but I would rather use PayPal bank account or the crypto Payment but just go with the PayPal it's The easiest one for you just put your PayPal address right here if you have a

Bank account just put your name right Here as well like the account holder Swift code name of the bank and eban and Then for uh for crypto just enter your Wallet address right here so they are Going to send you the usdt right there And then you're going to see this is Going to be your balance when you are Going to be making money how many Subscribers you have and how many total Referrals you have as well then my Videos statistics my balance and stuff Like that just click on add a video Video right here we just want to upload The video and then pretty much what you Want to do is go back to YouTube to the Original one that you have found so go Back to YouTube go right here copy and Paste the headline of the video and then Just put it right here now for the video Description you want to right here have A good laugh watching these short videos Let me know what you think about them The reason for this is because people Are going to comment like the video as Well and that's going to boost it to the Algorithm just like on YouTube and then For the tags you want to put their like Tick Tock compilation funny have a laugh 2022 funny animals and go then go with Like entertainment category because There's a lot of them right here but the Entertainment is the best one for this One again if you're going to upload any

Video from different category and Obviously change it as well and then Make sure you're going to allow the Comments right here and then click on ADD video and also change the thumbnail And then this is how your video is going To look like right away when you upload It so it doesn't going to make you Anything at all okay because it needs to Be processed with the website so it's Going to take some time and while you Are waiting for it to be processed you Just want to upload the thumbnail but Even though you're going to upload it It's going to have this uh how do you Call them this little uh hourglass Whatever kind of thingy while it's Processing the video it's going to say Zero views zero advertising revenue and Pretty much nothing is going to be Happening for the first few minutes you Just want to make sure you're going to Just be patient and upload multiple Videos and this is the key of this Method you want to upload multiple Videos to this website so instead of Just one like this is the part five for Example you want to upload multiple of Them and that way you are going very Much spreading your videos through the Entire website so instead of just having One video that's going to be making Money you can have multiple videos Getting views generating your money from

The ad revenue and the best part is you Don't even have to sign up for like Google advertising program or anything Like that because the website already Has everything there for you so they are Going to be spreading the videos with Their advertisements and then showing Ads on your videos and that's how you're Getting paid so yeah it's as simple as That just watch some Tic Tacs and those That you like that are going to generate Views you just want to download them and Then just upload them on this website Called fepspot.com and that's it it's as Easy as that just go ahead take the Action on this one and let me know how Much money you're going to be making and Also make sure you're not going to do With just one video this one video is Not the right mindset for this method Just make sure you're going to go with Multiple videos like 10 15 20 that way Even though like your video is going to Get like 500 views you can easily make Over 300 based on the calculator that is On the website so yeah just go to the Website check out the calculator upload Some videos and enjoy some passive Income and that's it hope you enjoyed This video let me know what you think About it in the comment section below And for more videos check out this one Right here which is specifically chosen For you to make money online not for

Everybody but for you specifically so Click here to see what is it about the Clear and I'll see you there bye for now

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