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Let me ask you a question do you know This website this is Google translate Translate.google.com have you heard About his website I guess most of you Actually did it's pretty much a very Simple website where you just enter Anything in English for example hey how Are you doing you select language and It's going to translate it and also tell It to you yeah I cannot repeat that but This is hey how are you doing in French And in today's video I'm going to show You how you can use Google Translate and Get paid 16 over and over again on Approximately every 10 minutes and get Paid over 100 per hour literally just by Using this company free to Google Translate without making any sales Without actually selling anything at all Without paying for traffic without Paying for any ads without any skills or Without any experience whatsoever so I'm Going to show you exactly what you can Do to actually use and make money with Google translate now obviously a lot of People are going to be asking okay Everybody have you made any money with This yes this is my network on uh this Is my account on network called adwork Media this is another one of the CPA Networks that I've been using and pretty Much you can see I got paid over 4000 Dollars four thousand six hundred and Ninety six dollars was paid earnings

Lifetime was like one dollar more or a Few cents more but I actually got paid Four thousand dollars just by using the Same exact strategy that I'm gonna show You in today's video but not only I will Show you the strategy that I use but I'm Going to show you an updated version of It for 2023 on how you can actually make Money make more money with the same Exact strategy without paying for Anything because when I was making this Amount of money I was actually paying Money for advertisements to actually get This but I was making you I was making Unheard Roi I was spending a dollar and I was making 100 to 150 dollars back Okay this was back in the day when the Facebook ads were like almost free it Was like Facebook free ads okay but Right now they are very expensive but Back in the day you could just spend Dollars and make a lot more money back So what I'm going to show you right now Is how to actually not even spend a Dollar and get paid like 16 every 10 Minutes by using the Google Translate Okay so let's get started very fast now Step number one you want to go to CPA Doc Just enter all the details they are Going to ask you and for the publisher Type you want to select website slash Instant or GPT and tell them you're Coming from Inkay to money check check

Check and click on register now to sign Up for an account this is how simple it Is but right now I want to actually show You how to make money using this Google Strategy that I was using myself and Also by the way if you're going to sign Up for a CPA grip I highly highly Recommend just going to the chat box and Seeing how much money are other people Making just for an inspiration because You can see if you're going to see Someone make over 239 000 and I guess he's been using the same Exact strategy which I'm going to show You in this video because he only got Like a 19 000 almost 20 000 leads you will see why This matter in a second but he was able To make 239 thousand dollars which I'm Sure most of you are not going to earn I'm being honest it's like a lot of Money you got to be doing for the long Time but it means it is possible for Anyone literally for anyone watching This video to actually make this amount Of money and this is a verified Statement he cannot fake the different Color in the chat so you can just go Through these check out how much money Are people actually making and stuff Like that and also I'm going this one Made 188 000 and also I'm going to shout Out uh what are the commands for this I'm going to shout out as well on this

Account uh what are the commands uh Let's actually go with like help so you Can see that I actually have the money Okay all the time and Bam on this Account is like 4 000 something so let Me just yeah shout out that and Hopefully it's going to shout out oh Okay so I made 4.2 thousand dollars just On this account okay I wasn't using the Method on this account I was using it Right here on adwork media so pretty Much what you got to do let's go to my Offers and I'm going to show you Something you want to go country right Here go with country and you want to Scroll all the way out okay and select All countries and then you want to Search for example like iPhone for Something like iPhone Apple watch PS5 Whatever type of giveaways that you can Find on CPA you can just go with like United States offers go through your Ways and then select all countries and Search for that in this case we are Going to be using iPhone okay now it's Going to take some time to load up That's completely okay because it's Because it's searching for all the Countries that you have selected then What you want to do is go right here to The payout and you want to sort it by The highest paying out now once you Click there again it's going to lag a Little bit and then it's going to sort

Out the the countries by the amount of Payouts and you can see right here that This this DCP offers are going to be Paying you like 16 just for an iPhone Giveaway and these ones are from Italy As you can see this is how the offer Looks like for iPhone 14 pro this is Italy this is Cyprus again 40 iPhone 40 Max they just enter the number make some Submission Via SMS and they can win Their iPhone and this one is for France Okay so two dollar price and you're Going to receive 12 dollars for this one As well and pretty much these are the Offers that the person from the chat was Actually promoting because if you're Going to actually divide that that's Like 239 000 divided by nineteen Thousand two hundred and thirty six That's over twelve dollars per lead on Average that he's been making so pretty Much he had to be promoting something More expensive and these are the offers That he might have been promoting as Well okay so these 12 offers it makes Sense to be doing that because he made Over two hundred thousand dollars now Pretty much all you got to do is just Pick up one of them okay it's very Simple for example we are going to go With this one right here for iPhone now You can see now there's like three of Them but you're going to notice these Little icons this one is for desktop

This one is for Android and this one is For apple it doesn't matter as long as They are like like this just pick up the One for the desktop and it's going to Work everywhere if somebody is going to Go from Apple iPhone they are going to Be redirected to iPhone offer if someone Is going to go from Android they are Going to be redirected from Android for Android offer so that doesn't matter but This Alpha is only allowed in France now This means you don't have to be from France but the person that's going to Click on the link needs to be from France to be shown somebody's offer if They are from the United States they are Going to be shown offer like this in the United States but most of the times it's Not going to be as expensive because These offers are not available for United States but no worries I'm going To show you how to actually promote it Even if far from United States and you Don't speak as a word in French just the Way I was doing it myself so you want to Pick up this offer right here now the Next thing what you want to do you want To go to Google you want to search for The program for for the new product but Like whatever is the giveaway okay so It's like iPhone 14 PlayStation Apple Watch GoPro whatever it's going to be And then you want to add unboxed unboxed So instead of these professional search

Results this product photograph is like This we are going to get these amateur Pics like this which actually are more Real and this is something that's going To grab higher more attention okay just Something like this just make sure it's Not going to be like Pro we are just Looking for Iphone 14 because the offer Is about iPhone 14. you can see those Little two uh whatever is all these Little lenses only two of them and it's Like three right here so you want make Sure we're going to pick up something Like this okay so this is the one that We are going to be using now what you Want to do right click we're going to Save image as anyone to download it now The next step what you want to do is you Want to go to Google sites and we need To create an extremely simple landing Page we're going to start a new site we Want to delete the entire header just Like that then click on images you want To upload the image that you have just Downloaded make it a little bit bigger Not too much just a little bit just like This do you want to edit text and you Pretty much want to write here a brand New IPhone 14 giveaway just like this and Then add a new one click here to sign up For a chance to win iPhone 14. okay just Like this but next thing we want to do Is go to piliab Emoji just Google Billy

Add Emoji this is the one that I use to Actually get emojis and we are looking For a French flag okay not baguette but French flag this is what we want to get Go to the website Only four and on the phone it's going to Show up but not on the desktop okay so That's okay and you want to move it to The top just like here and move this one To the center as well currently it Doesn't make any sense okay so you want To make sure you're going to copy this Part and go to Google Translate and You're going to translate it from English to whatever language the alpha Is in okay so this one is in France okay So you want to translate to French Language if you were using like this Alpha from Italy you would translate to Italian okay so and so on and so on this One is from Netherland Luxembourg this One is from Cyprus this one is from Finland Swami this one Cyprus this one Is from Greece so you would do the same Exact thing just translate it to the Language then you're just going to copy And paste this part and add it right Here and also make it bigger and bold Just like this and then cap this part The call to action put it again into Google translate and put it right here And add these little you arrows okay so It's going to be like yeah you want to Click here or something along those

Lines okay just like this and then enter The site name iPhone 14 Giveaway okay just like this but also Make sure to go back to CPA grip and Grab the desktop version we are looking For the desktop click on it and get your Link right here and highlight this Entire part but also change the color to This bluish color okay so it's going to Actually look like a link this is the Color right here this one right here I Cannot zoom it right now but this one Right here the the zero zero zero zero Zero zero zero FF that's the color click On publish and this is going to be our Simple French iPhone giveaway okay just Like this one and then publish it and Now we have our landing page that's Promoting a French offer just like this Okay so this is what we are looking for This is what we are looking for unboxed Version of the product French Translation or the translation depending On the CPA account 3 and go to action Nothing more nothing less just three Elements text this is link and image now Here's how to get traffic to this one Very very easily what you want to do is You want to go to Twitter and you just Want to write there anyone from France This website is giving away iPhone 14 if You are from France just sign up for a Chance to win and then these are the Hashtags in this kind of like order the

First one is location of the offer so Friends then pretty much the main Product name so we are so this is about IPhone 14 and then giveaway and then Just couple of more hashtags that are Related it's like apple or iPhone but Country product viewway so for example Italy GoPro giveaway Italy PayPal gift Card giveaway Italy or Cyprus PS5 new Way so it makes sense and then it would Add like Sony and Playstation but also Make sure you're going to copy this part And again you're going to add it to Google Translate so it's going to be Actually showing to people from France Okay and now what you're gonna do the Last thing is obviously add the link to Your page that's why we have created it Because otherwise you are not able to Promote the the rolling from CPA grip Because it's like a redirect link and Some websites might think it's like Malicious because it's redirecting People based on where they are from but That's like how the tracking actually Works and then you just add a link to Your page right here on your Twitter Post okay so something like this make Sure it's going to fit you're going to Add too many hashtags it's not going to Fit just make sure you're going to Tweet It like this you can see this is the Amount of hashtags you can still post You can see this is the amount of

Characters you can still post right here And then click on tweet and this is how It's going to look like you can see it Right here and now because Twitter Works In a different way it's going to be Showing to people from France with IPhones with giveaways and apple and all This good stuff and because it's not Like a product uh photography from a Store it's going to attract attention And more people are going to click right Here and when they do that the only Thing they can actually do is submit the Offer or leave so this is how you're Going to increase your conversion rate And that's it that's exactly how I was Able to make over four thousand dollars On the single CPA Network by promoting French offers not us offers but French Offers because yeah you can just make a Lot more money by doing that the market Is smaller but if you're going to use Like Google translate you can get away With that with the language barrier and Start pocketing those 16 or even 22 Dollar CPA conversions without any Problems now that's it for this video Let me know what you think about it and For the next algorithm recommended video Bye YouTube check out this one and tell Me if it was a great recommendation or Not in the comment section of this video Right here click here and I will see you There bye for now

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